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Canadian Marijuana and Drug News
breaking Canadian news! The Latest Canadian Cannabis and Drug News
updated: Sun Mar 26 21:32:01 PDT 2017
cannabis | medical marijuana | hemp | harm reduction | drugs

breaking cannabis news

cannabis (marijuana) product or use
cbc - (US) Marijuana could be legal by Canada Day 2018 NDP leadership candidates say Liberal pot pledge going up in smok... (Sun Mar 26 20:16:37 2017 PDT)

Toronto Sun
torontosun - (Canada) S plan to move ahead on marijuana legalization is up in smoke. (Sun Mar 26 20:16:37 2017 PDT) [also cnews.canoe4607]

Toronto Star
Toronto Star - (Canada) Trudeau government to legalize marijuana by Canada Day 2018: reports ! Toronto Star Trudeau government to legalize marijuana by Canada Day 2018: reports Canada will introduce legislation in April to begin the process of legalizing and regulating marijuana by July 1. (Sun Mar 26 19:31:12 2017 PDT)

Survey will help set local drug strategy
northumberlandtoday - (Canada) A local health unit survey about whether the public thinks there are specific drug problems in their communities. (Sun Mar 26 18:01:09 2017 PDT)

CANADA: Man charged with spying on girlfriend has acquittal overturned
thetelegram - [ ...] ... (Sun Mar 26 03:38:13 2017 PDT)

CANADA: THE WAY I SEE IT: Put enforcement of outdated pot laws on hold
nsnews - THE WAY I SEE IT: Put enforcement of outdated pot laws on hold Marc and Jodie Emery are in trouble with the law again. (Sun Mar 26 03:08:19 2017 PDT)

CANADA: Joseph dropped in Schneider Haus rebrand
therecord - (US) [ ...] ... (Sun Mar 26 02:42:26 2017 PDT)

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breaking hemp news

CANADA: Marc Emery's not done yet -
o.canada - (US) The self-styled "Prince of Pot" is returning to Canada this summer following a five-year prison sentence in the U.S. for selling seeds. A boring existence for a brash pot activist who was never far from the spotlight or from controversy while still a free man. Emery is counting down the days before he gets out. Sometime in late August the self-styled Prince of Pot will be back in Canada to smoke his first joi... (Fri Mar 24 02:11:02 2017 PDT)

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breaking drug news

news1130 - (Canada) Proponents to discuss Heroin Assisted Treatment as a viable option to reduce opioid overdose deaths Organizers say no Heroin Assisted Treatment patients have died of an overdose death in Canada or Europe British Columbia is experiencing its worst opioid crisis in history. (Sun Mar 26 15:46:23 2017 PDT)

570 News
570news - (Canada) Spain: Drug dealers use fake bananas to transport cocaine ... (Sun Mar 26 03:46:23 2017 PDT)

CANADA: Louie Rosella -
mississauga - (US) UK police still think Westminster attacker acted alone Peel police learn about Sikh heritage with tour of Mississauga museum A Bowmanville man and Vaughan woman are facing numerous firearms charges after Peel police seized a loaded handgun during a... (Sun Mar 26 02:55:59 2017 PDT)

CANADA: Police dogs hunting two Brampton hit-and-run suspects after crash involving Jaguar
mississauga - (US) Were... Police say the reported silver Jaguar that the suspects were travelling in crashed into another car. (Sun Mar 26 02:55:59 2017 PDT)

CANADA: Pam Douglas -
mississauga - (US) [ ...] ... (Sun Mar 26 02:55:59 2017 PDT)

CANADA: Brampton man accused of trafficking fentanyl, heroin in St. Catharines
mississauga - (US) Brampton man accused of trafficking fentanyl, heroin in St. ... (Sun Mar 26 02:55:59 2017 PDT)

CANADA: 'Beauty and the Beast': Enchanting new take - Kingston This Week
kingstonthisweek - (Canada) Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast has all the thrills and adventure of the animated original, plus some new and entirely hallucinogenic visuals. On ’shrooms. ... (Sun Mar 26 02:40:47 2017 PDT)

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medical marijuana news

cannabis for medical use

Ottawa rushing to draft marijuana legalization bill ahead of 4/20: sources
theglobeandmail - (Canada) Ottawa rushing to draft marijuana legalization bill ahead of 4/20: sources - The Globe and Mail The federal government has been scrambling to dra... (Sun Mar 26 20:01:17 2017 PDT)

Winnipeg Sun
winnipegsun - (Canada) The federal government is expected to table legislation this spring to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana clinics are springing up around the city and are open about their services. (Sun Mar 26 15:39:45 2017 PDT)

CANADA: Four charged in Cannabis Culture store raid
thespec - (US) Toronto police say four people are facing charges following a raid on a marijuana dispensary. (Sun Mar 26 02:31:16 2017 PDT)

CANADA: Pot doc's lawyer applies to have charges dropped - The Belleville Intelligencer
intelligencer - (Canada) Court officials confirmed Friday arguments for the application will be heard April 18, ahead of a three week trial slated for September for Rob Kamermans and his wife, Mary, a nurse who was also charged in relation to the distribution of medical marijuana prescrip... (Sun Mar 26 02:02:27 2017 PDT)

salon - (US) Judges in both the U.S. and Canada have ruled in favor of insurance companies covering medical marijuana for pain patients. (Sat Mar 25 21:39:15 2017 PDT)
cbc - (US) Manitoba pot bill a 'slap in the face' to medical marijuana users, protesters say - Manitoba - CBC News Manitoba pot bill a 'slap in the face' to medical marijuana users, protesters say - Manitoba - CBC News Manitoba pot bill a 'slap in the face' to medical marijuana users, protesters say - Manitoba - CBC News Ma... (Sat Mar 25 19:46:11 2017 PDT)

CTV News
atlantic.ctvnews - (US) Prescriptions for pain The legal status of marijuana is about to change in Canada. (Sat Mar 25 12:46:20 2017 PDT)

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breaking harm reduction news

CANADA: Film seeks to rewire thinking on drug abuse - Daily Herald Tribune
dailyheraldtribune - (Canada) "Just say no" was the strategy for both drug addiction and abstinence-only sex education. (Fri Mar 24 02:36:18 2017 PDT)

CANADA: UPDATED: Penticton shuts down two more marijuana dispensaries, at least for now - Penticton Western News
pentictonwesternnews - It is going to be some time before Penticton brings in bylaws dealing with medical marijuana dispensaries. (Thu Mar 23 03:37:10 2017 PDT)

Vermont county considers safe injection site for drug users
news1130 - (Canada) S most populous county is joining a handful of communities around the country considering setting up supervised injection sites for heroin and other opioid users to reduce overdoses and get more people into treatment. (Thu Mar 23 00:01:22 2017 PDT)

CANADA: Downtown Eastside sees fewer drug deaths than other parts of Vancouver
vancourier - Pictured are drug users inside an injection room this week in the Downtown Eastside. (Wed Mar 22 03:45:25 2017 PDT)

CANADA: Meet Frank, the 59-year-old fentanyl dealer
vancourier - Pictured is a man brought back from an overdose by staff at a trailer converted into an injection room. More than 215 of those deaths were recorded in Vancouver. (Wed Mar 22 03:45:25 2017 PDT)

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