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Australian Marijuana and Drug News
breaking Australian news! The Latest Australian Cannabis and Drug News
updated: Sun Apr 23 02:47:30 PDT 2017
cannabis | medical marijuana | hemp | harm reduction | drugs

breaking cannabis news

cannabis (marijuana) product or use

Channel NewsAsia
channelnewsasia - (US) Brazen as it was. Which she obtained b out of curiosityb from a classmate in her first year of university in Australia. b Drugs are absolutely everywhere in Australian society. Who heads public health charity Drug Policy Australia. b Itb s an open environment where drug use is virtually a rite of passage for young people.b Generally Australians - and this is borne out by surveys - are pretty accepting that so... (Sat Apr 22 22:01:16 2017 PDT)

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breaking hemp news

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breaking drug news

Australia struggling to rein in growing drug menace
straitstimes - (US) Australia is grappling with increasing efforts to smuggle in huge quantities of the drug methamphetamine from across the region. (Fri Apr 21 20:31:10 2017 PDT)

ABC Online
abc - (Australia) Brisbane restaurant owner Milos was arrested yesterday, charged with drug trafficking offences. Brisbane restaurant owner charged with cocaine trafficking A high-profile Brisbane restaurateur who had his upmarket Italian restaurant raided says he will "vigorously" fight allegations he was laundering money and trafficking cocaine and ice as part of a major drug r... (Fri Apr 21 18:31:15 2017 PDT)

myPolice (press release) (blog)
******* - Brisbane The Queensland Police Service in partnership with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) have today closed a joint operation targeting a network involved in the sale and distribution of cocaine and ice across Brisbane. (Fri Apr 21 18:16:59 2017 PDT)

ABC Online
abc - (Australia) Was charged with trafficking cocaine. (Fri Apr 21 18:16:59 2017 PDT)
stuff - (US) Prominent AustralianB restaurant owner Daniel Milos has been charged while up to A$ 1million (NZ$1.1 million) worth of drugs and expensive cars have been seized in one of Queensland's biggest cocaine investigations. (Fri Apr 21 18:16:59 2017 PDT)

Sky News Australia
skynews - The French drug authority said it would also publish a study on neurological effects of valproate in the second half of 2017. The US Food and Drug Administration warned in 2013 that valproate should not be taken during pregnancy and a Paris prosecutor launched a preliminary investigation into the authorisation and... (Thu Apr 20 18:32:06 2017 PDT)

INTERNATIONAL: Neil Robertson reveals video game addiction
smh - (US) Neil Robertson reveals video game addiction Former snooker world champion Neil Robertson has admitted an addiction to computer games had an effect on his form and personal life. The 35-year-old Australian, winner at the Crucible in 2010, says an addiction to games such as World of Warcraft, FIFA and League of Legends took his focus away from the tabl... (Thu Apr 20 01:10:06 2017 PDT)

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medical marijuana news

cannabis for medical use

Proactive Investors Australia
proactiveinvestors - Zelda Therapeutics plans medical cannabis trials in Chile this year Zelda Therapeutics trade higher on medical cannabis focus Zelda Therapeutics shares gain 60% since listing on medicinal cannabis focus Zelda Therapeutics (ASX:ZLD) is focused on the medical cannabis sector. (Tue Apr 18 21:39:24 2017 PDT) [also]

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breaking harm reduction news

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