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DrugSense News Bot Crossword

DrugSense News Bot Crossword

July 29, 2012

solution to previous puzzle
        1            2    3    4 
5    6                         
    7              8           
    10    11    12                 
13                  14           
            15    16             
17                    18    19     
    20    21                    22 
    24    25        26             
27        28                     


1 - A trade name for Rimonabant, the "anti-marijuana" drug, which blocks cannabinoid receptors.
3 - Acronym for benzylpiperazine.
7 - Bad girl starlet surname, initials: L.L.
8 - A youth older than 12 and younger than 20.
9 - scrambled top; also reefer, marijuana, etc.
10 - Paraphernalia used to hold a roach.
13 - A dissociative psychedelic, used in some cough suppressants.
14 - Government hireling prohibitionist ONDCP mouthpiece, Bertha _.
15 - Common term for delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol.
17 - Australian term for bikers.
19 - Public Service Announcement, acro.
21 - One who is given to combat is _ (rhymes with festive)
23 - What the BNDD and ODALE became.
24 - Live in reverse; also, very bad; wicked.
26 - A cannabis beverage, popular in India for thousands of years as an anxiolytic, mentioned in the Atharvaveda (Vedas).
27 - Child; also, the young of a goat. Also, to tease.
28 - By expropriating billions of tax dollars, and giving this money to DynCorp and Monsanto, government hucksters pretended they could eradicate the plant which is the source of this drug.


2 - A smokeable form of meth; also, the acronym of an immigration and customs agency.
3 - Slang term for marijuana in Egypt, and an angob anagram.
4 - "Jails and _ are the complement of schools; so many less as you have of the latter, so many more you must have of the former" (Horace Mann)
5 - An acronym for methylenedioxypyrovalerone.
6 - Not an acronym for Ultimate Tram, but a trade-name for the non-opiate synthetic analgesic, tramadol hydrochloride.
11 A prohibition agency concerned with booze, guns and tobacco.
12 - If something harms you, you might get _. (Rhymes with Curt.)
16 - Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, once chewed leaves from this ancient, traditional medicine plant - even as he was giving a speech before the U.N.
17 - The buying of something that one previously sold.
18 - J Edgar Hoover headed this bureau for many years.
19 - A drug-free _, like a Temperance _, is a promise to never touch the stuff. (Rhymes with hedge.)
20 - Like friend, but no r.
22 - Acronym for Drug Abuse Warning Network.
25 - Interagency Ethics Council (acronym).

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Bot's analysis of: "The Dangers and Consequences of Marijuana Abuse" the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Demand Reduction Section, May 2014
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