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Your Enslavement in the Matrix
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Prison for Profit
The Rise of the Prison Industrial Complex
Prison Profiteers (2013)


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    UK: Accused drug driver Lauryn Eagle seen getting food in LA - Daily Mail Online
    dailymail - (US) Australian boxing champion Lauryn Eagle clutches a pack of cigarettes as she picks up takeaway food in her gym gear 'after testing positive for ice while driving' Australian boxer Lauryn Eagle allegedly failed roadside drug test in SydneyB She allegedly tested positive for methamphetamine but says it was her legal medication Australian boxing champion Lauryn Eagle has been seen in public for the first time si... (Fri Jul 21 10:03:14 2017 PDT)
    propaganda : $drugwar_propagandahated group : $propaganda_theme1madness, violence, illness : $propaganda_theme2 (75%)survival of society : $propaganda_theme3 (50%)gateway, use is abuse : $propaganda_theme4 (60%)children : $propaganda_theme5 (70%)demonize, war, epidemic : $propaganda_theme6 (60%)dissent opposed : $propaganda_theme8 (50%)various amphetamines : $amphetamines

    TOP: Cops find $2M in liquid meth in mom's car during traffic stop - New York Post
    nypost - (US) S car during traffic stop crystal meth crystal meth crystal meth Real-life Walter White gets four years for cooking meth Australian police seize record amount of crystal meth Woman uses Bible to sneak meth into jail A woman was arrested last week after cops pulled her over and discovered $2 million worth of liquid methamphetamine hidden in jugs while her 4-year-old daughter sat in the car. (Thu Jul 20 14:02:28 2017 PDT)
    propaganda : $drugwar_propaganda (75%)madness, violence, illness : $propaganda_theme2 (70%)children : $propaganda_theme5 (70%)demonize, war, epidemic : $propaganda_theme6 (75%)dissent opposed : $propaganda_theme8 (50%)government drug warrior : $prohibition_agency (50%)various amphetamines : $amphetamines

    UK: Bali prison escapee Shaun Davidson was 'well respected' - Daily Mail Online
    dailymail - (US) Two of the escapees, Bulgarian Dimitar Nikolon Iliev, who was doing time for ATM skimming, and drug trafficker from India Sayed Mohammed Said, have been recaptured. ... (Tue Jul 18 10:03:16 2017 PDT)
    propaganda : $drugwar_propagandahated group : $propaganda_theme1madness, violence, illness : $propaganda_theme2 (70%)survival of society : $propaganda_theme3 (55%)children : $propaganda_theme5 (70%)various amphetamines : $amphetamines

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