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8/2 Solution - DrugSense News Bot Crossword

DrugSense News Bot Crossword

Solution (for August 2 puzzle)


1F E A R 2S   3K       4T        
        E   H   5C H E E C 6H  
7F B 8I   N   A       E     O  
    N   T   9T O K 10I N G   O  
    D   R         C       K  
    I   11I N M A T E       E  
    C                     R  
  12B A N N E R   13M I N O 14R S  
  U                     A    
  Y       15D E B A T 16E   C    
  B       P         X   I    
  A   17K R A T O 18M   P   A    
  C   I         E   E   19L S D
  20K I D N A P   O   R        
      S         W   21T A N D Y


1 - drugwar_propaganda propaganda_theme2 (FEARS)
5 - drug_related drug_reformer cheech_marin (CHEECH)
7 - drug_related prohibition_agency (FBI)
9 - drug_related illegal_drugs plants intoxicant cannabis (TOKING)
11 - incarceration (INMATE)
12 - drugwar_propaganda explicit_propaganda (BANNER)
13 - drugwar_propaganda propaganda_theme5 youth (MINORS)
15 - drugwar_propaganda propaganda_theme8 (DEBATE)
17 - drug_related illegal_drugs drugs plants depressant intoxicant stimulant kratom (KRATOM)
19 - drug_related illegal_drugs hallucinogen chemicals psychedelic LSD (LSD)
20 - drugwar_propaganda propaganda_theme2 (KIDNAP)
21 - drug_related prohibitionist government_prohib prohibition_agency (TANDY)


2 - incarceration for_profit_prisons (SENTRI)
3 - drug_related illegal_drugs plants stimulant khat (KHAT)
4 - drugwar_propaganda propaganda_theme5 youth (TEEN)
6 - drugwar_propaganda propaganda_theme5 youth (HOOKERS)
8 - drug_related illegal_drugs plants intoxicant cannabis (INDICA)
10 - drug_related illegal_drugs prohibition_agency chemicals euphoric_stimulant stimulant methamphetamine amphetamines (ICE)
12 - forfeiture (BUYBACK)
14 - drugwar_propaganda propaganda_theme1 (RACIAL)
15 - drug_related drug_ngo drug_reform_ngo dpa (DPA)
16 - aggrandizement (EXPERT)
17 - drugwar_propaganda propaganda_theme5 youth (KIDS)
18 - drug_related illegal_drugs chemicals stimulant mephedrone (MEOW)

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Bot's analysis of: "The Dangers and Consequences of Marijuana Abuse" the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Demand Reduction Section, May 2014
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