Hosting Rates & Information

As part of our mandate to serve the drug reform community, we provide a Starter account to qualified organizations on a donation basis so every significant organization, regardless of funding levels, are given a voice. To begin the process, please fill out the QUOTE FORM.

For organizations ineligible for a grant, or wish to have premium services, we offer the different packages listed below. Prices start from as listed below, but further discounts may apply.

Please support us so we can provide internet services for the drug reform community. All prices are in U.S. Dollars:

We also offer: Domain Name registrations and rates

Account Type Cost Email Web Server Type IP Address Disk Space Bandwidth Allowance
Forwards POP
Forwarding $2.00/mo 22.00/yr 5 n/a Forwarding No n/a n/a
Starter $2.50/mo $27.00/yr n/a n/a Named No 15 Meg 700 Meg/month
Starter Plus $4.50/mo $50.00/yr 5 n/a Named No 25 Meg 900 Meg/month
Basic $8.00/mo $90.00/yr 10 10 IP based Yes 250 meg 5 Gig/month
Advanced $14.75/mo $162.75/yr Unlimited Unlimited IP based Yes 1000 meg 20 Gig/month


VMail 50/50 $4.15/mo $49.80/yr increase to 50 forwards, and (if IP based) 50 POP
VMail unlimited $6.25/mo $75.00/yr unlimited forwards, and (if IP based) POP accounts
Database $2.05/mo $24.6/yr Mysql Database
Mailing Lists $2.05/mo $24.6/yr Majordomo managed lists.
Real Server $2.05/mo $24.6/yr Real Server - streaming support.
SSL $2.05/mo $24.6/yr Space on the secure (SSL) server
Tech Support $35.00 /hour:
$50.00 /hour:
HTML, web design, graphics,
php, perl, custom scripts, etc
Disk Space One Time: $1/meg Extra Disk Space
Bandwidth $9/Gig
or $1/19418 hits
Extra Data transfer allowance
Volume Discounts (below) apply at half the discount rate.
The hit charge is only intended for CGI intensive sites. (1 Gig = 1024 Meg, charge is based on 6 kbyte hit size)

Payment Terms

D rugSense, and its endeavors, the Media Awareness Project (MAP) and Drug Policy Central (DPC) combine to form a tax deductible 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

As part of our mandate to serve the drug reform community, we provide internet services to qualified organizations on a donation basis.

All accounts will receive an invoice showing the value of services provided, and have the choice to pay any or all the amount through our donation system, or include the figure in their operational funding requests. Accepted forms of payment are check, money order, Visa, or MasterCard.

Detailed Descriptions


This is a basically a forwarding service... We just forward your e-mail and webserver traffic to another server. It's a great way to take advantage of the free space at your ISP, and still have a professional looking website URL and e-mail address on your business card.

Example: if you have an account "u123" at some isp.net, your website URL and e-mail address are probably http://www.isp.net/~u123/ and u123@someisp.net. With this option we would forward all the web traffic from http://yourdomain/ to http://www.isp.net/~u123/ and all e-mail from anything@yourdomain to u123@someisp.net .


The webserver uses a special header sent by all (?) major web browsers released in the last couple years. (POP mail clients don't do this, which is why the Starter accounts can't have their own POP accounts.)

For the purposes of e-mail, the domain associated with the Starter account simply becomes an alias,

Note that you can upgrade this account.

Starter Plus

This is the same as the Starter account, except there is VMail configuration which allows you to control where individual addresses go to.

You only need this option if you want webmaster@clientdomain to go somewhere different from webmaster@yourdomain (or support@, or accounts@, or ...).

Note that you can NOT add the VMail upgrades to this account. (You add it to the Thrifty account instead, which saves a few $).


T he Basic Drug Policy Central virtual server.


S ame as the Basic account, except that databases, lists, SSL, and real-server access are included ... and there's more VMail id's, disk space, and data transfer as well.

Feature Descriptions


T his is our standard VMail forward. Which includes the wildcard forward. The wildcard allows you to forward anything "not otherwise specified", and you can forward to a specific address, or to the "same" mailbox at a different domain. (In the second case, anyunknownaddress@domainone would be forwarded to anyunknowaddress@specified.domain)

Note that the number of forwards is also the number of supported autoresponders and (unmanaged) mailing lists.


T his is a standard Post Office Protocol (POP) (version 3) mailbox.

There WILL be limits placed on the maximum size of mailboxes.

There WILL be total storage limits for all the POP accounts in a domain.

Web Server Type

W e have three types of webservers: Named, IP based, and forwarding (which is a special case of Named).

IP based webservers are virtual servers which are associated with an IP address. All web browsers/robots accessing that IP address are served pages corresponding to that webserver unless they send a special header that indicates they want a page from a Named webserver instead (see below).

The Named webservers identify which virtual server is being accessed by using the "Host" header that all current browsers send when they request a page from a webserver.

This means that visitors using extremely old browsers, or primitive robots will be accessing the Basic or Advanced virtual server that the Named webserver shares an IP address with. (More details or a link to go here describing how to get around this.)

Forwarding webservers are simply Named webservers that send out a redirect request instead of serving a page. The only two pieces of information required to setup a forwarding webserver are the domain name, and the URL to forward to. (Example: someone might request that http://somedomain.com/ be forwarded to http://someisp/~someuserid/somedir/ )

IP Address

T his just corresponds to the webserver type. Only IP based webservers get their own IP address. A client must have an IP based webserver (from us) before they can order Name based webservers.

Disk Space

T his is storage space for webserver pages. (Currently your e-mail is also stored in this space. It is intended that e-mail will be stored separately with it's own disk space allocation based on the number of POP accounts.)

Note that our charges for extra disk space are ONE TIME charges. They are NOT monthly charges.

Please note also that disk space allocations are quite likely to change.

Bandwidth Allowance

T his is the amount of data transfer allocated to your account.

All FTP, e-mail, and web traffic will be added together to get your total bandwidth usage. If your total usage is greater than your Bandwidth Allowance, then you will be billed extra at the rate shown under Extras.

Volume discounts apply at half the normal rate for bandwidth, and the value of the bandwidth with be used in calculating that discount. Hit surcharges. We expect your average hit size to be greater than 6 kbyte per request. If it is smaller, and your site uses lots of CGI (like a banner network, or a statistics gathering site) then you will be billed by the greater of the hit or bandwidth charges according to the rates shown under Extras.

It is not our intention to bill for serving lots of small graphics included in normal HTML pages, as that is just good HTML design. If your site is being billed for hit charges and is not CGI intensive, please let us know -- we will refund the surcharge and configure your account so it is not billed for hit charges.

Inactive Accounts

Accounts will be considered active at the start of the month following the one in which they were created. (We reserve the right to change this.)

Outstanding accounts will be de-activated. Under normal circumstances the following timelines will apply. Over-due notices will be sent when invoices are over 45 days outstanding. Accounts over 75 days overdue will be suspended.

Files for suspended accounts will be kept for at least a month.