Activist Tools

To compliment DPC internet services, we would like to introduce other tools for activists from MAP and DrugSense that will increase the effectiveness of your organization.

Tools for Success

  • Is there a story about your organization or a member in the press?
    Use the Newshawk form or Bot to archive it at MAP. Once it has been checked by volunteer editors, it will show up on the MAP Newsfeed on your site if applicable. Check the Queue to confirm your submission. Also include your organization in the Newshawk line to ensure maxim promotion.

  • Need a free voice conference or on-line meeting with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux members of your organization?
    Use DrugSense Teamspeak for one of the few cross platform on-line voice networking systems.

  • Have Resources you want to share?
    Add them to our Drug Reform Organization Downloads section of DrugSense. There are 74 Downloads (or more) from 24 Organizations in our database.

  • Need media contacts for any given area?
    Use the Media Contact on Demand for radio, television, and print media or Newspaper Contacts for global print media.

  • Need to stay informed?
    Do we deliver! Choose all or some of these news options: real-time posts to news email lists in four countries, hourly news updates from RSS/XML feeds and Bot, frequent daily updates in the MAP news archive or a weekly synopsis, DrugSense Weekly Newsletter, or less frequent, one issue, Focus Alerts.

  • Need to find other groups?
    We have 400+ drug reform organizations listed in our Links Database that are searchable alphabetically, by geographic location, focus, keywords or special interest. If your organization is not listed, please submit your link here: http://mapinc.org/mapcgi/suggest.pl

  • Are you utilizing your website to the fullest?
    Is there automated fresh content every day? Is there a way for members to join and communicate at your website? Are you aware of all the other reform groups in your area? Are you promoting your site using the activist tools? Check here to see if you are missing out

  • Need more Resources?
    Check out our Media Activism Center

DPC-CLIENTS Communications

If DPC is providing hosting or other significant internet services, please consider joining our one-way announce list by sending an email to: to keep up on the latest news from DPC. If you have questions or concerns, you may wish to participate in the clients discussion list by sending an email to:

You may also use this sign up form for DrugSense lists by selecting either of the above lists from the drop down menu.