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    OH: News Archive - The Daily Standard
    dailystandard - (US) Madison Wendel hit a go-ahead home run and the Cavaliers took advantage of free bases to earn a 6-2 win in a softball game at Jim Hoess Field on Monday. (Tue Apr 23 18:15:00 2024 PDT)
    cocaine; any form : $cocaine (75%)

    OR: The Skanner News - The Drug War Devastated Black and Other Minority Communities. Is Marijuana Legalization Helping?
    theskanner - Is Marijuana Legalization Helping? Sam Ward Jr. was on electronic home detention in Spokane. (Mon Apr 22 21:52:30 2024 PDT)
    propaganda : $drugwar_propagandahated group : $propaganda_theme1madness, violence, illness : $propaganda_theme2 (50%)survival of society : $propaganda_theme3 (75%)gateway, use is abuse : $propaganda_theme4children : $propaganda_theme5demonize, war, epidemic : $propaganda_theme6total prohibition : $propaganda_theme7dehumanization - prohibitionists assert drug users are not fully human : $dehumanizationgovernment drug warrior : $prohibition_agency (50%)opioid : $opioidcannabis for medical use : $medical_cannabiscocaine; any form : $cocainecannabis (marijuana) product or use : $cannabis

    [2]: Incumbent Robert Bender Prefiles For Escambia County Supervisor of Elections :
    northescambia - (US) Cantonment Woman Found Asleep In Vehicle Facing Cocaine And Fentanyl Charges FWC Law Enforcement Report: Harvesting Deer During Closed Season Maple, The FDLE K-9 Cop That Sniffed Out Computer Criminals, Has Passed Away Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency as an election security advisor. Department of Homel... (Sat Apr 20 23:12:27 2024 PDT)
    propaganda : $drugwar_propaganda (60%)madness, violence, illness : $propaganda_theme2 (50%)survival of society : $propaganda_theme3 (60%)government drug warrior : $prohibition_agency (50%)cocaine; any form : $cocaine [also northescambia11095]

    [2]: Atmore Man Killed In Crash Into A Tree :
    northescambia - (US) Troopers said he was not wearing a selt belt and was ejected after crashing into a tree on Highway 31 about seven miles outside Atmore. (Sat Apr 20 11:12:41 2024 PDT)
    propaganda : $drugwar_propaganda (70%)madness, violence, illness : $propaganda_theme2 (70%)government drug warrior : $prohibition_agency (50%)cocaine; any form : $cocaine

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