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 <date>Nov 24, 2018</date>
 <description>drug war propaganda, players, and substances</description>
    "Concepts" are thesaurus-like named lists of keywords.

    Each concept is a rule that will match certain types of news 
    stories. It loosely describes an idea based on the presence 
    of keywords in a news story. These rules let us automatically 
    apply preconceived labels, thus categorizing news articles.

    Concepts are rules defined in terms of keywords and other 
    concepts. They use pattern matching and uncertainty in a 
    production system that makes limited assertions or inferences 
    from certain basic facts. Here, the "facts" are the presence or 
    absence of the keywords. Keywords are regular expressions. 

    The keywords may be given a weighting (certainty factor) to 
    assist in cases where the presence of a given key word or phrase 
    alone might or might not indicate the desired concept. The term 
    tag cf (certainty factor) property allows this to be set per 
    keyword. If not specified, a default value of 100 (i.e. 100%) 
    is used. 

    The ordering of concepts, below, is the order in which concepts
    will appear at the bottom of articles, etc. 

    See also: etc.

     The key elements in human thinking are not numbers 
     but labels of fuzzy sets. - L. Zadeh

     "When confronted with situations for which such routine
     procedures did not exist, he [Eichmann] was helpless, and his
     cliche-ridden language produced on the stand, as it had evidently
     done in his official life, a kind of macabre comedy. Cliches,
     stock phrases, adherence to conventional, standardized codes
     of expression and conduct have the socially recognized function
     of protecting us against reality, that is, against the claim
     on our thinking attention that all events and facts make by
     virtue of their existence"
     - Hannah Arendt, in her 1963 book Eichmann in Jerusalem

     "This is the work of the Dictionary programme. It reads every
     word and number in every single incoming message and picks out
     all the ones containing target keywords and numbers. Thousands of
     simultaneous messages are read in 'real time' as they pour into
     the station, hour after hour, day after day, as the computer finds
     intelligence needles in the telecommunications haystack."
	- Nicky Hager, "Secret Power", 1996, p.46

     * Errors to which we are prone:
	et al. ...


  <concept cname="drug_related">
    <label>drug of abuse implied / mentioned</label>
    <description>related to illegal drugs and prohibition</description>

<concept cname="drugwar_propaganda"  bgcolor="#ff9999">
   <description>a drug war propaganda event, campaign release, slogan, or theme</description>





<concept cname="explicit_propaganda"  bgcolor="#ff9999">
   <label>explicit prohibition propaganda</label>
   <description>an explicit drug war propaganda event, campaign release, slogan, system, or program</description>

      The war on drugs is a propaganda effort that tries to make people do what the government wants. 
      Propagandists use slogans and public relations campaigns to advance their agenda in the War on Drugs. 
      Governments use anti-drug public relations (read: prohibition propaganda) to increase their power. 
      Many governments try to persuade people that drug users are bad, that using drugs is demonically 
      harmful, unpatriotic, is a gateway to worse evil, will corrupt children, is against religion, and so on.
      Billions have been spent on catchy slogans and flashy branding to make the rejection of drugs as 
      appealing as the consumption of candy. 
      [ Janelle Brown, "Saying No to Propaganda", ]
    The continual intrusion into our minds of the hammering noises of arguments and 
    propaganda can lead to two kinds of reactions. It may lead to apathy and 
    indifference, the I-don't-care reaction, or to a more intensified desire to 
    study and to understand. Unfortunately, the first reaction is the more popular 
    one. The flight from study and awareness is much too common in a world that 
    throws too many confusing pictures to the individual. For the sake of our 
    democracy, based on freedom and individualism, we have to bring ourselves back 
    to study again and again. Otherwise, we can become easy victims of a 
    well-planned verbal attack on our minds and consciences. - 
    [Joost A. M. Meerloo, "Rape of the Mind", ch.5,]
    We cannot be enough aware of the continual coercion of our senses and minds, the 
    continual suggestive attacks which may pass through the intellectual barriers of 
    insight. Repetition and Pavlovian conditioning exhaust the individual and may 
    seduce him ultimately to accept a truth he himself initially defied and scorned. 
    [Joost A. M. Meerloo, "Rape of the Mind", ch.5,]
        Man's mental laziness, his resistance to the hard labor of thinking, makes it 
    relatively easy... At first the citizen may say to himself, "All this is just 
    nonsense - pure double talk," but in the very act of trying to shrug it off, he 
    has become subject to the power of the inherent suggestion. That is the trick of 
    double talk; once a man neglects to analyze and verify it, he becomes lost in it 
    and can no longer see the difference between rationale and rationalization...
    Alas, in our Western world, we often meet this evasion of semantic 
    clarity. Let us not forget that the battle for words is part of the 
    ideological cold war in our world. [Joost A. M. Meerloo, 
    "Rape of the Mind", ch.7,]
    Diplomats and politicians still believe in verbal persuasion and argumentative 
    tactics. It is a very old and alluring game, this strategy of political 
    maneuvering with official slogans and catchwords, the subtlety of bypassing the 
    truth in the service of partisanship, of giving faulty emphasis, the skill of 
    dancing around selected arguments to arrive at personal propagandistic aims or 
    party aims.
    [Joost A. M. Meerloo, "Rape of the Mind", ch.13,]
    Some politicians are puppets, spokesmen of their bosses. Some are the cavalier 
    jugglers of words, who transfer human aggressions into slogans. There are also 
    the loudmouthed trumpeters of doom, who resort to the argument of panic. Modern 
    politics is carried out with obsolete rules of conversation, communication, and 
    discussion; and too few politicians are aware of the semantic pitfalls and 
    emotional dishonesties of the word tools they must use to convince others.
    [Joost A. M. Meerloo, "Rape of the Mind", ch.13,]
    Mankind should be guaranteed the right not to hear and not to conform and the 
    right to defense against psychological attack and against intervention in the 
    form of perverted mass propaganda, totalitarian pressure, and mental torture...
    We have to watch carefully lest our own mistakes in attacking personal freedom 
    become grist for the totalitarian's mill...  What we need is careful 
    analysis and understanding of such phenomena. Democracy is the regime of the 
    dignity of man and his right to think for himself, the right to have his own 
    opinion more than that, the right to assert his own opinion and to protect 
    himself against mental invasion and coercion.
    [Joost A. M. Meerloo, "Rape of the Mind", ch.15,]
        "Everything you need to know about mainstream media's vital role in perpetuating 
    our nation's three-decade, trillion dollar War on Drugs despite overwhelming 
    evidence that it is a fraud you can learn by watching a Three Card Monty Operation."  
    -- Michael Levine 

    "Drug war propagandists serve the same function that Nazi propagandists served, 
    a function judged harshly at Nuremberg." -- Richard L Miller


   <term>tough[ -]on[ -]drug</term>

   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? propaganda</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?pot propaganda</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?mari[hj]uana propaganda</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?cannabis propaganda</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? theme</term> 
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? message</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?meth message</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? advertis</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? ads</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? ad campaign</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? event</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? media campaign</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? campaigns?\b</term>
   <term>Anti[ -]?Drugs? March</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? caravan</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? PSA</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? program</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? talk</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? speech</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? conference</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? gathering</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? rally</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? revival</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? concert</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? film</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? movie</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? video</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? play</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? morality play</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? seminar</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? front</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? sign</term>

   <term>prohibitionist rhetoric</term>

   <term cf="95">anti[ -]?medical marijuana ad</term>
   <term>drug awareness seminar</term>
   <term cf="45">scare campaign</term>

   <term>anti[ -]meth campaign</term>
   <term>Just Say No Rally</term>
   <term>["']?say[- ]no[- ]to[- ]drugs["']? campaign</term> 

   <term cf="85">Dump the Drugs</term> 
   <term cf="85">['"]?It's Up to Me to be DRUG[- ]?FREE['"]?</term>
   <term cf="75">['"]?Choices = Consequences['"]?</term>
   <term cf="15">['"]?See the Connection['"]?</term>
   <term cf="75">["']What'?s My Anti[ -]?Drug["']</term>

   <term cf="75">red ribbon theme</term>

   <term>Don'?t buy drugs</term>
   <term>Don'?t sell drugs</term>
   <term cf="70">they fund violence and terror</term>
   <term>drugs fund violence and terror</term>

   <term cf="95">drug abuse seminar</term>
   <term cf="60">seminars?</term>

   <term cf="15">orientation</term>
   <term cf="75">educational awareness</term>

   <term>drugs?[ -]awareness program</term>
   <term cf="55">drugs?[ -]awareness</term>

   <term>anti[ -]?marijuana ad</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?marijuana campaign</term>
   <term>anti-medical marijuana fliers</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drug fliers</term>
   <term cf="20">fliers</term>

   <term>anti[ -]?drug fair</term>

   <term>drug campaign</term>
   <term>campaign against drug</term>
   <term>March Against Drugs</term>
   <term>National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign</term>
   <term cf="85">NYADMC</term>
   <term>campaign of prevention</term>

   <term>drug[ -]prevention event</term>
   <term>drug[ -]prevention contest</term>

   <term cf="70">drug[ -]prevention</term>
   <term cf="50">prevention study</term>

   <term>Take Back Our Kids</term>
   <term cf="95">What About the Children</term>

   <term>Speaking Out Against Drug Legalization</term>

   <term>['"]?Does a Drug Dealer Lurk in Your Medicine Cabinet['"]?</term>

   <term>Drug Free is the Way to Be</term>
   <term>Get High on Life.{1,7}Not on Drugs</term>
   <term>Up With Hope.{1,7}Down With Dope</term>
   <term>Drug[ -]Free World</term>
   <term>['"]?Love Yourself.{0,7}Be Drug Free["']?</term>
   <term>World Drug[ -]Free Day</term>
   <term>Anti[ -]?Drugs? Day</term>

   <term cf="90">Drug Abuse Resistance</term>
   <term cf="85">S\.?W\.?A\.?T\.?[ -]?team demonstration</term>
   <term>anti-drugs? literature</term> 

   <term cf="75">['"]?drugs will make you crazy['"]?</term>
   <term cf="75">['"]?Sock it to drugs['"]?</term>
   <term cf="75">['"]?Crazy hair day['"]?</term>

   <term cf="75">Drug Facts Day</term>
   <term cf="75">["']?Shatter the Myths["']?</term>
   <term cf="75">["']Debunking Marijuana Myths["']</term>
   <term cf="45">NDFD\b</term>

   <term cf="90">Anti-Drugs Choir</term>
   <term>Anti[- ]?Drugs? Photo Contest</term>
   <term>Anti[- ]?Drugs? Photographic Competition</term>
   <term>anti[- ]?drugs? summit</term>
   <term cf="98">Forum Against Drugs</term>
   <term>Anti[ -]?drugs? forum</term>

   <term cf="40">Vigil</term>

   <term cf="80">Reduce the Use</term>
   <term cf="80">prevention message</term>
   <term>drug[ -]education message</term>

   <!-- "but ... we have a flag, and a marching song!" - Hitlerjunge Quex -->
   <term cf="85">anti-drug song</term>

   <term cf="95">["']?Daren the lion["']?</term>
   <term cf="95">D\.?A\.?R\.?E\.? lion</term>
   <term cf="95">D\.? A\.? R\.? E\.? lion</term>
   <term cf="95">D\.?A\.?R\.?E\.? mascot</term>
   <term cf="95">D\.? A\.? R\.? E\.? mascot</term>
   <term cf="90">anti-?drug T-?shirt</term>
   <term cf="50">stuffed lion doll</term>

   <term>No Room campaign</term>
   <term cf="20">No Room</term>

   <term cf="95">Not In My Neighbourhood</term>

   <term cf="80">"?Time to Get Help"?</term>

   <term>['"]?Dob in a Dealer['"]?</term>
   <term>['"]?Dob in a Drug Dealer['"]?</term>

   <term>Drug Dealers Don't Care</term>

   <term>['"]?Drive Out Drugs['"]?</term>

   <term cf="90">['"]?I Am Enough['"]?</term>

   <term>Drug Use is Life Abuse</term>
   <term>I've Got BETTER Things to DO than DRUGS</term>

   <term>National Tackling Drugs Day</term>
   <term>Tackling Drugs Changing Lives</term>
   <term cf="60">Tackling Drugs</term>

   <term cf="70">spokesperson</term>
   <term cf="70">spokesman</term>

   <term cf="95">Grass on Skunk</term>

   <term>get saved or get busted</term>

   <term cf="60">Meth Project</term>

   <term cf="90">['"]Not Even Once["']</term>
   <term cf="80">Not Even Once message</term>
   <term cf="50">Not Even Once</term>

   <term>anti-methamphetamine campaign</term>
   <term cf="70">Zero[ -]?Meth</term>

   <term cf="90">["']?Faces of Meth["']?</term>
   <term cf="90">["']?Faces of Marijuana["']?</term>
   <term cf="90">Your Face on Meth</term>
   <term cf="90">From Drugs to Mugs</term>

   <term>This is your brain on drugs</term>

   <term>['"]?name and shame['"]? drug dealers</term>
   <term cf="75">['"]?name and shame['"]?</term>
   <term cf="75">name . shame</term>

   <term cf="87">Yes to Life</term>

   <term>Say No to Drugs Week</term> 
   <term>Drug Action Week</term>
   <term>Just Say No Campaign</term>
   <term>Hugs not Drugs Campaign</term>
   <term>Hugs not Drugs</term>
   <term>Hands Across the Border</term>
   <term cf="98">Click[ -]?It or Ticket</term>
   <term>Chemical Health Week</term>
   <term>National Drug-Free Work Week </term>
   <term>Addictions Awareness Week</term>
   <term cf="95">Drug Facts Week</term> 

   <term>Weed and Seed</term>
   <term cf="80">Weed . Seed</term>
   <term>Drug Control Masterplan</term>
   <term>["']?Truth About Joints['"]?</term>
   <term>["']?Truth About Drugs["']?</term>
   <term>["']?Truth About Mari[hj]uana["']?</term>
   <term>Unite for a Drug Free World</term>
   <term>["']?Time to Talk["']? campaign</term>
   <term cf="40">["']?Time to Talk["']?</term>
   <term>A Drug-Free World Starts Right Here</term>
   <term>Drug[ -]?Free America</term>

   <term cf="86">["']?No place for drugs in my community["']?</term>
   <term>Reaching A Town Together</term>

   <term>Bringing Life and Sports? Together</term>
   <term cf="90">Project Blast</term>
   <term cf="5">BLAST\b</term> 

   <term>Substance Abuse Awareness through Music</term>

   <term cf="95">above ?the ?influence</term>
   <term cf="95">Influence Project</term>

   <term cf="40">["']?Check Yourself["']?</term>

   <term cf="85">Straight Talk For Parents</term>
   <term cf="45">["']?Straight Talk["']?</term>
   <term>Drug Awareness and Eradication campaign</term>
   <term>Drug Awareness and Eradication</term>
   <term>Drug prevention campaign</term>
   <term cf="85">drug information drive</term>

   <term cf="85">drugs? awareness program</term>

   <term cf="45">awareness program</term>
   <term cf="45">awareness campaign</term>

   <term cf="95">Red Ribbon Parade</term>
   <term cf="95">Red Ribbon Breakfast</term>
   <term cf="95">Red Ribbon Lunch</term>
   <term cf="95">Red Ribbon Dinner</term>
   <term cf="95">Red Ribbon Blue[ -]?Plate</term>

   <term cf="95">McGruff the Crime Dog</term>
   <term cf="90">McGruff</term>

   <term>tough talk on drugs</term>
   <term>toughest talk on drugs</term>

   <term>Let's stand against drugs</term>
   <term>Let us save our threatened identity from narcotic imperialism</term>
   <term>Day of Waking Up Against Drugs</term>
   <term>["']?Wake Up to Medicine Abuse["']?</term>
   <term cf="50">narcotic imperialism</term>

   <term>["']Don't Let Florida Go To Pot['"]</term>

   <term cf="95">Empowering Youth to be Drug Free</term>

   <term>users are losers</term>
   <term cf="60">Freedom From Drugs</term>

   <term>The Nation's Outrage Against Drugs: Saving This Generation</term>

   <term>Sagot Ko Yan</term>
   <term>Lakbay Kontra Droga</term>
   <term>Lakbay Aral Kontra Droga</term>
   <term>['"]?Barkada Kontra Droga['"]?</term>
   <term>Lakbay Laban sa Droga</term>
   <term>Pirma Kontra Droga</term>
   <term>Pamilya Ayaw sa Droga</term>
   <term>Pamilya ko Ayaw sa Droga</term>
   <term>Oplan 101: Kill Droga</term>
   <term>Operation Triplicate</term>
   <term>["']?Operation Our Town["']?</term>
   <term>Kill Droga</term>
   <term cf="45">Oplan 101</term>
   <term>Batang Iwas Droga</term>
   <term cf="25">BIDA\b</term>
   <term>["']?Takbo Kontra Droga At Terr?orism["']?</term>
   <term>["']?Prolonging Life.{1,4}Reducing Risk["']?</term>
   <term>["']?Mahalin ang Kalikasan, Ingatan ang Kalusugan, Droga'y Iwasan.?["']?</term>
   <term>["']?Kalikasan ay Pagyamanin, Kalusugan ay Isipin, Drogang Bawal Huwag Gamitin.?["']?</term>
   <term>["']?Mek Wi Protect Wi Yutes["']?</term>

   <term cf="90">["']?ARGUMENT["']?.{1,33}anhoriga</term>

   <term cf="90">["']?Why Not Find Out['"]?</term>

   <term>["']?the Reality Tour['"]?</term>
   <term>["']?Reality[ -]Tour['"]?</term>

   <term>["']?The Best Me Is Drug[ -]?Free['"]?</term>
   <term>["']?A Healthy Me Is Drug[ -]?Free</term>

   <term>["']?X-ray every inch over a 90-day period['"]?</term>

   <term cf="90">["']?Drugs do not only damage those who consume them['"]?</term>
   <term cf="60">["']?Everything has a price['"]?</term>

   <term>["']?We all do better when we'?re drug[ -]?free['"]?</term>
   <term>["']?Y'?all do better when you'?re drug[ -]?free['"]?</term>
   <term>["']?Shine.{1,7}Light on Drugs['"]?</term>

   <term>['"]?Drug Buster Academy['"]?</term>

   <term>["']?Life Does Not Rewind.{1,7}Make the Right Choice['"]?</term>
   <term>Live Right Do Right</term>

   <term>anti[ -]?drug activit</term>

   <term cf="85">Multiagency Anti[ -]?illegal Drugs</term>
   <term>["']?We are MAD on drugs["']?</term>

   <term cf="95">['"]?[MT]ake a Stand Against Drugs['"]?</term>

   <term cf="75">Talk to Frank</term>
   <term cf="75">the Frank campaign</term>

   <term cf="75">Not4me</term>

   <term cf="75">pitch.{0,16} drug[ -]?free</term>

   <term>Day of Awakening Against Intoxicating Substances</term>

   <term cf="80">Rat On A Rat</term>
   <term cf="80">["']?dob in a druggie['"]?</term>

   <term>['"]?rat on a rat['"]?</term>
   <term>["']?Don't be a lab[ -]rat['"]?</term>
   <term>Rat Cage Anti-Pot Campaign</term>
   <term>giant rat cage</term>
   <term>human-scale rat cage</term>
   <term cf="60">rat cage</term>
   <term cf="60">laboratory animal</term>

   <term cf="98">['"]?Odd Squad Production</term>
   <term cf="80">['"]?Odd Squad</term>
   <term cf="80">['"]?Through.{1,7}Blue Lens['"]?</term>
   <term cf="80">['"]?Riding With Madonna['"]?</term>
   <term cf="80">['"]?Joe Calendino Story['"]?</term>
   <term cf="20">['"]?Gangs.{1,7}Guns['"]?</term>
   <term cf="80">['"]?Tears For April['"]?</term>
   <term cf="70">['"]?Scathed['"]?</term>
   <term cf="70">['"]?Stolen Lives['"]?</term>
   <term cf="70">['"]?Not A Game['"]?</term>

   <term cf="70">['"]?Be Ahead of the Crowd['"]?</term>

   <term>Diri Masa Depan Harmoni</term>
   <term>Love Yourself For A Harmonious Future</term>

   <term cf="70">Ke Moja</term>
   <term>I'm Fine Without Drugs</term>
   <term>"?Youth and Family Together Against Drugs"?</term>

   <term cf="80">Crystal Darkness</term>
   <term cf="80">La Obscuridad de Cristal</term>

   <term>My Life.{0,5} My Choice.{0,5} Drug Free</term>
   <term>Go Ask Alice</term>

   <term cf="75">Courage To Speak</term>

   <term>Meth 360</term>

   <term>Information Education and Communication</term>
   <term cf="50">IEC</term>

   <term cf="75">anti-pot campaign</term>

   <!-- prohibition run amok -->
   <term>Drugs.{2,7}Don't Do It</term>
   <term>Dadah.{2,7}Jangan Tah</term>
   <term>Hari Antarabangsa Menentang Penyalahgunaan dan Pengedaran Dadah Haram</term>
   <term>Dadah Haram</term>

   <term>drugs destroys? our youth'?s future</term>
   <term>stop using drugs now</term>

   <term>Drug-Endangered Children Grant Program</term>
   <term>Drug-Endangered Children program</term>

   <term cf="50">Leah Betts</term>
   <term cf="50">Gemma Moss</term>
   <term cf="50">Levy Thamba</term>
   <term cf="35">Thamba\b</term>

   <term>Drugs Are Not Child'?s ?Play</term>
    <term>Get high with God.{0,10}not with drugs</term>

   <term cf="45">talking points</term>

   <term>Meth Awareness Day</term>
   <term>Methamphetamines? Awareness Day</term>

   <term>Don't let ice destroy you</term>

   <term>Methodology Project</term>

   <term>International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking</term>
   <term>Day Against Drug Abuse</term>
   <term>World Drug Day</term>

   <term cf="75">Drugs Make You Un-Smarter</term>
   <term>Drug-Free Commitment Tour</term>

   <term cf="75">["']Think Again.{0,3}["']</term>

   <term>anti-drug art mural</term>
   <term>anti-drug billboard</term>
   <term>anti-marijuana billboard</term>
   <term cf="45">billboard</term>

   <term>methamphetamine shock advert</term>

   <term>Drug abuse summit</term>

   <term>drug[ -]?war slogan</term>
   <term>anti[ -]?drug slogan</term>
   <term cf="35">slogan</term>

   <term cf="40">Just Say No\b</term>
   <term cf="35">television spot</term>
   <term cf="20">media campaign</term>
   <term cf="30">adverti[sz]ing campaign</term>
   <term cf="30">billboard campaign</term>
   <term cf="20">propaganda</term>
   <term cf="30">ad campaign</term>
   <term cf="25">shock adverti[sz]ing</term>
   <term cf="20">rally</term>
   <term cf="25">the ads\b</term>
   <term cf="75">ad space</term>
   <term cf="25">posters?\b</term>
   <term cf="25">mural</term>
   <term cf="20">banner</term>
   <term cf="20">campaigns?\b</term>
   <term cf="20">parade</term>
   <term cf="20">placard</term>
   <term cf="20">adverti[sz]ment</term>
   <term cf="20">leaflet</term>
   <term cf="10">bracelet</term>
   <term cf="35">tour\b</term>
   <term cf="50">fact sheet</term>

   <term cf="45">latest study</term>
   <term cf="45">latest research</term>

   <term cf="40">essay contest</term>
   <term cf="40">photo contest</term>
   <term cf="40">photography contest</term>

   <term>A Drug Free World - We Can Do It</term>
   <term>A Drug Free World We Can Do It</term>

   <term>Target America: Opening Eyes to the Damage Drugs Cause</term>
   <term cf="50">Target America</term>
   <term cf="5">exhibit</term>

   <term>Partnership For a Drug-Free America PSA</term>

   <term>Recovery Takes Flight</term>
   <term cf="60">balloon launch</term>

   <term>Take Charge Take Care</term>

   <term>Don't Cannabis Our</term>

   <term cf="85">Meth360</term>

   <term>Drugs[ -]?Not[ -]?4[ -]?Me</term>
   <term cf="95">Drugs[ -]?Not[ -]?for[ -]?Me</term>

   <term cf="50">public service announcement</term>
   <term cf="45">PSAs?\b</term>
   <term cf="50">public information campaign</term>

   <term>Prescription Drug Take[ -]?Back</term> 
   <term>Prescription ["']?Drug Take[ -]Back Day["']?</term> 
   <term>["']?Drug Take[ -]Back Day['"]?</term> 
   <term>drug ['"]?take[ -]back['"]? day</term>

   <term>cannabis poster</term>
   <term cf="25">tell truth</term>

   <term cf="50">No Drugs!</term>
   <term>['"]?Mind Free of Drugs['"]?</term>

   <term>['"]?down with dope.{1,7}up with hope['"]?</term>

   <term>['"]?Marijuana kills your drive['"]?</term>
   <term>['"]?Don't lose in the game of life['"]?</term>

   <term cf="70">['"]Stay clean!{0,3}['"]</term>
   <term>['"]Don't be a mule!{0,3}['"]?</term>

   <term cf="50">systematically misled</term>


 ... for hardly a week passed in  which  The  Times  did  not
 carry  a  paragraph  describing  how  some eavesdropping little
 sneak - "child hero" was the  phrase  generally  used  -  had
 overheard some compromising remark and denounced its parents to
 the Thought Police.  - "1984", George Orwell

<concept cname="propaganda_theme1" bgcolor="#ff9999">
   <label>hated group</label>
   <description>drug war propaganda theme: hated groups</description>


    Prohibition rhetoric often attempts to associate hated groups 
    with targeted drugs. 
    Drug users are "those people" - they are linked with groups that 
    everyone agrees are bad.
    Prohibition propaganda often uses crude forms of name-calling
    to link a targeted drug with groups the majority dislikes.
        The rhetoric of prohibition will try to use labeling and 
    guilt by association to link drugs and drug users with hated groups.
        Drug war propaganda insinuates drugs are evil, because they 
    are linked with hated groups.
        Drugs are linked with groups of people who are already seen as deviant or shameful.
        Prohibitionists try to link targeted drugs with people already accepted as hated.
        The rhetoric of prohibition tries to link drugs with marginalized people. 

    <!-- "So any number of boilerplate beefs could be bandied about here ..." - 
       (Brian Anderson, motherboard, July 2011) -->

    <term>We Hate Drug</term>

    <term>narco[ -]?terror</term>
    <term cf="30">terror</term>

    <term cf="30">minority</term>
    <term cf="30">minorities</term>
    <term cf="30">racial</term>
    <term cf="50">immigrant</term>
    <term cf="50">Zionist</term>
    <term cf="55">Semitic</term>


    <term cf="50">counter[ -]?culture</term>
    <term cf="55">non-?conformist</term>
    <term cf="60">drug[ -]user</term>
    <term cf="60">drug[ -]abuser</term>
    <term cf="80">heavy user</term>
    <term cf="90">heavy cannabis user</term>
    <term cf="80">regular .{1,33} user</term>
    <term cf="90">Cannabismissbrukare</term>
    <term cf="90">haschmissbrukare</term>
    <term cf="75">drug dependents</term>
    <term cf="75">missbruk</term>

    <term cf="45">users?\b</term>

    <term>mari[jh]uana abuser</term>
    <term>mari[jh]uana addicts?\b</term>
    <term>cannabis addict?\b</term>
    <term>cannabis smoker</term>
    <term cf="75">drug suspects?</term>

    <term>marijuana[ -]smoking mother</term>
    <term>pot[ -]smoking mother</term>

    <term>marijuana smoker</term>
    <term cf="75">dope[ -]smok</term>
    <term cf="70">smoking[ -]dope</term>
    <term>chronic cannabis smoker</term>
    <term>pot[ -]?head</term>
    <term>reefer[ -]smoker</term>
    <term>cannabis user</term>
    <term cf="85">drug addict\b</term>
    <term cf="85">drug addicts\b</term>
    <term cf="75">addict\b</term>
    <term cf="80">addicts\b</term>
    <term cf="85">drug offender</term>
    <term>substance[ -]abusing</term>
    <term>substance abuser</term>
    <term cf="20">those people</term>
    <term cf="90">['"]?Potorado</term>

    <term cf="65">put in their place</term>
    <term cf="50">put in its place</term>

    <term cf="60">racial profiling</term>
    <term cf="90">black communit</term>
    <term>Black .{1,17}Hispanic</term>
    <term cf="30">blacks\b</term>
    <term cf="90">African[ -]American</term>
    <term>black male</term>
    <term cf="90">Aboriginal</term>
    <term cf="90">Yardie</term>
    <term cf="90">black people</term>
    <term cf="90">black youth</term>
    <term cf="90">black men</term>
    <term cf="95">young folks of color</term>
    <term cf="97">men and women of color</term>
    <term cf="90">Latinos?\b</term>
    <term cf="45">Jews?\b</term>
    <term cf="45">Jewish people</term>
    <term cf="70">Zuni\b</term>
    <term cf="70">Indian country</term>

    <term cf="70">hipster</term>
    <term cf="70">chattering class</term>

    <term cf="70">trailer[ -]trash</term>
    <term cf="70">gas station attendant</term>
    <term cf="70">lower income group</term>
    <term cf="70">bottom of the pyramid</term>
    <term cf="60">dropout</term>
    <term cf="60">economically downscale</term>

    <term cf="65">tweaker</term>
    <term cf="75">e[ -]?tard</term>

    <term cf="50">scum[ -]?bag</term>
    <term cf="45">scum</term>

    <term cf="65">bad people</term>
    <term cf="65">lunatic</term>
    <term cf="65">w[ei]{2}rd-?os?</term>

    <term cf="80">drug house</term>
    <term cf="80">Tweaker Towers</term>
    <term cf="80">Heroin Hilton</term>

    <term>drugs and terror</term>
    <term cf="50">terror links</term>
    <term cf="50">links to terror</term>
    <term cf="55">terror</term>
    <term>tieing drugs to terror</term>
    <term>tying drugs to terror</term>
    <term>linking drugs to terror</term>
    <term cf="90">drug terror</term>
    <term cf="90">drug-terror</term>
    <term cf="90">drugs terror</term>
    <term cf="90">drugs-terror</term>
    <term>terrorism drug-trafficking nexus</term>

    <term cf="50">communis</term>
    <term cf="55">["']?anarch</term>
    <term cf="75">extremist</term>
    <term cf="75">anti-government</term>

    <term cf="75">traitor</term>
    <term cf="90">assassins?\b</term>

    <term cf="90">evil outsider</term>

    <term>drug dealer</term>
    <term>drug ped{1,2}l[ea]r</term>
    <term>dope ped{1,2}l[ea]r</term>
    <term>crack dealer</term>
    <term>marijuana cultivator</term>
    <term>dealers and users</term>
    <term>users and dealers</term>
    <term>drug[ -]dealing scumbag</term>
    <term>drug[ -]?runner</term>
    <term>dope[ -]seller</term>

    <term>dope[ -]pusher</term>
    <term>dope[ -]?head</term>
    <term>dope[ -]lover</term>

    <term>drug user</term>
    <term>pot user</term>
    <term>pot[ -]smoking</term>
    <term>pot smoker</term>
    <term>ganja[ -]smok</term>
    <term cf="70">slacker</term>
    <term cf="70">libertine</term>
    <term>drug freak</term>
    <term cf="90">speed freak</term>
    <term cf="80">biker</term>
    <term cf="80">bikie</term>
    <term>flower[ -]?child</term>
    <term>moon[ -]?bat</term>
    <term>Zig[ -]?Zag m[ae]n</term>
    <term>drug culture</term>
    <term cf="75">the marijuana culture</term>
    <term cf="60">punks?</term>

    <term>rave culture</term>
    <term cf="80">ravers?\b</term>
    <term cf="80">raves?\b</term>

    <term>rap culture</term>
    <term cf="75">rappers?\b</term>
    <term cf="40">rap music</term>
    <term cf="40">rap lyric</term>

    <term cf="80">drug-infest</term>
    <term cf="80">drugs?[ -]havens?\b</term>
    <term cf="70">pimp</term>
    <term cf="90">loser\b</term>
    <term cf="90">losers\b</term>
    <term cf="70">draft dodger</term>
    <term cf="45">stripper</term>

    <term cf="50">cock[ -]roach</term>
    <term cf="30">roaches</term>

    <term cf="60">junkies</term> 
    <term cf="30">junkie\b</term>
    <term cf="30">junky\b</term>

    <term cf="70">hedonis</term>

    <!-- Ska 60-talet aldrig ta slut?
        <term cf="70">['"]?slut['"]?</term>

    <term cf="90">crack[ -]?head</term>

    <term cf="60">pin[ -]?head</term>

    <term cf="50">drug group</term>

    <term>drug[ -]users and dealers</term>


    <term cf="60">dealers\b</term>
    <term cf="60">dealer\b</term>

    <term cf="75">dirt[ -]?bag</term>

    <term cf="90">dope[ -]grower</term>

    <term>drug pusher</term>
    <term cf="60">pusher</term>
    <term>drug cartel</term>
    <term cf="80">cartel</term>
    <term>drug[ -]kingpin</term>
    <term cf="85">kingpin</term>
    <term cf="85">king pin</term>
    <term>drug[ -]lord</term>
    <term>drug baron</term>
    <term>drug smuggler</term>
    <term>drug trafficker</term>
    <term>narco[ -]?trafficker</term>
    <term cf="60">smuggler</term>
    <term cf="60">gang member</term>
    <term cf="55">gang\b</term>
    <term cf="55">gangs</term>
    <term cf="80">baby poisonous snake</term>
    <term cf="80">organized crim</term>

    <term cf="80">["']?Mad[ -]Men['"]?</term>

    <term>["']?Big[ -]Dope["']?</term>
    <term cf="97">["']?Big[ -]Tobacco 2\.0["']?</term>
    <term cf="80">["']?Big[ -]Marijuana["']?</term>
    <term cf="80">["']?Big[ -]Tobacco["']?</term>
    <term cf="40">Big[ -]Business</term>
    <term cf="40">big lobbies</term>
    <term cf="30">big bucks</term>
    <term cf="30">big profits</term>

    <term cf="60">bad influence</term>

    <term cf="55">Mexicans</term>
    <term cf="55">Colombians</term>
    <term cf="45">Madison Avenue</term>

    <term cf="55">uneducated</term>
    <term cf="35">Yale MBA</term>

    <term cf="80">["']?suppressive persons?["']?</term>
    <term cf="80">["']?suppressive groups?["']?</term>

    <term>Drug Trafficking Organization</term>
    <term cf="75">DTOs?\b</term>

    <term>criminal group</term>

    <term cf="75">['"]?ninny[ -]brain['"]?</term>
    <term cf="75">menace</term>

    <term cf="50">yobs?\b</term>
    <term cf="45">foreigner</term>
    <term cf="50">foreigners</term>
    <term cf="50">outsider</term>
    <term cf="50">malingerer</term>



  <concept cname="addiction">
    <description>addition or drug dependency</description>
    Prohibition propaganda claims addiction is controlled by prohibition.
    Drug war rhetoric asserts jailing addicts curbs addiction.

    <term cf="80">monkey on .{1,16} back\b</term>
    <term cf="60">addiction</term>
    <term cf="60">addicted</term>
    <term cf="80">drug dependen</term>
    <term cf="75">drug habit</term>
    <term cf="50">strung out</term>

    <term cf="45">addicts</term>
    <term cf="45">addict\b</term>
    <term cf="45">hooked</term>
    <term cf="40">dependen</term>


<concept cname="propaganda_theme2" bgcolor="#ff9999">
   <label>madness, violence, illness</label>
   <description>drug war propaganda theme: madness, violence, illness caused by drugs</description>
    Prohibitionist propaganda claims that horrible dangers 
    are caused by "drugs."
    Drugs, claim the prohibitionist, cause insanity, 
    violence, and terrible sickness.
    The rhetoric of prohibition asserts that insanity, crime, and 
    violence are caused by drugs, or are controlled by prohibition.
    Prohibition propaganda rarely misses an opportunity to link
    crime, violence, and insanity with "drugs". The propagandist insinuates 
    that prohibited drugs cause evil, and if it weren't for "drugs" 
    bad things would not exist.
        Drugs, scream prohibitionists, cause all bad things in life: crime, 
    violence, insanity, etc.  If not for prohibition (i.e., jailing drug 
    users), then criminality, violence and psychotic behavior would explode
    upon the land, the prohibitionist assures us.
        Drugs, the prohibitionist explains, are a wicked bane on modern man. 
    If not for the noble drug war (i.e. jailing drug users), exclaims 
    the propagandist, then people will run amok, and violence, death, psychosis,
    and plague shall cover the land.
        Prohibitionists claim use of currently illegal drugs causes crime, death, illness, 
    lunacy, mania, melancholy, and all means of sin and degradation.
        It is prohibition, claim prohibitionists, that saves people from drug crazed,
    whacked out, high flying drug users. 
       drug war rhetoric transforms drugs users into scapegoats -- 
       (Richard L Miller, Drug Warriors and their Prey) 

    <term cf="75">drugs are illegal because they are harmful</term>


    <term>drugs are bad</term>
    <term>drugs are very bad</term>

    <term>drugs crime</term>
    <term>drug crime</term>
    <term>drug[ -]related crime</term>
    <term>drug awareness</term>
    <term>dangerous drug</term>
    <term>drug impaired</term>
    <term>drug-fueled mayhem</term>
    <term>dangers of drug</term>
    <term>danger of drug</term>
    <term>drug[ -]crazed</term>
    <term cf="80">the drug problem</term>

    <term cf="70">risks? ['"]?underestimated['"]?</term>
    <term cf="70">dangers? ['"]?underestimated['"]?</term>

    <term cf="80">ruin lives</term>
    <term cf="80">destroy families</term>

    <term cf="75">black-?out</term>
    <term cf="65">stoned</term>

    <term cf="50">violence</term>
    <term cf="50">violent</term>

    <term cf="50">stigma\b</term>

    <term cf="95">drug overdose</term>
    <term cf="60">overdose</term>

    <term cf="50">kidnap</term>
    <term cf="50">torture</term>
    <term cf="50">murder</term>
    <term cf="50">homicide</term>
    <term cf="50">killer</term>
    <term cf="50">zombie</term>
    <term cf="50">crimes?\b</term>
    <term cf="50">criminal</term>
    <term cf="25">inappropriate</term>
    <term cf="50">breakdown</term>
    <term cf="50">disaster</term>
    <term cf="90">benign, poetic and surrounded by virtue</term>

    <term cf="30">harm\b</term>
    <term cf="30">harms\b</term>
    <term cf="30">harmimg\b</term>
    <term cf="30">harmed\b</term>
    <term cf="70">harmful effect</term>
    <term cf="70">harmful activity</term>
    <term cf="50">harmful</term>

    <term cf="50">high[ -]potency</term>

    <term>not a harmless drug</term>
    <term cf="50">ER visit</term>

    <term cf="80">neuro-?psychological decline</term>
    <term cf="80">neuro-?psychological deficit</term>
    <term cf="80">declines?.{0,33} I\.?Q\.?</term>
    <term cf="80">losing.{0,33} I\.?Q\.?</term>
    <term cf="80">loss of{0,33} I\.?Q\.?</term>
    <term cf="80">drop{0,17} I\.?Q\.?</term>
    <term cf="80">mental decline</term>
    <term cf="80">I\.?Q\.?.{0,33} decline</term>
    <term cf="80">I\.?Q\.?.{0,33} shr[ai]nk</term>
    <term cf="80">I\.?Q\.? dip\b</term>
    <term cf="80">I\.?Q\.? drop\b</term>
    <term cf="80">I\.?Q\.? loss</term>
    <term cf="80">loss of.{1,21} I\.?Q\.?</term>
    <term cf="80">I\.?Q\.?.{0,33} drop</term>
    <term cf="80">I\.?Q\.?.{0,33} [ae]ffect</term>
    <term cf="80">lower.{0,33} I\.?Q\.?</term>
    <term cf="80">make.{0,15} stupid</term>
    <term cf="80">reduce.{0,15} I\.?Q\.?</term>
    <term cf="80">reduction .{0,15} I\.?Q\.?</term>
    <term cf="80">drop in I\.?Q\.?</term>
    <term cf="80">low.{0,25} I\.?Q\.?</term>
    <term cf="80">decreas.{0,25} I\.?Q\.?</term>
    <term cf="80">lose.{0,17} I\.?Q\.?</term>
    <term cf="80">wrecks minds</term>
    <term cf="80">irreversibly mad</term>
    <term cf="80">lazy</term>
    <term cf="80">sloth</term>

    <term cf="50">hurts?\b</term>
    <term cf="50">hurting</term>

    <term cf="50">alarming</term>
    <term cf="50">shocking</term>
    <term cf="50">staggering</term>
    <term cf="50">worryingly</term>
    <term cf="50">dangerous</term>
    <term cf="50">injur[iy]</term>
    <term cf="90">assassinat</term>

    <term cf="90">flesh[ -]eating drug</term>
    <term cf="60">flesh[ -]eating</term>

    <term cf="75">kill people</term>
    <term cf="75">rip families apart</term>
    <term cf="95">["']drugs destroy lives</term>
    <term cf="90">drugs destroy lives</term>
    <term cf="75">destroy lives</term>

    <term cf="80">deadly</term>
    <term cf="90">Deadly Skunk</term>
    <term cf="70">death[ -]dealing</term>
    <term cf="70">fatal</term>
    <term>health risk</term>
    <term>health threat</term>
    <term cf="70">threat</term>
    <term>impaired memory</term>
    <term>feelings of anxiety</term>
    <term cf="75">jeopardi[sz].{1,25}health and safety</term>

    <term cf="75">toxic fungi</term>
    <term cf="75">deadly fungi</term>

    <term>amotivational syndrome</term>
    <term cf="60">motivation</term>
    <term cf="60">perseverance</term>
    <term cf="60">determination</term>

    <term cf="50">demotivate</term>
    <term>["']?mushrooms have addled his brain["',]</term>

    <term cf="75">introverted</term>
    <term cf="75">unambitious</term>

    <term cf="50">euphoria</term>
    <term cf="50">euphoric</term>

    <term cf="60">unusual experience</term>
    <term cf="60">strange idea</term>
    <term cf="60">confused thinking</term>
    <term cf="75">harming young</term>

    <term cf="75">panic attack</term>
    <term cf="50">mood swing</term>

    <term cf="5">dopey</term>
    <term cf="75">not a benign substance</term>
    <term cf="50">negative impact</term>
    <term cf="50">negative effect</term>
    <term cf="50">negative affect</term>
    <term cf="50">aggressivity</term>
    <term cf="50">impulsivity</term>
    <term cf="50">negative affect</term>
    <term cf="50">diminish.{1,33}readiness</term>
    <term cf="55">poor .{1,17} outcome</term>

    <term cf="60">chills</term>
    <term cf="60">sweating</term>
    <term cf="60">increased body temperature</term>
    <term cf="60">seizures</term>
    <term cf="60">tremors</term>
    <term cf="60">muscle cramping</term>
    <term cf="60">muscle breakdown</term>
    <term cf="60">blurred vision</term>
    <term cf="60">dehydration</term>
    <term cf="60">heat exhaustion</term>
    <term cf="60">heart failure</term>
    <term cf="55">heart rate</term>
    <term cf="50">blood pressure</term>
    <term cf="60">kidney failure</term>
    <term cf="70">death</term>
    <term cf="60">anxiety</term>
    <term cf="60">misery</term>
    <term cf="60">memory loss</term>
    <term cf="60">sleeplessness</term>
    <term cf="60">neuro-psychiatric disorder</term>
    <term cf="20">Alzheimer's disease</term>
    <term cf="55">feral youth</term>
    <term cf="45">handcuffs</term>

    <term cf="60">heart attack</term>
    <term cf="60">distorted perception</term>
    <term cf="60">impaired coordination</term>
    <term cf="60">difficulty in thinking</term>
    <term cf="60">problems with learning</term>

    <term cf="60">bizarre behaviou?r</term>
    <term cf="75">['"]?communism['"]?</term>
    <term cf="75">['"]?perversion['"]?</term>

    <term cf="75">poor educational outcome</term>
    <term cf="75">memory loss</term>
    <term cf="75">aggressive behaviour</term>
    <term cf="75">lack of motivation</term>
    <term cf="75">unsafe sex</term>
    <term cf="75">poor work attendance</term>
    <term cf="90">mental health issues</term>

    <term cf="90">intoxication</term>
    <term cf="90">intoxicate</term>

    <term cf="50">misshapen</term>
    <term cf="50">sensual pleasure</term>
    <term cf="50">out-of-body experience</term>
    <term cf="50">brain damage</term>
    <term cf="50">causes? irreversible</term>
    <term cf="50">[ae]ffects?.{1,17} brain</term>
    <term cf="45">damag</term>
    <term cf="40">destro</term>
    <term cf="40">danger</term>
    <term cf="55">dangers? of</term>
    <term cf="45">impair</term>
    <term cf="35">poison</term>
    <term cf="90">designer cannabis</term>

    <term cf="60">health[ -]?care cost</term>
    <term cf="60">criminal[- ]justice cost</term>
    <term cf="60">highway saftey</term>

    <term cf="75">short-term memory</term>

    <term cf="50">dreamlike state of mind</term>
    <term cf="10">reverie</term>

    <term cf="55">bad for your lungs</term>
    <term cf="60">bronchitis</term>
    <term cf="80">lung damage</term>
    <term cf="90">vanishing lung syndrome</term>
    <term cf="45">respiratory illness</term>
    <term>drug-induced psychosis</term>

    <term cf="85">negative effect.{1,33}health</term>

    <term cf="80">risk of cancer</term>
    <term cf="60">cancer</term>
    <term cf="60">carcinogenic</term>
    <term cf="30">problem</term>
    <term>respiratory problem</term>
    <term>abnormal function</term>
    <term cf="66">abnormal</term>

    <term cf="75">['"]?drugs will make you crazy['"]?</term>

    <term cf="70">psychological condition</term>
    <term cf="70">cognitive deficit</term>
    <term cf="70">cognitive deterioration</term>

    <term cf="70">disrupt.{0,7} brain development</term>
    <term cf="70">cognitive processing problem</term>

    <term cf="85">toxicity</term>
    <term cf="85">mortality</term>
    <term cf="75">dementia</term>

    <term cf="65">disobedience</term>
    <term cf="65">inquisitiveness</term>

    <term>reefer blindness</term>

    <term cf="55">emergency room visit</term>
    <term cf="55">medical emergenc</term>
    <term cf="55">hospital emergency room case</term>

    <term cf="50">stronger than it used to be</term>
    <term cf="50">stronger than it was</term>
    <term cf="95">not your father's marijuana</term>

    <term cf="70">depression</term>
    <term cf="70">schizophrenia</term>
    <term cf="40">pseudoscience</term>


    <term cf="90">Pot 2\.0</term>

    <term>pot is stronger</term>
    <term>marijuana is stronger</term>

    <term cf="75">push.{1,7} pot</term>
    <term cf="75">push.{1,7} marijuana</term>

    <term cf="70">mental illness</term>
    <term cf="70">health problem</term>
    <term cf="70">paranoia</term>
    <term cf="70">paranoid</term>
    <term cf="70">hallucination</term>
    <term cf="70">aggression</term>
    <term cf="70">psychotic</term>
    <term cf="70">psychosis</term>
    <term cf="75">psychoses</term>
    <term cf="70">suspiciousness</term>
    <term cf="70">delusion</term>
    <term cf="70">neuro[ -]?toxin</term>
    <term cf="70">memory deficit</term>
    <term cf="70">mental health problem</term>
    <term cf="70">mental problem</term>
    <term cf="70">brain disease</term>
    <term cf="85">gynecomastia</term>
    <term cf="80">enlarged breasts</term>
    <term cf="75">sperm motility</term>

    <term cf="75">car crash</term>
    <term cf="75">work dropout</term>

    <term cf="50">strokes?\b</term>
    <term cf="70">respiratory arrest</term>
    <term cf="75">brain ha?emorrhage</term>  
    <term cf="75">brain volume shrinkage</term>  
    <term cf="75">nerve cells are destroyed</term>  
    <term cf="75">cerebral ha?emorrhage</term>  
    <term cf="75">intracerebral ha?emorrhage</term>  
    <term cf="75">hypothermia</term>
    <term cf="75">agitated delirium</term>
    <term cf="75">cardiac arrest</term>
    <term cf="75">irregular heart rhythm</term>
    <term cf="75">arrythmia</term>
    <term cf="75">convulsions</term>
    <term cf="15">sneezing</term>

    <term cf="30">perception</term>
    <term cf="70">impairment</term>
    <term cf="60">lethargy</term>
    <term cf="30">perceptual</term> 
    <term cf="40">disturbance</term>
    <term cf="40">detriment</term>
    <term cf="30">libido</term>
    <term cf="60">drug-fueled</term>
    <term cf="75">e[ -]?tard</term>

    <term cf="75">insanity</term>
    <term cf="75">disease</term>
    <term cf="75">destitution</term>
    <term cf="75">early grave</term>
    <term cf="45">profits</term>

    <term cf="70">suicid</term>
    <term>drugged driver</term> 
    <term cf="70">accident</term>
    <term cf="70">fatal accident</term>
    <term cf="70">performed worse</term>
    <term cf="75">driving under the influence</term>
    <term cf="75">carnage</term>

    <term cf="75">suffering</term>
    <term cf="75">loss of opportunities</term>
    <term cf="85">chronic illness</term>

    <term cf="60">Mental Function</term>
    <term cf="90">caused by drug</term>
    <term cf="85">associated with drug</term>
    <term cf="80">root of crime</term>
    <term>violence is related to drug</term>

    <term cf="90">there are no ["'.]?safe["'.]? amounts</term>
    <term cf="90">no ["'.]{0,4}safe drugs["']?</term> 

    <term cf="80">Pandora's box</term>
    <term cf="80">Russian roulette</term>

    <term cf="80">nightmare</term>
    <term cf="80">catastrophe</term>
    <term cf="80">["']?a recipe for disaster["']?</term>

    <term cf="35">fear</term>
    <term cf="35">horror</term>
    <term cf="35">terrify</term>

    <term cf="70">health and safety</term>
    <term cf="65">snake[ -]oil</term>

    <term cf="50">sky-is-falling rhetoric</term>


<concept cname="propaganda_theme3" bgcolor="#ff9999">
    <label>survival of society</label>
    <description>drug war propaganda theme: survival of society</description>
    Prohibitionists assert that the survival of the community, 
    society, the nation, the world, etc. are at stake.
    Only continued and increased punishments for drug users
    can be contemplated, because, say prohibitionists, society 
    will otherwise fall apart.
    Because of prohibition (prohibitionists assure us),
    society is protected: the community is safe, and the nation is saved.
    The survival of society is assured, 
    -- says the propaganda of prohibition --
    as long as drug users are punished (jailed). 
     The health of the "community" (read: government) is assured, prohibitionists
    explain, because drug users are punished. Jailing drug users is thus
    painted as upholding society.
     O'Brien: "The heretic, the  enemy  of  society, will always be there, 
     so that he can be defeated and humiliated over again." (Orwell, 1984)
     Whenever a progressive invokes the "community," that term
     refers to a state-engineered collective in which the
     individual has no rights. -- William Norman Grigg
     "Engels undoubtedly, in his own as well as in Marx's name,
     suggests to the leader of the German workers' party that the
     word 'state' be struck out of the programme and replaced by the
     word 'community'."
     (Lenin, Vladimir; 1917; The State and Revolution, pp. 321-22, German ed.)

    <term cf="90">social menace</term>
    <term cf="90">social cancer</term>
    <term cf="80">social fabric</term>
    <term cf="55">society\b</term>
    <term cf="75">societal</term>
    <term cf="70">social[ -]order</term> 
    <term cf="75">social malaise</term>
    <term cf="75">social ills</term>
    <term cf="70">socially destructive</term>
    <term cf="70">social damage</term>
    <term cf="80">fabric of society</term>
    <term cf="80">fabric of.{1,16}state</term>

    <term cf="55">freedom</term>
    <term cf="55">democracy</term>
    <term cf="70">anti-democratic</term>

    <term cf="50">America</term>

    <term>drug[ -]free nation</term>
    <term>drug[ -]free commun</term>
    <term>drug[ -]free neighborhood</term>
    <term>Drug[ -]Free Australia</term>

    <term cf="60">homeland</term>
    <term cf="60">fatherland</term>
    <term cf="60">vaterland</term>
    <term cf="60">mother country</term>
    <term cf="60">mother Russia</term>

    <term cf="50">great state</term>
    <term cf="50">great nation</term>

    <term cf="50">community</term>
    <term cf="60">communities</term> 
    <term cf="50">barangay</term>
    <term cf="50">neighborhood</term>

    <term>social cost of drug</term>
    <term cf="79">social problem</term>
    <term cf="70">social cost</term>
    <term cf="60">to society</term>
    <term cf="90">social evil</term>
    <term cf="75">social decline</term>
    <term cf="75">socially nihilistic</term>
    <term cf="75">societal dysfunction</term>
    <term cf="35">decadence</term>

    <!-- "anti-social" in uk is "anything bureaucrats don't like" (pot) -->
    <term cf="50">anti[ -]?social</term>
    <term cf="80">social harm</term>

    <term cf="70">enemy</term>
    <term cf="75">public enemy</term>
    <term cf="75">public safety</term>
    <term cf="75">public health</term>
    <term cf="15">society</term>

    <term cf="75">our society</term>
    <term cf="75">our country</term>
    <term cf="75">this country</term>
    <term cf="75">our county</term>
    <term cf="65">the country</term>
    <term cf="80">our nation\b</term>
    <term cf="75">the nation\b</term>
    <term cf="75">the nation's</term>
    <term cf="75">national institutions?</term>

    <term cf="75">our neighbou?rhood</term>
    <term cf="75">my neighbou?rhood</term>
    <term cf="65">the economy</term>
    <term cf="75">our economy</term>
    <term cf="75">our streets</term>

    <term cf="90">state's competitiveness</term>
    <term cf="60">competitiveness</term>

    <term cf="75">community decay</term>
    <term cf="80">Needle Park</term>

    <term cf="75">individuals and families</term>

    <term cf="60">1[0-9]th[ -]century medicine</term>


<concept cname="use_is_abuse"  bgcolor="#ff9999">
   <label>use is abuse</label>
   <description>drug war propaganda theme: all use is abuse</description>
    Prohibition propaganda claims that all use of any "drug" is abuse.
    Prohibitionist propagandists repeatedly assert that "use is abuse."
    Details about "using" as opposed to "abusing" drugs are ignored.
    The rhetoric of prohibition will assume that "use" and "abuse" are
    "This strategy equates the use and abuse of drugs and implies that 
    it is impossible to use the particular drug or drugs in question 
    without physical, mental, and moral deterioration." [W.White,1979]
    Prohibitionists try to hammer in the idea that "all use is abuse."
    The rhetoric of prohibition needs to deny that many people
    can use currently illegal drugs without abusing them.
    Any use of an illegal drug is deemed to be "abuse," weasels
    the propaganda of prohibition. (After all - it is illegal!)
    Abusus non tollit usum. (Abuse is no argument against proper use.)
        -- Latin proverb

    <term>drug misuse</term>
    <term>misuse of drugs</term>
    <term>substance[ -]abuse</term>
    <term cf="95">substance[ -]use</term>
    <term>illegal drug use</term>
    <term>drug abuse</term>
    <term>abuse of drugs</term>
    <term>abuse of the drug</term>
    <term>abusing drugs</term>
    <term>abused drug</term>

    <term cf="60">taking drugs</term>
    <term cf="60">drug use</term>
    <term cf="55">drug usage</term>
    <term cf="60">use of drugs</term>
    <term cf="60">using drugs</term>

    <term cf="80">Will you admit it</term>
    <term cf="60">illegal use</term>

    <term cf="50">in denial</term>

    <term>pot use</term>
    <term>cannabis use</term>
    <term>cannabis abuse</term>
    <term>cannabis misuse</term>
    <term>marijuana use</term>
    <term>marijuana abuse</term>
    <term>marijuana misuse</term>
    <term>use marijuana</term> 
    <term>misuse marijuana</term> 
    <term>misuse cannabis</term> 
    <term>abusing marijuana</term>
    <term>drugs? of abuse</term>
    <term cf="75">missbruk</term>

    <term>marijuana possession</term>
    <term>pot possession</term>
    <term>possession of marijuana</term>
    <term>possession of a controlled substance</term>
    <term>possession of a controlled drug</term>
    <term cf="70">possession of mushrooms</term>
    <term cf="80">possessing drugs</term>
    <term cf="80">possession of a CDS</term>

    <term cf="90">drug[ -]?involved premises</term>

    <term cf="80">possess prohibited drug</term>
    <term cf="80">possess prescribed restricted substance</term>

    <term>widely used drug</term>
    <term>use of the drug</term>
    <term>use of illegal drugs</term>
    <term>use of an illegal drug</term>

    <term cf="80">drug use.{0,7}trafficking</term>

    <term cf="5">abuse</term>

    <term>drug and alcohol use</term>
    <term>alcohol and drug use</term>
    <term cf="80">Reduce the Use</term>

<concept cname="gateway"  bgcolor="#ff9999">
    <description>drug war propaganda theme: gateway</description>
    Some drugs, claims the rhetoric of prohibition, are "gateways" 
    to other, "harder" drugs.
    Prohibitionists often claim that a targeted drug
    is a "gateway" to abuse of more dangerous drugs.
    Prohibition propagandists try to smear targeted drugs
        by announcing they are "gateways" to other truly wicked
        The rhetoric of prohibition exploits ignorance of the 
    effects of drugs. We are told that the substance in 
    question must be bad, for is it not evident that it 
    "leads to" the harder (more ceremonially evil) stuff?
        Prohibition propaganda is rich with claims targeted drugs
    "lead to" something even more frightful. 

    <term>gateway drug</term>
    <term>gateway theory</term>
    <term>leads? to hard drugs</term>
    <term cf="80">leads? to more use</term>
    <term>marijuana leads? to</term>
    <term>starter drug</term>
    <term>entry drug</term>
    <term>bridge drug</term>
    <term>initiator drug</term>

    <term>to other drugs</term>
    <term>to try other drugs</term>
    <term>went on to hard drugs</term>
    <term>go on to hard drugs</term>
    <term>try other illicit drugs</term>
    <term>encourag.{1,4} the use of other drugs</term>
    <term>usage of other drugs</term>
    <term>experiment with other illicit drugs</term>
    <term cf="70">using other illicit drugs</term>
    <term cf="70">use other drugs</term>
    <term cf="60">with other drugs</term>
    <term cf="60">to other drugs</term>
    <term cf="60">progress to other</term> 
    <term cf="60">likely to try using other</term> 
    <term cf="55">likely to try other</term>
    <term cf="55">transition to harder</term>
    <term cf="40">used other</term>
    <term cf="95">opens? the door.{1,33} other drugs?</term>
    <term cf="75">turn to more deadly substances</term>
    <term cf="70">lead.{1,17}to harder drug</term>
    <term cf="70">bigger highs</term>

    <term cf="70">graduate to harder</term> 
    <term cf="45">graduated to</term>
    <term cf="35">graduate to</term>

    <term cf="60">starting with cannabis</term>

    <term cf="95">progression from marijuana</term>
    <term cf="90">stepping[ -]stone</term>
    <term cf="70">stair[ -]step</term>
    <term cf="70">bridge to .{0,33}substance</term>
    <term cf="70">bridge to .{0,33}harder</term>
    <term cf="85">times more likely to use</term>
    <term cf="80">increased risk factor</term>
    <term cf="70">leads? to harder</term>
    <term cf="70">leads? to the harder</term>
    <term cf="60">opens? the door</term>
    <term cf="60">feeds? into</term>
    <term cf="60">funnels? into</term>
    <term cf="60">gateway</term>
    <term cf="55">can lead to</term>
    <term cf="55">leads? to</term>
    <term cf="55">pathway</term>

    <term cf="85">starts? with marijuana</term>

    <term cf="75">["']?thin edge of the wedge["']?</term>

    <term cf="70">harder drugs?</term>
    <term cf="50">harder stuff</term>
    <term cf="70">harder substance</term>

    <term cf="70">dependency on other drugs</term>
    <term cf="70">dependency on other substances</term>
    <term cf="70">abuse of other drugs</term>
    <term cf="70">abuse of other substances</term>

    <term cf="70">entry-level drug</term>


<concept cname="propaganda_theme4" bgcolor="#ff9999">
    <label>gateway, use is abuse</label>

    <description>drug war propaganda theme: all use is abuse, gateway</description>



<concept cname="propaganda_theme5" bgcolor="#ff9999">
    <description>drug war propaganda theme: children corrupted by drugs</description>

    Prohibitionists forever claim that children are corrupted by drugs, 
    and this is why adult users must be punished harshly.
    Prohibitionists are champions of "the child", "kids", "children", etc.
    Only continued or increased punishments of all adults caught using "drugs" 
    will send the correct "message" to children.
        Prohibitionists play on parental fears by exaggerating the dangers 
    to children of drugs. Adults must be jailed (reason prohibitionists),
    because kids might be corrupted with drugs.
        Prohibitionist propaganda continually whips up parental fear, 
    invoking  lurid images of children corrupted by drugs. 
        "Chemicals have long been inextricably linked in prohibitionist 
    literature with the ... corruption of young people." [W.White,1979]
        Being a prohibitionist means you can never shed too many crocodile 
    tears for the "children". (As you lustily jail or kill their
    parents for using drugs.)
        "The inflaming of this fear about the fate of our own children 
    [makes] it difficult if not impossible for most Americans to take 
    a careful and reasoned look at our drug policies."[W.White,1979]
        Drug war propaganda plays on parental fears for the well being
    of their kids. If drug users are not jailed, says the prohibitionist,
    then your children will surely suffer.
         "Nothing can so excite an adult population as can anything which 
     appears to threaten their own children." [W.White,1979]
     "Since the Harrison Act of 1914, the user and the seller of 
     illicit drugs have both been characterized as evil, criminal, 
     insane, and always in search of new victims, the victims are 
     characterized as young children." [W.White,1979]
         Stealthy as a socialist, it slithers up our shores, /
         Turning all our children into hooligans and whores! /
         This smoking bowl of evil bears the choking stench of sin! /
         It burrows like a weevil under tender Christian skin!
          -- Reefer Madness! the musical

    <term cf="60">child\b</term>
    <term cf="60">children</term>
    <term cf="60">kids</term>
    <term cf="60">kid</term>
    <term cf="70">Kiddie</term>
    <term cf="75">infants?\b</term>
    <term cf="75">newborn</term>
    <term cf="60">babies</term>
    <term cf="40">baby\b</term>
    <term cf="75">toddler</term>
    <term cf="70">teen</term>
    <term cf="70">teenager</term>
    <term cf="80">adolescent</term>
    <term cf="80">minors</term>
    <term cf="80">under[ -]?age</term>
    <term cf="80">still[ -]developing</term>
    <term cf="75">harming young</term>
    <term cf="95">hooked young</term>
    <term cf="70">juvenile</term>
    <term cf="75">younger generation</term>
    <term cf="95">lose a generation</term>
    <term cf="75">young lives</term>
    <term cf="75">high[ -]school student</term>
    <term cf="60">youth</term>
    <term cf="70">youngster</term>
    <term cf="60">graders</term>
    <term cf="60">young people</term>
    <term cf="70">school zone</term>
    <term cf="80">feet of a school</term>
    <term cf="80">yards of a school</term>
    <term cf="80">meters of a school</term>
    <term cf="75">near schools</term>
    <term cf="50">play[- ]?ground</term>

    <term cf="80">send the wrong message</term>
    <term cf="30">message</term>

    <term>Partnership Attitude Tracking Study</term>
    <term>Drug Endangered Children</term>

    <term cf="70">corrupting another with drugs</term>

    <term cf="80">corrupt young minds</term>

    <term>"date rape" drug</term>
    <term>date-rape drug</term>
    <term>date rape drug</term>
    <term cf="70">prostitut</term>
    <term cf="65">kerb[ -]crawl</term>
    <term cf="40">hooker</term>
    <term cf="70">sex[ -]?trade work</term>
    <term cf="75">the sex trade</term>
    <term cf="75">girls use their bodies</term>
    <term cf="60">having sex</term>
    <term cf="80">impregnate a young white girl</term>

    <term cf="85">For the Kids</term>
    <term cf="85">For the Children</term>

    <term cf="75">across the street from.{0,16}school</term>
    <term cf="75">Little League field</term>

    <term cf="66">["']?every single parent out there["']</term>
    <term cf="50">parents?\b</term>
    <term cf="50">parenting</term>

    <term cf="60">date[ -]rape</term>


<concept cname="propaganda_theme6" bgcolor="#ff9999">
   <label>demonize, war, epidemic</label>
   <description>drug war propaganda theme: demonize; use of drugs is epidemic; war</description>
    Prohibitionists demonize the use of drugs and claim the
    use of drugs is "epidemic." Images of "war" are used by 
    the prohibition propagandist to help whip up emotions.
    Unless the drug "war" is fought, claims the rhetoric of prohibition,
    an evil "epidemic" of drugs would be unleashed upon an unwitting public.
    Drug users are evil fiends which (except for the noble drug "war")
    would multiply as the "epidemic" of drug use engulfs an innocent people.

    <term>drugs?[ -]fiend</term>
    <term cf="70">fiend</term>

    <term>drugs?[ -]epidemic</term>
    <term>drugs?[ -]scourge</term>
    <term>drugs?[ -]plague</term>

    <term cf="90">threat of drug</term>

    <term cf="65">epidemic</term>
    <term cf="65">pandemic</term>
    <term cf="65">plague</term>
    <term cf="65">scourge</term>
    <term cf="65">blight</term>

    <term>fighting the drug menace</term>
    <term cf="90">drug[ -]?war</term>
    <term>war against drugs</term>
    <term cf="85">war vs drug</term>
    <term cf="90">war on drugs</term>
    <term cf="90">war-on-drugs</term>
    <term cf="80">war on narcotic</term>
    <term cf="90">fight against drug</term>
    <term cf="50">fighting the menace</term>
    <term cf="60">battle</term>
    <term cf="75">assault</term>
    <term cf="50">combat</term>
    <term cf="45">White Flag</term>
    <term cf="45">surrender</term>
    <term cf="45">struggle</term>
    <term cf="90">drogenkrieg</term>
    <term cf="50">fight it tooth and nail</term>
    <term cf="50">['"]?call to arms["']?</term>

    <term cf="60">sky[ -]?rocket</term>

    <term cf="50">[oe]n guard\b</term>

    <term cf="60">evil</term>
    <term cf="60">devil\b</term>
    <term cf="60">devils\b</term>
    <term cf="60">devilish</term>
    <term cf="60">devil's\b</term>
    <term cf="60">demon\b</term>
    <term cf="80">demoni[sz]e</term>
    <term cf="80">demoni[sz]ation</term>
    <term cf="60">demons\b</term>
    <term cf="60">diabolical</term>
    <term cf="50">vampir[ie]</term>
    <term cf="50">specter</term>
    <term cf="45">wicked</term>
    <term cf="40">monster</term>
    <term cf="40">tempt</term>
    <term cf="50">chaos</term>

    <term>enslaved to drug</term>
    <term cf="50">enslave</term>

    <term cf="60">soul-destroy</term>
    <term cf="60">soul-snatch</term>

    <term cf="60">mind-destroy</term>

    <term cf="50">the war we never fought</term>

    <term cf="30">the fight</term>



   To  give  a  single  example.  The  word free still existed in 
   Newspeak, but  it  could  only  be used  in  such  statements 
   as  'This dog is free from lice' or 'This field is free from weeds'. 
   (George Orwell, 1984)
<concept cname="propaganda_theme7" bgcolor="#ff9999">
    <label>total prohibition</label>
    <description>drug war propaganda theme: total prohibiton or access</description>
    Drug policy options are presented as either total prohibition, 
    or as total "legalization." No middle ground is contemplated
    in the "zero-tolerance" world of prohibition. 
    Absolute prohibition executed with religious fervor and purpose!
    Any mention of lessening the harshness of drug laws is portrayed as 
    a sinful "legalization". 
    Only total prohibition (with eternal increases of prison and 
    punishment) shall be righteous.
    With God on Their Side (prohibitionists assure us), only the continued
    rooting out of the sinful drug users (total prohibition) will do. 
    All else is portrayed as the slippery slope to total legalization of 
    all drugs for toddlers.
        Onward prohibitionist drug warriors, fighting the epidemic and
        scourge in the battles of the war against drugs! (Drugs declared
    evil by politicians, that is.)
    The ancient and first commandment (Mat 22:38, Mark 12:28) is,
        "Thou shall not legalize the herb." (Gen 1:29-30) 
        To be seen of men (Mat 23:5),
        thou shalt make thy righteousness (Isa 64:6), and that of
        thine holy rulers (1Chron 21:1, Mat 4:8, Luke 4:5, 1Jn 2:18)
    shine forth over the wickedness of marijuana!  Pharmakeia evil-doers 
    (that is to say, marijuana users -
        sorcerers and witches all; Gal 5:20,Rev 21:8,22:15),
        shall be arrested (Luke 12:11), scourged (Mark 15:15, John 19:1),
        imprisoned (Mat 25:36), and enslaved (1Tim 1:10, Rev 18:13),
        for ever and ever (Rev 19:3).
        For to punish marijuana users is like unto 
        the Righteousness of the Saints. (Rev 19:8) 
        Reframe the issue as one of some strange and dangerous pro-drug
    libertine "Legalization" -
    as opposed to the calm reason of a concerned community,
    seeking only to save the kids from death and depravity. 
    Do not mention prison.  
    Or if pressed, weasel: Nobody goes to federal prison for
    "possession" as an "unrelated charge".
    - Which explains why people must always go to prison for pot.
    If anyone complains, act like jailing people for pot is
    something new, different, and wise.
        Play up the seeming dilemma of an immoral, irreligious, heathen,
    dangerous, foreign "Legalization" foisted upon innocents;
    as opposed to the measured, reasonable, sane, helpful, and
    nurturing things which government does now about drugs. 
    Avoid talking about arrests or jail; deny anyone goes to
    prison for pot. Or weasel: and assert nobody is in federal
    prison for mere "possession" as an "unrelated charge"
    -- and this is why people must always go to prison for pot.
    If anyone objects, pretend the continued arrests and prison
    are a new, "third" way, are new and "Owl" -like, etc.
        Try to present a stark dilemma: a sinful "Legalization" foisted
    upon a gullible, simple and child-like people, versus a moral,
    Godly, sane, reasonable continuance of the current policy.
        Deny the current policy is to profit from the mass incarceration 
    of millions for "drugs."  Don't mention jail or prison at all,
    if avoidable. If anyone objects, weasel and claim few white
        women are in federal prison for marijuana possession,
    as an "unrelated charge," alone. 
    (And this is why people must always go to prison for pot.)
    When people catch on to that, insist then that cannabis arrests,
    prison for pot, and police-forced treatment for pot smokers is
    a new deal, a change, a cultural revolution, a new third way,
    is being a wise "Owl", etc.
        (Unlike the old arrests, forced-treatment and prison for pot.)


    <term>death penalty for drug</term>
    <term>death penalty for convicted drug</term>
    <term>death penalty on convicted drug</term>
    <term>behead.{1,33}drug dealer</term>
    <term>firing[ -]squad</term>
    <term cf="75">hang.{1,33}drug traffick</term>
    <term cf="35">death penalty</term>
    <term cf="35">capital punishment</term>
    <term cf="35">sentence of death</term>
    <term cf="35">sentenced to death</term>
    <term cf="35">death sentence</term>
    <term cf="35">execution</term>
    <term cf="35">sentence.{1,22}to death</term>

    <term cf="50">death squad</term>
    <term cf="50">social cleansing</term>

    <term>death penalty for dealer</term>
    <term>death penalty for traffick</term>
    <term>death penalty for possession</term>
    <term>death penalty for drug possession</term>
    <term>death penalty for drug[ -]user</term>
    <term cf="50">death penalty for .{1,60}drug</term>
    <term cf="45">death penalty</term>

    <term cf="45">drug.{1,50}execution</term>
    <term cf="45">execution.{1,50}drug</term>
    <term cf="45">drug.{1,50}death row</term>
    <term cf="45">death row.{1,50}drug</term>

    <term>drug.{1,33}death penalty</term>
    <term>death penalty.{1,33}drug</term>

    <term cf="45">life in prison</term>
    <term cf="45">life imprisonment</term>

    <term cf="85">drug.{1,40}life in prison</term>
    <term cf="85">drug.{1,40}life imprisonment</term>
    <term cf="85">life in prison.{1,40}drug</term>
    <term cf="85">life imprisonment.{1,40}drug</term>

    <term cf="85">marijuana.{1,40}life in prison</term>
    <term cf="85">marijuana.{1,40}life imprisonment</term>
    <term cf="85">life in prison.{1,40}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="85">life imprisonment.{1,40}marijuana</term>

    <term cf="85">pot.{1,40}life in prison</term>
    <term cf="85">pot.{1,40}life imprisonment</term>
    <term cf="85">life in prison.{1,40}pot</term>
    <term cf="85">life imprisonment.{1,40}pot</term>

    <term>total legali[sz]ation</term>
    <term>states promote something that is not good for people</term>

    <term cf="75">it's against the law</term>

    <term cf="95">get saved or get busted</term>

    <term cf="60">Cold[ -]turkey</term>

    <term cf="80">tough on drugs</term>
    <term cf="80">tougher on drugs</term>
    <term cf="40">get[ -]tough</term>

    <term cf="55">immoral</term>
    <term cf="65">morally objectionable</term>
    <term cf="75">not moral</term>
    <term cf="80">moral decay</term>
    <term cf="45">morally</term>
    <term cf="45">morality</term>
    <term cf="50">moral fabric</term>
    <term cf="80">moral panic</term>

    <term cf="80">not a human right</term>

    <term cf="80">avoid marijuana entirely</term>

    <term cf="80">['"]?lock.{1,4}em up['"]?</term>

    <term cf="30">sin</term>
    <term cf="70">sinful</term>
    <term cf="30">faith</term>
    <term cf="40">tempt</term>
    <term cf="30">sinful</term>

    <term cf="66">infernal</term>
    <term cf="17">eternal</term>

    <term cf="90">pharmak[ie]{1,2}a</term>
    <term cf="75">Strong'?s.{1,7}5331</term>

    <term cf="66">["']?sorcery["']</term>
    <term cf="66">["']?sorceries["']</term>
    <term cf="80">["']?the use or the administering of drugs["']?</term>

    <term cf="66">moral crusade</term>

    <term cf="80">faith-based anti-drug</term>
    <term cf="80">faith-based drug</term>
    <term cf="75">Faith Based Initiative</term>

    <term>Get high with God.{0,10}not with drugs</term>

    <term cf="75">do.{1,16}God's work</term>
    <term cf="75">do.{1,24}Lord's work</term>

    <term cf="85">God Will Punish</term>
    <term cf="85">face divine justice</term>

    <term>total abstinence</term>

    <term cf="90">drug[ -]elimination</term>
    <term cf="50">eliminate drugs</term>

    <term cf="75">a green light to possess drugs</term>

    <term cf="75">supports drug use</term>
    <term cf="75">encouraging drug use</term>

    <term cf="95">legali[sz]ation.{1,33}non-?starter</term>
    <term cf="95">legali[sz]ation.{1,33}out of the question</term>

    <term cf="55">drug free</term>
    <term cf="70">drugfree</term>

    <term>Drug-Free Zone</term>
    <term cf="75">["']?No Tolerance Zone["']?</term>

    <term>A Drug Free World - We Can Do It</term>
    <term>A Drug Free World We Can Do It</term>
    <term>say ["']?no["']? to drug</term> 

    <term>drug use is wrong</term>
    <term>drug use is morally wrong</term>

    <term cf="95">legali[sz]ation of all drugs</term>
    <term cf="95">legali[zs]e all drugs</term>
    <term cf="90">legali[zs]e drugs</term>

    <term cf="65">["']?get[ -]out[ -]of[ -]jail[ -]free["']?</term>

    <term cf="90">total prohibition</term>

    <term cf="90">there are no ["'.]?safe["'.]? amounts</term>
    <term cf="90">no ["'.]{0,4}safe drugs["']?</term> 

    <term cf="70">zero[ -]tolerance</term>
    <term cf="70">Tolerancia Cero</term>
    <term cf="50">intoleranc</term>
    <term cf="60">can't tolerate</term>
    <term cf="60">won't tolerate</term>

    <term>Better Do Drugs</term>

    <term cf="90">no medical value</term>
    <term cf="90">no accepted medical use</term>
    <term cf="90">no medical purpose</term>
    <term cf="90">no acceptable medical use</term>

    <term cf="30">legali[sz]</term>
    <term cf="40">decriminali[sz]</term>
    <term cf="90">legali[sz]ation of marijuana</term>
    <term cf="90">legali[sz]ation.{1,7}wrong</term>

    <term cf="98">legali[sz].{1,33}mari[hj]uana</term>
    <term cf="98">mari[hj]uana.{1,33}legali[sz]</term>

    <term>step to legali[sz]e drugs</term>
    <term>step to legali[sz]ation</term>
    <term>legalized drugs</term>
    <term>legal dope</term>

    <term>anti[ -]legali[sz]ation</term>

    <term cf="45">first step</term>

    <term cf="50">["']?foot in the door["']?</term>

    <term cf="50">tough love</term>
    <term cf="50">slippery slope</term>
    <term cf="80">begin with marijuana</term>
    <term cf="80">beginning with marijuana</term>

    <term>step toward total legali[sz]ation</term>
    <term>step to total legali[sz]ation</term>
    <term>step to legali[sz]</term>

    <term cf="50">advoca.{1,64}legali[sz]</term>
    <term cf="50">legali[sz].{1,64}advoca</term>
    <term cf="50">advoca.{1,64}\bmarijuana law</term>
    <term cf="50">marijuana law.{1,64}\badvocat</term>

    <term cf="40">support.{1,32}legali[sz]</term>
    <term cf="40">legali[sz].{1,32}support</term>
    <term cf="40">oppos.{1,32}legali[sz]</term>
    <term cf="40">legali[sz].{1,32}oppos</term>

    <term cf="50">purity</term>

    <term>an invitation to addiction</term>

    <term>no medicinal value</term>
    <term cf="70">is not medicine</term>
    <term>marijuana is not a medicine</term>
    <term cf="50">no medicinal benefit</term>

    <term cf="70">broken[ -]windows</term>

    <term>society is saying it'?s okay</term>

    <term>crim.{1,16} won't disappear</term>


<concept cname="dissent_silenced" bgcolor="#ff9999">
    <label>dissent silenced</label>
    <description>drug war propaganda theme: dissent silenced</description>

      Anyone who disagrees with prohibition is silenced and attacked
      as part of the problem. No dissent is permitted. 
      People who step forward in disagreement with prohibition
      are silenced, attacked, and sometimes jailed.
      Because they hold differing opinions on drug policy, say 
      prohibitionists, "legalizers" should be silenced or jailed.
      Because they care so deeply for the kids, prohibitionists 
      are above reproach. Therefore, the evil legalizers who dare 
      question the drug war must be silenced.
      We are in a drug "war", say prohibitionists, so those who
      dare question the war should be silenced. Like traitors,
      legalizers give aid and comfort to our enemy. 
      "In addition to private boycott, government restrictions on
      free speech are growing.  A classic subterfuge is to bring
      criminal charges against someone who speaks out against the
      drug war." (Richard L Miller, Drug Warriors and their Prey,
      1996, pg.38)
      "Similar thinking was seen in 1935 when the SS journal Das
      Schwarze Korps and the Ministry of Justice journal Die Deutsche
      Justiz called for punishment of Jews who complained about a
      boycott action against Jewish businesses. Punishment not for
      thwarting the boycott, but just for complaining about it.
      Prosecution of an Aryan for a 10-pfennig purchase violating the
      boycott occurred in part because he questioned the policy of
      zero tolerance for commerce with Jews.  When using criminal
      violations as a subterfuge to punish Americans for questioning
      the drug war, police follow a well-established model." (Richard
      L Miller, Drug Warriors and their Prey, 1996, pg.38)
      In 1983, the Reagan/Bush Administration tried to persuade
      American universities and researchers to destroy all 1966-76
      cannabis research work, including compendiums in libraries,
      reports Jack Herer, who states, "We know that large amounts
      of information have since disappeared." (Raymond Cushing;
      2001, "Pot Shrinks Tumors - Government Knew in '74"; San
      Antonio Current, re: study, report)
     "The main purpose of the Malleus [Maleficarum] was to attempt
     to systematically refute arguments claiming that witchcraft
     does not exist, discredit those who expressed skepticism about
     its reality, to claim that witches were more often women than
     men, and to educate magistrates on the procedures that could
     find them out and convict them." (wikipedia)
     "Exercise your free speech and they will find something else to
     charge you with and pretend that is the reason you go to prison
     - never for what you said." (Martin Armstrong)
      "Bruce Alexander says that his team ran out of funding from Simon
      Fraser University because they could not attract external grants
      to co-fund the research. The reason they couldn't attract external
      grants is because the implications of the Rat Park research was
      contrary to the conventional view of drug addiction."
      (Sterling Prize acceptance speech, 2007)

    <term>Drug Trafficking Safe Harbor Elimination Act of 2011</term>

    <term>H\.? ?R\.? ?313</term>

    <term>pro[ -]drugs? propaganda</term>

    <term cf="75">target leader</term>
    <term cf="85">permit.{0,7} drug abuse</term>
    <term cf="85">chill discussion</term>
    <term cf="90">careless discussion</term>
    <term cf="90">discourse</term>
    <term cf="10">harass</term>
    <term cf="60">legali[sz]ing illegal</term>
    <term cf="60">legali[sz]e illegal</term>
    <term cf="80">drug[ -]war dissent</term>
    <term cf="30">dissent</term>
    <term cf="50">lost.{1,20}job.{1,20}oppos.{1,20}drug</term>
    <term cf="50">speak.{1,7}out.{1,33}drug law</term>
    <term cf="50">won't publicly speak out</term>
    <term cf="30">fear of the consequence</term>
    <term cf="85">can't serve elective office</term>
    <term cf="85">barred from.{1,33}elective office</term>
    <term cf="85">not allowed.{1,33}elective office</term>
    <term cf="85">restrict.{1,99}forum</term>
    <term cf="85">barred.{1,66}discuss</term>
    <term cf="85">discussion.{1,66}barred</term>
    <term cf="85">ordered not to comment</term>
    <term cf="85">reprisals? from employers?</term>
    <term cf="75">war on talking about the war on drugs</term>
    <term cf="50">argumenten som en Cannabis</term>
    <term cf="55">question.{1,25}war on drugs</term>
    <term cf="55">remove.{0,25}study</term>
    <term cf="45">remove.{0,25}reports?\b</term>
    <term cf="75">retract.{0,33}study</term>
    <term cf="75">retract.{0,25}report</term>
    <term cf="75">suppress.{0,80}report</term>
    <term cf="75">report.{0,80}suppress</term>
    <term cf="75">study.{0,25}retract</term>
    <term cf="75">report.{0,25}retract</term>
    <term cf="75">quash.{1,33}report</term>
    <term cf="50">embargo.{1,33}report</term>
    <term cf="55">pull.{0,25}study\b</term>
    <term cf="55">withdrew.{0,25}study\b</term>
    <term cf="75">jury.{1,20}not allowed to hear</term>
    <term cf="45">you can't say that</term>
    <term cf="45">prosecut.{1,45}newspaper</term>
    <term cf="75">go after broadcaster</term>
    <term cf="75">go after publisher</term>
    <term cf="75">go after newspaper</term>
    <term cf="75">prosecute.{1,33}newspaper publisher</term>
    <term cf="75">prosecute.{1,33}TV station</term>
    <term cf="75">going after media</term>
    <term cf="75">obstruct.{0,7} research</term>
    <term cf="65">angry response</term>
    <term cf="75">targeting media</term>
    <term cf="55">nihilistic idea</term>
    <term cf="55">['"]false choice['"]</term>
    <term cf="65">take down the website</term>
    <term cf="65">website shut[ -]down</term>
    <term cf="65">pages? shut[ -]down</term>
    <term cf="45">shut[ -]?down</term>
    <term cf="60">mari[hj]uana symbol</term>
    <term cf="60">mari[jh]uana sticker</term>
    <term cf="50">drug symbol</term>
    <term cf="50">drug sticker</term>
    <term cf="30">pot leaf</term>
    <term cf="30">mari[hj]uana leaf</term>
    <term cf="30">cannabis leaf</term>
    <term cf="45">threat.{1,33}station</term>
    <term cf="45">investigat.{1,6} by the [A-Z][A-Z][A-Z]F?\b</term>
    <term cf="30">lose.{1,13}license</term>
    <term cf="75">harass.{1,20}pot supporter</term>
    <term cf="75">harass.{1,20}marijuana supporter</term>
    <term cf="75">["']?targeted code enforcement["']?</term>
    <term cf="75">["']?selective code enforcement["']?</term>
    <term cf="75">evade.{1,66}issue</term>
    <term cf="60">giv.{1,7}marijuana activist.{1,17} platform</term>
    <term cf="60">reject.{1,26} application</term>
    <term cf="50">afraid of.{1,7} issue</term>
    <term cf="50">lunatic.{1,33}charge.{1,33}asylum</term>
    <term cf="50">lunatic.{1,33}run.{1,33}asylum</term>

    <term cf="75">buried.{0,25}report</term>
    <term cf="75">retracted.{0,25}report</term>
    <term cf="75">block.{0,25}report</term>
    <term cf="75">block.{0,25}account</term>
    <term cf="75">block.{0,25}Facebook</term>
    <term cf="75">block.{0,25}page</term>
    <term cf="75">withhold.{0,50}analysis</term>

    <term cf="90">Rat[ -]Park\b</term>

    <term cf="75">fired for question</term>
    <term cf="75">["']Mute the Mouth.?["']?</term>

    <term cf="75">["']?personal views that were contrary</term>
    <term cf="75">fired.{1,20}for supporting decrimin</term>
    <term cf="75">fired.{1,20}for supporting legal</term>
    <term cf="75">terminat.{1,20}for supporting decrimin</term>
    <term cf="75">terminat.{1,20}for supporting legal</term>
    <term cf="95">['"']?Legalization is not a policy</term>

    <term cf="95">censor.{0,7}marijuana.{0,15} reform ad[sv]</term>
    <term cf="85">censor.{0,7}drug.{0,17} reform ad[sv]</term>
    <term cf="50">marijuana advertising censorship</term>
    <term cf="50">censor.{0,7} marijuana activism</term>
    <term cf="50">censor.{0,7} pot activism</term>
    <term cf="50">censor.{0,7} reform activism</term>
    <term cf="50">censor.{0,7} drug policy activism</term>
    <term cf="70">punishment for being outspoken</term>
    <term cf="70">PSA off the air</term>
    <term cf="70">public service.{1,50}off the air</term>
    <term cf="50">censoring</term>
    <term cf="50">censored</term>
    <term cf="45">censor</term>
    <term cf="50">censor ads</term>
    <term cf="50">gag order</term>
    <term cf="50">filed a gag order motion</term>
    <term cf="60">prevent.{1,17} from speaking</term>
    <term cf="70">gag order.{1,66}marijuena</term>
    <term cf="70">gag order.{1,66}cannabis</term>
    <term cf="70">marijuena.{1,66}gag order</term>
    <term cf="70">cannabis.{1,66}gag order</term>

    <term cf="70">shut down the pages</term>
    <term cf="10">["']Community Standards["']</term>
    <term cf="75">page {1,33} removed</term>

    <term cf="75">refus.{1,7} to air the ad</term>
    <term cf="75">refus.{1,7} to run the ad</term>
    <term cf="75">refus.{1,33} on the air</term>
    <term cf="75">block.{1,6} access to the campaign website</term>
    <term cf="55">block.{1,66}site</term>
    <term cf="55">block.{1,66}network</term>
    <term cf="55">block.{1,66}research</term>
    <term cf="55">halt.{1,66}research</term>
    <term cf="75">cancel.{1,32}ad campaign</term>
    <term cf="75">cancel.{1,32}adverti[sz]ment campaign</term>
    <term cf="75">bans .{1,20}marijuana .{1,20}ad</term>
    <term cf="75">banned .{1,20}marijuana .{1,20}ad</term>
    <term cf="75">banned .{1,20}legali[sz].{1,20}ad</term>
    <term cf="75">banned .{1,66} Tim Horton</term>
    <term cf="75">Tim Horton.{1,66} banned</term>
    <term cf="65">won't be made public</term>
    <term cf="50">pulled from the site</term>
    <term cf="55">ads?.{1,33}pulled</term>
    <term cf="50">pulled.{1,33} ads?</term>
    <term cf="50">prevent.{1,17} ad from going live</term>
    <term cf="55">prohibited from campaigning</term>
    <term cf="55">prevent.{1,33} gathering signatures</term>
    <term cf="55">prohib.{1,33} gathering signatures</term>
    <term cf="50">removed from the manual</term>
    <term cf="75">refus.{1,17}run{1,33} ad</term>
    <term cf="75">refus.{1,17} ad .{1,17}space</term>
    <term cf="75">refus.{1,17} advert.{1,33}space</term>

    <term cf="75">block.{1,66}decrim</term>
    <term cf="50">decrim.{1,66}block</term>

    <term cf="75">refused.{1,66}advertis</term>
    <term cf="75">ad was rejected</term>
    <term cf="75">ad will not be seen</term>

    <term cf="75">poll.{1,66}kept secret</term>

    <term cf="85">not be allowed to file</term>
    <term cf="85">concerned about .{1,33} posted on Facebook</term>
    <term cf="85">Facebook is working with the the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration</term>
    <term cf="50">juror.{1,20}from.{1,20}evidence.{1,50}medical</term>
    <term cf="55">forbid.{1,20}testimony.{1,50}medical</term>
    <term cf="55">ban.{1,20}testimony.{1,50}medical</term>
    <term cf="55">forbid.{1,20}evidence.{1,50}medical</term>
    <term cf="55">ban.{1,20}evidence.{1,50}medical</term>
    <term cf="55">mention.{1,33}['"]medical marijuana</term>
    <term cf="55">deny.{1,20}medical.{1,20}defense</term>
    <term cf="55">denie[sd].{1,20}medical.{1,20}defense</term>
    <term cf="50">wage .{1,20}["']?affirmative defense</term>
    <term cf="50">so-called ["']?affirmative defense</term>
    <term cf="80">study.{1,33}isn't needed</term>
    <term cf="80">study.{1,33}not needed</term>
    <term cf="80">study.{1,33}isn't necessary</term>
    <term cf="80">study.{1,33}not necessary</term>
    <term cf="30">ignore.{1,33}question</term>
    <term cf="55">failed to answer.{1,33}question</term>
    <term cf="55">question.{1,33}excluded</term>
    <term cf="55">excluded.{1,33}question</term>
    <term cf="66">jail for.{1,17}talking</term>
    <term cf="66">threat.{1,20} talking</term>
    <term cf="75">debate.{1,33}dangerous</term>
    <term cf="80">["']?damaging public debate["']?</term>
    <term>suppress the debate</term>
    <term>forced to debate</term>
    <term cf="60">debate legali[sz]</term>
    <term cf="75">taboo subject</term>
    <term cf="50">taboo</term>

    <term cf="60">study.{1,33}legalization</term>
    <term cf="60">prohibit.{1,33} study</term>
    <term cf="45">prevent.{1,33} study</term>
    <term cf="60">disallow.{1,33} study</term>
    <term cf="60">oppose changing the legal status</term>
    <term cf="50">inhibit conversation</term>
    <term cf="95">marijuana advocate jailed</term>
    <term cf="90">bar.{1,16}from making.{1,33}references to marijuana</term>
    <term cf="90">not to make.{1,16}references to marijuana</term>
    <term cf="50">reference? to marijuana</term>
    <term cf="15">discussion</term>
    <term cf="15">debate</term>
    <term cf="85">defeatis[mt]</term>

    <term cf="80">promot.{1,33}drug use</term>
    <term cf="85">promot.{1,33}drug usage</term>
    <term cf="85">promot.{1,33}prohibited substance</term>
    <term cf="55">promot.{1,33}drugs</term>
    <term cf="55">promot.{1,33}recreational</term>
    <term cf="55">promot.{1,33}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="55">promot.{1,33}cannabis</term>
    <term cf="55">promot.{1,33}pot</term>
    <term cf="50">pot[ -]promoting</term>

    <term cf="50">accept.{1,33}drug use</term>
    <term cf="70">silence critic</term>
    <term cf="70">public.{1,7} shut-out</term>
    <term cf="70">media is barred</term>
    <term cf="70">public unwelcome</term>
    <term cf="70">keep the media at bay</term>
    <term cf="70">media black[ -]?out</term>

    <term cf="90">fired for voicing their opinion that pot could be legalized</term>
    <term cf="90">cops .{1,24} fired for their opinions on the legalization debate</term>
    <term cf="90">lost .{1,24} jobs? .{1,24} questioning the war on drugs</term>

    <term cf="70">rearcher.{1,66}fired</term>
    <term cf="70">fired.{1,66}researcher</term>
    <term cf="70">political retaliation</term>
    <term cf="70">repression of science</term>
    <term cf="70">attack.{1,99}research</term>

    <term cf="70">because.{1,36}rearch.{1,36}fired</term>
    <term cf="70">fired.{1,36}over.{1,36}research</term>

    <term cf="20">who thought</term>
    <term cf="20">who think</term>
    <term cf="20">you think</term>



<concept cname="dissent_attacked" bgcolor="#ff9999">
    <label>dissent attacked</label>
    <description>drug war propaganda theme: dissent attacked</description>
       Concern over arresting and jailing people for cannabis
       is converted into a cannabis "lover", a pot "advocate",
       a marijuana "supporter" or "enthusiast" or "promoter",
       who is "pro-pot", and so on.
       A weird and sinful "Legalization" bugaboo is emphasized; 
       arrest, jail, and prison are minimized, dismissed, ... or weaseled
       away, like: "Virtually no single-charge, marijuana possession-alone
       caucasian females are tracked in the Federal Prison System, FY2012
       with possession as an unrelated charge." 
       (And so this is why people must always go to prison for pot.)
       If people complain, insist arrests, forced-treatment, and prison 
       is something new, and wise, like unto the "Owl".
       Re-frame questions about arresting and jailing people for pot
       to be about some kooky "marijuana advocates", "pot lovers", "pro-pot",
       liberal libertine legalisers of dope, who just want to get high. 
       Whip up fears over an abstract "Legalization" bogeyman; 
       avoid the concrete issues of arrest and prison. 
       If cornered, weasel and deny knowledge of marijuana
       possession-alone female caucasian prisoners federally for fiscal 2011,
       with possession as an unrelated charge. 
       (Explaining this is why people must always go to prison for cannabis.)
       If people complain about that, insist arrests, forced-treatment
       and prison is something new and wise.
       (Anything to keep the pot arrest/prison pipeline profitably full!)
       Change the frame of the issue from concerns over arresting 
       and jailing people for pot, to some whacky pro-marijuana "advocates" 
       who just want to get high. Make the issue of arrests and prisons 
       go away. 
       Emphasize a scary "Legalization"; 
       minimize and deny details about arrest and prison. 
       (Which is the whole point: sending people to prison for "drugs.")
       If people balk, maintain the arrests, the forced-treatment
       and huge, stuffed prisons are new territory; yet wise, like the "Owl".
       (Anything, anything, to keep the marijuana arrest/prison industry profitable!)
       Ignore the central issue that people are being arrested and 
       imprisoned for marijuana.  Instead, pretend the issue is 
       all about some dopey pot-heads who just want to get high. 
       Forget that the marijuana arrest and prison industry is the
       prime reason for existence for many in the police state.
       Re-frame the issue as just about some nutty pro-pot head "advocates."
       Don't talk about prison. Deny people go to jail for pot. 
       Acting like you're above the debate, profess yourself to be a
       wise "Owl" for pretending prison isn't prison. 
       (Explaining this is why people must always go to prison for cannabis,
       and that this is something new: the arrests, prisons, and forced-
       When people express concern over arresting, jailing, torturing, 
       and enslaving each other over cannabis, then substitute a straw-man
       of some crazy marijuana "activists," pro-pot "advocates," and reefer 
       "lovers", instead.  
       Avoid the topics of arrest and prison.
       Act like people aren't jailed for pot.
       (And this is why people must always go to prison for marijuana.)
       When folks catch on to that, pretend arresting and imprisoning people
       for pot is something new, and that you're a wise "Owl" for verbally minimizing
       unpleasant thoughts of prison. 
       Try to make those who don't like the idea of imprisoning people for
       a pot plant, seem like loony pot-heads and nutty pro-marijuana
       "activists" and "advocates." Steer people away from the crux
       of the matter: jailing people for pot. Re-frame things in terms
       of the insanity of those who would "advocate" for cannabis, instead.
       Don't mention prison. Pretend people aren't jailed for pot. 
       (Which is why people must always be arrested and go to prison for pot.)
       When people catch on to that, act as if arresting people for pot and
       imprisoning them (using pot as a reason) is something new and untried.
       Profess yourself to be a wise "Owl" for minimizing unpleasant thoughts
       of prison for pot "crimes".
       Don't justify the wholesale marijuana arrest, prosecution, and
       imprisonment industry; but instead pretend the issue is about some
       pro-dope "advocates" and "activists", who just want to get stoned.
       Act as if no one is imprisoned for cannabis. Or (if pressed),
       weasel. Assert the numbers in "federal" prison for marijuana 
       "possession" as an "unrelated charge" are "practically zero".
       Nobody goes to prison for pot, and only nut-bar moon-bat activist advocates
       would ever say so. 
       (And this is precisely why people must always go to prison for pot.)
       If anyone balks, pretend that arresting and imprisoning people for
       marijuana is a new "third" way - and that the problem all along was
       lack of trust in the competence and good faith of government, and their
       wise "Owl" government-accredited experts, officials and authorities.
       The right to petition government for redress of grievances
       is the right to make a complaint to, or seek the assistance
       of, one's government, without fear of punishment or reprisals.
       In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for
       Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions
       have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince, whose
       character is thus marked by every act which may define a
       Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.
       "it is the right of the subjects to petition the king, and
       all commitments and prosecutions for such petitioning are
       illegal" (Magna Carta)

    <term>pro[ -]drugs? propaganda</term>
    <term cf="95">pro[ -]drugs? advocate</term>
    <term cf="50">pro[ -]drugs?\b</term>

    <term>reefer-madness madness</term>

    <term>self-styled marijuana guru</term>
    <term>self-styled marijuana activist</term>
    <term>self-described marijuana guru</term>
    <term>pot king\b</term>

    <term>["']?Pot[ -]Candidate["']?</term>
    <term cf="75">["']?pothead politician["']?</term>
    <term cf="75">["']?pothead candidate["']?</term>

    <term cf="75">target leader</term>

    <term>marijuana normalizer</term>
    <term>Cannabis Crusader</term>
    <term>pot crusader</term>
    <term cf="60">anti[ -]*marijuana</term>
    <term cf="70">anti[ -]*medical marijuana</term>

    <term cf="70">legaliseringsivrare</term>
    <term cf="70">legalization zealot</term>

    <term cf="50">l[ai]{1,3}ss?[ie]{1,2}z?[ -]?f[ai]{1,2}re?</term>

    <term>drug normalizer</term>
    <term cf="45">advocacy group</term>

    <term>advocating the legali[sz]ation of marijuana</term>
    <term>advocating for marijuana legali[sz]ation</term>
    <term>advocating the legali[sz]ation of drugs</term>
    <term>advocate drug legali[sz]ation</term>
    <term>legali[sz]ation advocate</term>
    <term>advocate legali[sz]ing drugs</term>
    <term>advocating illegal drug</term>
    <term>advocate illegal drug</term>
    <term>advocate for the drug user</term>
    <term cf="45">advocacy</term>
    <term cf="50">advoc.{1,14} a point of view</term>

    <term cf="85">permit.{0,7} drug abuse</term>

    <term cf="60">legali[sz]ing illegal</term>
    <term cf="60">legali[sz]e illegal</term>
    <term>drug legali[sz]ation advocate</term>
    <term cf="60">legali[sz]ation advocate</term>
    <term cf="80">Dope Lobby</term>
    <term>lobbyists? for dope</term>
    <term>pro-drug lobby</term>

    <term>pot[ -]proselyti</term>

    <term cf="75">dope caucus</term>
    <term cf="75">dope king</term>
    <term cf="75">dope enthusiast</term>

    <term cf="75">ivory-tower elitist</term>

    <term cf="75">just want to smoke</term>
    <term cf="75">want to get high</term>

    <term cf="70">activist.{1,32}push</term>

    <term cf="70">dope campaigner</term>
    <term cf="70">dope activis</term>

    <term cf="30">extreme wing</term>

    <term>legali[sz]ation lobby</term>
    <term>legali[sz]er lobby</term>

    <term>['"]?freedom[ -]advocate['"]?</term>

    <term>groups that wish to legali[sz]e marijuana</term>
    <term>groups wishing to legali[sz]e marijuana</term>

    <term cf="75">war on talking about the war on drugs</term>

    <term cf="80">proponents of legali[sz]ation</term>
    <term cf="80">marijuana lobby</term>
    <term cf="80">pot lobby</term>
    <term cf="80">cannabis lobby</term>
    <term cf="80">cannabis campaigner</term>

    <term cf="80">Cannabislobbyn</term>

    <term>proponents of the legali[sz]ation of drugs</term>
    <term cf="50">favor decrimin</term>
    <term cf="50">favor legali[sz]</term>

    <term cf="45">Sugar Daddy</term>
    <term cf="95">legali[sz]ation movement</term>

    <term cf="60">['"]ministry["']</term>
    <term cf="60">['"]shaman["']</term>
    <term cf="50">['"]reverend["']</term>
    <term cf="50">['"]minister["']</term>

    <!-- true, mentioned too often in non-drug policy articles:
     <term cf="45">George Soros Reverend </term>

    <term cf="70">John Sperling</term>

    <term cf="70">Peter Lewis.{1,32}billionaire</term>
    <term cf="70">billionaire.{1,32}Peter Lewis</term>
    <term cf="60">Peter B\.? Lewis</term>
    <term cf="45">Peter Lewis</term>

    <term cf="60">out-of-state millionaire</term>

    <term cf="60">Daddy Warbucks</term>

    <term cf="50">lunatic.{1,33}charge.{1,33}asylum</term>
    <term cf="50">lunatic.{1,33}run.{1,33}asylum</term>


    <!-- <sub>steve_kubby</sub> mention of Steve not theme8 related so much now -->
    <!-- <sub>bradley_jardis</sub> not so much theme8 related now -->

    <term cf="90">James Benno\b</term>

    <!-- <sub>willie_nelson</sub> mentioned too often in non-drug articles  -->

    <term cf="45">pro[ -]drug</term>

    <term cf="50">drug-advocate</term>
    <term cf="40">drug advocate</term>


    <term cf="90">pro[ -]pot\b</term>
    <term cf="90">pro[ -]pot[ -]lobby</term>
    <term cf="90">pro[ -]marijuana</term>
    <term cf="90">pro[ -]cannabis</term>
    <term cf="90">pro[ -]dope</term>
    <term cf="90">pro[ -]drug group</term>
    <term cf="90">pro[ -]marijuana lobby</term>
    <term cf="90">reefer lobby</term>
    <term cf="90">pot proponent</term>
    <term cf="90">cannabis advocate</term>
    <term cf="90">marijuana advocate</term>
    <term cf="90">pot advocate</term>
    <term cf="80">pot petition</term>

    <term cf="45">marijuana guru</term> 
    <term cf="45">pot guru</term> 
    <term cf="45">guru of ganja</term>
    <term cf="45">ganja guru</term>

    <term cf="85">ganja.{1,32}crusader</term>
    <term cf="75">marijuana reform advocate</term>
    <term cf="75">marijuana enthusiast</term>

    <term cf="90">pot supporter</term>

    <term>medical excuse marijuana</term>

    <term>marijuana decriminalization movement</term>

    <term cf="35">cruel hoax</term>
    <term cf="45">Trojan horse</term>
    <term cf="35">stalking[ -]?horse</term>
    <term cf="75">stalking[ -]?horse.{1,33}legali[sz]</term>
    <term cf="65">ganja-cures-all</term>
    <term cf="35">['"]?sham['"]?\b</term>
    <term cf="55">guise of medicine</term>

    <term cf="60">mari[jh]uana.{1,33}scam\b</term>
    <term cf="60">scam.{1,33}mari[jh]uana</term>
    <term cf="30">scam\b</term>
    <term cf="30">ruse\b</term>

    <term cf="95">['"']?Legalization is not a policy</term>

    <term cf="80">soft on pot</term>
    <term cf="80">soft on drug</term>
    <term cf="80">soft on cannabis</term>
    <term cf="80">soft on marijuana</term>
    <term cf="45">["']?soft on crime["']?</term>

    <term cf="80">soft talk on drug</term>
    <term cf="80">soft talk on marijuana</term>
    <term cf="45">soft talk</term>

    <term cf="80">not a soft drug</term>

    <term cf="60">Pope of Pot</term>

    <term>dope advocate</term>
    <term cf="80">pro-pot activist</term>

    <term cf="85">apologist.{0,33}drug culture</term>
    <term cf="85">drug culture.{0,33}apologist</term>
    <term cf="75">drug[ -]?war critic</term>

    <term cf="60">pot[ -]activist</term>
    <term cf="50">marijuana[ -]activist</term>
    <term cf="50">cannabis[ -]activist</term>

    <term cf="25">activist</term>
    <term cf="45">advocating</term>
    <term cf="25">advocate</term>

    <term>pro-legali[sz]ation cabal</term>
    <term cf="80">pro-legali[sz]ation</term>

    <term cf="80">against drug legali[sz]ation</term>

    <term>drug-using libertarian</term>
    <term>intellectual elitist</term>

    <term>drug legali[sz]er</term>
    <term cf="60">legali[sz]er</term>
    <term cf="60">legaliser</term>

    <term>decriminali[sz]ation advocate</term>

    <term cf="75">advocates? of its legalisation</term>

    <term cf="30">advoca.{1,64}\breform</term>
    <term cf="30">reform.{1,64}\badvocat</term>

    <term cf="90">illegal[ -]drug apologist</term>
    <term cf="80">drug[ -]apologist</term>

    <term cf="45">no credible research</term> 
    <term cf="15">["']?a recipe for disaster["']?</term>

    <term cf="40">manipulation of the media</term> 
    <term cf="40">manipulate the media</term> 

    <term cf="30">millionaire</term>
    <term cf="30">billionaire</term>
    <term cf="45">wealthy individuals</term>

    <term cf="30">self[ -]styled</term>
    <term cf="30">self[ -]described</term>
    <term cf="30">self[ -]proclaimed</term>

    <term cf="20">martyr</term>

    <term cf="95">glamou?ri[sz].{1,16} illegal substance</term>
    <term cf="95">glamou?ri[sz].{1,16} drug</term>
    <term cf="75">glamou?ri[sz].{1,16} subject</term>

    <term cf="85">defeatis[mt]</term>

    <term cf="80">promot.{1,33}drug use</term>
    <term cf="85">promot.{1,33}drug usage</term>
    <term cf="85">promot.{1,33}prohibited substance</term>
    <term cf="55">promot.{1,33}drugs</term>
    <term cf="50">pot[ -]promoting</term>

    <term cf="50">accept.{1,33}drug use</term>

    <!-- historical -->
    <term cf="70">Timothy Leary</term>
    <term cf="70">Timothy F\.? Leary</term>

    <term cf="70">["']?simple[ -]possession["']?</term>
    <term cf="50">["']?single[ -]charge["']?</term>


<concept cname="propaganda_theme8" bgcolor="#ff9999">
    <label>dissent opposed</label>


<!-- the reason evidence is concealed is to circumvent dissent: -->

    <term>dissent opposed</term>


  <concept cname="protest" bgcolor="lightblue">
    <description>demonstration or protest related to drugs</description>

    <term>protest against cannabis law</term>
    <term>pot protest</term>
    <term>drug protest</term>
    <term>marijuana protest</term>
    <term>cannabis protest</term>
    <term>medical[ -]marijuana protest</term>
    <term>anti-prohibition protest</term>
    <term cf="75">legalization protest</term>
    <term>["']?smoke[- ]?down prohibition["']?</term>
    <term>["']?smoke out prohibition["']?</term>
    <term>["']?Buds In The Burgh['"]?</term>
    <term>the ["']?Smoke Up['"]?</term>
    <term cf="97">smoke-up picnic</term>

    <term cf="50">march.{1,66}protest'?s?\b</term>
    <term cf="50">protest'?s?\b.{1,66}march</term>
    <term cf="50">activist.{1,77}protest'?s?\b</term>
    <term cf="50">protest.{1,77}activist'?s?\b</term>
    <term cf="50">the protest'?s?\b</term>
    <term cf="50">a protest'?s?\b</term>
    <term cf="50">protestors?\b</term>

    <term>handing out leaflets</term>
    <term>civil disobedience</term>
    <term>desobedi.ncia civil</term>
    <term>desobeissance civile</term>
    <term>zivilen Ungehorsams</term>
    <term>civil olydnad</term>

    <term>peaceful demonstration</term>

    <term cf="45">demonstration</term>
    <term cf="45">["']?Sit[ -]In['"]?</term>


  <concept cname="red_ribbon" bgcolor="#ff9999">
    <description>Red Ribbon (Week) - prohibition propaganda event for kids</description>
    <label>Red Ribbon propaganda event</label>
      "The preparations for Hate Week were in full swing, 
      and the staffs of all the Ministries were working overtime. 
      Processions, meetings, military parades, lectures, waxworks, 
      displays, film shows, telescreen programmes all had to be 
      organized; stands had to be erected, effigies built, slogans 
      coined, songs written, rumours circulated, photographs faked." 
      - George Orwell, 1984
      "On the walls were scarlet banners of the Youth League and the Spies,
      and a full-sized poster of Big Brother." 
      - George Orwell, 1984
      "Squads  of volunteers ... were preparing the street for
      Hate Week, stitching banners, painting posters"
      - George Orwell, 1984
      "Hate Week... processions,  the speeches,  the shouting, the singing,
       the banners, the posters, the films"
      - George Orwell, 1984
       "Hate Week is an event in George Orwell's novel Nineteen
       Eighty-Four, designed to increase the hatred for the current enemy"
       "Illegal drugs are the enemy"
	-- George W Bush
       [Hate week] is a holiday that is dedicated to the fictional enemy "Big Brother"
       has convinced the people exists. By keeping their hatred alive for a fictional
       enemy, the people will not see the Establishment for who they really are. 

    <term>Red Ribbon Day</term>
    <term>Red Ribbon Week</term>
    <term>Red Ribbon Month</term>
    <term>Red Ribbon Campaign</term>
    <term>red ribbon event</term>
    <term>Red Ribbon Rally</term>
    <term>Red Ribbon Celebration</term>
    <term>red ribbon vigil</term>

    <term>National Drug Awareness Red Ribbon Week</term>
    <term>Red Ribbon Parade</term>

    <term cf="90">red badges?.{0,15} ribbon</term>
    <term cf="90">red ribbons?.{0,15} badge</term>

    <term cf="45">['"]?Wear Red Day['"]?</term>

    <term cf="30">Red Ribbon</term> 
    <term cf="30">red badge</term>


  <concept cname="enrique_camarena" bgcolor="#ff9999">
    <description>Enrique "Kiki" Camarena</description>

    <term>Enrique .Kik[iy]. Cam[ae]rena</term>
    <term>Kik[iy] Cam[ae]rena</term>
    <term cf="95">Enrique Cam[ae]rena</term>
    <term cf="98">Enrique S Cam[ae]rena</term>
    <term cf="60">["']?Cam[ae]rena Club['"]?</term>
    <term cf="30">Cam[ae]rena</term>


  <concept cname="temperance_pledge" bgcolor="#ff9999">
    <description>made to repeat a pledge of total abstinence</description>

    <explanation>"By taking the temperance pledge of total abstinence from alcohol 
        and encouraging their parents to do so, children modeled the Puritan ideal 
    of saving oneself and others."
        [Berk, L.R, "Temperance and Prohibition Era Propaganda", 2004]
        "With preachers announcing that the millennium lay at hand, men and women began to swear off hard spirits; 
    the yearning for perfection drew them until they were pledging total abstinence"
    [James Morone, "Hellfire Nation", 2003]

    <term>temperence pledge</term>
    <term>pledge.{1,33}drug[ -]?free</term>
    <term>drug[ -]?free.{1,33}pledge</term>
    <term>promise.{1,16}drug[ -]?free</term>
    <term>drug[ -]?free.{1,16}promise</term>
    <term cf="90">drug[ -]?free.{1,20}Commitment</term>
    <term cf="50">commit.{1,30}drug[ -]?free</term>
    <term cf="70">pledge.{1,66}drug</term>
    <term cf="70">drug.{1,66}pledge</term>
    <term cf="70">vow.{0,14} not to do drugs</term>
    <term cf="45">pledge</term>

    <term>Drug-Free Commitment Tour</term>

  <concept cname="dehumanization"  bgcolor="#ff9999">
    <description>dehumanization - prohibitionists assert drug users are not fully human</description>
       "Dehumanization is the process by which members of a group of people assert the 'inferiority' 
       of another group through subtle or overt acts or statements."
        "[V]ictims are dehumanized. First, the humanity of the victim group has to be withdrawn from it 
    before perpetrators can proceed to destroy the group without remorse. We stop seeing them as 
    other human beings that are embodiment of flesh and blood." 
        (2004, Edward Kissi, The Origins of Genocide) 
        "[O]ften the victim group is portrayed in animal metaphors that reduce their humanity to a level 
    that allows perpetrators to proceed to destroy them. They are often presented as a threat to 
    the dominant group of perpetrators in the society. They are also presented as a degenerate species
    of humankind whose elimination is necessary for that society to develop and progress."
        (2004, Edward Kissi, The Origins of Genocide) 
    "In Cambodia, from 1975 to 1979, Pol Pot used to describe western-educated intellectuals as microbes. 
    In Rwanda, in 1994, the Hutus were constructed as cockroaches and snakes."
        (2004, Edward Kissi, The Origins of Genocide) 
        Users have to be portrayed as garbage in order to justify savagery directed against them. 
        -- Richard L. Miller
        One researcher of police attitudes found that "when confronted with the violence they sometimes inflict 
    [against drug offenders], they justify themselves by asserting that their victims are not really human: 
    'they're scum,' 'they can't feel pain,' and so forth." One official described prisoners under his command: 
    "Those aren't people - they have to be treated quite differently." Such an attitude can be deadly, 
    as demonstrated by the source of that particular description, an SS murderer. --- Richard L Miller 
    For instance, in Nazi Germany, the Jews were presented to the German public as vermin or lice. 
     (2004, Edward Kissi, The Origins of Genocide) 
        Victims are portrayed as prey on which to "swoop", 
        as parasites and infesting insects dispatched with a "SWAT",
        as a "SCRAP" of infecting "DIRT" removed with a "sweep",
        as rats to cage,
        as animals to "round-up",
        as a target hit with a "DART",
        as offensive "SCAT" to be flushed.
        When people become things, the logic follows, they become dispensable 
    - and any atrocity can be justified.
        Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi
         (What is permitted to Jove is not permitted to the cow.)
         "these sub-humans do not understand how the people stand at our side."
		-- ? ?

    <term cf="70">less than human</term>

    <term>drug[ -]plague</term>

    <term>drug[ -]infect</term>
    <term>drug[ -]infest</term>

    <term>dope[ -]infect</term>
    <term>dope[ -]infest</term>
    <term>infested with drug</term>
    <term>infested with dope</term>

    <term>under[ -]?man\b</term>
    <term>sub[ -]?human</term>

    <term cf="90">they are not human</term>
    <term cf="80">they are not fully human</term>

    <term cf="85">["']?weed out["']?.{1,40}drug</term>
    <term cf="85">drug.{1,40}["']?weed out["']?</term>

    <term cf="70">['"]are they humans</term>

    <term cf="60">["']?weeding['"]? out</term>
    <term cf="55">["']?weed out["']?</term>

    <term cf="50">like roaches</term>
    <term cf="50">like cockroaches</term>

    <term cf="50">["']crocodile["']</term>

    <term cf="50">infested</term>

    <term cf="50">social cleansing</term>

    <term cf="75">DIRT[ - ]team</term>
    <term cf="65">spring cleaning</term>
    <term cf="45">DIRT\b</term>
    <term cf="15">cleaning</term>
    <term cf="15">cleansing</term>

    <term cf="65">alley cat</term>

    <term cf="55">SWAT\b</term>
    <term cf="55">S\.W\.A\.T\.\b</term>

    <term cf="55">unit.{1,33}HAWKS\b</term>
    <term cf="55">HAWKS\b.{1,33}unit</term>
    <term cf="55">einheid.{1,33}HAWKS\b</term>
    <term cf="55">HAWKS\b.{1,33}einheid</term>

    <term cf="90">["']?Rat[ -]?on[ -]?A[ -]?Rat["']?</term>
    <term cf="95">R\.A\.T\.T\.\b</term>

    <term>Special Community Action Team</term>
    <term cf="80">S\. ?C\. ?A\. ?T\.</term>
    <term cf="45">SCAT\b</term>

    <term cf="66">D\.A\.R\.T\.</term>

    <term cf="55">C\.A\.T\. Team</term>

    <term cf="65">SCRAP office</term>
    <term cf="65">SCRAP team</term>
    <term cf="65">SCRAP program</term>
    <term cf="45">SCRAP\b</term>

    <term>drug[ -]sweep</term>
    <term cf="45">sweep\b</term>

    <term>drug[ -]swoop</term>
    <term cf="50">swoops?\b</term>
    <term cf="60">swooped</term>
    <term cf="60">swooping</term>

    <term cf="60">Weed and Seed</term>
    <term cf="60">Weed . Seed</term>

    <term cf="75">['"]?carrot.{1,10}stick['"]?</term>

    <term cf="60">scum\b</term>
    <term cf="60">scum[ -]?bag</term>
    <term cf="60">scum[ -]?bucket</term>
    <term cf="60">dirt[-]?bag</term>
    <term cf="60">douche[ -]?bag</term>
    <term cf="60">low[ -]?life</term>
    <term cf="60">cretins?</term>

    <term cf="75">excrescences? upon m[ea]n</term>

    <term cf="80">baby poisonous snake</term>
    <term cf="75">caged animal</term>
    <term cf="40">critter</term>
    <term cf="45">nests?\b</term>

    <term cf="75">dregs of society</term>

    <term cf="66">don't snort it</term>
    <term cf="45">don't smoke it</term>
    <term cf="70">it'?s insane to use cocaine</term>

    <term cf="50">dog on two legs</term>

    <term cf="75">drug.{1,66}round[ -]up</term>
    <term cf="50">round[ -]up</term>
    <term cf="50">infecting</term>

    <term>["']?Don't be a lab[ -]rat['"]?</term>
    <term cf="70">["']lab[ -]rat['"]</term>
    <term cf="60">lab[ -]rat</term>
    <term cf="50">["']rat['"]</term>
    <term cf="50">rat cage</term>
    <term cf="30">rats?\b</term>

    <term cf="5">infected</term>


  <concept cname="moral_imperative">
    <term>moral imperative</term>
    <term>we can't</term>
    <term>we cannot</term>
    <term>we will not</term>
    <term>we have to\b</term>
    <term>we must</term>
    <term>we mustn't</term>

    <term>["']?We don't smoke opium</term>


  <concept cname="celebrity_scapegoat" bgcolor="pink">
    <description>zealously persecuted celebrities used by prohibitionists to "send a message"</description>
     When the ancients saw a scapegoat, they could at least recognize
     him for what he was: a pharmakos, a human sacrifice. When
     modern man sees one, he does not, or refuses to, recognize him
     for what he IS; instead he looks for "scientific" explanations
     - to explain away the obvious.
	  -- Thomas Szasz, (Ceremonial Chemistry)
	The ceremonial of the scapegoat is surely one of the most
	important instances and prototypes of all riddance rituals.
	  -- Thomas Szasz, (Ceremonial Chemistry)
     The ceremony was described by Plutarch (c.46-120), who, as the
     chief magistrate of his native town, himself performed the ceremony,
     playing the role, of course, of the scapegoater.
	  -- Thomas Szasz, (Ceremonial Chemistry)
    <term cf="85">Miley Cyrus</term>
    <term cf="5">Cyrus</term>
    <term cf="98">Paris Hilton</term>
    <term cf="1">Paris\b</term>
    <term cf="5">Hilton</term>
    <term>Linds[ae]y Lohan</term>
    <term cf="5">Lohan</term>
    <term>Nicole Richie</term>
    <term>Robert Downey, Jr</term>
    <term>Whitney Houston</term>
    <term>Courtney Love</term>
    <term>Britney Spears</term>
    <term>Amy Winehouse</term>
    <term cf="50">Elon Musk</term>
    <term cf="50">Peaches Geldof</term> 

    <term>Jaycee Chan</term>
    <term cf="5">Jaycee</term>
    <term>Ko Chen-tung</term>
    <term>['"]?Kai Ko["']?\b</term>
    <term>Chen Wan-ning</term>
    <term cf="95">Zhang Yuan</term>
    <term>Li Daimo</term>
    <term cf="95">Gao Hu\b</term>

    <term cf="75">targeting celebrities</term>
    <term cf="75">PR takedowns</term>


<!-- ????????
  <concept cname="lady_gaga" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>entertainer and cannabis legalization supporter, Lady Gaga</description>
    <label>Lady Gaga</label>
    <term>Lady Gaga</term>
    <term cf="20">Gaga\b</term>

  <concept cname="rihanna" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>entertainer and cannabis legalization supporter, Rihanna</description>
    <term cf="80">Rihanna</term>

  <concept cname="innocent_victim">
    <description>innocent people punished, using drugs as the pretext</description>

<!-- identify illegal drug articles; skipping the non-psychoactive pharmaceutical drug articles -->

  <!-- Note: These are not all illegal drugs (strictly speaking) but 
       what are loosely called "drugs of abuse." 

       Drug: "something and often an illegal substance that causes addiction,
       habituation, or a marked change in consciousness" (dictionary)

  <concept cname="illegal_drugs">
     <label>drug of abuse</label>
     <description>drugs of abuse, so-called</description>

     <sub>JWH</sub> <!-- varies in legality -->

     <term>drugs? of abuse</term>
     <term>dial doping</term>
     <term cf="75">drug[ -]taking</term>
<!-- catch-all that will get the pharmaceutical drug info items -->
  <concept cname="drugs">

  <concept cname="drug_ngo">

  <concept cname="drug_law">
    <term>drug law</term>
    <term>drugs law</term>
    <term cf="40">CSA</term>
    <term>Controlled Substances Act</term>
    <term cf="80">controlled substance</term>
    <term cf="60">Schedule I[XVI]*</term>
    <term cf="90">Class [A-D] drug</term>
    <term cf="90">Class [A-D] substance</term>

    <term>Harrison Act</term>
    <term>Harrison Narcotic Act</term>
    <term>Mari[jh]uana Tax Act</term>
    <term>Pot law</term>
    <term>marijuana law</term>
    <term>cannabis law</term>

    <term>Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs</term>
    <term cf="70">Single Convention Treaty</term>
    <term>Convention on Psychotropic Substances</term>
    <term>Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances</term>
    <term>Convention Against the Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances </term>




<concept cname="drug_reformer"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
   <description>often-mentioned anti-prohibitionist reformer</description>
    <term>Keith Stroup</term>
    <term cf="30">Stroup</term>
    <term>Thomas Szasz</term>
    <term cf="30">Szasz</term>
    <term>Marco Cappato</term>
    <term cf="30">Cappato</term>
    <term>Mark Stepnowski</term>
    <term cf="45">Stepnowski</term>
    <term>Nora Callahan</term>
    <term cf="5">Callahan</term>
    <term cf="50">John Chase</term>
    <term>Lanny Swerdlow</term>
    <term>Scarlett Swerdlow</term>
    <term cf="10">Swerdlow</term>
    <term cf="70">Daniel Abrahamson</term>
    <term cf="10">Abrahamson</term>
    <term cf="80">Dale Gieringer</term>
    <term cf="45">Gieringer</term>
    <term cf="80">Bob Barr\b</term>
    <term cf="30">Barr\b</term>
    <term>Chad Thevenot</term>
    <term cf="45">Thevenot</term>
    <term>Ken Wolski</term>
    <term cf="5">Wolski\b</term>

    <term cf="50">Bill Piper</term>

    <term>Grant W. Krieger</term>
    <term cf="90">Grant Krieger</term>
    <term cf="5">Krieger</term>

    <term cf="50">Ric Smith</term>


    <term cf="85">Scott Bledsoe</term>

    <term>Vivian McPeak</term>
    <term>Eddy Lepp</term>
    <term>Dominic Holden</term>

    <term cf="90">NAACP.{1,32}Alice Huffman</term>
    <term cf="90">Alice Huffman.{1,32}NAACP</term>

    <term cf="95">Allen Hopper</term>
    <term cf="2">Hopper</term>

    <term>President Otto Pere[sz] Molina</term>
    <term>President Otto Pere[sz]</term>
    <term>Otto Pere[sz] Molina</term>
    <term cf="50">Pere[sz] Molina</term>
    <term>Juan Manuel Santos</term>
    <term>Juan Manuel Santos Calder.n</term>
    <term>Colombian president.{1,33}Santos</term>

    <term>Costa Rican President Laura Chinch?ill?a</term>
    <term>Costa Rica's Chinch?ill?a</term>
    <term cf="10">Chinch?ill?a</term>

    <term>Vicente Fox</term>

    <term cf="85">George P\.? Sc?hult?z</term>
    <term cf="75">George Sc?hult?z</term>
    <term cf="85">Paul Volcker</term>

    <term cf="95">Richard Branson</term>
    <term cf="75">Dr\.? Perry Kendall</term>
    <term cf="75">Dr\.? Evan Wood</term>

    <term cf="90">Nicholas Cowdery</term>
    <term cf="70">Nick Cowdery</term>

    <term>Tom Tancredo</term>
    <term cf="70">Tancredo</term>

    <term>Peter Thiel</term>
    <term cf="50">Sean Parker</term>
    <term>Cory Doctorow</term>
    <term>Dustin Moskovitz</term>
    <term>John Perry Barlow</term>
    <term>Paul Bucheit</term>

    <!-- <term cf="50">Mark Cuban</term> -->
    <!-- <term cf="50">Bill Nye</term> - mentioned too often in non-drug articles  -->
    <term cf="50">Rainn Wilson</term>

    <term>Kash Heed</term> 
    <term cf="80">Joan McIntyre</term> 

    <term cf="80">Douglas Hiatt</term>

    <term cf="80">Geoff Plant</term>

    <term cf="98">Jor[jg]e G\.? Castaneda</term>
    <term cf="85">Jor[jg]e Castaneda</term>

    <term cf="97">Sanjay Gupta</term>

    <term cf="90">Larry Sanders</term>

    <!-- <sub>gary_johnson</sub> -->



    <!-- <sub>lady_gaga</sub> yes, but mentioned in too many non-drug pieces -->
    <!-- <sub>rihanna</sub> " -->

    <!-- <sub>rick_steves</sub> a reformer, but mentioned very often in non-drug articles -->

    <!-- TODO: add more reformers here ... 
           write to get your own custom feed now!

  <concept cname="general_drug_reformers"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>general terms for drug reformers, or orgs that support reform tangentially</description>

    <term>drug-law reform organi[sz]ation</term>
    <term cf="70">anti[ -]?prohibition</term>
    <term cf="75">drugs?[ -]?reformer</term>
    <term cf="70">drugs?[ -]?law reform</term>
    <term cf="60">drugs?[ -]policy reform</term>

    <term cf="45">marijuana reform</term>
    <term cf="45">drug reform</term>

    <term cf="45">reformist</term>
    <term cf="40">reform</term>

    <term cf="45">ACLU</term>
    <term cf="45">A\.C\.L\.U\.</term>
    <term cf="45">American Civil Liberties Union</term>

  <concept cname="drug_reform_ngo" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>drug policy reform organization</description>


    <term>Legalise Cannabis Alliance</term>
    <term>Cannabis Awareness</term>
    <term>Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse</term>

    <term>International Antiprohibitionist League</term> 
    <term cf="30">IAL</term>
    <term>Marco Cappato</term>
    <term cf="30">Cappato</term>


  <concept cname="november" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>The November Coalition</description>
    <term cf="20">TNC\b</term>
    <term>November Coalition</term>
    <term cf="3">November</term>
    <term>Nora Callahan</term>
    <term cf="5">Callahan</term>
    <term cf="30">John Chase</term>
    <term cf="3">Chase</term>

  <concept cname="drug_reform_party" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>political parties that support drug reform</description>

    <term cf="80">Libertarian Party</term>
    <term cf="55">Libertarian</term>

    <term cf="45">Green Party</term>

  <concept cname="cannabis_political_party" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>cannabis political parties</description>
    <label>pot polit. party</label>


    <term>Marijuana Reform Party</term>
    <term cf="75">Marijuana Party</term>
    <term>Bloc Pot</term>

    <term>Green Leaf Party</term>
    <term>Green Leaf Graduate</term>

    <term cf="45">Green Leaf\b</term>
    <term>Aleh? Yarok party</term>
    <term cf="90">Aleh? Yarok</term>

    <term>Legali[sz]e Cannabis Party</term>
    <term>Legali[sz]e Mari[hj]uana Party</term>
    <term>Legali[sz]ation of Mari[hj]uana Party</term>
    <term>Mari[hj]uana Legali[sz]ation Party</term>
    <term>Party of Mari[hj]uana Legali[sz]ation</term>
    <term>Party of Legali[sz]ation of Mari[hj]uana</term>


  <concept cname="teapot_party" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>the Teapot Party - Tax it, regulate it and legalize it.</description>
    <term>Tea[ -]?pot[ -]Party</term>
    <!-- <sub>willie_nelson</sub> -->

  <concept cname="clear" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Cannabis Law Reform party</description>
    <term>Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR)</term>
    <term cf="45">Cannabis Law Reform</term>

  <concept cname="mapinc" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>MAP, Inc., DrugSense</description>

    <term>Media Awareness Project</term>
    <term cf="95">MAPInc</term>
    <term cf="92">MAP Inc\b</term>
    <term cf="90">DrugSense</term>
    <term cf="40">Drug Sense</term>



   <concept cname="changetheclimate" bgcolor="#99ffff">
      <description>Change the Climate</description>
      <term>Change the Climate, Inc</term> 
      <term cf="85">Change the Climate</term> 

  <concept cname="drcnet"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Stop The Drug War - Drug Reform Coordination Network</description>
    <label>DRC Net</label>
    <term>Drug Reform Coordination Network</term>
    <term cf="40">Stop The Drug War</term>
    <term cf="98">StopTheDrugWar</term>
    <term>DRC Net</term>

  <concept cname="dpa" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Drug Policy Alliance</description>
    <term>Drug Policy Alliance</term> 
    <term cf="30">DPA</term>


    <term>Marsha Rosenbaum</term>

    <term cf="70">Daniel Abrahamson</term>
    <term cf="10">Abrahamson</term>


  <concept cname="mpjd" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity</description>
    <term>Movement for Peace with Justice .{1,3} Dignity</term>
    <term>Caravan for Peace with Justice .{1,3} Dignity</term>

  <concept cname="norml" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws</description>
    <term>National Organi[sz]ation for the Reform of Marijuana Law</term>
    <term>National Organi[sz]ation of the Reform of Marijuana Law</term>
    <term>National Organi[sz]ation for Reform of Marijuana Law</term>
    <term>National Organi[sz]ation for the Reformation of Marijuana Law</term>
    <term>National Organi[sz]ation to Reform Marijuana Law</term>
    <term>National Organi[sz]ation for Reforming Marijuana Law</term>



    <term>Keith Stroup</term>
    <term cf="30">Stroup</term>


  <concept cname="mpp" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Marijuana Policy Project</description>

    <term>Marijuana Policy Project</term>
    <term cf="50">MPP .{1,77}cannabis</term>
    <term cf="50">MPP .{1,77}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="50">cannabis.{1,77} MPP</term>
    <term cf="50">marijuana.{1,77} MPP</term>
    <term cf="45">MPP</term>


    <term cf="75">Dan Riffle</term>

    <term cf="95">Morgan Fox</term>

    <term cf="95">Krissy Oechslin</term>
    <term cf="30">Oechslin</term>


  <concept cname="ssdp" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Students for a Sensible Drug Policy</description>
    <term>Students for a Sensible Drug Policy</term>
    <term>Students for Sensible Drug Policy</term> 
    <term>Students for Sensible Drug Policies</term> 
    <term>Scarlett Swerdlow</term>
    <term cf="10">Swerdlow</term>

  <concept cname="leap" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Law Enforcement Against Prohibition</description>
    <term>Law Enforcement Against Prohibition</term>
    <term cf="45">LEAP\b</term>

  <concept cname="just_say_now" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Just Say Now</description>
    <term>Just Say Now</term>

  <concept cname="jack_cole" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Jack Cole</label>
    <term cf="45">Jack Cole\b</term>
    <term>Jack A. Cole</term>

  <concept cname="dave_bratzer" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Const. Dave Bratzer, LEAP (board)</label>
    <term cf="85">Dave Bratzer</term>
    <term cf="85">David Bratzer</term>
    <term>Const\.? Dave Bratzer</term>
    <term>Const\.? David Bratzer</term>

  <concept cname="bradley_jardis" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Bradley Jardis</label>
    <term>Bradley Jardis</term>
    <term cf="40">Jardis</term>

  <concept cname="mason_tvert" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>cannabis-law reformer, Mason Tvert</description>
    <term>Mason Ty?vert</term>

  <concept cname="michael_balderstone"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <term>Michael Balderstone</term>
    <term cf="50">Balderstone</term>

  <concept cname="suzanne_sisley"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Suzanne A. Sisley: researcher, professor of psychology</description>
    <term>Suzanne A. Sisley</term>
    <term cf="95">Suzanne Sisley</term>
    <term cf="60">Sue? Sisley</term>
    <term cf="30">Sisley</term>

  <concept cname="david_nutt" bgcolor="#CCFFFF">
    <description>David Nutt heads the Psychopharmacology Unit in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, 
Bristol Imperial College, London</description>
    <label>Professor David Nutt</label>
    <term>David Nutt</term>
    <term>Professor David Nutt</term>
    <term>Prof\.? David Nutt</term>
    <term cf="90">Professor Nutt</term>
    <term cf="90">Prof\.? Nutt</term>

  <concept cname="james_gray" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>James P. Gray, Retired Superior Court Judge and author</description>
    <label>Judge James P. Gray</label>
    <term cf="25">James Gray</term> 
    <term cf="75">Judge Gray</term>
    <term cf="75">James P. Gray</term>
    <term cf="80">Judge Jim Gray</term>

  <concept cname="john_sinclair" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>John Sinclair, Michigan activist, poet, and author</description>
    <term cf="75">John Sinclair</term>
    <term cf="5">Sinclair</term>

  <concept cname="charlo_greene"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Charlo Greene, Alaska activist, and communicator</description>
    <term>Charlo Greene</term>
    <term cf="55">Charlo\b</term>
    <term cf="5">Greene\b</term>

  <concept cname="cheech_marin" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>cannabis activist and entertainer Richard "Cheech" Marin</description>
    <term>Richard ["']?Cheech["']? Marin</term>
    <term>["']?Cheech["']? Marin</term>
    <term cf="90">["']Cheech["']</term>
    <term cf="60">Cheech\b</term>

  <concept cname="tommy_chong" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>cannabis activist and entertainer Tommy Chong</description>
    <term>Tommy Chong</term>
    <term cf="40">["']?Chong["']?\b</term>

  <concept cname="cheech_and_chong"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>screen names, movies entitled: Cheech and Chong</description>
    <term>Cheech[ -]and[ -]Chong</term>
    <term>Cheech[ -]n[ -]Chong</term>

  <concept cname="reconsider" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>dedicated to reforming drug laws</description>
    <term cf="80">Nicholas Eyle</term>
    <term cf="10">Eyle</term>
    <term cf="30">ReconsiDer</term>

  <concept cname="sensiblebc" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Sensible BC</description>
    <label>Sensible BC</label>

    <term>["']Sensible ?B\.?C\.?['"]</term>

    <term cf="90">Sensible Policing Act</term>
    <term cf="80">Sensible BC</term>
    <term cf="50">Sensible Policing</term>
    <term cf="50">mari[hj]uana.{1,66} the Police Act</term>
    <term cf="50">the Police Act.{1,66}mari[hj]uana</term>


  <concept cname="sensible_washington" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Sensible Washington</description>
    <label>Sensible Washington</label>
    <term>Sensible Washington</term>
    <term cf="45">Ric Smith</term>

  <concept cname="naadpc" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>National African American Drug Policy Coalition</description>
    <term>National African American Drug Policy Coalition</term>
    <term>Kurt L. Schmoke</term>
    <term>Kurt Schmoke</term>

  <concept cname="famm" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Families Against Mandatory Minimums</description>
    <term>Families Against Mandatory Minimums</term>
    <term cf="30">FAMM</term>

  <concept cname="csdp" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Common Sense for Drug Policy</description>
    <term>Common Sense for Drug Policy</term>
    <term cf="50">CSDP\b</term>

  <concept cname="maps" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies</description>
    <term>Multi[ -]?disciplinary Association .{0,7} Psychedelic Studies</term>
    <term cf="30">MAPS\b</term>

  <concept cname="safer_colorado" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Safer Alternatives For Enjoyable Recreation</description>
    <term>Safer Alternatives? For Enjoyable Recreation</term>
    <term>Colorado Alcohol.?Marijuana Equali[sz]ation Initiative</term>
    <term cf="10">SAFER\b</term>
    <term cf="80">SAFER Colorado</term>

  <concept cname="nhccsmp" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>The New Hampshire Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy</description>
    <label>NH Common Sense Marijuana Policy</label>
    <term cf="90">Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy</term>
    <term>New Hampshire Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy</term>
    <term>NH Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy</term>

  <concept cname="asa" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Americans for Safe Access</description>
    <term>Americans for Safe Access</term>
    <term>Safe Access Now</term>

  <concept cname="senlis">
    <description>Senlis Council is a think tank focusing on international counter-narcotics policies</description>
    <label>Senlis Council</label>

    <term>Senlis Council</term>
    <term cf="75">Senlis\b</term>

  <concept cname="mapp" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project</description>
    <term>Marijuana Anti[ -]?Prohibition Project</term>

  <concept cname="csmp" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <term>Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy</term>

  <concept cname="immly" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Is My Medicine Legal YET</description>
    <term>Is My Medicine Legal Yet</term>

  <concept cname="cures_not_wars" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Cures Not Wars: harm reduction, medical marijuana, ibogaine</description>
    <label>Cures Not Wars</label>
    <term>Cures Not Wars</term>

  <concept cname="flcan"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Florida Cannabis Action Network</description>
    <label>Florida Cannabis Action Network</label>
    <term>Florida Cannabis Action Network</term>
    <term cf="50">Cannabis Action Network</term>

  <concept cname="can"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Cannabis Activist Network</description>
    <label>Cannabis Activist Network</label>
    <term>Cannabis Activist Network</term>

  <concept cname="gary_storck" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <term>Gary F. Storck</term>
    <term>Gary Storck</term>
    <term cf="50">Storck</term>

  <concept cname="marc_boris_st_maurice" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Marc-Boris St-Maurice is founder of the federal Marijuana party in Canada</description>
    <label>Marc-Boris St-Maurice</label>
    <term>Marc[ -]Boris St.?.?Maurice</term>
    <term cf="15">St-Maurice</term>

  <concept cname="ted_smith" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Ted Smith - Cannabis Buyers' Club of Canada</description>

    <term>Ted Smith.{1,50}Cannabis</term>

    <term>Cannabis.{1,50}Ted Smith</term>
    <term>Ted Smith.{1,50}Marijuana</term>

    <term>Marijuana.{1,50}Ted Smith</term>
    <term>Leon ['"]?Ted["']? Smith</term>

    <term cf="50">Ted Smith</term>
    <term cf="1">Smith</term>


  <concept cname="jacki_rickert" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <term>Jacki Rickert</term>
    <term cf="40">Rickert</term>

  <concept cname="paul_armentano" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Paul Armentano</label>
    <term>Paul Armentano</term>
    <term cf="45">Armentano</term>

  <concept cname="allen_st_pierre" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Allen St Pierre</label>
    <term>Allen St\.? Pierre</term>
    <term cf="30">St\.? Pierre</term>

  <concept cname="erik_altieri" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Erik Altieri</label>
    <term>Erik Altieri</term>
    <term cf="45">Altieri</term>

  <concept cname="kris_hermes" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Kris Hermes</label>
    <term>Kris Hermes</term>

  <concept cname="clifford_thornton" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Clifford W. Thornton, Jr.</description>
    <label>Clifford W. Thornton, Jr.</label>
    <term>Clifford W. Thornton</term>
    <term cf="90">Clifford Thornton</term>
    <term cf="60">Cliff? Thornton</term>
    <term cf="2">Thornton</term>

  <concept cname="shona_banda" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>activist, author and mother, Shona Banda</description>
    <label>activist Shona Banda</label>
    <term cf="95">Shona Banda</term>
    <term cf="45">Shona\b</term>
    <term cf="45">Banda\b</term>

  <concept cname="rick_steves" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Rick Steves</description>
    <label>Rick Steves</label>
    <term cf="95">Rick Steves\b</term>

  <concept cname="cat_marnell">
    <description>Cat Marnell - writer on drugs-related topics</description>
    <label>Cat Marnell</label>
    <term cf="95">Cat Marnell</term>
    <term cf="1">Cat\b</term>

  <concept cname="pat_robertson"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Evangelist Pat Robertson</description>
    <term>Pat Robertson</term>
    <term cf="1">Robertson</term>

  <concept cname="john_mckay" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>John McKay - five years enforcing federal drug laws as U.S. attorney</description>
    <term cf="45">John Ma?cKay</term>
    <term cf="5">Ma?cKay</term>
    <term cf="75">John Ma?cKay.{1,50}?attorney</term>
    <term cf="75">attorney.{1,50}?John Ma?cKay</term>
    <term cf="85">John Ma?cKay.{1,50}?prosecut</term>
    <term cf="85">prosecut.{1,50}?John Ma?cKay</term>

  <concept cname="kate_pflaumer" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>former U.S. prosecutor</description>
    <term>Kate Pflaumer</term>
    <term cf="45">Pflaumer</term>

  <concept cname="robert_alsdorf" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>former King County judge Robert Alsdorf</description>
    <term>Robert Alsdorf</term>
    <term cf="45">Alsdorf</term>

  <concept cname="anne_levinson" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>former Seattle city judge Anne Levinson</description>
    <term cf="50">Anne? Levinson</term>
    <term cf="80">judge.{1,33}Anne? Levinson</term>
    <term cf="80">Anne? Levinson.{1,33}judge</term>
    <term cf="3">Levinson</term>

  <!-- Wow! send in 1,000 more like that! : -->
  <concept cname="roseanne_barr" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>activist extraordinaire Roseanne Barr</description>
    <term>Roseanne Barr</term>
    <term cf="30">Roseanne</term>
    <term cf="9">Barr\b</term>

  <concept cname="david_krahl" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>David Krahl - former prohibitionist, now reformer</description>
    <term cf="70">David Krahl</term>
    <term cf="5">Krahl</term>

  <concept cname="cjpf" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation</description>
    <term>Criminal Justice Policy Foundation</term>
    <term cf="60">CJPF</term>

  <concept cname="sentencing_project" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>The Sentencing Project</description>
    <label>Sentencing Project</label>
    <term cf="50">The Sentencing Project</term>
    <term cf="50">Marc Mauer</term>
    <term cf="70">Nazgol Ghandnoosh</term>
    <term cf="60">Ashley Nellis</term>

  <concept cname="mmag" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Medicinal Marijuana Advocates Group (TX)</description>
    <term>Medicinal Marijuana Advocates Group</term>

  <concept cname="bill_piper"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Bill Piper, director, Drug Policy Alliance office of national affairs</description>
    <term cf="55">Bill Piper</term>
    <term cf="10">Piper</term>

  <concept cname="kris_krane" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Kris Krane</description>
    <label>Kris Krane</label>
    <term>Kris Krane</term>
    <term cf="30">Krane\b</term>

  <concept cname="eric_sterling" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Eric Sterling</description>
    <label>Eric Sterling</label>
    <term>Eric E. Sterling</term>
    <term>Eric Sterling</term>

  <concept cname="doug_fine" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Doug Fine, journalist and author of "Too High To Fail"</description>
    <term>Doug Fine</term>
    <term>["']?Too High To Fail["']?</term>

  <concept cname="robert_erb" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>cannabis activist and mayorial candidate, Robert Erb</description>
    <label>Robert Erb</label>
    <term cf="70">Robert Erb\b</term>
    <term cf="50">Bob Erb\b</term>

  <concept cname="gina_epps" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Mother, educator, and cannabis activist Gina Epps</description>
    <term cf="85">Gina Epps\b</term>
    <term cf="35">Epps'?\b</term>

  <concept cname="julie_stewart" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <term cf="50">Julie Stewart</term>

  <concept cname="kevin_zeese" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <term>Kevin Zeese</term>
    <term cf="45">Zeese</term>

  <concept cname="jean_marlowe" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <term cf="80">Jean Marlowe</term>
    <term cf="30">Marlowe</term>

  <concept cname="ethan_nadelmann" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Ethan Nadelmann</description>
    <label>Ethan Nadelmann</label>
    <term>Ethan Nadelmann?</term>
    <term>Ethan A\.? Nadelmann</term>
    <term cf="45">Nadelmann?</term>

  <concept cname="grant_smith" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Grant Smith, federal policy coordinator for the Drug Policy Alliance</description>
    <label>Grant Smith</label>
    <term cf="50">Grant Smith</term>
    <term cf="1">Smith</term>

  <concept cname="rob_kampia" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Robert Kampia</description>
    <label>Rob Kampia</label>
    <term>Robert Kampia</term>
    <term>Rob Kampia</term>
    <term cf="30">Kampia</term>

  <concept cname="justin_hartfield" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Justin Hartfield, WeedMaps CEO, cannabis activist, and board member of NORML and the MPP</description>
    <label>Justin Hartfield</label>
    <term cf="95">Justin Hartfield</term>
    <term cf="30">Hartfield</term>

  <concept cname="bruce_mirken" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Bruce Mirken</description>
    <label>Bruce Mirken</label>
    <term cf="90">Bruce Mirken</term>
    <term cf="30">Mirken</term>

  <concept cname="steve_fox" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Steve Fox</description>
    <label>Steve Fox</label>
    <term>MPP.{1,33}Steve Fox</term>
    <term>Steve Fox.{1,33}MPP</term>
    <term cf="50">Steve Fox</term>
    <term cf="10">Fox</term>

  <concept cname="ben_masel" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Ben Masel</description>
    <label>Ben Masel</label>
    <term>Ben Masel</term>
    <term cf="2">Masel\b</term>

  <concept cname="philippe_lucas" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Philippe Lucas</description>
    <label>Philippe Lucas</label>
    <term>Phill?ippe Lucas</term>
    <term cf="50">Phil Lucas</term>
    <term cf="15">Lucas</term>

  <concept cname="mark_greer" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Mark Greer</description>
    <label>Mark Greer</label>
    <term>Mark Greer</term>
    <term cf="15">Greer</term>

  <concept cname="marc_emery" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Marc Emery</label>
    <term cf="90">Marc Emery</term>
    <term>Marc S.? Emery</term>
    <term>Marc Scott Emery</term>
    <term cf="25">Emery</term>
    <term cf="95">Prince of Pot</term>
    <term cf="90">Pot ["']?prince["']?</term>

  <concept cname="jodie_emery"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Jodie Emery, editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine</description>
    <label>Jodie Emery</label>
    <term cf="97">Jodie Emery</term>
    <term cf="93">Jodi Emery</term>

  <concept cname="laura_kriho" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <term>Laura Kriho</term>

  <concept cname="schapelle_corby">
    <description>Schapelle Corby, human political football and innocent victim of politicians wishing to appear 'tough' in the war on drugs. Ask yourself: how did Schapelle's luggage gain 4 kilos after she checked it in?</description>
    <term>Schapelle Corby</term>
    <term cf="70">Schapelle</term>
    <term cf="2">Corby</term>

  <concept cname="konstantin_yaroshenko">
    <description>On orders from Washington, Liberian authorities kidnapped
     Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, held him illegally for over a year,
     then extradited him to America - on fabricated drug smuggling charges.</description>
    <term>Konstantin Yaroshenko</term>
    <term cf="60">Yaroshenko</term>

  <concept cname="alexander_shulgin"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>psychopharmacologist, author and activist Alexander Shulgin</description>
    <term>Alexander Shulgin</term>
    <term cf="70">Shulgin</term>

  <concept cname="david_malmo_levine" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>David Malmo-Levine</label>
    <term>David Malmo[ -]?Levine</term>
    <term>Malmo[ -]?Levine</term>

  <concept cname="dana_larsen" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Dana Larsen</label>
    <description>Dana Larsen, cannabis and drug policy reformer</description>
    <term cf="75">Dana Larsen</term>
    <term cf="2">Larsen</term>

  <concept cname="renee_boje" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Renee Boje</label>
    <term cf="80">Renee Boje</term>
    <term cf="2">Renee</term> 
    <term cf="30">Boje</term>

  <concept cname="steve_kubby" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Steve Kubby, Chief Officer; Managing Partner and CEO, Kubby Patents and Licenses</description>
    <label>Steve Kubby</label>
    <term>Steve Kubby</term>
    <term cf="45">Kubby</term>

  <concept cname="edward_forchion" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>cannabis activist Edward Forchion, also known as</description>
    <label>Edward Forchion</label>
    <term cf="99">Edward Forchion</term>
    <term cf="90">Ed Forchion</term>
    <term cf="45">Forchion</term>
    <term>Robert Edward Forcion Jr</term>
    <term>Ed "NJWeedman" Forchion</term>
    <term>New Jersey [ -]?WEED[ -]?MAN</term>
    <term>N\.? ?J\.?[ -]?WEED[ -]?MAN</term>
    <term>N\.? ?J\.? ?['"]Weed[ -]?man['"]</term>

    <term cf="55">weed-man\b</term>
    <term cf="45">weed man\b</term>
    <term cf="25">weedman\b</term>

  <concept cname="russell_forchion" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>NJ medical cannabis activist Russell Forchion</description>
    <term>Russell Forchion</term>

  <concept cname="colleen_begley" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>NJ medical cannabis activist Colleen Begley</description>
    <term>Colleen Begley</term>

  <concept cname="john_claudy" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>NJ medical cannabis activist John Claudy</description>
    <term>John Claudy</term>

  <concept cname="roger_christie" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>political and religious prisoner, Roger Christie</description>
    <term cf="95">Roger Christie</term>
    <term cf="15">Christie</term>

  <concept cname="adam_kokesh" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Adam Kokesh</label>
    <description>reform activist, speaker, TV anchor, libertarian, writer: Adam Kokesh</description>
    <term cf="85">Adam Kokesh</term>
    <term cf="50">Kokesh</term>

  <concept cname="mike_shiwen" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Mike Shiwen</label>
    <description>reform activist, writer: Mike Shiwen</description>
    <term cf="85">Mike Shiwen</term>
    <term cf="50">Shiwen</term>

  <concept cname="yap_shiwen" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Yap Shiwen</label>
    <description>reform activist, writer: Yap Shiwen</description>
    <term cf="85">Yap Shiwen</term>
    <term cf="50">Shiwen</term>

  <concept cname="jeff_mizanskey">
    <description>Missouri inmate serving life without parole for nonviolent marijuana offenses, Jeff Mizanskey</description>
    <term cf="95">Jeff Mizanskey</term>
    <term cf="50">Mizanskey</term>

  <concept cname="diane_fornbacher" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Diane Fornbacher</label>
    <description>reform activist, author Diane Fornbacher</description>
    <term>Diane Fornbacher</term>
    <term cf="80">Fornbacher</term>

  <concept cname="adam_eidinger" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Adam Eidinger</label>
    <description>Washington DC cannabis reform activist, Adam Eidinger</description>
    <term>Adam Eidinger</term>
    <term cf="80">Eidinger</term>

  <concept cname="poppy_sidhu" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Poppy Sidhu</label>
    <description>reform activist, Poppy Sidhu</description>
    <term>Poppy Sidhu</term>
    <term cf="5">Poppy</term>
    <term cf="45">Sidhu</term>

  <concept cname="martin_nickerson" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Martin Nickerson</label>
    <description>reform activist, Martin Nickerson</description>
    <term>Martin Nickerson</term>
    <term cf="5">Martin</term>
    <term cf="45">Nickerson</term>

  <concept cname="chris_ramsey" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Chris Ramsey</label>
    <description>reform activist, Chris Ramsey</description>
    <term>Chris Ramsey</term>
    <term cf="10">Ramsey</term>

  <concept cname="ed_rosenthal" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Ed Rosenthal is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on marijuana. In his more than 30 years as the "guru of ganja," he has written or edited more than a dozen books about marijuana cultivation and social policy that cumulatively have sold more than one million copies.</description>
    <term cf="80">Ed Rosenthal</term>
    <term cf="40">Rosenthal</term>

  <concept cname="dave_borden" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>David Borden</description>
    <label>David Borden</label>
    <term cf="50">David Borden</term>
    <term cf="50">Dave Borden</term>
    <term cf="45">Borden</term>

  <concept cname="mj_majority" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Marijuana Majority</description>
    <term cf="90">Marijuana[ -]?Majority</term>

  <concept cname="tom_angell" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Tom Angell</description>
    <term>Tom Angell</term>
    <term cf="40">Angell\b</term>

  <concept cname="montel_williams"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <term>Montel Williams</term>

  <concept cname="dana_beal" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Dana Beal</description>
    <label>Dana Beal</label>
    <term>Dana Beal</term>

  <concept cname="willie_nelson" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Willie Nelson</label>
    <description>Quote: The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis. (Willie Nelson)</description>
    <term>Willie Nelson</term>

    <concept cname="rick_doblin" bgcolor="#99ffff">
      <label>Rick Doblin, founder of</label>
      <term>Rick Doblin</term>
      <term>Richard Elliott Doblin</term>
      <term>Richard E\.? Doblin</term>
      <term cf="45">Doblin</term>

  <concept cname="loretta_nall" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <term>Loretta Nall</term>
    <term cf="45">Nall\b</term>

  <concept cname="snoop_dogg" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>performer and cannabis activist Snoop Lion, aka Snoop Doggy Dogg</description>
    <term>Snoop Dogg?</term>
    <term>Snoop Doggie Dogg?</term>
    <term>Snoop Doggy Dogg?</term>
    <term>Snoop Lion</term>
    <term cf="40">Snoop</term>

  <concept cname="gary_johnson" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>entrepeneur and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson</description>
    <term>New Mexico governor Gary Johnson</term>
    <term cf="98">Gary E\.? Johnson</term>
    <term cf="75">Gary Johnson</term>
    <term cf="1">Johnson</term>

  <concept cname="cmmnj" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey, Inc.</description>
    <term>Coalition for Medical Marijuana.{1,10}New Jersey</term>
    <term cf="90">CMMNJ\b</term> 
    <term>Ken Wolski</term>
    <term cf="5">Wolski\b</term>

  <concept cname="chris_conrad" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <term>activist{1,32}Chris Conrad</term>
    <term>Chris Conrad{1,32}activist</term>
    <term cf="40">Chris Conrad</term>

  <concept cname="bob_newland" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <term cf="90">Bob Newland</term>
    <term cf="50">Robert Newland</term>
    <term cf="20">Newland</term>

  <concept cname="stan_pasqual" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <term cf="80">Stan Pasqual</term>
    <term cf="10">Pasqual</term>

  <concept cname="irv_rosenfeld" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>stock market expert (and cannabis activist) Irvin Rosenfeld</description>
    <term>Irvin Rosenfeld</term>
    <term>Irv Rosenfeld</term>

  <concept cname="sensible_colorado" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Sensible Colorado</description>
    <label>Sensible Colorado</label>
    <term>Sensible Colorado</term>

  <concept cname="brian_vicente" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Brian Vicente</description>
    <label>Brian Vicente</label>
    <term>Brian Vicente</term>

  <concept cname="don_wirtshafter" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>attorney and activist Don E. Wirtshafter</description>
    <term>Don E\.? Wirtshafter</term>
    <term>Don Wirtshafter</term>
    <term cf="70">Wirtshafter</term>

  <concept cname="richard_glen_boire" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Richard Glen Boire serves as the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics' Senior Fellow in Law and Policy</description>
    <term>Richard Glen Boire</term>
    <term>Richard G\.? Boire</term>
    <term cf="90">Richard Boire</term>
    <term cf="30">Boire</term>

  <concept cname="sdcc" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>South Dakota Coalition for Compassion</description>
    <term>South Dakota Coalition for Compassion</term>

  <concept cname="sensible_missouri" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Sensible Missouri</description>
    <label>Sensible Missouri</label>
    <term>Sensible Missouri</term>
    <term cf="75">Mark Pedersen</term>


  <concept cname="richard_lee" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Richard Lee is a medical marijuana activist, the founder of Oaksterdam University</description>
    <label>Richard Lee</label>

    <term cf="90">Richard Lee\b{1,77}initiative</term>
    <term cf="90">initiative{1,77}Richard Lee\b</term>

    <term cf="90">Richard Lee\b.{1,77}prop 19</term>
    <term cf="90">prop 19.{1,77}Richard Lee\b</term>

    <term cf="90">Richard Lee\b.{1,77}organiz</term>
    <term cf="90">organiz.{1,77}Richard Lee\b</term>

    <term cf="90">Richard Lee\b.{1,77}cannabis</term>
    <term cf="90">cannabis.{1,77}Richard Lee\b</term>

    <term cf="70">Richard Lee\b.{1,77}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="70">marijuana.{1,77}Richard Lee\b</term>

    <term cf="70">Richard Lee\b.{1,77}legali[sz]</term>
    <term cf="70">legali[sz].{1,77}Richard Lee\b</term>

    <term cf="98">Oaksterdam Founder</term>

    <term cf="70">Richard Lee.{1,77}Oaksterdam</term>
    <term cf="70">Oaksterdam.{1,77}Richard Lee</term>

    <term cf="70">Richard Lee.{1,77}activist</term>
    <term cf="70">activist.{1,77}Richard Lee</term>

    <term cf="45">Richard Lee\b</term> 


  <concept cname="oaksterdam" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Oaksterdam University</description>
    <term cf="95">['"]?Princeton of Pot['"]?</term>

  <concept cname="alex_wodak"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Dr Alex Wodak is a physician and has been Director of the Alcohol and Drug Service, St Vincent's Hospital since 1982</description>
    <term>Alex Wodak</term>
    <term cf="15">Wodak</term>  

  <concept cname="robert_platshorn" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Robert Platshorn - activist and communicator</description>
    <term>Robert Platshorn</term>
    <term cf="50">Platshorn</term>

  <concept cname="reform_referenda" bgcolor="#99ffff">

    <term cf="50">pot initiative</term>
    <term cf="50">marijuana initiative</term>




  <concept cname="question_3"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Question 3 - Massachusetts Medical Marijuana, 2012</description>
    <label>Question 3 (Massachusetts)</label>

    <term cf="95">question[ -]3\b</term>

    <term cf="95">Vote[ -]?No[ -]?On[ -]?Question[ -]?3</term>
    <term cf="95">Ma[ -]?Vote[ -]?No[ -]?On[ -]?Question[ -]?3</term>


  <concept cname="prop_203"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Proposition 203 - Arizona Medical Marijuana Act</description>
    <label>Prop. 203 (Arizona)</label>
    <term cf="95">Proposition 203</term>
    <term cf="85">Prop\.? 203</term>
    <term>Arizona Medical Marijuana Act</term>
    <term>Arizona Medical Marijuana initiative</term>

  <concept cname="measure_13"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Measure 13 - South Dakota Medical Marijuana Initiative</description>
    <label>Measure 13 (South Dakota)</label>
    <term>Measure 13\b</term>
    <term>South Dakota medical marijuana initiative</term>
    <term>South Dakota Medical Marijuana Act</term>
    <term cf="60">South Dakota.{1,40}medical marijuana</term>
    <term cf="60">medical marijuana.{1,40}South Dakota</term>
    <term cf="70">Yes on 13\b</term>

  <concept cname="measure_74"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Measure 74 - Oregon Regulated Medical Marijuana Supply System Act</description>
    <term>Measure 74</term>
    <term>Regulated Medical Marijuana Supply System Act</term>

  <concept cname="reg_mj_2012"   bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012 (California)</description>

    <term cf="98">["']?Regulate Marijuana Like Wine["']?</term>

    <term cf="35">pot growers.{1,50}vineyard</term>
    <term cf="35">vineyard.{1,50}pot growers</term>
    <term cf="75">pot growers.{1,50}wine</term>
    <term cf="75">wine.{1,50}pot growers</term>

    <term cf="35">marijuana.{1,50}vineyard</term>
    <term cf="35">vineyard.{1,50}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="35">pot.{1,50}vineyard</term>
    <term cf="35">vineyard.{1,50}pot</term>

    <term cf="45">marijuana.{1,50}wine</term>
    <term cf="45">wine.{1,50}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="45">pot.{1,45}wine</term>
    <term cf="45">wine.{1,45}pot</term>



  <concept cname="rcpa" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act (California)</description>
    <label>Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act</label>
    <term>Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act</term>

  <concept cname="reg_mj_2012_colorado"   bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Amendment 64 - Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act of 2012 (Colorado)</description>

    <term cf="98">["']?Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol["']?</term>

    <term cf="80">Amendment 64\b</term>
    <term cf="80">A-64\b</term>


  <concept cname="opca_2012"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Ohio Medical Cannabis Act of 2012</description>
    <term>Ohio Medical Cannabis Act</term>   

  <concept cname="octa_2012" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA 2012)</description>
    <label>OCTA 2012 (Oregon)</label>
    <term>Oregon Cannabis Tax Act</term>
    <term>OCTA 2012</term>
    <term cf="80">Measure 80\b</term>
    <term cf="50">I-9\b</term>
    <term cf="50">OCTA\b</term>

  <concept cname="ak_measure_2_2014" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Alaska Marijuana Legalization, Ballot Measure 2 (2014)</description>
    <label>Measure 2 (Alaska)</label>
    <term cf="80">Measure 2\b</term>

    <term cf="75">pot growers.{1,50}Alcohol</term>
    <term cf="75">Alcohol.{1,50}pot growers</term>
    <term cf="85">regulate marijuana.{1,50}Alcohol</term>
    <term cf="45">pot.{1,50}Alcohol</term>
    <term cf="45">Alcohol.{1,50}pot</term>
    <term cf="45">marijuana.{1,50}Alcohol</term>
    <term cf="30">Alcohol.{1,50}marijuana</term>


  <concept cname="fl_amendment_2_2014" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative, Amendment 2 (2014)</description>
    <label>Amendment 2 (Florida)</label>
    <term cf="80">Amendment 2\b</term>

  <concept cname="or_measure_91_2014" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Oregon Legalized Marijuana Initiative, Measure 91 (2014)</description>
    <label>Measure 91 (Oregon)</label>
    <term cf="80">Measure 91\b</term>

  <concept cname="dc_initiative_71_2014" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Washington D.C. Initiative 71 (2014)</description>
    <label>Initiative 71 (DC)</label>
    <term cf="80">Initiative 71\b</term>

  <concept cname="amma_2012"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act</description>
    <term>Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act</term>
    <term cf="50">AMMA\b</term>

  <concept cname="nawa_2012" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>New Approach Washington</description>
    <term>New Approach Washington</term>
    <term cf="20">New Approach</term>
    <term>Initiative 502</term>

  <concept cname="tax_cannabis_2010"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Proposition 19 - California Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act</description>
    <label>Prop. 19 - Tax Cannabis Act</label>
    <term>Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act 2010</term>
    <term>Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010</term>
    <term>Tax Cannabis Act of 2010</term>
    <term cf="90">Tax Cannabis Act</term>
    <term cf="78">Tax Cannabis in 2010</term>
    <term cf="70">Tax Cannabis campaign</term>
    <term>Control and Tax Cannabis Initiative</term>
    <term cf="85">Proposition 19</term>
    <term cf="60">Prop.{1,9}\b19\b</term>

  <concept cname="barry_cooper" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Barry Cooper is an anti-drug-war speaker and a former law enforcement narcotics officer</description>
    <term cf="98">Barry N\.? Cooper</term>
    <term cf="45">Barry Cooper</term>
    <term cf="3">Cooper</term>

  <concept cname="kirk_tousaw" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Kirk Tousaw executive director of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation</description>
    <label>Kirk Tousaw</label>
    <term>Kirk I. Tousaw</term>
    <term>Kirk Tousaw</term>
    <term cf="40">Tousaw</term>

  <concept cname="beyond_prohibition" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Beyond Prohibition Foundation</description>
    <term>Beyond Prohibition Foundation</term>
    <term cf="50">Beyond Prohibition</term>

  <concept cname="russ_belville" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>reformer "Radical" Russ Belville</description>
    <term cf="90">Russ Belville</term>
    <term cf="95">["']?Radical["'] Russ</term>
    <term>["']?Radical["'] Russ Belville</term>

  <concept cname="howard_wooldridge" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>Howard Wooldridge</label>
    <description>LEAP founding member, Howard Wooldridge</description>
    <term>Howard J?.? ?Wooldridge</term>
    <term>Howard Wooldridge</term>
    <term>Howard "Cowboy" Wooldridge</term>

  <concept cname="pvp"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Patient Voter Project</description>
    <label>Patient Voter Project</label>
    <term>Patient Voter Project</term>

  <concept cname="drug_policy">
    <description>policy about how drugs and users be treated (esp. concerning government-initiated violence), in general</description>

    <term>drug policy</term>
    <term>drugs policy</term>
    <term>narcotics policy</term>
    <term>drug policies</term>
    <term>drug politics</term>
    <term>the drug problem</term>
    <term>Politica de Drogas</term>


  <concept cname="compassionate_idaho"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>working for Idaho MMJ</description>
    <term>Compassionate Idaho</term>

  <concept cname="tony_bennett"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>entertainer and drug reform advocate, Tony Bennett</description>
    <term cf="75">Tony Bennett</term>

  <concept cname="ramp"  bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition (RAMP)</description>
    <term cf="75">Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition</term>
    <term cf="50">RAMP\b</term>

  <concept cname="lte_writer" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>POSSIBLE letter-to-editor author (verify, esp. for more common names)</description>
    <label>POSSIBLE LTE writer</label>
    <term>Robert Sharpe</term>
    <term>Kirk Muse</term>
    <term>Alan Randell</term>
    <term>Stan White</term>
    <term>Russell Barth</term>
    <term>Chris G. Buors</term>
    <term>Chris Buors</term>
    <term>Stephen S. Heath</term>
    <term>Stephen Heath</term>
    <term>Bruce Mirken</term>
    <term>Redford Givens</term>
    <term>Chuck Beyer</term>
    <term>Larry Seguin</term>
    <term>Myron Von Hollingsworth</term>
    <term>Gerald M. Sutliff</term>
    <term>Gerald Sutliff</term>
    <term>Matthew M. Elrod</term>
    <term>Matthew Elrod</term>
    <term>Matt Elrod</term>
    <term>Clifford A. Schaffer</term>
    <term>Clifford Schaffer</term>
    <term>John G. Chase</term>
    <term cf="40">John Chase</term>
    <term>Alun Buffry</term>
    <term>Mike Plylar</term>
    <term>Matthew Hulett</term>
    <term>Allan Erickson</term>
    <term>Dave Michon</term>
    <term>Scott Russ</term>
    <term cf="35">Jim White</term>
    <term>Thomas J?.? ?O'?Connell</term>
    <term>Norm Stamper</term>
    <term>Bruce Symington</term>
    <term>Danny Terwey</term>
    <term>Jerry Epstein</term>
    <term>Adam B?.? ?Wiggins</term>
    <term>Tim Meehan</term>
    <term>Wayne Phillips</term>
    <term>Walter F?.? ?Wouk</term>
    <term>Larry A?.? ?Stevens</term>
    <term>Stephen Young</term>
    <term>Kirk I. Tousaw</term>
    <term>Paul M. Bischke</term>
    <term>Don Barnard</term>
    <term>James E?.? ?Gierach</term>
    <term>Duncan Eddy</term>
    <term>Robert Merkin</term>
    <term>Steven S?.? ?Epstein</term>
    <term>David V?.? ?Lane</term>
    <term>Jose Melendez</term>
    <term>Peter Webster</term>
    <term>Mett Ausley Jr.?</term>
    <term>Mett Ausley</term>
    <term>Greg Francisco</term>
    <term>Robert J. Melamede</term>
    <term>Robert Melamede</term>
    <term>Hugh Robertson</term>
    <term>Richard Sinnott</term>
    <term>Dean Becker</term>
    <term>Pat Dolan</term>
    <term>David d'?Apollonia</term>
    <term>Chris Donald</term>
    <term>Kim Hanna</term>
    <term cf="45">William Bradley</term>
    <term>Ray P Carlson</term>
    <term>Ray Carlson</term>
    <term>Harry D. Fisher</term>
    <term>Harry Fisher</term>
    <term>Tom G. Hawkins</term>
    <term>George Kosinski</term>
    <term>Christopher Jon Largen</term>
    <term>Lee Monnet</term>
    <term>Arthur R. Sobey</term>
    <term>Sandy Cote</term>
    <term>Anthony Lorenzo</term>
    <term>Jason Marrs</term>
    <term cf="45">Jim Miller</term>
    <term>Christopher A. Joseph</term>
    <term>Ray Aldridge</term>
    <term>Jay Bergstrom</term>
    <term>Lee Eisenstein</term>
    <term>Dale H Gieringer</term>
    <term>Debra Harper</term>
    <term>Richard Marchese</term>
    <term>Robert St. Amour</term>
    <term cf="45">Andrew Byrne</term>
    <term>Darral Good</term>
    <term>Carl E. Olsen</term>
    <term>Richard James Rawlings</term>
    <term>Gene Tinelli</term>
    <term>Carl Wagner</term>
    <term>Derek Williams</term>
    <term>Kevin Allan</term>
    <term>Steve Helms</term>
    <term>Carey Ker</term>
    <term>Jody Pressman</term>
    <term>Norm Siefken</term>
    <term>Randy Vizyak</term>
    <term>Peter Watney</term>
    <term>Tyson Campbell</term>
    <term>Nicolas Eyle</term>
    <term>Lynn Harichy</term>
    <term>Joseph Leger</term>
    <term>Anita T. Mayfield</term>
    <term>Bob Ramsey</term>
    <term>Keith Sanders</term>

  <concept cname="compassion_club" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <label>compassion club</label>
    <description>organization that legally distributes medical cannabis to doctor-approved patients</description>

    <!-- generic terms -->
    <term>cannabis club</term>
    <term>pot[ -]club</term>
    <term>marijuana club</term>
    <term>compassion club</term>
    <term>Compassion Center</term>
    <term>compassion society</term>
    <term>medical[ -]marijuana[ -]outlet</term>
    <term>medical[ -]marijuana[ -]club</term>
    <term>medical[ -]pot[ -]club</term>
    <term>medical[ -]cannabis dispensar</term>
    <term>cannabis dispensar</term>
    <term>marijuana dispensar</term>
    <term cf="40">dispensar</term>


  <concept cname="named_compassion_club" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>a specific compassion club</description>


    <term>Co[ -]?Op SD</term>
    <term>Nevada Primary Caregivers and Consultants (Las Vegas)</term>
    <term>Herbal Caregivers</term>
    <term>Voter Power Patient Resource Center</term>
    <term>Medical Marijuana Network</term>
    <term>Eugene Compassion Center</term>
    <term>Contigo[ -]?Conmigo</term>
    <term>Canna[ -]?Care</term>
    <term>Green Cross Patient Advocates</term>
    <term>Lifevine Angels Cannabis Collective</term>
    <term>The Hawaiian Cannabis Ministry</term>
    <term>Maui Patients Without Time</term>
    <term>Dr. Green's medical grade</term>
    <term>Cannabis Therapeutics</term>
    <term>Club Cannabis</term>
    <term>Hamilton Compassion Society</term>
    <term>Hemp and Cannabis Foundation</term>
    <term>Vancouver Island Compassion Society</term>
    <term cf="45">VICS\b</term>
    <term>Qikiqtaaluk Compassion Society</term>

  <concept cname="cali_compassion_club" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>a California cannabis dispensary</description>
    <label>California compassion club</label>
    <term>Herban Legend</term>
    <term>Mendo Remedies</term>
    <term>Caregiver Compassion Center</term>
    <term>North Bay Wellness Co[ -]?op</term>
    <term>Sonoma Alliance for Med MJ</term>
    <term>Marvin's Gardens</term>
    <term>Sonoma Co Compassionate Services</term>
    <term>Sonoma Coounty Compassionate Services</term>
    <term>Lake Co. Holistic Solutions</term>
    <term>D . M Compassion Center</term>
    <term>Lake Co Alternative Caregiver Clinic</term>
    <term>Compassionate Caregivers</term>
    <term>Hemp Plus Ministeries</term>
    <term>Sierra Foothills CC</term>
    <term>B.R.A. Medical Cannabis Alliance</term>
    <term>NorCal Medical Cannabis Collective</term>
    <term>Total Healthy Choice</term>
    <term>California Healthcare Collective</term>
    <term>28/16 Collective Corp</term>
    <term>El Dorado Pain Reduction Center</term>
    <term>MMJ Caregivers Association of El Dorado Co</term>
    <term>Golden State Patient Care Collective</term>
    <term>Dale's Delivery Service</term>
    <term>Paradise Alliance Med MJ Delivery Service</term>
    <term>Feather River Co[ -]?op</term>
    <term>Jim'z Deliveries</term>
    <term>San Joaquin Co. Medi-Caregivers delivery</term>
    <term>Shasta Herbal Delivery</term>
    <term>Siskiyou County Medical Cannabis Co[ -]?op</term>
    <term>Stanislaus . Central Valley Co[ -]?op</term>
    <term>High Flight Deliveries</term>
    <term>Sutter Co Patient Care Collective</term>
    <term>Yuba County Cannabis Buyers' Collective</term>
    <term>River City Patients' Center</term>
    <term>Capitol Alternatives</term>
    <term cf="40">Doctor's Orders</term>
    <term cf="50">Canna[ -]?Care</term>
    <term cf="40">The Greenhouse</term>
    <term cf="40">End of the Rainbow</term>
    <term cf="40">Growth Unlimited</term>
    <term>Today's Holistic Caregivers</term>
    <term>Sam's deliveries</term>
    <term>Healing Hands of Nature</term>
    <term>Helping Hands Collective Caregivers</term>
    <term>Berkeley Cannabis Co[ -]?op</term>
    <term>Berkeley Patients' Group</term>
    <term>Berkeley Patients' Care Collective</term>
    <term>Holistic Solutions</term>
    <term>Hayward Patients Resource Center</term>
    <term>Local Patients'? Co[ -]?op</term>
    <term cf="40">Garden of Eden</term>
    <term>Compassionate Collective of Alameda County</term>
    <term>We Are Hemp</term>
    <term cf="20">Co[ -]?op Store</term>
    <term cf="20">SR-71</term>
    <term>Purple Heart Center</term>
    <term>Purple Heart dispensary</term>
    <term>SF Medical Cannabis Clinic #1</term>
    <term>CannaMed Care Center</term>
    <term>Alternative Herbal Health</term>
    <term>The Vapor Room</term>
    <term>The Patient Place</term>
    <term cf="45">Love Shack</term>
    <term>Medical Cannabis Clinic</term>
    <term cf="40">Ketama</term>
    <term cf="90">Ketama dispensary</term>
    <term>Holistic Solutions</term>
    <term>New Remedies Co[ -]?op</term>
    <term cf="40">Green Door</term>
    <term>Alternative Patient Caregivers</term>
    <term>Alternative Relief Co-Op</term>
    <term>San Francisco ACT-UP</term>
    <term>Valencia Street Caregivers</term>
    <term>Sweetleaf Collective</term>
    <term>San Francisco Patients' Co[ -]?op</term>
    <term>The Hopenet Co[ -]?op</term>
    <term>Bernal Heights Co[ -]?op</term>
    <term>The Divinity Tree</term>
    <term>Mason St. Dispensary</term>
    <term cf="40">Mr. Nice Guy</term>
    <term cf="40">Emmalyn's</term>
    <term>Patients Helping Patients Home Bike Delivery</term>
    <term>Good Fellows Smoke Shop</term>
    <term cf="40">Sanctuary</term>
    <term cf="40">Purple Heart</term>
    <term>Re-Leaf Herbal Center</term>
    <term>Grass Roots Clinic</term>
    <term>Happy Days Herbal Relief</term>
    <term cf="40">Golden Triangle</term>
    <term>Marin Alliance for Medical MJ</term>
    <term>Kind[ -]?Care Resource Center</term>
    <term>Patients Choice Resource Co[ -]?op</term>
    <term>Auto-Med RX</term>
    <term>Mobile Meds RX</term>
    <term>Mobile Herbal Therapy</term>
    <term cf="40">Growth Unlimited</term>
    <term>My Green Heaven Ministry</term>
    <term>Cal Medical MJ Patients Association</term>
    <term>Wo.{0,4}Men's Alliance</term>
    <term>Greenway Compassionate Relief</term>
    <term>Santa Cruz Patients Collective</term>
    <term>Med Ex Delivery Service</term>
    <term cf="45">Hemporium</term>
    <term>Hezekiah Inc</term>
    <term>Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers</term>
    <term>Compassion Center of Santa Barbara County - SBC Collective</term>
    <term>Santa Barbara Patients' Group</term>
    <term>Helping Hands Wellness Center</term>
    <term>Pacific Greens, Inc</term>
    <term>ACME Compassiion Club</term>
    <term>Nature's Path Care</term>
    <term>Medicinal Marijuana Awareness and Defense</term>
    <term>Charity Caregivers of Tulare</term>
    <term>Nature's Medicinal</term>
    <term>Canna[ -]?meds</term>
    <term>Sweet Relief Compassionate Center</term>
    <term>American Caregivers Collective</term>
    <term>Dr. Green's medical grade</term>
    <term>C-3 Patient Offices</term>
    <term>24/7 After Hours Collective</term>
    <term>Pharmakeia Dispensary</term>
    <term>The Holistic Caregivers</term>
    <term>Nature's Holistic Caregivers</term>
    <term cf="30">Wellness Center</term>
    <term cf="30">Medical Caregivers</term>
    <term>A-1 Compassionate Collective</term>
    <term>Arts District Healing Center</term>
    <term>At Downtown Wellness Center</term>
    <term>United Medical Caregivers Clinic</term>
    <term>KUSH Collective</term>
    <term>Eat Grass Bakery</term>
    <term>Quality of Life Activities</term>
    <term>LA Compasionate Care Silverlake</term>
    <term>California Caregivers Alliance</term>
    <term>Shiva's Gardens Caregivers</term>
    <term>Angel City Caregivers</term>
    <term>California Caregivers' Association</term>
    <term>California Patients' Group</term>
    <term>Hollywood Patients' Group</term>
    <term>Earth Collective</term>
    <term>Hollywood Compassionate Collective (HCC)</term>
    <term>The Lomita Vapor Lounge</term>
    <term>PCH Collective</term>
    <term>Marina Caregivers</term>
    <term>Caregivers Medical Resource</term>
    <term>Herbal Love Caregivers</term>
    <term>Alternative Caregivers Discount Dispensary</term>
    <term>Venice Beach Wellness Collective</term>
    <term>Ironworks Collective</term>
    <term>Westside Compassionate Caregivers</term>
    <term>Comfort Care Group</term>
    <term>Pain Free Society of California</term>
    <term>Crescent Alliance for Sickle-Cell</term>
    <term>Nigritian Kief Society</term>
    <term>LA Patients and Caregivers Group</term>
    <term>AHHS (Alternative Herbal Health Services)</term>
    <term>Medical Marijuana Farmacy</term>
    <term>West Hollywood Caregivers</term>
    <term>California Cannabis Pharmaceuticals</term>
    <term>West Hollywood Center for Compassionate Healing</term>
    <term cf="40">The Health Center</term>
    <term>West LA Collective Caregivers delivery service</term>
    <term>Conejo Wellness Center</term>
    <term>C-3 Collective</term>
    <term>Natural Relief Center</term>
    <term>Chatsworth Caregivers Group</term>
    <term>North Valley Discount Caregivers</term>
    <term>RNS Caregivers United</term>
    <term>North Hollywood Collective</term>
    <term>NoHo Caregivers</term>
    <term>Patients Against Pain</term>
    <term>Cannamed of Northridge</term>
    <term cf="40">Valley Co-Op</term>
    <term>Northridge Healing Center</term>
    <term>San Fernando Valley Patients Group</term>
    <term>Therapeutic Medicinal Health Resources</term>
    <term>Compassionate Care of Studio City</term>
    <term>Valley Collective Co[ -]?op</term>
    <term>Valley Independent Pharmacy</term>
    <term>Trichome Healing Caregivers</term>
    <term>Trichome Healing Center</term>
    <term>Southern California Caregivers</term>
    <term>Mother Nature's Remedy Caregivers</term>
    <term>California Collective Center</term>
    <term>Valley Healing Caregiver Center</term>
    <term>Kind Meds Collective Care</term>
    <term>West Valley Caregivers</term>
    <term>Socal Consultants Dispensary</term>
    <term>United Caregivers Group</term>
    <term>Cal Medical Caregivers Assoc</term>
    <term>CMCA - LA</term>
    <term>Tahoe Medical Collective</term>
    <term>Monrovia Patient Collective</term>
    <term>Farm Assist Caregivers</term>
    <term>W\. M\. P\. C</term>
    <term>H\. I\. M\.</term>
    <term>Whittier Collective</term>
    <term>Premium Care, Inc.</term>
    <term>Green Cross of Torrance</term>
    <term>Cancer Help Center Herbal Collective</term>
    <term>Compassionate Caregivers of Long Beach</term>
    <term cf="45">Herbal Solutions</term>
    <term>Nature's Way Compassion Group</term>
    <term>Spiritual Awakenings Deliveries</term>
    <term>Palos Verdes Collective</term>
    <term>The Lawndale Collective</term>
    <term>California Caregivers'? Assoc. of Redondo</term>
    <term>California Caregiver</term>
    <term>Med/A/Cab delivery service</term>
    <term>Low Cost Deliveries</term>
    <term>Freeway Farmacy delivery</term>
    <term>South Bay 420 Collective</term>
    <term>Diamond Delivery</term>
    <term>215 Patient Bakery</term>
    <term>420 Primary Caregivers</term>
    <term>C-3 Collective</term>
    <term>24/7 After Hours Collective</term>
    <term>Laguna Beach Collective</term>
    <term>Orange County Medicinal Collective</term>
    <term cf="45">Humble House</term>
    <term>Primary Caregiver deliveries</term>
    <term>A.R.C. Collective</term>
    <term>Healing Nations Collective</term>
    <term>Med-Drop deliveries</term>
    <term>Inland Empire Herbal Caregivers</term>
    <term>Green Ease Collective</term>
    <term>C.A.P.S. (Collective Apothecary of Palm Springs)</term>
    <term cf="45">Delta 9\b</term>
    <term>KGB Meds</term>
    <term>Dank Meds</term>
    <term>Freeway Farmacy</term>
    <term>Northern Lights Church</term>
    <term>Compassionate . Safe Access</term>
    <term>Morena Care Group</term>
    <term>Farm A\. C\b</term>
    <term>San Diego Compassion Club</term>
    <term>Chronic Care Co-Op, Inc</term>
    <term cf="40">The Giving Tree</term>
    <term>San Diego Alternative Caregivers</term>
    <term>Caregivers delivery</term>
    <term>Mother Nurture</term>
    <term>Natures Rx</term>
    <term>Holistic Healers</term>
    <term>Legal Ease, Inc</term>
    <term>Ocean Beach Dispensary</term>
    <term>Native Sun Dispensary</term>
    <term>Epicurean Delights</term>

  <!-- What is thy name? And he said, "Legion ..." -->

  <concept cname="prohibitionist" bgcolor="#FF9966">
   <description>infamous prohibitionist</description>

   <term>anti-legal[ -]?pot</term>  
   <term>anti-legal[ -]?marijuana</term>  
   <term>anti-legal[ -]?cannabis</term>  

   <term>anti-drug advocate</term>  
   <term>anti[ -]?drugs? campaigner</term>
   <term>anti[ -]drug? activist</term>
   <term cf="85">Preventionists</term>

    <term>Sue Rusche</term>
    <term cf="40">Rusche</term>

    <term>Betty Sembler</term>
    <term>Mel Sembler</term>
    <term>Melvin Sembler</term>
    <term cf="30">Sembler</term>

    <term>Sheldon Adelson</term>
    <term cf="15">Adelson</term>

    <term cf="55">Lana Beck</term>

    <term cf="70">Brenda Chabot</term>
    <term cf="85">Paul R\.? Chabot</term>
    <term cf="70">Paul Chabot</term>
    <term cf="20">Chabot</term>

    <term cf="90">Elizabeth Kempshell</term>

    <term cf="70">Lesley Pallett</term>
    <term cf="2">Pallett</term>

    <term>Lea Palleria Cox</term>
    <term cf="40">Lea Cox</term>

    <term>Mary Ann Solberg</term>
    <term cf="10">Solberg</term> 

    <term cf="80">Herbert Klee?ber</term>
    <term cf="80">Mark L\.? Kraus</term>
    <term cf="50">Mark Kraus</term>

    <term cf="90">Jim McDonough</term>
    <term cf="90">James McDonough</term>
    <term cf="30">McDonough</term>

    <term cf="98">Robert McGinnis</term>

    <term cf="95">Jeanette McDougal</term> 

    <term>Joyce Nalepka</term>
    <term cf="30">Nalepka</term>

    <term>Maxie Richards</term>

    <term>Calvina Fay</term>
    <term>Calvina L. Fay</term>
    <term cf="30">Fay</term>

    <term>Mark de Bernardo</term>
    <term>James Wootton</term>
    <term cf="90">Brian Barnes</term>
    <term cf="30">Robert Horn</term>
    <term cf="50">Jackson Lewis</term>

    <term>Michel Perron</term>

    <term>Amy Ronshausen</term>
    <term cf="30">Ronshausen</term>

    <term cf="60">John Redman</term>
    <term cf="15">Redman</term> 

    <term cf="70">Ginger Katz</term>
    <term cf="15">Katz</term>

    <term cf="80">Sandra S. Bennett</term>
    <term cf="45">Sandra Bennett</term> 

    <term cf="75">Stuart Reece</term>
    <term cf="5">Reece</term>

    <term cf="85">Alistair Ramsay</term>
    <term cf="7">Ramsay</term>

    <term cf="60">Kelly Corcoran</term>
    <term cf="1">Corcoran</term>

    <term cf="90">Barry Crane</term>
    <term cf="10">Crane</term>

    <term cf="90">Raymond Yans\b</term>
    <term cf="40">Xin Yu\b</term>
    <term cf="90">Carola Lander</term>
    <term cf="90">Sri Suryawati</term>
    <term cf="90">Maria-Elena Medina Mora</term>
    <term cf="90">Joseph Bediako Asare</term>
    <term cf="90">Akwasi Osei</term>
    <term cf="90">Hamid Ghodse</term>
    <term cf="90">Tatyana Borisovna Dmitrieva</term>
    <term cf="90">Melvyn Levitsky</term> 

    <term cf="50">Larry Katz</term>

    <term cf="70">Richard H. Schwartz</term>
    <term cf="50">Richard Schwartz</term>

    <term>Joseph A\.? Califano, Jr</term>
    <term cf="80">Joseph Califano, Jr</term>
    <term cf="98">Joseph A\.? Califano</term>
    <term cf="50">Joseph Califano</term>
    <term cf="5">Califano</term>
    <term cf="95">Jeffrey B\.? Lane</term>
    <term cf="45">Jeffrey Lane</term>
    <term cf="45">Jeff Lane</term>
    <term cf="5">Mr.\? Lane</term>

    <term>Gene F\.? Jankowski</term>
    <term>Gene Jankowski</term>
    <term cf="40">Jankowski</term>

    <term>William H. Foster</term>
    <term cf="50">William Foster</term>
    <term cf="10">Bill Foster</term>

    <term cf="95">David L\.? Rosenbloom</term>
    <term cf="50">David Rosenbloom</term>
    <term cf="5">Rosenbloom</term>

    <term>Stephen J. Pasierb</term>
    <term cf="95">Stephen Pasierb</term>
    <term cf="95">Steve Pasierb</term>
    <term cf="10">Pasierb</term>

    <term>Marcia Lee Taylor</term>
    <term>Marcia L\.? Taylor</term>
    <term cf="50">Marcia Taylor</term>

    <term cf="90">Kathy Chidester</term>
    <term cf="40">Chidester</term>

    <term cf="50">David Raynes</term>
    <term cf="5">Raynes</term>

    <term cf="98">Art Linkletter</term>

    <term>Betty Sembler</term>
    <term cf="20">Robert Charles</term>
    <term cf="50">Judy Kreamer</term>

    <term>Ron Nehring</term>

    <term cf="60">David G.? Evans</term>

    <term cf="97">David Evans.{1,33}Drug Free America</term>
    <term cf="97">Drug Free America.{1,33}David Evans</term>
    <term cf="95">Dave Evans.{1,33}Drug Free America</term>
    <term cf="95">Drug Free America.{1,33}Dave Evans</term>

    <term cf="97">David Evans.{1,33}legali[sz]</term>
    <term cf="97">legali[sz].{1,33}David Evans</term>
    <term cf="95">Dave Evans.{1,33}legali[sz]</term>
    <term cf="95">legali[sz].{1,33}Dave Evans</term>

    <term cf="97">David Evans.{1,99}cannabis</term>
    <term cf="97">cannabis.{1,99}David Evans</term>
    <term cf="97">David Evans.{1,99}cannabis</term>
    <term cf="97">cannabis.{1,99}David Evans</term>

    <term cf="15">David Evans</term>
    <term cf="5">Dave Evans</term>

    <term cf="50">Randy Thomasson</term>

    <term>David A.? Gross</term>
    <term cf="20">David Gross\b</term>

    <term>DeForest Rathbone</term>
    <term cf="50">Susie Dugan</term>
    <term>John F.? Gilligan</term>
    <term cf="10">John Gilligan</term>

    <term>Jeanette McDougal</term>
    <term>Michael C. Barnes</term>
    <term cf="30">Michael Barnes</term>
    <term>John Pastuovic</term>
    <term cf="10">Anne Meyer</term>
    <term cf="50">Jessica Talbert</term>
    <term>Terrence P. Farley</term>
    <term cf="50">Terrence Farley</term>
    <term>Joyce D. Nalepka</term>
    <term cf="20">Roger Morgan</term>
    <term cf="50">Carla Lowe</term>
    <term cf="50">Debbie Lindner</term>
    <term cf="50">Geraldine Silverman</term>
    <term>William R. Caltrider</term>
    <term cf="50">William Caltrider</term>
    <term>Malcolm ['"]?Cap["']? Beyer</term>
    <term cf="20">Malcolm Beyer</term>
    <term cf="20">Elizabeth Edwards</term>
    <term cf="40">Theresa Costello</term>
    <term>Audrey Bumanis</term>
    <term cf="60">Judy Dinerstein</term>
    <term cf="50">Linda Ledger</term>
    <term>Herschel Mills Baker</term>
    <term cf="70">Nathan Tabor</term>
    <term cf="10">Tabor</term>

    <term cf="50">Mary Brett\b</term>

    <term>Sonita Abrahams</term>
    <term>Laura Baldivieso</term>
    <term cf="50">Jack Gilligan</term>
    <term>Eliseo Gonzales Regadas</term>
    <term cf="70">Eliseo Regadas</term>
    <term cf="40">Stephanie Haynes</term>
    <term cf="40">Ben Jenkins</term>
    <term cf="50">Bruce Payette</term>
    <term cf="60">Haroldo Rahm</term>
    <term>Alejandro Vassilaqui</term>

    <term>MP Randy White</term>
    <term cf="20">Randy White</term>

    <term cf="95">Colin Mangham</term>
    <term cf="30">Mangham</term>

     <term cf="50">Neil McKeganey</term>
     <term cf="5">McKeganey</term>

     <term cf="50">Janice Jess</term>

     <term cf="75">Jim Sensenbrenner</term>
     <term cf="75">James Sensenbrenner</term>
     <term cf="45">Sensenbrenner</term>

    <term cf="95">John English.{0,100}Drug Watch International</term>

    <term cf="60">Craig Thompson</term>

    <term cf="65">Jo Baxter</term>
    <term cf="3">Baxter</term>

    <term cf="60">Steven H\.? Steiner</term>
    <term cf="50">Steven Steiner</term>
    <term cf="3">Steiner</term>

    <term cf="50">Penny Stine</term>
    <term cf="3">Stine\b</term>

    <term cf="97">William T. Breault</term>
    <term cf="55">William Breault</term>
    <term cf="35">Breault</term>

    <term cf="85">Clare Gerada</term>
    <term cf="35">Gerada</term>

    <term cf="55">Marjorie Wallace</term>

    <term cf="20">Dan Harmon</term>

    <term cf="15">Debra Bell\b</term>

    <term cf="65">Jack Claypoole</term>
    <term cf="5">Claypoole</term>

    <term cf="75">Ed Jurith</term>
    <term cf="45">Jurith</term>

    <term cf="60">Richard Pound</term>

    <!-- ??
      <term>A\.? Thomas McLellan</term>
      <term cf="40">Thomas McLellan</term>
      <term cf="2">McLellan</term> 
    ?? -->

    <term cf="90">Barrett Duke</term>

    <term>Rudolph Guiliani</term>

    <term cf="98">Rosalie Liccardo Pacula</term>
    <term cf="95">Rosalie L\.? Pacula</term>
    <term cf="80">Rosalie Pacula</term>

    <term cf="75">Kathy Gyngell</term>

    <term>Louis ["']?Skip["']? Miller</term>
    <term cf="45">Louis Miller</term>
    <term cf="95">Skip Miller.{1,32}chairman</term>
    <term cf="95">chairman.{1,32}Skip Miller</term>
    <term cf="90">["']Skip["'] Miller</term>
    <term cf="50">Skip Miller</term>

    <term>Bishop Ron Allen</term>
    <term cf="95">preacher Ron Allen</term>
    <term cf="75">Pastor Ron Allen</term>
    <term cf="66">Bishop Allen</term>
    <term cf="66">angry church leaders</term>
    <term cf="90">Ron Allen.{1,32}Coalition</term>
    <term cf="90">Coalition.{1,32}Ron Allen</term>
    <term cf="5">Ron Allen</term>

    <term>Rev. Anthony Evans</term>
    <term cf="75">National Black Church Initiative</term>

    <term>Forest Tennant</term>

    <term>Police Chief Scott Kirkland</term>
    <term cf="3">Kirkland</term>

    <term cf="85">Margaret Polovchak</term>
    <term cf="35">Polovchak</term>

    <term cf="45">John Lovell</term>
    <term cf="87">John Lovell.{1,32}lobbyist</term>
    <term cf="87">lobbyist.{1,32}John Lovell</term>
    <term cf="87">John Lovell.{1,32}spokesman</term>
    <term cf="87">spokesman.{1,32}John Lovell</term>
    <term cf="75">police lobbyist</term>

    <term>Libby Zimmer</term>

    <term>Lee Baca</term>
    <term cf="45">Kim Raney</term>
    <term>police Chief Kim Raney</term>
    <term cf="85">Susan Manheimer</term>
    <term cf="15">Manheimer</term>

    <term cf="50">Anthony Adams</term>

    <term cf="50">Roger Salazar</term>

    <term cf="75">Nicole Brochu</term>

    <term cf="50">David B\.? Rothman</term> 
    <term cf="5">David Rothman</term> 
    <term cf="2">Rothman</term> 
    <term cf="60">Rothman.{1,15}Associates</term> 

    <term cf="55">George Tyndale</term>

    <term cf="95">Mark Souder</term>
    <term cf="90">John Mica</term>
    <term cf="15">Mica\b</term>
    <term cf="90">Toni Bouche?r</term>
    <term cf="90">Antoniett?a Bouche?r</term>
    <term cf="75">Ronni McLaughlin</term>
    <term cf="50">John Fleming</term>

    <term cf="75">Jason Chaffetz</term>
    <term cf="45">Jim Jordan</term>
    <!-- <term cf="75">Aaron Schock</term> -->
    <term cf="10">Michael Turner</term>

    <term cf="75">Lamar Smith</term>

    <term cf="75">Bob McCoskrie</term>

    <term cf="95">Janet D\.? Lapey</term>
    <term cf="65">Janet Lapey</term>

    <term cf="75">David M. Martin</term>

    <term cf="99">Martin Sheen</term>

    <term cf="67">Carolyn Short</term>

    <term cf="75">Mikael Wagner</term>

    <term cf="75">Denis Pototski</term>

    <term cf="95">Sven[- ]?Ol.v Carlss?[eo]n</term>
    <term cf="50">Sven Carlss?[eo]n</term>

    <term cf="85">Randy Perry.{1,33}Peace Officer</term>
    <term cf="80">Peace Officer.{1,33}Randy Perry</term>

    <term cf="75">Gregor Burkhart</term>

    <term cf="75">Otis Brawley</term>

    <term cf="85">Guy W\.? Farmer</term>
    <term cf="75">Guy Farmer</term>

    <term cf="75">Aaron Byzak</term>
    <term cf="5">Byzak</term>

    <term cf="95">Joan Neuhaus Schaan</term>
    <term cf="90">Joan N\.? Schaan</term>
    <term cf="85">Joan Schaan</term>

    <term cf="90">Torgny Peterson</term>

    <term cf="90">Rebecca Hagelin</term>
    <term cf="30">Hagelin</term>

    <term cf="90">Patrick J\. Kennedy</term>
    <term cf="80">Patrick Kennedy</term>

    <term cf="50">Sharon Levy</term>
    <term cf="50">Paula Riggs</term>

    <term cf="90">Arthur T\.? Dean</term>
    <term cf="50">Arthur Dean\b</term>

    <term cf="95">Carlton E\.? Turner.</term>
    <term cf="80">Carlton Turner</term>

    <term cf="60">Herbert Goldstein</term>

    <term cf="90">Christian Thurston</term>
    <term cf="10">Thurston</term>

    <term>Marcie Seidel</term>

    <term>Anna Reid</term>

    <term>Lucy Dawe</term>

    <term>Diana Ramseyer</term>
    <term cf="6">Ramseyer</term>

    <term>Robert B\.? Charles</term>

    <term cf="70">Robert .Bob. Ransford</term>
    <term cf="70">Robert Ransford</term>
    <term cf="70">Bob Ransford</term>
    <term cf="70">Harold Kalant</term>
    <term cf="45">Nancy Lee</term>
    <term cf="70">Nancy Morrison</term>
    <term cf="70">Elizabeth Osuch</term>
    <term cf="70">Candace Plattor</term>
    <term cf="70">Charles Ratzlaff</term>
    <term cf="70">Philip Seeman</term>
    <term cf="50">Jim Stimson</term>
    <term cf="70">Pamela McColl</term>

    <term cf="80">Sven-Olov Carlss?on</term>
    <term cf="80">Sven Liljess?on</term>
    <term cf="80">Per Johanss?on</term>
    <term cf="80">Stig Erik S.rheim</term>
    <term cf="80">Elisa Rubini de Silveira</term>
    <term cf="80">Monica Barzanti</term>
    <term cf="50">Fay Watson</term>
    <term cf="80">Frans Koopmans</term>
    <term cf="80">West Huddleston</term>
    <term cf="80">Staffan H.{1,5}binette</term>
    <term cf="80">Staffan Hubinette</term>
    <term cf="80">Erik Leijonmarck</term>
    <term cf="80">Dario Espiga</term>

    <term cf="80">Libby Purves</term>
    <term cf="30">Purves\b</term>

    <term cf="90">Robert A\.? White</term>

    <term cf="60">Lisa Adler</term>

    <term cf="90">Victor Lye</term>
    <term cf="5">Lye\b</term>

    <term cf="95">Sierra Rayne</term>
    <term>Sally Satel</term>

    <term>Sean Clarkin</term>



  <concept cname="quasi_prohibitionist"  bgcolor="#FFAA00">
    <description>fence-sitting, or flip-flopping prohibitionists
       and organizations which seek to appear moderate, and above the fray
       - but nonetheless have advocated for the continued imprisonment of
       people for cannabis. 

    <label>flip-flopping prohibitionist</label>

    <term cf="98">RAND Drug Policy Research Cent</term>
    <term cf="60">RAND study</term>
    <term cf="60">RAND Corp</term>
    <term cf="60">RAND think[ -]?tank</term>
    <term cf="60">RAND org</term>
    <term cf="60">BOTEC\b</term>

    <term cf="95">Mark A\.? ?R\.? Kleiman</term>
    <term cf="80">Mark.{1,9} Kleiman</term>
    <term cf="50">Mark Kleiman</term>
    <term cf="2">Kleiman</term>

    <term cf="80">Beau Kilmer</term>
    <term cf="9">Kilmer</term>

    <term cf="95">Keith Humphreys</term>
    <term cf="9">Humphreys</term>

    <term cf="95">Jonathan Caulkins</term>
    <term cf="9">Caulkins</term>

quasi_prohibitionist, but mentioned in many non-drug articles too...
    <term cf="75">George Will\b</term>
    <term cf="95">George F\.? Will\b</term>
    <term cf="90">Prof Ivers[eo]n</term>
    <term cf="85">Les Ivers[eo]n</term>


  <concept cname="government_prohib"  bgcolor="#FF9966">
    <description>infamous prohibitionist who gets (or has gotten in the past)
       a government paycheck or money to buttress prohibition</description>
    <label>infamous prohibitionist (government hireling)</label>


   <term>federal drug policy advisor</term>

   <term>Gabriel G. Nahas</term>  
   <term cf="95">Gabriel Nahas</term>  
   <term cf="15">Nahas</term>  
   <term cf="35">Dr. Nahas</term>  

   <term cf="85">Nadia Solowij</term>
   <term cf="35">Solowij</term>

    <term cf="95">General McCaffrey</term>
    <term cf="95">Barry R. McCaffrey</term>
    <term cf="93">Barry McCaffrey</term>
    <term cf="35">McCaffrey</term>

    <term cf="90">Karen P\. Tandy</term>
    <term cf="70">Karen Tandy</term>
    <term cf="10">Tandy</term> 

    <term cf="66">Bertha Madras</term>
    <term cf="2">Madras</term>

    <term cf="50">Tom Riley</term>

    <term cf="60">Chuck Rosenberg</term>

    <term cf="90">Michele M\.? Leonhart</term>
    <term cf="70">Michele Leonhart</term>
    <term cf="10">Leonhart</term> 

    <term cf="97">William J\.? Bennett</term>
    <term cf="45">William Bennett</term>
    <term cf="45">Bill Bennett</term>

    <term cf="65">Seth Leibsohn</term>

    <term cf="90">Tom Constantine</term>
    <term cf="90">Thomas Constantine</term>

    <term cf="98">James L\.? Capra</term>
    <term cf="50">James Capra</term>
    <term cf="45">Jim Capra</term>
    <term cf="7">Capra</term>

    <term>John P\. Walters</term>   
    <term>Drug ["']?Czar["']? John Walters</term>
    <term>Drug ["']?Tsar["']? John Walters</term>
    <term cf="95">ONDCP.{1,32} John Walters</term>
    <term cf="95">John Walters.{1,32}ONDCP</term>
    <term cf="40">John Walters</term>
    <term cf="15">Walters</term>

    <term cf="45">Lee Brown</term>
    <term cf="45">Bob Martinez</term> 

    <term cf="95">Nora D\.? Volkow</term>
    <term cf="80">Nora Volkow</term>
    <term cf="10">Volkow</term>

    <term cf="80">Stuart Gitlow</term>
    <term cf="10">Gitlow</term>

    <term cf="80">Fred Nyberg</term>
    <term cf="8">Nyberg</term>

    <term cd="70">spokesman.{1,33}Weiner</term>
    <term cd="70">Weiner.{1,33}spokesman</term>
    <term cf="90">Weiner Associate</term>
    <term cf="45">Robert Weiner</term>
    <term cf="40">Bob Weiner</term>

    <term cf="50">George Clingan</term>
    <term cf="5">Clingan</term>

    <term cf="90">Kevin A\.? Sabet</term>
    <term cf="80">Kevin Sabet</term> 
    <term cf="20">Sabet</term> 

    <term cf="80">Henny Lasley</term> 

    <term>Rafael L[ae]maitre</term>
    <term>Rafael L[ae]matire</term>
    <term cf="40">L[ae]maitre</term>
    <term cf="40">L[ae]matire</term>

    <term cf="95">Doug Ose</term>

    <term cf="80">Jim Ramstad</term>
    <term cf="75">James Ramstad</term>
    <term cf="25">Ramstad</term>

    <term>U\.?S\.? Attorney Thomas P\.? O'?Brien</term>
    <term cf="97">Thomas P\.? O'?Brien</term>
    <term cf="45">Thomas O'?Brien</term>

    <term>U\.S\. Attorney John Walsh</term>
    <term cf="25">John Walsh</term>
    <term cf="15">Walsh</term>

    <term cf="75">Attorney General.{0,33}Bill Schuette</term>
    <term cf="75">Bill Schuette.{0,33}Attorney General</term>
    <term cf="66">Bill Schuette</term>
    <term cf="13">Schuette</term>

    <term>Major Brian Watters</term>
    <term>Maj\.? Brian Watters</term>
    <term cf="50">Brian Watters</term>
    <term cf="5">Watters</term>

    <term cf="70">Don Weatherburn</term>

    <term cf="55">Gary Christiansen</term>

    <term cf="95">Scott? Rintoul</term>
    <term cf="40">Rintoul</term>

    <term cf="95">Julian Fantino</term>
    <term cf="15">Fantino</term>

    <term cf="95">Chuck Doucett?e</term>
    <term cf="40">Doucett?e</term>

    <term cf="45">Tony Cann?avino</term>
    <term cf="15">Cann?avino</term>

    <term cf="90">INCB President Philip O. Emafo</term>
    <term cf="90">Philip Emafo</term>
    <term cf="90">Philip O\.? Emafo</term>

    <term cf="90">Camilo Uribe Granja</term>

    <term>Andrea G\.? Barthwell</term>
    <term cf="90">Andrea Barthwell</term>
    <term cf="10">Barthwell</term>

    <term cf="90">Robert DuPont</term>
    <term cf="98">Robert L\.? DuPont</term>
    <term cf="75">Bob DuPont</term>

    <term cf="90">Eric Voth</term>
    <term>Eric A.? Voth</term>
    <term cf="30">Voth</term>

    <term cf="95">Darr?yl Plecas</term>
    <term cf="40">Plecas</term>

    <term>Robert M. Stutman</term>
    <term cf="50">Robert Stutman</term>

    <term cf="50">Maria Larsson</term>

    <term>Asa Hutchin?son</term>

    <term cf="55">Dan Bent\b</term>

    <term cf="90">Dr\.? David Murray</term>
    <term cf="45">David Murray</term>
    <term cf="55">Robin Murray</term>
    <term cf="1">Murray</term>

    <term cf="95">Doug Coleman.{1,66}DEA</term>
    <term cf="95">DEA.{1,66}Doug Coleman</term>

    <term cf="65">Victor Ivanov</term>

    <term cf="85">Gordon Meldrum</term>
    <term cf="15">Meldrum</term>

    <term cf="85">Bonnie Dumanis</term>
    <term cf="20">Dumanis</term>

    <term cf="90">Laura E\.? Duffy</term>
    <term cf="80">Laura E.? Duffy</term>
    <term cf="75">Laura Duffy</term>
    <term cf="10">Duffy</term>

    <term cf="95">Shelley Mowrey</term>
    <term cf="40">Mowrey</term>

    <term cf="75">Hans[- ]Christian Raabe</term>
    <term cf="25">Raabe</term>

    <term>Edwin Meese</term>

    <term>Sheriff Lee Baca</term>
    <term>District Attorney Steve Cooley</term>
    <term>Chief State's Attorney Kevin Kane</term>
    <term cf="5">Kevin Kane</term>

    <term cf="75">John Carnevale</term>

    <term cf="75">Dawn Deard[aeiouy]n</term>

    <term cf="90">David Mineta</term>

    <term cf="95">Al Arsenault</term>
    <term cf="5">Arsenault</term>

    <term cf="75">Tom Bosenko</term>
    <term cf="30">Bosenko</term>

    <term cf="85">narcotics agent</term>
    <term cf="55">intelligence analyst</term>
    <term cf="75">prison warden</term>
    <term cf="95">director for demand reduction</term>

    <term cf="50">["']?a built[- ]?in vested interest["']?</term>

    <term cf="55">Robert Almonte</term>

    <term cf="80">Tommy LaNier</term>

    <term cf="50">Benjamin Wagner</term>

    <term cf="75">Giovanni Serpelloni</term>

    <term cf="75">Jose Mariano Beninca Beltrami</term>
    <term cf="75">Beninca Beltrami</term>
    <term cf="30">Beltrami\b</term>

    <term>Salomon Chertorivski Woldenberg</term>
    <term cf="75">Woldenberg</term>

    <term cf="80">Mike DeWine</term>

    <term cf="95">Peter J\.? Delany</term>
    <term cf="75">Peter Delany</term>

    <term cf="60">U\.?S\.? Attorney Amanda Marshall</term>

    <term cf="98">Stephen G\.? Olmstead</term>
    <term cf="85">Stephen Olmstead</term>
    <term cf="50">Steve Olmstead</term>
    <term cf="5">Olmstead</term>

    <term>Peter B\.? Bensinger</term>
    <term cf="50">Peter Bensinger</term>
    <term cf="10">Bensinger</term>

    <term cf="70">Michael Mukasey</term>
    <term cf="70">George Terwilliger</term>
    <term cf="95">George J. Terwilliger</term>

    <term cf="70">Peter Wehner</term>

    <term cf="95">John Bartels</term>
    <term cf="95">Robert Bonner</term>
    <term cf="75">John Lawn</term>
    <term cf="95">Donnie Marshall</term>
    <term cf="95">Francis Mullen</term>

    <term cf="95">Francis Mullen</term>
    <term cf="95">William P. Barr</term>
    <term cf="95">Michael B. Mukasey</term>
    <term cf="95">Samuel K. Skinner</term>
    <term cf="95">Mark Filip</term>
    <term cf="95">Paul J. McNulty</term>
    <term cf="95">Larry D. Thompson</term>
    <term cf="95">Jack Lawn</term>
    <term cf="95">Greg Brower</term>
    <term cf="95">A. Bates Butler III</term>
    <term cf="50">Richard Cullen</term>
    <term cf="95">James R. "Russ" Dedrick</term>
    <term cf="95">Troy A. Eid</term>
    <term cf="95">Gregory J. Fouratt</term>
    <term cf="95">John W. Gill, Jr.</term>
    <term cf="95">John F. Hoehner</term>
    <term cf="45">Tim Johnson</term>
    <term cf="95">Gregory G. Lockhart</term>
    <term cf="95">Alice H. Martin</term>
    <term cf="95">James A. McDevitt</term>
    <term cf="95">Patrick Molloy</term>
    <term cf="95">A. John Pappalardo</term>
    <term cf="95">Wayne A. Rich. Jr</term>
    <term cf="95">Kenneth W. Sukhia</term>
    <term cf="50">Ronald Woods</term>

    <term>Kalilu Njie</term>
    <term cf="45">Njie\b</term>

    <term cf="90">Thomas J\.? Gorman</term>
    <term cf="60">Thomas Gorman</term>
    <term cf="55">Tom Gorman</term>

    <term cf="75">Joe McGallagly</term> 

    <term cf="85">William R\.? Brownfield</term> 
    <term cf="50">William Brownfield</term> 

    <term cf="60">Juan Carlos Bonilla</term> 
    <term cf="3">Bonilla\b</term> 

    <term cf="60">Eitan Gorni</term> 
    <term cf="6">Gorni\b</term> 

    <term cf="60">John Gauthier</term> 

    <!-- <link></link> -->

  <concept cname="govt_prohib_other"  bgcolor="#FF9966">
    <label>oft-mentioned government prohibitionist</label>
    <description>prohibitionist who gets (or has gotten 
       in the past) a government paycheck or money to bolster prohibition, 
       but mentioned in many non-drug-related articles, too

    <term cf="60">U\.?S\.? attorney for the .{1,33} District</term>
    <term cf="66">United States Attorney</term>
    <term cf="66">U\.?S\.? attorney</term>
    <term cf="66">Federal Prosecutor</term>

    <term cf="50">police chief</term>
    <term cf="50">chief of police</term>

    <term>Eric H\.? Holder</term>
    <term cf="80">Eric Holder</term>
    <term cf="5">Holder\b</term>
    <term cf="80">Loretta Lynch</term>

    <term cf="66">Attorney General Tom Horne</term>
    <term cf="66">Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery</term>
    <term cf="46">Bill Montgomery</term>
    <term cf="66">Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk</term>
    <term cf="56">Sheila Polk</term>

    <term cf="75">Joe Arpaio</term>

    <term cf="90">Pam Bondi</term>

    <term cf="75">Melinda Haa?g</term>
    <term cf="45">Ms\.? Haa?g</term>
    <term cf="5">Haa?g's</term>
    <term cf="5">Haa?g\b</term>

    <term cf="95">Andre Birotte Jr</term>
    <term cf="75">Andre Birotte</term>
    <term cf="5">Birotte\b</term>

    <term cf="95">Benjamin B\.? Wagner</term>
    <term cf="50">Benjamin Wagner</term>

    <term>Attorney[ -]General John Suthers</term>
    <term cf="50">John Suthers</term>
    <term cf="5">Suthers</term>

    <term>Chris Christie</term>
    <term>Joe Biden</term>
    <term>Marco Rubio</term>

    <term>Jeff Sessions</term>

    <term cf="66">Duterte</term>
    <term>Rodrigo Duterte</term>

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  <concept cname="prohibitionists_other" bgcolor="#FF9966">
    <description>infamous prohibitionist (mentioned in many non-drug-related articles, also)</description>
    <label>oft-mentioned drug warrior mouthpieces</label>

    <term>Dianne Feinstein</term>
    <term cf="70">Rick Perry</term>
    <term>Mitt Romney</term>
    <term>Newt Gingrich</term>
    <term cf="60">Dan Burton</term>
    <term cf="75">Darrell Issa</term>
    <term cf="15">Issa\b</term>
    <term cf="75">James Lankford</term>
    <term cf="75">Chuck Norris</term>

    <term>Jim Kouri</term>
    <term cf="75">Miranda D[ei]v[ie]ne</term>
    <term cf="75">Peter Hitch[ei]ns</term>
    <term cf="75">Melanie Phill?ips</term>

    <term>Jennifer Lawson Zepeda</term>

    <term>James Q\.? Wilson</term>

<!-- er ... fence-sitting? 
    <term cf="90">Bill O'Reilly</term>
    <term cf="2">O'Reilly</term>

    <term cf="95">Cliff Kincaid</term>
    <term cf="80">Nancy Grace</term>
    <term cf="90">Ann Coulter</term>

    <term>John J\.? Coleman</term>

    <term cf="75">Melissa Gilbert</term>

    <term cf="97">David Frum</term>

    <term>Police Chief Charlie Beck</term>

    <term cf="50">Daniel Ortega</term>

    <term cf="50">Tim Horton</term>

    <term cf="75">Kiran Bedi\b</term>

    <!--Cuffy Meigs -->
    <term>Charles ["']?Cully["']? Stimson</term>
    <term cf="90">Charles C\.? Stimson</term>
    <term cf="90">Charles "Cully" D\.? Stimson </term>
    <term cf="50">Charles Stimson</term>
    <term cf="50">Cully Stimson</term>

    <term cf="90">Adriana Barton</term>

    <!-- ... we gots a whole lotta Legions here, for they be very many ...  -->


  <concept cname="historical_prohib"  bgcolor="#FF9966">
    <description>infamous prohibitionist from history</description>
    <label>infamous prohibitionist (historical)</label>

    <term cf="98">Harry J\.? Anslinger</term>
    <term cf="98">H\.? J\.? Anslinger</term>
    <term cf="98">H\.?J\.? Anslinger</term>
    <term cf="98">HJ Anslinger</term>
    <term cf="92">Harry Anslinger</term>
    <term cf="98">Harold James Anslinger</term>
    <term cf="98">Harold J\.? Anslinger</term>
    <term cf="45">Anslinger</term>

    <term cf="95">William Randolph Hearst</term>
    <term cf="15">Hearst</term>

    <term cf="90">Hamilton Wright</term>

    <term cf="75">J\.? Edgar Hoover</term>

    <term>Janey Cann?uck</term>
    <term cf="75">Emily F\.? Murphy</term>
    <term cf="15">Emily Murphy</term>
    <term>Emily Murphy.{1,66}suffragette</term>
    <term>Emily Murphy.{1,66}Supreme</term>

    <term>Andrew Volstead</term>
    <term cf="45">Volstead</term>

    <term cf="99">Carry A\.? Nation</term>
    <term cf="98">Carry Nation</term>
    <term cf="98">Carrie Nation</term>

    <term cf="95">Purley Baker</term>
    <term cf="95">Francis McBride</term> 
    <term cf="80">Billy Sunday</term> 

    <term cf="80">Richard Nixon</term> 
    <term cf="10">Nixon</term> 

    <term cf="80">John Ehrlichman</term> 
    <term cf="30">Ehrlichman</term> 

    <!-- <link></link> -->

  <concept cname="prohibition_agency" bgcolor="orange">    
    <label>government drug warrior</label>
    <description>various drug prohibition and propaganda agencies and police; tax-supported entities dependent on continuing prohibition</description>
      Power is sweet; it is a drug, the desire for which increases with a habit.
     -- Bertrand Russell
       Power is addictive, and it corrupts.
       And those who have power fear losing it.
        --  Richard A. Viguerie
      "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
       Great men are almost always bad men."
        -- Lord Acton
       "Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it" 
     --  Earl of Chatham
     "for other people, this would be wrong,
     but because I have the best interests of my followers at heart,
     it's ok for me to...." 
        -- How Power Corrupts Leaders, Ronald E. Riggio


    <term>narcotics police</term>
    <term>narcotics officer</term>
    <term>Narcotics Bureau</term>
    <term>Bureau of Narcotics</term>
    <term>Narcotics Board</term>
    <term>Drugs Board</term>
    <term>Drug Control Service</term>
    <term>Narcotics Control Board</term>
    <term cf="70">INCB\b</term>
    <term>Central Drug Authority</term>
    <term cf="15">CDA\b</term>
    <term cf="75">Anti[ -]Drug Authority</term>
    <term cf="75">Drug Authority</term>

    <term>Anti[- ]?Drugs? Agency</term>

    <!-- quasi governemtal!; cf. -->
    <term cf="75">Drug Prevention Network</term>
    <term cf="40">Drug Network</term>

    <term cf="45">police</term>
    <term cf="45">trooper</term>
    <term cf="45">law enforcement</term>

    <term cf="70">carabinieri</term>
    <term cf="70">polizia</term>

    <term cf="45">enforcement agenc</term>

    <term>drug squad</term>
    <term>Narcotics Unit</term>
    <term>Narcotics Squad</term>

    <term cf="45">Enforcement official</term>

    <term>dope cops?\b</term>
    <term cf="45">interdiction</term>
    <term>Drugs? Task Force</term>
    <term>Counter[ -]?drug Task Force</term>
    <term cf="30">military</term>
    <term>Multiple Agencies Partnering for Success</term>
    <term cf="5">MAPS\b</term>

    <term cf="70">DEA\b</term>
    <term cf="70">PDEA\b</term>
    <term cf="70">NDEA\b</term>
    <term>Drugs? Enforcement Agency</term>
    <term>Drugs? Enforcement Agent</term>
    <term>Drugs? Enforcement Unit</term>
    <term cf="50">Drugs? Enforcement</term>

    <term cf="66">Special Operations Division</term>
    <term cf="33">SOD\b</term>

    <term cf="90">Narcotics? Enforcement</term>

    <term cf="45">law enforcement</term> 
    <term cf="45">prosecutor</term>
    <term cf="45">RCMP</term>

    <term cf="60">DEU\b</term>
    <term>Drug Enforcement Administration</term>

    <term>National Drug Law Enforcement Agency</term>

    <term>National Agency for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse</term> 

    <term cf="45">Department of Homeland Security</term>
    <term cf="40">Homeland Security</term>

    <term cf="45">FBI</term>
    <term cf="45">Federal Bureau of Investigation</term>
    <term cf="45">DIA</term>
    <term cf="45">Defense Intelligence Agency</term>
    <term cf="45">DOJ</term>
    <term cf="45">Department of Justice</term>
    <term cf="45">ATF</term>
    <term cf="45">BATF</term>

    <term cf="70">ABC enforcement</term>
    <term>Narcotics Task Force</term>

    <term>Service for the Control of Narcotics</term>

    <term cf="40">Joint Task Force 6</term>
    <term cf="45">JTF6</term>
    <term cf="5">BOP</term> 
    <term cf="50">Bureau of Prisons</term>

    <term>Interstate Criminal Enforcement</term>
    <term>Immigration and Customs Enforcement</term>
    <term cf="5">ICE\b</term> 

    <term>Multi[ -]?Agency Police Saturation</term>
    <term cf="45">MAPS\b</term>
    <term cf="45">National Guard</term>

    <term>National Drug Intelligence Center</term>

    <term cf="45">Coast Guard</term>

    <term>United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime</term>
    <term>UN Office on Drugs and Crime</term>

    <term>Bureau of International Narcotics</term>

    <term cf="70">Karen Tandy</term>
    <term cf="80">Karen P\.? Tandy</term>
    <term cf="10">Tandy</term> 

    <term cf="70">Michele Leonhart</term>
    <term cf="10">Leonhart</term> 

    <term cf="66">Bertha Madras</term>
    <term cf="2">Madras</term>

    <term>Mary Ann Solberg</term>
    <term cf="10">Solberg</term> 

    <term cf="90">Barry Crane</term>
    <term cf="10">Crane</term>

    <term cf="65">Anthony Placido</term>
    <term cf="5">Placido</term>

    <term cf="75">cops who enforce.{1,15}pot law</term>
    <term cf="75">cops who enforce.{1,15}marijuana law</term>
    <term cf="75">police who enforce.{1,15}pot law</term>
    <term cf="75">police who enforce.{1,15}marijuana law</term>

    <term cf="55">NIDA\b</term>
    <term>National Institute o[nf] Drug Abuse</term>
    <term>Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration</term>

    <term>Drug[ -]Abuse Warning Net</term>
    <term cf="35">DAWN\b</term>
    <term>Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission</term>
    <term cf="20">DARE</term>
    <term>Drug Abuse Resistance Education</term>
    <term>Drug Awareness Resistance Education</term>
    <term>Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education</term>
    <term>President's Drug Advisory Council</term>

    <term>Anti-Drug Commission</term>
    <term>Inter-Ministerial Anti-drug Commission</term>

    <term>High[- ]Interdiction Drug[ -]Trafficking Area</term>
    <term>High[ -]Intensity Drug[ -]Trafficking Area</term>

    <term>Scottish Drug Misuse Centre</term>

    <term cf="50">drug agenc</term>

    <term>Health Advocates Rejecting Marijuana</term>

    <term>Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse</term>
    <term cf="50">CCSA</term>

    <term>Campaign Against Marijuana Planting</term>
    <!-- <term cf="15">CAMP\b</term> -->
    <term>Cannabis Eradication.{1,16}Reclamation Team</term>
    <term cf="15">CERT\b</term>
    <term>National Marijuana Initiative</term>

    <term>Arrest and Prosecution Industry</term>



  <concept cname="secret_evidence" bgcolor="orange">
       secret anti-drug (read: anti-pot) police trained to "recreate"
       -- lie about -- evidence in court, in order to hide wholesale
       NSA domestic spying on the people, and then lying about it;
       the laundering of espionage techniques -- listening to phone
       call content and net use -- to bust ordinary people in America for
       "drugs" -- pot --, under the guise of "fighting terror."
    <label>NSA/DEA/local PD - Spying and Lying Scandal</label>

       Based on automatic key-word recognition of the audio content
       of phone calls, and other spying, the NSA supplies domestic
       intercepts to the DEA, IRS and local law enforcement agencies,
       who use these to initiate criminal investigations against US
       citizens. Federal agents and local police are instructed to
       "recreate" the investigative trail in order to "cover up"
       (lie under oath, in court) where the information originated.
       Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard
       in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets
       shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.
       There was of course no way of knowing whether  you  were being
       watched  at  any  given  moment.  How  often, or on what system,
       the Thought Police plugged in on  any  individual  wire was
       guesswork.  It  was  even  conceivable  that  they watched
       everybody all the time. But at any rate they could plug in your
       wire whenever they wanted to. You had to live - did live, from
       habit that became instinct -  in  the  assumption  that  every
       sound  you  made  was overheard, and, except in darkness, every
       movement scrutinized. -- George Orwell, 1984
       "Every thing secret degenerates, even the administration of justice;
       nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity."
           -- Lord Acton
       "The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the
       possessor from the community" --  Carl Jung
  	Cursed be he that smiteth his neighbour secretly.
        And all the people shall say, Amen.  -- Deuteronomy 27:24
         The FISA court -- it's not very difficult to get something
         through a FISA court. I kinda liken the FISA court to a monkey
         with a rubber stamp. The monkey sees a name, the monkey sees a
         word justification with a block of information. It can't read
         the block, but it just stamps "affirmed" on the block, and a
         banana chip rolls out, and then the next paper rolls in front of
         the monkey. When you have like 20,000 requests and only, I
         think, four were turned down, you can't look at the FISA court
         as anything different. -- NSA intelligence agent Russell Tice;
         Jan 4, 2006
         "The freedom of the American people cannot be protected when our
         constitutional liberties are ignored and our nation has decayed
         into a police state." -- NSA intelligence agent Russell Tice;
         Jan 4, 2006
         What's different about this is at the Orwellian scale. This is
         the everything scale. This is not just Richard Nixon going after
         a few, you know, enemies' list. This is everybody and
         everything. And now NSA is literally tapping EVERY
         COMMUNICATION, every digital communication in this country,
         saying, "well, it's not that far," once again, they're lying.
         They continue to lie about the full capability. -- NSA
         intelligence agent Russell Tice; Jan 16, 2014
         "They're collecting content - word-for-word." -- NSA
         whistleblower Russ Tice
         "You can't trust these people. They lie, and they lie a lot." --
         NSA whistleblower Russ Tice
        "It is the height of naivete to think that, once collected,
        this information won't be used. This is the nature of secret
        government organizations. The only way to protect the
        people's privacy is not to allow the government to collect
        their information in the first place."
        -- Wolfgang Schmidt, a former lieutenant colonel in the Stasi, in Berlin
  	Cursed be he that smiteth his neighbour secretly.
        And all the people shall say, Amen.  -- Deuteronomy 27:24
        The instruments also of the churl are evil:
	he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words,
	even when the needy speaketh right. -- Isaiah 32:7
	 What mean ye that ye beat my people to pieces,
         and grind the faces of the poor?
        there is no secret that they can hide from thee -- Ezekiel 28:3
      "...a state-of-the-art speech recognition system that enabled
      real-time analysis of intercepted conversations. The system
      can even search for keywords and identify the person speaking
      if a voice sample of that individual has been stored."
      ["How the NSA Helped ...", Poitras, Rosenbach, Sontheimer, and Stark,
      The Intercept, 8/2014]
     Curse not the king, no not in thy thought; and
     curse not the rich in thy bedchamber: for a bird of the air
     shall carry the voice, and that which hath wings shall tell the
     matter. -- Ec10.20
     Concealing the use of stingrays deprives defendants of their right to challenge
     unconstitutional surveillance and keeps the public in the dark about invasive
     monitoring by local police -- ACLU
     "... police in Florida are going even further to conceal their use
     of the equipment when they seek probable cause warrants to search
     facilities where a suspect is located, deceiving the courts about
     where they obtained the evidence to support their application for
     the search."
     (Wired, 6/2014, "Emails Show Feds Asking Florida Cops to Deceive Judges")
     "In fact, the agency actively covers up the source of the information
     to make it look like the information came out of classical law
     enforcement investigatory techniques. DEA has a special unit called
     the 'SOD' - Special Operations Division  that does the cover up
     work. The legal consequence of doing this kind of surreptitious
     collaboration between intelligence and law enforcement is TO DENY
	-- NSA whistleblower Kirk Wiebe, 2014
     "Among his most shocking discoveries, [Snowden] told me,
     was the fact that the N.S.A. was routinely passing along the
     private communications of Americans to a large and very secretive
     Israeli military organization known as Unit 8200. This transfer of
     as well as metadata such as who was calling whom."
	-- James Bamford
     Mike Frost's expos of Canadian "embassy collection" operations
     described the NSA computers they used, called Oratory, that
     SPOKEN. Just as we can recognize words spoken in all the different
     tones and accents we encounter, so too, according to Frost, can these
     computers. Telephone calls containing keywords are automatically
     extracted from the masses of other calls and ...
      -- Nicky Hager, Exposing the Global Surveillance System, 1998
       ... men loved darkness rather than light,
       because their deeds were evil.
     "So, what happens when the spying uncovers ordinary criminal behavior
     unrelated to national security? In order to keep its hands clean,
     so to speak, the NSA sends that evidence to the DOJ, whose lawyers
     and agents in cahoots with the NSA then concoct an explanation as
     to how the DOJ came upon the evidence. Of course, that explanation
     curiously and carefully omits the mention of domestic spying. DOJ
     lawyers know that if the beginning of the process of obtaining
     evidence is found to be unconstitutional, then the evidence itself
     can be useless in court....
     Parallel reconstruction consists largely of the creation of a false
     beginning - an untrue one - of the acquisition of evidence. This,
     of course, is criminal." -- Andrew P. Napolitano
        When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes
        to say to its subjects, This you may not read, this you must not
        see, THIS YOU ARE FORBIDDEN TO KNOW, the end result is TYRANNY
        and oppression no matter how holy the motives.  -- Robert Heinlein
        Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny - Robert A. Heinlein
        Laying wait for him, and seeking to catch something out of his mouth,
        that they might accuse him.
        The wicked watcheth the righteous, and seeketh to slay him.

    <term cf="90">listening to their phone calls</term>

    <term>secret evidence</term>
    <term>secretive DEA unit passes the NSA information to agents in the field</term>

    <term>DEA.{1,66} conceal.{1,66} evidence</term>
    <term>["']?normal investigative techniques to recreate the information</term>

    <term>["']?recreate["']?.{1,66} evidence</term>
    <term>["']?recreate["']?.{1,66} information</term>
    <term>["']?recreate["']?.{1,66} trail</term>
    <term>["']?recreate["']?.{1,66} invest</term>

    <term cf="30">conceal.{1,99}source</term>
    <term>conceal.{1,66} investigation.{1,66} begin</term>
    <term>conceal.{1,66} investigation.{1,66} start</term>

    <term>hidd?en?.{1,66} Intel.{1,66}evidence</term>
    <term cf="95">hidd?en?.{1,99}evidence</term>

    <term>["']?independent["']? evidence</term>
    <term>["']?"Usable information regarding these leads must be developed from such independent sources</term>

    <term>phony.{1,66} investigation</term>
    <term>["']?alert.{1,33} police.{1,33} find .{1,33}excuse</term>

    <term cf="99">evidence launder</term>
    <term cf="99">launder.{1,33}evidence</term>

    <term>['"]?never refer to Hemisphere in any official document</term>
    <term cf="98">The Hemisphere Project</term>
    <term cf="95">Hemisphere Project</term>
    <term cf="95">Hemisphere data</term>
    <term cf="95">partnership .{1,66} official.{1,66} and AT.T</term>
    <term cf="95">AT.T .{1,66}government.{1,66}drug</term>

    <term cf="75">embedding of AT.T</term>
    <term cf="85">['"]?wall.{0,4} off["'] the program</term>
    <term cf="45">["']?wall.{0,4}[ -]off["']?</term>

    <term cf="75">fil.{1,17} duplicative subpoena</term>
    <term cf="50">duplicative subpoena</term>

    <term cf="65">Hemisphere.{1,66} AT.T</term>
    <term cf="45">Hemisphere</term>

    <term cf="65">["']IMSI[ -]catcher["']</term>
    <term cf="50">StingRay</term>

    <term cf="70">phone and wiretap</term>
    <term cf="70">call.{1,7} tap database</term>

    <term cf="70">["']?confidential source["']?</term>
    <term cf="70">["']?anonymous source["']?</term>

    <term cf="80">DEA\b.{1,99} NSA\b</term>
    <term cf="80">NSA\b.{1,99} DEA\b</term>

    <term cf="66">Special Operations Division</term>
    <term cf="33">SOD\b</term>

    <term cf="66">["']?parallel construction["']?</term>
    <term cf="66">["']?parallel re-?construction["']?</term>
    <term cf="50">["']recreated?["']</term>
    <term cf="50">["']recreating["']</term>

    <term cf="60">what justifies a traffic stop</term>

    <term cf="60">routine traffic stop.{1,99}drug</term>
    <term cf="60">drug.{1,99}routine traffic stop</term>
    <term cf="60">routine traffic stop.{1,99}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="60">marijuana.{1,99}routine traffic stop</term>

    <term cf="50">pulled over</term>
    <term cf="50">tail-lights</term>
    <term cf="40">weaving</term>

    <term cf="50">traffic stop.{1,99} drug</term>
    <term cf="50">drug.{1,99} traffic stop</term>
    <term cf="50">traffic stop.{1,99} marijuana</term>
    <term cf="50">marijuana.{1,99} traffic stop</term>

    <term cf="50">a traffic stop.{1,99}drug</term>
    <term cf="50">drug.{1,99}a traffic stop</term>
    <term cf="50">a traffic stop.{1,99}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="50">marijuana.{1,99}a traffic stop</term>

    <term cf="55">fabricat.{1,66} to justify</term>
    <term cf="55">anonymous tip</term>
    <term cf="55">confidential informant</term>
    <term cf="55">a tip\b</term>
    <term cf="50">routine traffic stop</term>
    <term cf="50">traffic stop</term>

    <term cf="50">mistaken 911 call</term>

    <term cf="5">secrets?\b</term>
    <term cf="5">conceal</term>
    <term cf="5">dissembl</term>
    <term cf="5">duplicative</term>


  <concept cname="drug_propaganda_agency" bgcolor="orange">
    <description>governmental anti-drug propaganda agencies, offices</description>
    <label>government drug propaganda agency</label>


    <term cf="85">NDCP</term>
    <term>Office of National Drug Control Policy</term>
    <term>Office of National Drug Control</term>
    <term>Office of Drug Control</term>
    <term>National Drug Control Policy</term>
    <term>Office of National Drug Policy</term>

    <term>UN Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention</term>


  <concept cname="drug_czar" bgcolor="#FF9966">
    <description>a chief government drug propaganda official</description>
    <label>a drug propaganda chief</label>

    <term cf="95">Michael Botticelli</term>
    <term cf="35">Botticelli</term>

    <term>Gil Kerlikowske</term>
    <term cf="20">Kerlikowske</term>

    <term cf="60">Drugs? ["']?Czar["']?</term>
    <term cf="60">Drugs? ["']?Tsar["']?</term>

    <term>Director Patrick Ward</term>
    <term cf="45">Patrick Ward</term>
    <term cf="3">Ward\b</term>

    <term>Drug ["']?[CT][zs]ar["']? Scott Burns</term>
    <term cf="3">Scott Burns</term>

    <term>Antonio Maria Costa</term>
    <term>Antonio M. Costa</term>
    <term cf="50">Antonio Costa</term>

    <term>Mechthild Dyckmans</term>

    <term cf="90">Sevil Atasoy</term>
    <term cf="20">Atasoy</term>

    <term>A\.? Thomas McLellan</term>
    <term cf="40">Thomas McLellan</term>
    <term cf="2">McLellan</term>

    <term cf="95">Yur[iy] Fedotov</term>
    <term cf="7">Fedotov</term>

    <term cf="75">Viktor Ivanov</term>

    <term cf="50">the national grandpa</term>


  <concept cname="drug_dog" bgcolor="orange">    
    <label>drug detecting canine</label>
    <description>canine used to detect illegal drugs</description>
    <term>drug dog</term>
    <term>drug[ -]sniffing dog</term>
    <term>drug[ -]detecting dog</term>
    <term>canine sniff</term>
    <term>dogs trained to sniff</term>
    <term cf="95">detection dog</term>
    <term cf="75">police K[ -]?9</term>
    <term cf="75">K[ -]?9 unit</term>
    <term cf="75">K[ -]?9 dog</term>
    <term cf="75">canine unit</term>
    <term cf="75">police canine</term>
    <term cf="75">police dog</term>
    <term cf="80">sniffer dog</term>
    <term cf="65">dogs? sniff </term>
    <term cf="50">K[ -]?9\b</term>
    <term cf="50">airport dog</term>

    <term cf="90">narcotic.{1,33}canine</term>
    <term cf="90">drug.{1,33}canine</term>


  <concept cname="prohibitionist_ngo" bgcolor="#FF9966">
    <description>prohibition non-governmental organization which engages in deceitful practices</description>
    <term>Community Anti[ -]Drug Coalition</term>

    <term>Prevention Coalition</term>
    <term>European Cities Against Drugs</term>

    <term cf="10">CASA</term>
    <term>Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse</term>
    <term>Center on Addiction and Drug Abuse</term>

    <term cf="10">CADA</term>
    <term>Coalition Against Drugs and Alcohol</term>

    <term>Center for Substance Abuse Solutions</term>
    <term cf="10">CSAS</term>

    <term>Law Enforcement Coalition Against Drug Decriminalization</term>

    <term>Robert Wood Johnson Substance Abuse Policy Research Program</term>
    <term cf="90">Robert Wood Johnson Foundation</term>
    <term>Partnership for a Drug[ -]?Free</term>
    <term>Robert Wood Johnson Foundation</term>
    <term>Substance Abuse Policy Research Program</term>
    <term>["']?Partnership for Drug[ -]Free Kids["']?</term>

    <!-- a "Safe Streets" first seen: 2016/01/22 (dls) ...
     "a fake organization. It’s a sham. It’s created solely to file lawsuits",
    <term>["']?Safe Streets Alliance["']?</term>
    <term cf="20">SSA\b</term>

    <term>Keep AZ Drug[ -]Free</term>
    <term>Keep Arizona Drug[ -]Free</term>

    <term cf="80">Rand Drug Policy Research Center</term>

    <term>Drug[ -]Free Australia</term>

    <term cf="45">Prevention Coalition</term>

    <term>Family Council Action Committee</term>
    <term cf="55">FCAC\b</term>

    <term cf="75">Heritage Foundation</term>
    <term cf="75">Hudson Institute</term>
    <term cf="90">Drug[ -]Policy Institute</term>

    <term cf="40">America ?Cares</term>
    <term>Save Our Society from Drugs</term>
    <term cf="66">Save ?Our ?Society</term>
    <term cf="50">Saving ?Our ?Society</term>
    <term cf="66">Protect ?Our ?Society</term>

    <term cf="80">Smart.{0,7} Approach.{0,14} Marijuana</term>
    <term cf="75">Safe.{0,7} Approach.{0,14} Marijuana</term>
    <term cf="70">lean ?about ?sam</term>
    <term cf="66">Project ?SAM</term>
    <term cf="50">Smart ?Approach</term>
    <term cf="45">Project Safe</term>
    <term cf="10">SAM\b</term>
    <term cf="80">['"]?Smart Colorado</term> 
    <term cf="80">learnaboutsam</term> 

    <term cf="80">21[ -]?Reasons</term>

    <term>Our ?Drug ?Free ?Kids</term>
    <term>Joyce Nalepka</term>
    <term cf="30">Nalepka</term>
    <term>Drug Free Kids.{1,15}America'?s Challenge</term>
    <term>Parents for Drug Free Youth</term>
    <term>Safe Communities.{0,10}Safe Kids</term>

    <term cf="75">Drug[ -]?Free America Schools</term>

    <term>National Families in Action</term> 
    <term>Sue Rusche</term>
    <term cf="40">Rusche</term>

    <term>Legal Foundation Against Illicit Drugs</term>
    <term>Drug Free Schools Coalition</term>

    <term cf="75">Drug[ -]?Free Action Alliance</term>

    <term>Drug Free America</term>
    <term>Drug[ -]Free America Foundation</term>
    <term cf="50">DFAF\b</term>
    <!-- yet more cat's paws thereof: -->
    <term cf="75">Institute on Global Drug Policy</term>
    <term cf="75">International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse</term>
    <term cf="75">International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy</term>
    <term cf="75">Drug Prevention Network</term>
    <term cf="40">Drug Network</term>
    <term cf="75">DPNA</term>
    <term cf="75">Students Taking Action Not Drugs</term>
    <term cf="75">National Drug[- ]?Free Workplace Alliance</term>
    <term cf="75">NDWA\b</term>

    <term>Betty Sembler</term>
    <term cf="30">Sembler</term>

    <term>Drug Prevention Network</term>
    <term cf="40">Drug Network</term>

    <term>Drug Watch International</term>
    <term cf="45">Sandra Bennett</term> 
    <term cf="80">Sandra S. Bennett</term>

    <term>Europe Against Drugs</term>
    <term cf="90">EURAD\b</term>

    <term>['"]?Mind Free of Drugs['"]?</term>


    <term>Parents Resouce for Drug Education</term> 
    <term>Partnership to Reduce the Influence of Drugs for Everyone</term>
    <term cf="20">PRIDE</term>

    <term>Faith and Ethics Council</term>

    <term>National Family Partnership</term>

    <term>Family First NZ</term>
    <term cf="60">Families First</term>
    <term cf="55">Family First</term>

    <term>Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America</term>
    <term>Community Anti-Drugs Coalitions of America</term>

    <term>Project:? SUNDIAL</term> 
    <term cf="10">SUNDIAL</term> 
    <term>Supporting United Nations Drug Initiatives and Legislation</term>

    <term>Reduce the Use Coalition</term>

    <term>Foundation for a Drug[ -]Free</term>

    <term>National Association of Drug Court Professionals</term>
    <term>Drugs Don't Work program</term>

    <term>Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association</term>
    <term cf="75">DATIA\b</term>

    <term cf="95">Don't be a Patsy</term>

    <term>D A M M A D D</term>
    <term>Dads and Mad Moms Against Drug Dealers</term>
    <term>Americans for a Drug[ -]?Free Youth</term>
    <term>Americans for Drug[ -]?Free Youth</term>

    <term>Drug Use is Life Abuse</term>


    <term>Kilos Laya Laban sa Droga</term>
    <term>Ayaw sa Droga</term>
    <term>KILL Droga</term>
    <term>Free Movement Against Drugs</term> 

    <term>Woman's Christian Temperance Union</term>
    <term cf="80">WCTU</term>

    <term>Safe Kids.{1,8}Safe Communities</term>
    <term>['"]?Marijuana.{1,10}What is good about it.{1,10}Nothing['"]?</term>

    <term>Students Teaching About Narcotics Dangers</term>

    <term>Drug Endangered Children's Coalition</term>

    <term>National Drug Prevention Alliance</term> 

    <term>Australian Parents for Drug Free Youth</term>
    <term>Bensinger, DuPont.{1,13}Associates</term>
    <term>Californians For Drug-Free Schools</term>
    <term>Center for Alcohol and Drug Research and Education</term>
    <term>Coronado SAFE Foundation</term>
    <term>DCBA Law</term>
    <term>Drug Free America Foundation</term>
    <term>Drug-Free Kids: America's Challenge</term>
    <term>Drug-Free Schools, Workplaces and Communities</term>
    <term>Drug-free Schools Coalition</term>
    <term>Educating Voices</term>
    <term cf="40">Fayette Companies</term>
    <term>Global Public Health Policy</term>
    <term>Institute for Behavior & Health</term>
    <term>Institute on Global Drug Policy</term>
    <term>Global Anti[ -]?drug Front</term>
    <term>International Law and Public Policy</term>
    <term>International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse</term>
    <term>John Pastuovic Communications</term>
    <term>Just Good Policy</term>
    <term>Millburn Municipal Alliance for Drug Awareness</term>
    <term>National Alliance for Health and Safety</term>
    <term>National Institute of Citizen Anti-drug Policy</term>
    <term>National Network of Parents/Grandparents</term>
    <term>New Jersey Federation for Drug Free Communities</term>
    <term cf="50">NICAP</term>
    <term>Northwest Center for Health and Safety</term>
    <term>Ocean County Strike Force</term>
    <term>Port Richmond Community Group</term>
    <term>Public Interest Communications</term>
    <term>Save Our Society From Drugs</term>
    <term>Student Drug-Testing Coalition</term>
    <term>The Charles Group</term>

    <term>National Drugs Prevention Alliance</term>

    <term>Drug[ -]?free Workplace Legislative Work Group</term>

    <term>National Institute of Citizen Anti[ -]?drug Policy</term>

    <term>Coalition for a Drug Free</term>

    <term cf="60">Meth Project</term>

    <term>Drug[ -]?Free Alliance</term>

    <term cf="45">Talking About Cannabis</term>

    <term>Police Chiefs Ass[on]</term>
    <term>Police Chiefs Ass[on]</term>
    <term>Association of Chiefs of Police</term>
    <term>Police Chiefs of California</term>
    <term>Association of Police Chiefs</term>
    <term cf="90">Police Association</term>
    <term cf="75">Chiefs of Police</term>
    <term cf="75">Narcotics? Officer</term>
    <term cf="95">Narcotic Educational Foundation</term>

    <term>California Police Chiefs</term>
    <term>Canadian Police Association</term>
    <term>Australian Police Association</term>
    <term cf="95">Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs</term>
    <term cf="95">Sheriff.{1,5} Assoc</term>

    <term>Peace Officers'? Ass[on']</term>
    <term>Peace Officers Research Ass[on]</term>

    <term>Drug Investigators Ass[on]</term>
    <term>California State Sheriffs</term>
    <term>State Sheriff's Ass[on]</term>
    <term>Police Chief's Ass[on]</term>
    <term cf="75">Cal Chiefs</term>
    <term cf="75">District Attorneys? Ass[on]?</term>
    <term cf="75">police union</term>
    <term cf="75">prison[ -]guard union</term>
    <term cf="75">prison union</term>
    <term cf="75">prison officers union</term>

    <term>Mothers Against Drunk Driving</term>
    <term>Mother'?s Against Pot</term>

    <term cf="80">Faith[ -]?Based Coalition</term>
    <term cf="75">National Black Church Initiative</term>
    <term>Coalition for Drug[ -]Free</term>
    <term>Drug[ -]Free Coalition</term>

    <term cf="75">anti-drug group</term>

    <term>Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana</term>

    <term>Committee Against Legalizing Marijuana</term>
    <term cf="70">Public Safety First</term>

    <term>Narcotic'?s? Officers Assoc</term>
    <term>Correctional Peace Officers Assoc</term>
    <term cf="75">CPOA\b</term>
    <term cf="85">prison guards union</term>
    <term cf="85">police officer'?s? association</term>

    <term>American Society of Addiction Medicine</term>
    <term cf="50">ASAM\b</term>

    <term>anti-salvia movement</term>

    <term cf="80">Sheriffs Association</term>

    <term cf="75">California Bus Association</term>
    <term>Women's Christian Temperance Union</term>
    <term>Anti-Saloon League</term>
    <term cf="95">Kl?u[- ]Kl?ux[- ]Klan</term>


    <term>Marijuana[ ]?Harms[ ]?Families</term>

    <term>Real Women of Canada</term>

    <term>World Federation Against Drugs</term>
    <term cf="50">WFAD\b</term>

    <term cf="85">Institute for Behavior and Health</term>

    <term cf="90">Prevention Alliance</term>

    <term cf="90">National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse</term>
    <term cf="95">National Council Against Drug Abuse</term>
    <term cf="50">NCADA</term>
    <term cf="90">Asia Pacific Forum Against Drugs</term>
    <term cf="50">APFAD</term>

    <term cf="60">Skunk Sense</term>

    <term cf="75">Beer.{1,10}Beverage Distributors</term>
    <term cf="75">alcohol lobby</term>
    <term cf="75">alcohol industry</term>
    <term cf="75">big alcohol</term>
    <term cf="75">big beer</term>


  <concept cname="straight_inc" bgcolor="#FF9966">
    <description>Straight, Inc.: rehabilitation, thought reform, $95 million and the destruction of young spirits.</description>
    <label>Straight, Inc.</label>
    <term>Straight.{0,2} Inc\b</term>
    <term>Straight.{0,2} Incorporated</term>
    <term cf="5">Straight</term>
    <term cf="15">The Seed</term>
    <term cf="75">Kids Helping Kids</term>
    <term cf="75">Pathway Family Center</term>
    <term cf="45">Growing Together</term> 
    <term cf="75">KIDS of North Jersey</term>
    <term cf="75">KIDS of El Paso</term>
    <term cf="75">Alberta Adolescent Recovery Center</term> 
    <term cf="45">AARC\b</term>

    <term cf="85">Drug[ -]?Free America Foundation</term>
    <term cf="85">Sav.{1,7} Our Society</term>

    <term cf="85">Mario Do Right</term>

    <term>Betty Sembler</term>
    <term>Mel Sembler</term>
    <term>Melvin Sembler</term>
    <term cf="30">Sembler</term>

    <term cf="75">Institute on Global Drug Policy</term>
    <term cf="75">International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse</term>
    <term cf="75">International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy</term>

    <!-- quasi governemtal!; cf. -->
    <term cf="75">Drug Prevention Network</term>
    <term cf="75">Drug Prevention Network of the Americas</term>
    <term cf="75">DPNA</term>
    <term cf="40">Drug Network</term>

    <term cf="75">Students Taking Action Not Drugs</term>
    <term cf="75">National Drug[- ]?Free Workplace Alliance</term>
    <term cf="75">NDWA\b</term>

    <term cf="85">Betty Sembler</term>
    <term cf="30">Sembler</term>


  <concept cname="harm_reduction">
    <description>harm reduction</description>

    <term>['"]?first,? do no harm['"]?</term>
    <term>harm[ -]?reduction</term>
    <term>harm[ -]?minimi[sz]ation</term>
    <term cf="90">reduce the harm</term>
    <term cf="90">reducing the harm</term>
    <term cf="90">['"]?exit[ -]drug["']?</term>



  <concept cname="methadone_maintenance">
    <description>a program where opioid (heroin) addicts are prescribed methadone as a substitute</description>
    <term>methadone maintenance</term>

    <concept cname="heroin_maintenance">
    <description>a program where heroin addicts are prescribed heroin</description>
    <term>heroin maintenance</term>
    <concept cname="injection_center">
    <description>a supervised facility where injecting drug users may inject with medical staff on standby</description>
    <label>supervised injection center</label>

    <term>injection room</term>
    <term>injecting room</term>
    <term>safe[ -]injecting</term>
    <term>safe[ -]injection site</term>
    <term>injecting facilit</term>
    <term>injection facilit</term>
    <term cf="70">shooting[ -]galler</term>
    <term>safe inhalation site</term>

    <term cf="20">SFIF\b</term>
    <term cf="20">SFIFs\b</term>

    <term cf="45">injection site</term>
    <term cf="45">injecting site</term>

  <concept cname="syringe_exchange">
    <description>program to reduce disease by making clean syringes available to injecting drug users in exchange for used syringes</description>
    <label>needle exchange</label>
    <term>needle[ -]exchange</term>
    <term>syringe[ -]exchange</term>
    <term>needle and syringe programs</term>
    <term cf="60">NSPs</term>
    <term cf="50">hypodermic needle</term> 

  <concept cname="legalization" bgcolor="#33ffcc">
    <description>drug decrim. or legalisaton</description>
    <term>legali[sz]e the drug</term>
    <term>legali[sz]e drugs</term>
    <term>drug legali[sz]</term>

    <term>legali[sz]ing marijuana</term>
    <term>legali[sz]ed marijuana</term>
    <term>legali[sz]e marijuana</term>
    <term>marijuana legali[sz]</term>
    <term>legali[sz]ing pot</term>
    <term>legali[sz]ed pot</term>
    <term>legali[sz]e pot</term>

    <term>legali[sz]ation of mari[hj]uana</term>
    <term>legali[sz]ation de la mari[hj]uana</term>
    <term>decriminali[sz]ation of marijuana</term>
    <term>legali[sz]ation of cannabis</term>
    <term>legalisierung von Cannabis</term>

    <term>decriminali[sz]ation of cannabis</term>
    <term cf="90">decriminali[sz]ation of certain activities</term>

    <term>legali[sz]ing medical marijuana</term>
    <term>legali[sz]es? medical marijuana</term>

    <term cf="80">decriminali[sz]e the possession</term>
    <term cf="80">decriminali[sz]e possession</term>

    <term cf="80">decriminali[sz].{1,32}drug</term>
    <term cf="80">drug.{1,32}decriminali[sz]</term>
    <term cf="80">legali[sz].{1,32}drug</term>
    <term cf="80">drug.{1,32}legali[sz]</term>

    <term>decriminali[sz]e drug</term>
    <term>decriminali[sz]e pot</term>
    <term>decriminali[sz]e marijuana</term>
    <term>decriminali[sz]e cannabis</term>
    <term>decriminali[sz]ing marijuana</term>
    <term>decriminali[sz]ing cannabis</term>
    <term cf="85">decriminalization of certain activities that are currently proscribed by our criminal laws</term>

    <term cf="75">the ['"]?L[ -]?word,?["']?</term>
    <term cf="75">"L-word\b</term>

    <term cf="55">reference to legalization</term>
    <term cf="55">['"]?market alternatives['"]? to reduce demand</term>
    <term cf="25">['"]?market alternatives['"]?</term>

    <term cf="40">decriminali[sz]</term>
    <term cf="40">legali[sz]ation</term>
    <term cf="30">legali[sz]e</term>
    <term cf="40">depenali[sz]</term>
    <term cf="40">legitima</term>


  <concept cname="prohibition">
    <description>drug prohibition terms</description>

    <term cf="45">prohibition</term>

    <term cf="85">["']prohibition['"]</term>

    <term cf="75">Prohibition I{1,3}\b</term>

    <term cf="75">pro-criminali[sz]ation</term>

    <term cf="50">Preventionis[mt]</term>

    <term cf="60">repeal of prohibition</term>
    <term cf="60">prohibition was repealed</term>

    <term>drug prohibition</term>
    <term>alcohol prohibition</term>
    <term>marijuana prohibition</term>
    <term>pot prohibition</term>

    <term>prohibition of alcohol</term>
    <term>prohibition of marijuana</term>
    <term>prohibition of drugs</term>

    <term>anti drug</term>
    <term>anti-substance abuse</term>
    <term>counter narcotic</term>
    <term>Volstead Act</term>
    <term>prohibited plant</term>
    <term cf="66">Noble Experiment</term>
    <term cf="55">drug free</term>
    <term cf="85">drug-free</term>
    <term>illegality of drugs</term>

    <term>drug eradication</term>

    <term cf="85">prohibitionist</term>

    <term>Arrest and Prosecution Industry</term>

    <link></link> <!-- <link></link> -->

  <!-- hallucinogen concept reworked June 2006 to include assimilated erowid concepts -->
  <concept cname="hallucinogen" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>the hallucinogens or psychedelics; also disassociatives</description>

    <term cf="40">hallucinat</term>




    <term cf="45">AMT</term>


<!-- ******************************************************
     June 2006: About 250 new categories and/or concepts were 
     assimilated into this concept dictionary using's 
     listing and descriptions of chemicals, plants and pharms. 
     Many thanks to the fine folks at 
     ****************************************************** -->


  <!-- substance category:  ... -->

  <concept cname="chemicals">
    <label>psychoactive chemical</label> 
    <description>Psychoactive Chemicals are chemicals which have mind- or emotion-altering properties.</description>

  <concept cname="plants">
    <label>psychoactive plant</label>
    <description>Plants listed in this section are those which have been used 
       by humans for their mind- or emotion-altering properties.</description> 
    <!-- <sub>coffee</sub> truly a plant, but too many hits -->

  <concept cname="pharms">
     <label>psychoactive pharmaceutical</label>
     <description>Psychoactive Pharmaceuticals are over-the-counter 
       or prescription chemicals approved for human medicinal use,
        with mind- or emotion-altering properties</description>

  <concept cname="cataleptic">

  <concept cname="cough_suppressant">

  <concept cname="skeletal_muscle_relaxant">

  <concept cname="psychedelic_anti_cholinergic">

  <concept cname="maoi_a">

  <concept cname="dissociative">

  <concept cname="antivertigo">

  <concept cname="nsai">

  <concept cname="erectile_dysfunction_treatment">

  <concept cname="opioid_narcotic_analgesic">

  <concept cname="anaesthetic">

  <concept cname="narcotic_detoxification_adjunct">

  <concept cname="nmda_antagonist">

  <concept cname="sedative_intoxicant">

  <concept cname="phenethylamine">
    <description>compounds containing a modified phenethylamine molecular skeleton,
        which are found in the human brain, plants, and animals</description>

  <concept cname="veterinary_anaesthetic">

  <concept cname="antidepressant">

  <concept cname="euphoric_depressant">

  <concept cname="anxiolytic">

  <concept cname="psychedelic_tryptamine">

  <concept cname="opioid_analgesic">

  <concept cname="adhd_treatment">

  <concept cname="anti_schizophrenic">

  <concept cname="vasodialator">

  <concept cname="smell_enhancer">

  <concept cname="dream_potentiator">

  <concept cname="topical_anesthetic">

  <concept cname="nonnarcotic_analgesic">

  <concept cname="dissociative_psychedelic">

  <concept cname="sedative_hypnotic">

  <concept cname="inebriating_sedative">

  <concept cname="antiemetic">

  <concept cname="euphoric_stimulant">

  <concept cname="sedative">

  <concept cname="dissociative_anaesthetic">

  <concept cname="antipsychotic">

  <concept cname="poison">

  <concept cname="alcoholic_depressant_intoxicant">

  <concept cname="analgesic">

  <concept cname="antihistamine">

  <concept cname="atypical_psychedelic">

  <concept cname="anticonvulsant">

  <concept cname="mood_stabilizer">

  <concept cname="sleep_aid">

  <concept cname="non_opiate_synthetic_analgesic">

  <concept cname="building_muscle_mass">

  <concept cname="euphoric_empathogen">

  <concept cname="mild_sedative">

  <concept cname="nicotine_addiction_treatment">

  <concept cname="antihypertensive">

  <concept cname="deadly_poison">

  <concept cname="indirect_skeletal_muscle_relaxant">

  <concept cname="anti_psychotic">

  <concept cname="euphoriant">

  <concept cname="antimigraine">

  <concept cname="dissociative_anaesthetic_gas">

  <concept cname="antitussive">
    <description>a substance that prevents or relieves cough</description>

<!-- merged newsbot+erowid concept: depressant -->
<concept cname="depressant">
    <description>substances that reduce functional activities or instinctive desires</description>

    <!-- <sub>cannabis</sub> for newsbot, keep in sep. category -->

    <term>chloryl hydrate</term>

  <concept cname="anesthetic">

  <concept cname="psychedelic_phenethylamine">

  <concept cname="psychedelic">
    <term cf="50">psychedelic</term>
    <!-- <sub>cannabis</sub> for our purposes, keep in sep. category --> 


  <concept cname="unknown">

  <concept cname="intoxicant">



  <concept cname="hypnotic">

<!-- merged newsbot+erowid concept: opioid -->
<concept cname="opioid"  bgcolor="khaki">
    <description>opiate-like but synthetic drugs</description>



    <sub>nalbuphine</sub> <!-- ?? -->





  <concept cname="euphoric">

  <concept cname="tetracyclic_antidepressant">

  <concept cname="deliriant">
    <description>a substance that induces delirium</description>

  <concept cname="industrial_toxin_poison">

  <concept cname="depressant_intoxicant">

  <concept cname="psychedelic_stimulant">

  <concept cname="anxiogenic">

<!-- merged newsbot+erowid concept: tranquilizer -->
<concept cname="tranquilizer">
   <description>various tranquilizers and antidepressants</description>







<!-- merged newsbot+erowid concept: stimulant -->
<concept cname="stimulant" bgcolor="gold">
    <description>a substance that produces stimulation</description>

    <term cf="45">stimulant</term>  



  <concept cname="anaesthetic_volatile_solvent">


  <concept cname="magic_mushroom"  color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>magic mushroom -type hallucinogens</description>
    <label>mushroom psychedelic</label>

    <term>psychedelic mushroom</term>
    <term>hallucinogenic mushroom</term>
    <term>psychedelic 'shrooms</term>
    <term cf="60">'shrooms</term>

    <term cf="95">psilocybe</term>
    <term cf="80">psilocybin mushroom</term>

    <term cf="75">narcotic mushroom</term>
    <term cf="75">magic mushroom</term>
    <term cf="75">["']magic["'] mushroom</term>

    <term cf="70">possession of mushrooms</term>

    <term cf="40">shroom</term>
    <term cf="10">mushroom</term>


  <concept cname="psilocybin" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
        psilocybin (3-(2-dimethylamino)ethylindol-4-ol dihydrogen 
    phosphate) is an hallucinogen obtained from Psilocybe 
    or Stropharia mushrooms.
    <term cf="80">psilocybin</term>
    <term cf="75">psilocyn</term>
    <term cf="80">psilocine</term>

  <concept cname="methamphetamine" bgcolor="gold">

    <term>meth[ -]amphetamine</term>
    <term>methyl[ -]amphetamine</term>
    <term>Crystal Meth</term>


    <term cf="45">ya ma</term>
    <term cf="75">yaa baa</term>
    <term cf="55">ya[ -]ba\b</term>
    <term cf="55">["']?ya[ -]ice["']?</term>
    <term cf="55">yaba\b</term>
    <term cf="40">yabu</term>
    <term cf="70">Hiroppong</term>

    <term cf="95">the drug ice</term>
    <term cf="95">the stimulant drug ice</term>
    <term cf="65">['"]ice['"]\b</term>

    <term cf="30">crank</term>
    <term cf="10">crystal</term>
    <term cf="7">jib\b</term>
    <term cf="5">ice\b</term>
    <term cf="5">glass</term>

    <term cf="80">tik[ -]tik</term>
    <term cf="45">tuk[ -]tuk</term>
    <term cf="60">tik\b</term>

    <term cf="45">"P"</term>
    <term cf="45">'P'</term>

    <term cf="80">Methodology Project</term>


  <concept cname="hemp"   bgcolor="olive" color="white">
    <description>industrial hemp (for food, fuel, fiber, etc.)</description>
      <term>industrial hemp</term>
      <term>hemp farm</term>
      <term>hemp export</term>
      <term>hemp import</term>


  <concept cname="medical_cannabis" color="#993300" bgcolor="lime">
    <description>cannabis for medical use</description>

    <term>cannabis as therapy</term>
    <term>cannabis as medicine</term>
    <term>cannabis for medical purposes</term>
    <term>cannabis for medicinal purposes</term>
    <term>cannabis to help the sick</term>
    <term>cannabis-based medicine</term>
    <term>cannabis-based treatment</term>
    <term>marijuana for medical purposes</term>
    <term>marijuana for medicinal purposes</term>
    <term>marijuana is medicine</term>
    <term>marijuana is not a medicine</term>
    <term>marijuana to help the sick</term>
    <term>marijuana-based medicine</term>
    <term>medical cannabis</term>
    <term>medical excuse marijuana</term>
    <term>medical marijuana</term>
    <term>medical pot\b</term>
    <term>medical pot's</term>
    <term>medicinal pot\b</term>
    <term>medicinal pot's</term>
    <term>medical THC</term>
    <term>medicinal THC</term>
    <term>medicinal dagga</term>
    <term>medical use marijuana</term>
    <term>medical use of marijuana</term>
    <term>medical uses for marijuana</term>
    <term>medicinal cannabis</term>
    <term>medicinal[ -]mari[jh]uana</term>
    <term>medicinal THC</term>
    <term>medicinal use of marijuana</term>
    <term>pot for medicinal purposes</term>
    <term>pot to help the sick</term>
    <term>therapeutic benefits of cannabis</term>
    <term>mari[jh]uana para usos medicos</term>


    <term>cannabis in pain trial</term>
    <term>cannabis pain trial</term>
    <term cf="70">cannabis trial</term>

    <term cf="98">marijuana is the only medicine</term>
    <term cf="90">smoke marijuana to ease</term>
    <term cf="90">marijuana for medical</term>
    <term cf="90">"medicinal" marijuana</term>
    <term cf="90">"medical" marijuana</term>

    <term cf="40">active ingredient in marijuana</term>
    <term cf="80">marijuana to treat</term>

    <term cf="70">legally smoke marijuana</term>
    <term cf="60">legal right to smoke</term>
    <term cf="45">"medicine"</term>
    <term cf="45">"medicinal"</term>
    <term cf="45">"medical"</term>
    <term cf="30">smoked marijuana</term>

    <term cf="50">patient.{1,32}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="50">marijuana.{1,32}patient</term>

    <term cf="50">medical.{2,32}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="50">marijuana.{1,32}medical</term>

    <term cf="50">medicin.{3,32}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="50">marijuana.{1,32}medicin</term>

    <term cf="59">Charlotte's Web</term>



  <concept cname="compassion_ind" color="blue" bgcolor="lime">
     <label>Compassionate Investigational New Drug program</label>
    The Compassionate Investigational New Drug program is a
    U.S. Federal Government-run Investigational New
    Drug program that allows a limited number of patients to use medical
    marijuana grown at the University of Mississippi.


     <term>Compassionate IND</term>
     <term>Compassionate Investig.{1,15} New Drug</term>
     <term cf="90">Investig.{1,15} New Drug</term>
     <term cf="30">IND\b</term>
     <term cf="30">I\.? N\.? D\.?\b</term>

     <term cf="75">exception.{1,17}federal.{1,33}marijuana.{1,33}medic</term>
     <term cf="55">exception.{1,33}federal.{1,33}marijuana</term>


  <concept cname="acomplia">
    <description>Acomplia, the "anti-marijuana" drug, blocks central cannabinoid receptors (CB1)</description>

  <concept cname="narcotic" bgcolor="khaki">
    <description>a drug that dulls senses, relieves pain, induces sleep</description>



  <concept cname="opiate" bgcolor="khaki">
    <description>a substance derived from the opium poppy</description>



    <term cf="30">junkie</term>
    <term cf="30">junky</term>


  <concept cname="naloxone">
    <description>naloxone hydrochloride is an opioid antagonist
       which prevents or reverses the effects of opioids</description>
    <label>naloxone - opioid overdose antidote</label>

  <!--  1,4-butanediol - Depressant Intoxicant -->
  <concept cname="_14b">
    <description>1,4-Butanediol is an industrial chemical that acts as an intoxicating sedative. It is similar in effects to GHB and usually comes in liquid form. (butylene glycol)</description>
    <term cf="50">BDO\b</term>
    <term>butylene glycol</term>

  <!--  2C-B - Psychedelic Phenethylamine -->
  <concept cname="_2cb" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>2C-B is a synthetic psychedelic that first gained popularity as a legal Ecstasy replacement in the mid 1980s. It is known for having a strong physical component to its effects and a moderate duration. (4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine)</description>
    <term cf="65">['"]venus,?['"]</term>
    <term cf="45">venus</term>
    <term>bromo[ -]?mescaline</term>
    <term cf="50">["']nexus,?["']</term>
    <term cf="20">nexus</term>
    <term cf="50">["']Bees,?['"]</term>
    <term cf="5">Bees\b</term>

  <!--  2C-I - Psychedelic Phenethylamine -->
  <concept cname="_2ci" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>2C-I is an short-acting synthetic psychedelic. It gained some popularity in Europe and the U.S. (2001-2005) though it has only a short history of human use. (2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodophenethylamine)</description>
    <term cf="95">["']smiles,?["']</term>

  <!--  2C-T-7 - Psychedelic Phenethylamine -->
  <concept cname="_2ct7" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>2C-T-7 is a synthetic psychedelic known for its colorful visuals. It experienced a surge in popularity, due to internet sales, during 1999-2001 before being made illegal in the U.S. (2,5-dimethoxy-4-(n)-propylthiophenethylamine)</description>
    <term>blue mystic</term>

  <!--  2C-I-NBOMe - Psychedelic Phenethylamine -->
  <concept cname="_2ci_nbome" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>The N-o-methoxybenzyl analog of 2C-I and a 5-HT2A (serotonin 2A) receptor agonists, 2C-I-NBOMe is active at very low sub-milligram doses. This chemical has nearly no history of human use prior to 2010 when it first became available online. It has been linked to hospitalizations - and fatal overdoses.</description>
    <term cf="90">N[-]?BOMe</term>
    <term cf="80">["']?N[-]?bomb['"]?</term>
    <term cf="60">25-?I\b</term>

  <!--  5-MeO-AMT - Psychedelic Tryptamine -->
  <concept cname="_5meo_amt" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>5-MeO-AMT is a long-acting synthetic psychedelic. It is very potent, requiring only very small dosages to produce full effects. (5-methoxy-alpha-methyltryptamine)</description>

  <!--  5-MeO-DIPT - Psychedelic Tryptamine -->
  <concept cname="_5meo_dipt" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>5-MeO-DIPT is a stimulating psychedelic tryptamine publicized as a erotic enhancer. It experienced a surge in popularity due to internet sales from 1999-2001, before being made illegal in the U.S. (N,N-diisopropyl-5-methoxy-tryptamine)</description>
    <term>foxy methoxy</term>
    <term cf="45">Foxy\b</term>

  <!--  5-MeO-DMT - Psychedelic Tryptamine -->
  <concept cname="_5meo_dmt" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>5-MeO-DMT is a naturally occurring psychedelic used in both ayahuasca brews and traditional S. American shamanic snuffs. It is present in many plants as well as some toad venom. It is comparable in effects to DMT though it produces less visuals and requires lower doses. (5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine)</description>

  <!--  Absinthe - Alcoholic Depressant Intoxicant -->
  <concept cname="absinthe">
    <description>Absinthe is a distilled spirit infused with herbs including the thujone-containing Aretmesia absinthium. Many describe its effects as significantly different than alcohol alone, but the nature of thujone's effects are much disputed. It was popularized in the late 19th century and associated with the bohemian artistic movements of the time. (Mixture)</description>
    <term>la fe. verte</term>
    <term>green fairy</term>
    <term>green goddess</term>

<!-- merged newsbot+erowid concept: alcohol -->
<concept cname="alcohol">    
    <description>ethyl alcohol for intoxication</description>
    <term cf="75">liquor</term>
    <term cf="50">ethyl alcohol</term>
    <term cf="50">alcohol</term>
    <term>ardent spirit</term>
    <term cf="50">beer\b</term>
    <term cf="85">wine\b</term>
    <term>demon rum</term>

    <term cf="85">Wee Bitters</term>



    <term>illicit gin</term>
    <term cf="5">gin\b</term>

    <term cf="85">coma drinking</term>
    <term>binge drinking</term>

    <term cf="75">been drinking</term>
    <term cf="75">was drinking</term>


<concept cname="fenethylline" bgcolor="gold">
    <description>amphetamine-like psychostimulant; a codrug of amphetamine and theophylline</description>

    <term cf="55">Fitton\b</term>


<!-- merged newsbot+erowid concept: amphetamines -->
<concept cname="amphetamines" bgcolor="gold">
    <description>various amphetamines</description>



    <term cf="80">lisdexamfetamine</term>
    <term cf="80">Vyvanse</term>


    <term cf="80">Go[ -]Pills</term>
    <term cf="10">speed</term>



  <!--  Ayahuasca - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="ayahuasca"  color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>Ayahuasca is a powerfully psychedelic South American brew/tea traditionally made from the B. caapi vine and other admixtures such as P. viridis (or other DMT-containing plants). One of its primary effects is considered to be the vomiting (the purge) that accompanies the experience. The term ayahuasca is sometimes loosely used to mean any combination of an MAOI with DMT. (Mixture)</description>
    <term cf="40">h[ou]asca\b</term>
    <term cf="50">Yage\b</term>
    <term cf="50">la purga</term>
    <term cf="70">hallucinogenic tea</term>

  <!--  Barbiturate - Depressant -->
  <concept cname="barbiturates">
    <description>Barbiturates are a class of sedative drugs prescribed for anxiety and insomnia. Barbiturates were widely available on the street in the 1970s and '80s, though less so in the '90s and '00s. (Various (see below))</description>

    <term cf="20">barbs\b</term>
    <term cf="45">barbies</term>

    <term cf="40">downers</term>


    <term>pheno[- ]?barbital</term>

    <term>seco[- ]?barbit</term>
    <term cf="85">seconal</term>
    <term cf="85">seccies</term>
    <term cf="3">Reds</term>


  <!--  Bufotenin - Psychedelic Tryptamine -->
  <concept cname="bufotenin"  color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>Bufotenin is a naturally occurring psychedelic present in many species of plants and Bufo toad venom. There has been some controversy over the psychoactivity of bufotenin though recent data suggests it is similar in effects to, though less potent than, 5-MeO-DMT. (5-hydroxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine)</description>
    <term>toad venom</term>
    <term>toad[  -]lick</term>
    <term>toad[  -]smok</term>
    <term cf="50">Bufo alvarius</term>

  <!--  BZ - Psychedelic Anti-cholinergic -->
  <concept cname="bz">
    <description>BZ is an anti-cholinergenic hallucinogen rumored to have been investigated by the CIA as a chemical warfare agent. It is also rumored to be the substance responsible for the Vietnam incidences depicted in the movie 'Jacob's Ladder'. Little is known about its possible effects. (3-quinuclidinyl benzilate)</description>
    <term>quinuclidinyl benzilate</term>
    <term cf="15">BZ\b</term>

  <!--  BZP - Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="bzp">
    <description>BZP is a stimulant which gained popularity in some countries in the early 2000s as a legal alternative to amphetamine, methamphetamine, and MDMA. (1-benzylpiperazine)</description>
    <term cf="20">frenzy</term>
    <term cf="20">nemesis</term>

  <!--  Caffeine - Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="caffeine">
    <description>Caffeine is an extremely common stimulant used daily by a large portion of the world's population. It has a long history of use and is well-documented and -researched. (3,7-dihydro-1,3,7-trimethyl-1h-purine-2,6-dione)</description>

  <concept cname="energy_drink" bgcolor="aquamarine">
    <description>energy drinks, stimulant supplements</description>
    <label>energy drinks and supplements</label>
    <term>energy drink</term>

    <term cf="80">Red Bull</term>

    <term cf="75">["']?energy[- ]shots?["']?</term>

    <term cf="50">sports drink</term>

  <!--  Carbogen - Atypical Psychedelic; Anxiogenic -->
  <concept cname="carbogen">
    <description>Carbogen is a benign combination of carbon dioxide and oxygen which can be inhaled by people to intentionally cause an altered state of consciousness. It's effects are considered extremely unpleasant. (carbon dioxide & oxygen mixture)</description>
    <term cf="40">carbogen</term>
    <term>meduna's mixture</term>
    <term cf="50">carbon dioxide and oxygen</term>

  <!--  Cathinone - Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="cathinone">
    <description>Cathinone is a naturally occurring stimulant present in the Khat plant. Its effects and structure are similar to those of ephedrine and amphetamine. ((s)-2-amino-1-phenyl-l-propanone)</description>
    <term cf="5">Cat\b</term>
    <term cf="80">methcathinone</term>

  <concept cname="synthetic_cathinone">
    <label>a synthesized analogue of cathinone</label>
    <link></link> <!-- ? -->

  <!--  Mephedrone - Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="mephedrone">
    <description>4-Methylmethcathinone is "like ecstasy but its properties are much more similar to cocaine and amphetamines";
       an uncommon stimulant with a short history of human use, 
       becoming known for tendency to cause compulsive redosing, and classic stimulant psychosis
    <term cf="50">bath[ -]?salt</term>
    <term cf="45">Plant Food</term>
    <term cf="70">Meow[ -]?Meow</term>
    <term cf="70">miaow[ -]?miaow</term>
    <term cf="45">Meow</term>
    <term cf="75">4-MM?C\b</term>

  <concept cname="alpha_pvp">
        alpha-PVP (alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone, a.k.a., a-PVP) is a
        synthetic cathinone ... "The injection of gravel can result in
        the deterioration of tissue in and around the injection site,
        leaving gaping holes in the body tissue that can be inches
        deep." (Hawaii Army Weekly, 2015)
    <term>alpha[ -]?PVP</term>
    <term>alpha[ -]?Pyrrolidinopentiophenone</term>
    <term>a[ -]?PVP</term>
    <term cf="60">["']?Flakk?a["']?\b</term>
    <term cf="50">["']Gravel["']\b</term>
    <term cf="40">bath[ -]?salt</term>

  <!-- Euphoric Empathogen; Phenethylamine -->
  <concept cname="methylone">
    Methylone is a synthetic empathogen. It is relatively uncommon and has only a short history of human use.
    <term cf="5">Explosion</term>
    <term>bk[ -]?MDMA</term>
    <term cf="3">Ease\b</term>
    <term cf="5">M1\b</term>
    <term cf="70">Neocor\b</term>
    <term cf="50">bath[ -]?salt</term>

  <concept cname="mdpv">
    <description>MDPV - methylenedioxypyrovalerone an uncommon stimulant with a short history of human use, known for tendency to cause compulsive redosing</description>
    <term>methylene[ -]?dioxy[ -]?pyro[ -]?valerone</term>
    <term cf="95">MDPV</term>
    <term cf="50">NRG-1</term>
    <term cf="97">Ivory Wave</term>
    <term cf="80">monkey dust</term>

  <!--  Chloroform - Anaesthetic Volatile Solvent -->
  <concept cname="chloroform">
    <description>Chloroform is a volatile liquid that was used as an anaesthetic during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. (trichloromethane)</description>

<!-- merged newsbot+erowid concept: cocaine -->
<concept cname="cocaine" bgcolor="gold">
    <description>cocaine; any form</description>


    <term cf="40">speed[ -]ball</term>
    <term>nose candy</term>
    <term cf="15">coke</term>

    <term>benzoylmethyl ecgonine</term>



  <concept cname="crack">
    <description>crack, or other cocaine freebase</description>
    <term>crack cocaine</term>
    <term>crack[ -]baby</term>
    <term>crack dealer</term>
    <term>crack[ -]house</term> 
    <term>crack[ -]pipe</term>
    <term cf="60">drug pipe\b</term>
    <term>rock.? of crack</term>
    <term cf="50">crack's\b</term>
    <term cf="30">crack\b</term>
    <term cf="90">crack[ -]?head</term>
    <term cf="75">free[ -]?base</term>
    <term cf="80">basuco\b</term>

<!-- merged newsbot+erowid concept: dmt -->
<concept cname="DMT"  color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>DMT is a powerful, visual psychedelic which produces short-acting effects when smoked. It is used orally in combination with an MAOI, as in ayahuasca brews. It is naturally produced in the human brain and by many plants. (N,N-dimethyltryptamine)</description>
    <term>di[ -]?methyl[ -]?tryptamine</term>
    <term>5[ -]methoxy[ -]?N,N[ -]?di[ -]?methyl[ -]?tryptamine</term>
    <sub>ayahuasca</sub> <!-- i.e., if ayahuasca mentioned, then DMT is implied ... -->
    <term cf="45">DMT</term>
    <term>businessman's LSD</term>
    <term>businessman's high</term>
    <term>businessman's trip</term>

  <!--  DOM - Psychedelic Phenethylamine -->
  <concept cname="dimethoxymethylamphetamine" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>DOM is a psychoactive chemical similar in nature to LSD but with a longer duration. It is best known for several well-publicized, non-fatal overdoses in the late 1960s, when sold under the name STP. (2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine)</description>
    <term cf="90">serenity, tranquility, and peace</term>
    <term cf="15">DOM\b</term>
    <term cf="15">STP\b</term>

  <!--  DXM - Dissociative; Psychedelic; Cough Suppressant -->
  <concept cname="dxm">
    <description>DXM is a widely available over-the-counter cough suppressant. When taken far above its standard medical dosage, it is a strong dissociative used primarily by teens. (dextromethorphan hydrobromide)</description>
    <term cf="10">Robo\b</term>
    <term cf="3">DM\b</term>
    <term cf="90">Robo[ -]?tripping</term>

  <!--  Ephedrine - Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="ephedrine">
    <description>Ephedrine is the active ingredient in Ephedra sinica. One isomer (pseudoephedrine) is widely sold as a decongestant while the other (ephedrine) is a commonly used stimulant. ((-)-alpha-(1-methylaminoethyl)benzyl alcohol)</description>
    <term>mini[ -]thins</term>
    <term>trucker's speed</term>
    <term>alpha.*methylaminoethyl.*benzyl alcohol</term>

  <!--  Ether - Anaesthetic Volatile Solvent -->
  <concept cname="ether">
    <description>Ether is a volatile liquid that's vapors act as an anaesthetic when inhaled. It has been used both medically and recreationally since the late 1800's. (diethyl-ether)</description>
    <term>sweet vitriol</term>

  <!--  GHB - Depressant Intoxicant -->
  <concept cname="ghb">
    <description>GHB is a sedative used both as a sleep-aid and as a recreational intoxicant. It is known for its ability to induce a short (several hour) coma-like sleep at high doses. A number of GHB-related deaths in combination with its addiction potential led to it being made illegal in 1999. (gamma-hydroxybutyrate)</description>
    <term cf="70">GHB\b</term>
    <term cf="50">GBH\b</term>
    <term>sodium oxybate</term>
    <term>gamma[ -]?hydroxy[ -]?butyrate</term>
    <term cf="10">GBL\b</term>
    <term>gamma[ -]?butyro[ -]?lactone</term>
    <term cf="75">liquid ecstasy</term>
    <term cf="75">["']?coma in a bottle['"]?</term>

  <!--  GHV - Depressant Intoxicant -->
  <concept cname="ghv">
    <description>GHV is a sedative similar in nature to GHB but much less common. Its effects are not well understood. (gamma-hydroxyvalerate)</description>

  <!--  Harmala - MAOI; Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="harmala">
    <description>Harmala alkaloids are naturally occurring Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors which are best known for their use in combination with tryptamine source plants in ayahuasca brews. (Various)</description>

  <concept cname="cannibal_heroin" bgcolor="#ff9999">
    <label>desomorphine (DailyMail scare-term)</label>
    <description>sensationalised DailyMail tabloid scare-term for desomorphine</description>
    <term cf="95">['"]?cannibal[ -]heroin['"]?</term>

<!-- merged newsbot+erowid concept: heroin -->
<concept cname="heroin" bgcolor="khaki">
    <description>heroin, heroine, diamorphine</description>

    <term>dia[ -]?morphine</term>
    <term>diacetyl[ -]?morphine</term>

    <term cf="45">chiva\b</term>
    <term cf="3">cheese</term>

    <term cf="70">speed[ -]?ball</term>

    <!-- esp. in India, SA -->
    <term cf="60">sell.{1,33}brown sugar</term>
    <term cf="55">["']brown sugar["']?</term>
    <term cf="45">brown sugar</term> 
    <term cf="30">junkie</term>
    <term cf="30">junky</term>
    <term cf="5">smack</term>


  <!--  Ibogaine - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="ibogaine" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>Ibogaine is the active chemical in the African Tabernanthe iboga root. It is a strong, long-lasting psychedelic used traditionally in a coming of age ritual but also known for its modern use in treating opiate addiction. (12-methoxyibogamine)</description>

  <!--  Inhalants - Anaesthetic; Intoxicant; Dissociative -->
  <concept cname="inhalants">
    <description>Our understanding of the literature is that there is no such thing as safe use of most volatile solvents, aerosols or other street inhalants : their psychoactive effects may be inseparable from nerve and organ damage. (Various)</description>
    <term>inhalant abus</term>
    <term cf="50">inhalant</term>
    <term cf="5">freon</term>
    <term cf="40">chloroform</term>
    <term cf="20">glue\b</term>
    <term>sniffing glue</term>
    <term cf="10">mineral spirits</term>
    <term cf="50">computer duster</term>
    <term cf="85">sniffing gas</term>
    <term cf="85">sniffing petrol</term>
    <term cf="85">huffing gas</term>
    <term cf="85">huffing petrol</term>
    <term cf="75">['"]ragging['"]</term>
    <term cf="50">ragging</term>
    <term cf="5">gasoline</term>
    <term cf="5">petrol</term>
    <term cf="2">acetone</term>
    <term cf="7">ether\b</term>

  <!--  Ketamine - Dissociative Anaesthetic; Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="ketamine">
    <description>Ketamine is a dissociative psychedelic used medically as a veterinary and human anaesthetic. It is one of the few addictive psychedelics and is associated with researcher John Lilly. (2-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)-cyclohexanone)</description>
    <term cf="45">special ['"]?k['"]?\b</term>
    <term>cat tranquilizer</term>

  <!--  LSA - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="lsa" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>LSA is a naturally occurring psychedelic found in many plants such as morning glory and hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. (d-lysergic acid amide)</description>
    <term cf="40">LSA\b</term>
    <term>d.{0,5}lysergic acid amide</term>
    <term>lysergic acid amide</term>
    <term cf="5">LAA\b</term>

<!-- merged newsbot+erowid concept: lsd -->
<concept cname="LSD" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <label>lysergic acid diethylamide</label>
    <description>LSD is the best known and most researched psychedelic. It is the standard against which all other psychedelics are compared. It is active at extremely low doses and is most commonly available on blotter or in liquid form. (d-lysergic acid diethylamide)</description>
    <term>lysergic[ -]?acid[ -]?diethylamide</term>
    <term>windowpane acid</term>
    <term>blotter acid</term>
    <term>acid[ -]trip</term>
    <term cf="50">trip.{0,7}acid</term>
    <term cf="30">acid\b</term>
    <term cf="20">blotter</term>
    <term cf="5">Tabs\b</term>

  <!--  MAOI - MAOI -->
  <concept cname="maoi">
    <description>MAOIs inhibit naturally occurring enzymes in the human body. This inhibition leads to increased levels of chemicals such as the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. By slowing their metabolism, MAOIs also allow chemicals such as N,N-DMT, to become active when taken orally. (Various)</description>
    <sub>ayahuasca</sub> <!-- i.e., if ayahuasca is mentioned, then an maoi is implied -->



  <!--  mCPP - Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="mcpp" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>mCPP is a 5-HT receptor agonist that has been used as a challenge drug in MDMA research. In the mid-2000s, it has shown up in legal alternatives to illegal stimulants (New Zealand), and pills sold as Ecstasy (Europe). (1-(m-chlorophenyl)piperazine)</description>
    <term cf="50">mCPP\b</term>
    <term cf="40">CPP\b</term>

  <!--  MDA - Euphoric Empathogen; Stimulant; Phenethylamine -->
  <concept cname="mda" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>MDA is a synthetic empathogen sometimes found in ecstasy tablets. It is closely related to MDMA though its effects are said to be slightly more psychedelic. (3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine)</description>
    <term cf="45">MDA\b</term>
    <term cf="70">MDA caps</term>
    <term cf="70">MDA pills</term>
    <term cf="90">the drug MDA</term>
    <term>methylene[ -]?dioxy[ -]?amphetamine</term>

  <!--  MDE - Euphoric Empathogen; Stimulant; Phenethylamine -->
  <concept cname="mde" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow" >
    <description>MDE is a synthetic empathogen sometimes found in ecstasy tablets. It is closely related to MDMA though its effects are said to be milder and less stimulating. (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-ethylamphetamine)</description>
    <term>methylene[ -]?dioxy[ -]?ethyl[ -]?amphetamine</term>
    <term>the drug MDE\b</term>
    <term>MDE pill</term>
    <term>MDE tablet</term>
    <term>MDE capsule</term>
    <term cf="40">MDE\b</term>
    <term cf="20">Eve\b</term>

<!-- merged newsbot+erowid concept: mdma -->
  <concept cname="MDMA" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>MDMA: Ecstasy, E, X</description>

    <term>drug ecsta[cs]y</term>
    <term>took ecsta[cs]y</term>
    <term>ecsta[cs]y pill</term>
    <term>ecsta[cs]y tablet</term>
    <term>tablets of ecsta[cs]y</term>
    <term cf="70">with ecsta[cs]y</term>
    <term cf="70">for ecsta[cs]y</term>
    <term cf="60">of ecsta[cs]y</term>

    <term cf="90">use.{1,7} ecsta[cs]y</term>
    <term cf="90">ecsta[cs]y use</term>

    <term cf="70">ecstacy</term>
    <term cf="45">ecstasy</term>
    <term cf="85">Extacy</term>


    <term cf="75">e[ -]?tard</term>

    <term>methylene?[ -]?dioxy[ -]{0,5}meth[ -]?amphetamine</term>



  <concept cname="molly"  bgcolor="#ff9999">
    <label>'Molly' - an officially encouraged "street name" for MDMA</label>
    <description>The term "Molly" for MDMA appears to be an officially preferred slang term for MDMA originating from prohibition agencies and mainstream media. Such a "street" name is intended to nourish counterculture "street" associations which a dry acronym like MDMA was unable to provide.</description>

    <term cf="85">["']Molly["',]+\b</term>

    <term cf="65">drug.{1,66}Molly\b</term>
    <term cf="65">Molly\b.{1,66}drug</term>

    <term cf="50">street.{1,66}Molly\b</term>
    <term cf="50">Molly\b.{1,66}street</term>

    <term cf="5">Molly\b</term>


  <!--  MDPR - Unknown; Phenethylamine -->
  <concept cname="mdpr">
    <description>MDPR is a synthetic phenethylamine. Very little is known about its possible effects as there is nearly no history of human use. (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-propylamphetamine)</description>
    <term>methylene[ -]?dioxy[ -]?propyl[ -]?amphetamine</term>

  <concept cname="mta">
    <description>4-MTA (4-methylthioamphetamine) is a long-lasting synthetic stimulant and serotonin agonist. (Rare. Blamed for deaths in 1990s.)</description>
    <term cf="60">4[ -]?MTA\b</term>
    <term cf="50">Flatliners</term>

  <!--  Mescaline - Psychedelic Phenethylamine -->
  <concept cname="mescaline" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>Mescaline is a naturally occurring psychedelic with a long history of human use. It is best known as the primary active chemical in the peyote cactus. (3,4,5-trimethoxy-ss-phenethylamine)</description>

<!-- merged newsbot+erowid concept: methadone -->
<concept cname="methadone"  bgcolor="khaki">
         Methadone is synthetic opioid analgesic that is a mu-opioid agonist with actions similar to morphine. 
         It is used in the treatment of dependence on opioid drugs. 

  <!--  Methaqualone - Sedative Intoxicant -->
  <concept cname="methaqualone">
    <description>Methaqualone is a synthetic sedative best known for its medical and recreational popularity in the 1970s. (2-methyl-3-(2-methylphenyl)-4(3H)-quinazolinone)</description>
    <term cf="70">["']gorilla[ -]biscui?ts?['"]?</term>

  <!--  MPTP - Industrial Toxin / Poison -->
  <concept cname="mptp">
    <description>MPTP is a contaminant that can result from sloppy synthesis of MPPP, a street analog of the opioid meperidine (Demerol). It is a known industrial toxin that was responsible for a rash of Parkinsons-like cases in the early 1980s which spurred the development of the federal Analogue Act in the U.S. (1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,5,6-tetrahydropyridine)</description>

  <!--  Nitrous Oxide - Dissociative Anaesthetic Gas -->
  <concept cname="nitrous">
    <label>Nitrous Oxide</label>
    <description>Nitrous Oxide is an aesthetic gas best known for its use in dentistry and as a whipped cream propellant. It is widely available and its effects are short lasting. (nitrous oxide)</description>
    <term cf="5">cartridge</term>
    <term cf="50">hippy crack</term>
    <term>nitrous oxide</term>
    <term>laughing gas</term>
    <term cf="40">whippits</term>

  <!--  Opium - Euphoric Depressant; Analgesic -->
  <concept cname="opium">
    <description>Opium is a naturally occurring analgesic harvested as a latex from ripe Papaver somniferum (opium poppy) pods. It has a long history of use by humans as an oral and smoked psychoactive. (Mixture)</description>
    <term>raw opium</term>
    <term cf="60">opium</term>
    <term>raw opium</term>

  <!--  PCP - Dissociative Psychedelic; Tranquilizer -->
  <concept cname="pcp">
    <description>PCP is a powerful psychedelic known for its dissociative effects at higher doses. It is best known for stories of the strange and sometimes violent behavior of people under its influence. (phencyclidine)</description>

    <term>embalming fluid</term>
    <term>angel dust</term>

    <term>PCP dealers</term>
    <term>distribut.{1,15} PCP</term>

    <term>marijuana.*{1,33} PCP</term>
    <term>PCP.{1,33} marijuana</term>


    <term cf="50">['"]?wet[,"']? marijuana</term>
    <term cf="50">smoking ['"]?wet[,"']?</term>
    <term cf="15">['"]?wet[,"']?</term>

    <term cf="50">love[ -]?boat</term>

    <!-- just too many non-phencyclidine uses of the acronym PCP ... -->
    <term cf="45">PCP\b</term>


  <!--  Piperazines - Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="piperazines">
    <description>Piperazines are a broad class of chemicals which include several stimulants (BZP, TFMPP, etc) as well as anti-vertigo agents (cyclizine, meclizine) and others (sildenafil/viagra). (Various)</description>

  <!--  PMA - Psychedelic Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="pma">
    <description>PMA is a strong psychedelic which may cause dangerous overheating of the body. PMA has been sold in ecstasy tablets, and has led to dangerous and fatal hyperthermia is some users. (para-methoxy-amphetamine)</description>
    <term cf="20">PMA\b</term>

  <concept cname="pmma">
    <description>PMMA is a strong psychedelic which (like PMA) may cause dangerous overheating of the body. 
    PMMA has been sold in ecstasy tablets, and has led to dangerous and fatal hyperthermia is some users. 
    <term cf="20">PMMA\b</term>

  <!--  Scopolamine - deliriant -->

  <concept cname="scopolamine">
    <description>Scopolamine is a naturally occurring deliriant found in many solanaceous plants such as datura and belladonna. It is commonly used in research and has some medical applications. (alpha-(hydroxymethyl) benzeneacetic acid 9-methyl-3-oxa-9-aza-tricyclo[,4] non-7-yl ester)</description>

  <!--  SSRI - SSRIs -->
  <concept cname="ssri">
    <description>SSRIs are a class of pharmaceuticals that increase levels of serotonin in the brain. They are the most popular type of anti-depressants prescribed in the U.S. and have also been shown to reduce MDMA-related neurotoxicity in research animals. (Various)</description>

  <!--  TFMPP - Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="tfmp">
    <description>TFMPP is a synthetic piperazine most commonly combined with BZP. This combination has gained popularity in some countries as a legal alternative to other stimulants. TFMPPs effects alone are not well known. (3-trifluoromethylphenylpiperazine monohydrochloride)</description>

  <!--  TMA-2 - Psychedelic Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="tma2">
    <description>TMA-2 is a synthetic psychedelic chemically similar to mescaline. It has only a short history of human use. (2,4,5-trimethoxyamphetamine)</description>

  <!--  Acacia - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="acacia" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>Acacia is a genus of shrubs and small trees, some of which produce DMT and 5-MeO-DMT in their bark and leaves. (Fabaceae (=Leguminosae; Mimosaceae), Acacia, maidenii; obtusifolia; phlebophylla)</description>
    <term cf="45">acacia</term>
    <term cf="75">acacia tree</term>
    <term cf="75">acacia plant</term>
    <term cf="35">wattle</term>
    <term>maiden's wattle</term>
    <term>acacia maidenii</term>
    <term cf="77">shittim</term>
    <term>buffalo sallow wattle</term>
    <term>acacia phlebophylla</term>

  <!--  Psychoactive Amanitas - deliriant; Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="amanitas" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <label>Psychoactive Amanitas</label>
    <description>Psychoactive Amanitas are mushrooms which contain the psychoactive chemicals ibotenic acid and muscimol. They have a long history of use in Asia and Northern Europe. They are best known for their distinctive appearance (bright reds and yellows with white spots). (Amanitaceae, Amanita, cothurnata; gemmata; muscaria; pantherina; regalis)</description>
    <term>ibo tengutake</term>
    <term>psychoactive amanita</term>
    <term>fly agaric</term>
    <term>amanita muscaria</term>
    <term>amanitas pantherina</term>
    <term cf="10">amanita</term>
    <term cf="40">muscaria</term>
    <term cf="60">muscimole</term>

  <!--  Anadenanthera - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="anadenanthera">
    <description>Anadenanthera is a genus of trees, some of which produce DMT-containing seeds in pods. There is a long history of use of these seeds in South America. (Fabaceae (=Leguminosae; Mimosaceae), Anadenanthera, peregrina; colubrina; excelsa; macrocarpa)</description>
    <term cf="40">vilca\b</term>

  <!--  Arundo Donax - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="arundo_donax">
    <label>Arundo Donax</label>
    <description>Arundo donax is a perennial, reed-like grass which contains DMT. It grows up to 8 meters tall along lakes streams and other wet sites. (Gramineae (=Poaceae), Arundo, donax)</description>
    <term>giant reed grass</term>
    <term>arundo grass</term>
    <term>arundo donax</term>
    <term>giant river reed</term>
    <term>donax cane</term>
    <term>colorado river reed</term>

  <!--  Banisteriopsis - MAOI; Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="banisteriopsis">
    <description>Banisteriopsis caapi is a tropical vine which contains harmine and other harmala alkaloids in its stems. It has a long history of use in South American ayahuasca brews. (Malpighiaceae, Banisteriopsis, caapi; inebriens)</description>
    <term>Banisteriopsis caapi</term>
    <term cf="98">banisteriopsis</term>
    <term cf="80">Yage\b</term>
    <term cf="80">Yaje\b</term>

  <!--  Belladonna - Deliriant; Poison -->
  <concept cname="belladonna">
    <description>Belladonna is a 1-2 meter tall perennial herb that produces small red to black berries. These berries contain atropine, scopolomine and hyoscyamine and have a long history of use as a medicinal, poisonous, and ceremonial herb. (Solanaceae, Atropa, belladonna)</description>
    <term>deadly nightshade</term>
    <term cf="45">belladonna</term>
    <term>devil's cherries</term>

  <!--  Betel - Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="betel">
    <description>Betel nuts, the fruit of the Areca catechu palm tree, contain the stimulant arecoline. The ground nuts are combined with mineral lime and wrapped in the leaf of a Betel palm, from which the nut gets its name. Variants of this combination are extremely common in many Asian cultures and have a long history of human use. (Arecaceae (=Palmaceae), Areca, catechu)</description>
    <term cf="50">betel\b</term>
    <term>betel nut</term>

  <!--  Blue Lily - None -->
  <concept cname="bluelily">
    <label>Blue Lily</label>
    <description>Agapanthus africanus (Blue Lily) is sometimes confused with Nymphaea caerulea (Blue Lotus). There are no known psychoactive effects of A. africanus and no history of human use. It is included here only to differentiate it from Nymphaea caerulea. (Liliaceae, Agapanthus, africanus; umbellatus)</description>
    <term>blue african lily</term>
    <term>lily of the nile</term>
    <term>blue lily</term>

  <!--  Blue Lotus - Sedative -->
  <concept cname="bluelotus">
    <label>Blue Lotus</label>
    <description>Nymphaea caerulea (blue lotus) is a water lotus with beautiful blue flowers. It is believed to have been used by the ancient Egyptians as a medicine and ritual herb. Dried flowers are sometimes smoked for a mild sedative effect. (Nymphaeaceae, Nymphaea, nouchali var. caerulea (=caerulea))</description>
    <term>egyptian lotus</term>
    <term>blue water lily</term>
    <term>sacred narcotic lily of the nile</term>
    <term>blue lotus</term>
    <term>nymphaea caerulea</term>

  <!--  Brugmansia - Deliriant -->
  <concept cname="brugmansia">
    <description>Brugmansia is a small to mid-size tree with large, strong-smelling, trumpet-shaped flowers hanging downward. Most parts of the plant contain atropine, scopolamine and hyoscyamine. It has been used as an admixture plant in ayahuasca brews as well as in poisons and medicines in S. America. (Solanaceae, Brugmansia, arborea; candida; sanguinea; ...)</description>
    <term>angel's trumpet</term>
    <term>tree datura</term>

  <!--  Brunfelsia - Unknown -->
  <concept cname="brunfelsia">
    <description>Brunfelsia are a small to medium sized tree which produces white and purple flowers. It has been used as an admixture in ayahuasca brews as well as having a reputation as an aphrodisiac. It has a history of medicinal use in S. America. (Solanaceae, Brunfelsia, charicaspi; grandiflora; latifolia)</description>
    <term>manaca root</term>
    <term>chiric sanango</term>

  <!--  Cacahuaxochitl - Unknown -->
  <concept cname="cacahuaxochitl">
    <description>Quararibea funebris is an aromatic tree that's flowers are closely associated with traditional cacao use, especially as a froth thickener for the Oaxacan cacao drink tejate. It has been suggested as a possible identification of the aztec entheogen "poyomatli". (Bombacaceae, Quararibea, funebris)</description>
    <term>rosita de cacao</term>

  <!--  Psychoactive Cacti - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="cacti">
    <label>Psychoactive Cacti</label>
    <description>Most psychoactive cacti contain mescaline as their primary active chemical. The best known of these are San Pedro, Peruvian Torch, and Peyote (separate vault). (Cactaceae, Trichocereus (New: Echinopsis), bridgesii; cuzcoensis; fulvinanus; pachanoi; peruvianus; macrogonus; taquimbalensis; terscheckii; validus; werdermannianus)</description>
    <term>psychoactive cacti</term>
    <term>trichocereus pachanoi</term>
    <term>trichocereus peruvianus</term>
    <term>Peruvian torch cactus</term>

  <!--  Calea zacatechichi - Dream Potentiator -->
  <concept cname="calea_zacatechichi">
    <label>Calea zacatechichi</label>
    <description>Calea zacatechichi is a medium sized shrub that has reportedly been used by the Chantal indians of Mexico as a hallucinogen. Its dried leaves are used before sleep to increase dreaming. Its effects are not well documented. (Compositae, Calea, zacatechichi)</description>
    <term>bitter grass</term>
    <term>leaf of god</term>
    <term>dream herb</term>
    <term>calea zacatechichi</term>

<!-- merged newsbot+erowid concept: cannabis -->
<concept cname="cannabis"  color="white" bgcolor="green">
    <description>cannabis (marijuana) product or use</description>




    <term>cannabis sativa</term>
    <term>cannabis indica</term>
    <term>cannabis ruderalis</term>

    <term cf="90">ganja\b</term>
    <term cf="40">ganga\b</term>

    <term cf="50">reefer</term>
    <term cf="45">Mary Jane</term>

    <term cf="25">pot\b</term>
    <term cf="40">pot's</term>
    <term cf="40">pot-</term>
    <term cf="90">Pot 2\.0</term>

    <term>pot smok</term>
    <term>Pot Candy</term>
    <term>pot[ -]?head</term>
    <term>smoking pot</term>
    <term cf="85">dope[ -]smoke</term>
    <term cf="60">dope[ -]grow</term>
    <term cf="90">smoking[ -]dope</term>

    <term cf="40">indica\b</term>
    <term cf="45">indicas\b</term>

    <term cf="45">chamba\b</term>
    <term cf="90">Indian hemp</term>

    <term cf="75">taaba\b</term>
    <term cf="75">ntampi\b</term>

    <term cf="75">maconha</term>

    <term cf="85">Wee Bitters</term>

    <term cf="30">Bongo\b</term>
    <term cf="30">Bango\b</term>
    <term>Thai Stick</term>
    <term>B\.C\. bud\b</term>
    <term>BC bud\b</term>
    <term>B C bud\b</term>


    <term cf="45">THC</term>
    <term cf="60">T-H-C\b</term>
    <term>tetra-hydro cannabinol</term> 
    <term>tetrahydro cannabinol</term> 
    <term cf="40">CBD\b</term>
    <term cf="50">CBD-only\b</term>

    <term>kaneh[ -]?bosm</term>

    <term cf="77">Lamb's Bread</term>
    <term cf="50">Goatsh.t</term>

    <term>tinny house</term>
    <term>tinnie house</term>

    <term cf="95">Grass on Skunk</term>

    <term cf="45">toke\b</term>

    <term cf="50">smok.{1,8}\bpot</term>
    <term cf="50">pot.{1,8}\bsmok</term>


    <term>wacky t[oa]ba[ck]{1,3}y</term>
    <term>wacky[ -]ba[ck]{1,3}y</term>
    <term>sticky[ -]icky</term>
    <term cf="45">dank\b</term>

    <term cf="50">devil's weed</term>
    <term cf="90">['"]?Potorado</term>

    <term cf="45">bong\b</term>
    <term cf="95">bong[ -]hit</term>

    <term cf="50">chillum</term>

    <term cf="50">['"]weed?['"]</term>

    <term cf="30">weed?\b</term>
    <term cf="30">grass\b</term>
    <term cf="30">blunt</term>

    <term cf="90">Deadly Skunk</term>
    <term cf="40">skunk</term>

    <term cf="50">herb[ -]infuse</term>

    <term cf="40">herb\b</term>

    <term cf="20">Kush\b</term>

    <term cf="80">Tampi\b</term>
    <term cf="85">Akpe\b</term>
    <term cf="85">Tsofa\b</term>
    <term cf="70">Shasha\b</term>
    <term cf="90">Holy Weed</term>
    <term cf="85">Abonsam Tawa</term>
    <term cf="45">Wee\b</term>


    <term>mari[hj]uana[ -]tax stamp</term>

    <term>Truth About Joints</term>

    <term cf="85">["']?new peace sign['"]?</term>


  <concept cname="hashish" color="white" bgcolor="green">
    <description>a concentrated form of cannabis</description>


    <term>cannabis resin</term>

    <term>cannabis oil</term>
    <term>hash[ -]?oil</term>
    <term>hashish oil</term>
    <term cf="45">hash\b</term>
    <term cf="20">"oil"</term>

    <term cf="55">dabs</term>
    <term cf="50">dabbing</term>

    <term cf="85">marijuana wax\b</term>
    <term cf="65">['"]wax['"]</term>
    <term cf="5">wax\b</term>

    <term cf="45">["']?shatter["']?\b</term>

    <term cf="75">kief\b</term>

    <term cf="75">concentrated.{1,25}cannabis</term>


  <concept cname="cannabis_cuisine" color="white" bgcolor="green">
    <description>cannabis edibles</description>

    <term cf="95">cannabis[ -]?cuisine</term>
    <term cf="95">cannabis[ -]?edibles</term>
    <term cf="95">cannabis[ -]?food</term>
    <term cf="95">cannabis[ -]?beer</term>
    <term cf="95">cannabis[ -]?ale</term>

    <term cf="95">marijuana[ -]?cuisine</term>
    <term cf="95">marijuana[ -]?edibles</term>
    <term cf="95">marijuana[ -]?food</term>
    <term cf="95">marijuana[ -]?beer</term>
    <term cf="95">marijuana[ -]?ale</term>

    <term cf="95">pot[ -]?cuisine</term>
    <term cf="95">pot[ -]?edibles</term>
    <term cf="95">pot[ -]?food</term>
    <term cf="95">pot[ -]?beer</term>
    <term cf="95">pot[ -]?ale</term>

    <term cf="95">marijuana cookbook</term>
    <term cf="95">cannabis cookbook</term>
    <term cf="95">ganja cookbook</term>
    <term cf="60">pot cookbook</term>
    <term cf="90">High Times cookbook</term>

    <term cf="95">pot brownies</term>
    <term cf="95">cannabis brownies</term>
    <term cf="95">marijuana brownies</term>

    <term cf="95">marijuana recipe</term>
    <term cf="95">cannabis recipe</term>
    <term cf="95">ganja recipe</term>
    <term cf="60">pot recipe</term>

    <term cf="70">cooking with herb\b</term>


  <concept cname="cannabis_festival" color="white" bgcolor="green">
    <description>a festive celebration of cannabis</description>


    <term>smoke[ -]?fest</term>
    <term>marijuana[ -]?fest</term>
    <term>cannabis[ -]?fest</term>

    <term>Hanf[ -]?parade</term>
    <term>Hemp[ -]?parade</term>
    <term>bong[ -]?a[ -]?thon</term>


  <concept cname="cannabis_industry" color="#1A2421" bgcolor="#cdad00">
    <description>cannabis industry - (emerging) marijuana, cannabis industries; marijuana businesses; stock market marijuana plays; pot venture capital</description>

    <term cf="85">pot industry</term>
    <term cf="85">marijuana industry</term>
    <term cf="85">cannabis industry</term>
    <term cf="85">reefer industry</term>

    <term cf="85">['"']?ganjapreneur['"]?</term>
    <term cf="85">['"']?cannapreneur['"]?</term>
    <term cf="85">['"']?potpreneur['"]?</term>

    <term cf="85">['"']?Dot[ -]bong['"]?</term>
    <term cf="85">['"']?Dot[ -]pot\b['"]?</term>

    <term cf="85">cannabis business</term>
    <term cf="85">marijuana business</term>
    <term cf="85">reefer business</term>
    <term cf="55">pot business</term>
    <term cf="55">marijuana entrepreneur</term>
    <term cf="55">pot entrepreneur</term>
    <term cf="55">cannabis entrepreneur</term>

    <term cf="85">cannabis stock</term>
    <term cf="85">marijuana stock</term>
    <term cf="85">cannabis sector</term>
    <term cf="85">marijuana sector</term>
    <term cf="85">marijuana stock trade</term>
    <term cf="85">reefer stock</term>
    <term cf="55">pot stock</term>
    <term cf="60">MJNA</term>
    <term cf="60">["']?HT Growth Fund["']?</term>
    <term cf="60">AUGT</term>

    <term cf="85">cannabis venture</term>
    <term cf="85">marijuana venture</term>
    <term cf="85">reefer venture</term>
    <term cf="55">equity fund</term>
    <term cf="55">pot venture</term>

    <term cf="90">canna[ -]?business</term>
    <term cf="85">canna[ -]?biz</term>

    <term cf="85">['"]?green[ -]rush["']?</term>
    <term cf="85">['"]?Green[ -]Tsunami["']?</term>
    <term cf="85">['"]?pot boom["']?</term>

    <term cf="60">mari[hj]uana.{1,17}Corporat</term>
    <term cf="60">mari[hj]uana.{1,17} Inc\b</term>
    <term cf="60">mari[hj]uana.{1,17} Incorpor</term>
    <term cf="60">corporat.{1,17}mari[hj]uana</term>
    <term cf="70">mari[hj]uana.{1,37}market</term>
    <term cf="70">market.{1,37}mari[hj]uana</term>

    <term cf="60">cannabis.{1,17}Corporat</term>
    <term cf="60">cannabis.{1,17} Inc\b</term>
    <term cf="60">corporat.{1,17}cannabis</term>
    <term cf="70">cannabis.{1,37}market</term>
    <term cf="70">market.{1,37}cannabis</term>

    <term cf="45">Hot Stock</term>
    <term cf="45">OTC[ -]?PINK</term>
    <term cf="45">OTCQB</term>
    <term cf="45">OTC\b</term>

    <term cf="33">venture capital</term>
    <term cf="33">new venture</term>
    <term cf="33">new business</term>
    <term cf="33">small[ -]?cap</term>
    <term cf="33">penny[ -]?stock</term>
    <term cf="33">growth potential</term>
    <term cf="33">market cap\b</term>
    <term cf="33">shares\b</term>


  <concept cname="cannabis_jobs" color="green">
    <description>employment in the medical and recreational cannabis industry</description>
    <label>Cannabis Industry Jobs</label>

    <term>Cannabis Industry Jobs</term>
    <term>Marijuana Industry Jobs</term>

    <term cf="97">Cannabis Job Expo</term>
    <term cf="97">Marijuana Job Expo</term>

    <term cf="90">Jobs in Marijuana</term>
    <term cf="90">Jobs in Cannabis</term>
    <term cf="70">Green Staffing</term>
    <term cf="70">Marijuana Staffing</term>
    <term cf="70">Cannabis Staffing</term>

    <term cf="70">pot job fair</term>
    <term cf="70">marijuana job fair</term>
    <term cf="70">cannabis job fair</term>

    <term cf="50">marijuana.{0,77}hiring</term>
    <term cf="50">marijuana.{0,77}jobs</term>
    <term cf="50">marijuana.{0,77}employment</term>
    <term cf="50">marijuana.{0,77}career</term>
    <term cf="45">marijuana.{0,77}staff</term>
    <term cf="50">cannabis.{0,77}jobs</term>
    <term cf="50">cannabis.{0,77}employment</term>
    <term cf="50">cannabis.{0,77}career</term>
    <term cf="45">cannabis.{0,77}staff</term>

    <term cf="50">hiring.{0,77}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="50">jobs.{0,77}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="50">employment.{0,77}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="50">career.{0,77}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="45">staff.{0,77}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="50">jobs.{0,77}cannabis</term>
    <term cf="50">employment.{0,77}cannabis</term>
    <term cf="50">career.{0,77}cannabis</term>
    <term cf="45">staff.{0,77}cannabis</term>


  <concept cname="ncia">
    <description>National Cannabis Industry Association</description>
    <term>National Cannabis Industry Association</term>
    <term cf="40">NCIA\b</term>
    <term cf="50">Cannabis Industry Association</term>

  <concept cname="reefer_madness" bgcolor="#ff9999">
    <description>(violent) mental illness, allegedly caused by cannabis use</description>
    <label>reefer madness</label>

      Classic 'Reefer madness' claims cannabis causes (violent) mental illness.
      Central to the demonizing of cannabis users is the insinuation cannabis "causes"
      mental illness, or that cannabis prohibition somehow contains or limits mental illness.
      Also, taking cannabis, "MAKES FIENDS OF BOYS IN 30 DAYS"!
     (Hearst newspapers) 
      Also, taking cannabis, "GOADS USERS TO BLOOD-LUST"!
     (Hearst newspapers) 
      Classic 'Reefer Madness' proclaimed pot would turn nice boys into crazed murderers,
      and turn good girls into tramps. Modern forms of Reefer Madness rhetoric couch the same 
      conclusion in scientific-sounding language.
      The German experience, however, raises the question of who needs treatment 
      at all. Jewish neurologist Arnold Merzbach studied hundreds of Jewish 
      children during the first eighteen months of the Nazi regime. In the first 
      half of 1933 he found "restlessness, irritability, and increased 
      squabbling. Some youths were refusing to eat; the more intelligent ones 
      were sleeping fitfully and given to brooding." Similar behavior continued 
      throughout the year, "as well as many neurotic symptoms." He noted, "older 
      children thought themselves objects of special attention when outdoors."51 
      We typically find Jewish adults, too, drawing into themselves, exhibiting 
      despair, and developing problems in relating with people as one formerly 
      supportive group after another (employers, insurers, landlords, police) 
      prevented them from living normally in society. These sorts of Jewish 
      behavior mimic the "drug user personality," suggesting that the behavior 
      may be a response to persecution from society rather than an expression of 
      someone's inherent personality -- particularly since most users of 
      socially approved drugs such as alcohol and nicotine do not exhibit "drug 
      user symptoms" despite those drugs' potency and danger. In many cases, the 
      proper course of treatment of drug users may simply be to cease 
      persecuting them.  (Drug Warriors and their Prey, Richard Miller, pgs.173-174) 

    <term>Reefer[ -]?Madness</term>
    <term cf="45">Tell Your Children</term>

    <term>cannabis-induced psychosis</term>
    <term>cannabis-caused psychosis</term>

    <term>Hydro[ -]Hysteria</term>
    <term>marijuana and violence are linked</term>
    <term>Cannabis Psychosis</term>
    <term>anti[ -]?marijuana hysteria</term>
    <term>skunk[ -]schizophrenia</term>

    <term cf="60">cannabis.{1,66}psychosis</term>
    <term cf="60">psychosis.{1,66}cannabis</term>
    <term cf="60">schizophrenia.{1,66}cannabis</term>
    <term cf="60">cannabis.{1,66}schizophrenia</term>
    <term cf="60">marijuana.{1,66}schizophrenia</term>
    <term cf="60">schizophrenia.{1,66}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="60">marijuana.{1,66}psychosis</term>
    <term cf="60">psychosis.{1,66}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="60">cannabis.{1,66}psychot</term>
    <term cf="60">psychot.{1,66}cannabis</term>
    <term cf="60">marijuana.{1,66}psychot</term>
    <term cf="60">psychot.{1,66}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="60">marijuana.{1,33}madness</term>
    <term cf="60">madness.{1,33}marijuana</term>

    <term cf="50">marijuana.{1,66}\bmental</term>
    <term cf="50">mental.{1,66}marijuana</term>
    <term cf="50">cannabis.{1,66}\bmental</term>
    <term cf="50">mental.{1,66}cannabis</term>

    <term cf="60">psycho killer</term>
    <term cf="60">brazen hussy</term>
    <term cf="60">brazen hussies</term>

    <term cf="90">hopelessly and incurably insane</term>
    <term cf="60">irreversibly mad</term>

    <term cf="60">trigger.{1,66}psycho.{1,33}schizo</term>


  <!--  Cestrum - Unknown -->
  <concept cname="cestrum">
    <description>Cestrum parqui and C. nocturnum are mid-sized bushes native to Central and South America. Various parts including the leaves, bark, berries, and flowers are used in smoking blends, as tea, or ingested as a hallucinogen. There is little specific info about the use of this plant as a psychoactive. (Solanaceae, Cestrum, nocturnum (=hirtellum); parqui (=salicifolium, virgatum))</description>
    <term cf="40">jessamine</term>

  <!--  Coca - Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="coca">
    <description>Erythroxylum coca is a high altitudes S. American shrub that's leaves are the source of cocaine. The leaves are "chewed" (held in the cheek) in combination with mineral lime to provide physical and mental stimulation and reduction in altitude sickness. It has a long history of human use. (Erythroxylaceae, Erythroxylum, coca; novagranatense)</description>
    <term>erythroxylum coca</term>
    <term>coca plant</term>

  <!--  Coleus - Unknown -->
  <concept cname="coleus">
    <description>Coleus is an annual herb grown for its brilliant foliage. It has been used by the Mazatec indians of Oaxaca as a replacement for S. divinorum, though little is known about its effects or active chemicals. (Lamiaceae (Former: Labiatae), Solenostemon (Former: Coleus), pumilus; scutellarioides (Former: blumei))</description>
    <term>painted nettle</term>
    <term>joseph's coat</term>
    <term>flame nettle</term>

  <!--  Desmanthus illinoensis - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="d_illinoensis">
    <label>Desmanthus illinoensis</label>
    <description>Desmanthus illinoensis is a perennial weed legume growing from .3 to 1 meter tall. It has fern-like leafed branches and produces N,N-DMT in its root bark. (Fabaceae (=Leguminosae; Mimosaceae), Desmanthus, illinoensis; leptolobus)</description>
    <term>illinois bundle weed</term>
    <term>desmanthus illinoensis</term>
    <term>bundle flower</term>
    <term>prairie bundleflower</term>

  <!--  Datura - Deliriant -->
  <concept cname="datura">
    <description>Datura is a woody-stalked, leafy herb growing up to 2 meters. It produces spiney seed pods and large white or purple trumpet-shaped flowers that face upward. Most parts of the plant contain atropine, scopolamine, and hyoscyamine. It has a long history of use both in S. America and Europe and is known for causing delerious states and poisonings in uninformed users. (Solanaceae, Datura, ceratocaula; inoxia; metel; stramonium; ...)</description>
    <term>thorn apple</term>
    <term>datura inoxia</term>
    <term>devil's apple</term>
    <term cf="30">devil's weed</term>
    <term>Jimson[ -]?weed</term>
    <term>datura stramonium</term>

  <!--  Desfontainia - Unknown -->
  <concept cname="desfontainia">
    <description>Desfontainia spinosa is a small evergreen shrub native South America. The leaves and fruit are made into a hallucinogenic tea. There is little specific info about the use of this plant as a psychoactive. (Desfontainiaceae, Desfontainia, spinosa (=obovata; parvifolia); hookeri)</description>

  <!--  Diplopterys cabrerana - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="diplopterys">
    <label>Diplopterys cabrerana</label>
    <description>Diplopterys cabrerana is a tropical vine which produces DMT in its leaves. It has been used as an admixture plant in S. American ayahuasca brews. (Malpighiaceae, Diplopterys (Former: Banisteriopsis), cabrerana (Former: rusbyana))</description>
    <term>diplopterys cabrerana</term>

  <!--  Ephedra - Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="ephedra">
    <description>Ephedra is a low stalky shrub with jointed green to brown stems and tiny unnoticeable leaves. It is the source of ephedrine alkaloids and has an extremely long history of use in China. Supplements containing ephedra extracts are a popular herbal stimulant. (Ephedraceae, Ephedra, sinica; equisetina; nevadensis; viridis; ...)</description>
    <term>Mormon tea</term>
    <term>ephedra sinica</term>
    <term>ephedra equisetina</term>
    <term>ma[ -]?huang</term>

  <!--  Ergot - Deadly Poison; Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="ergot">
    <description>Ergot is a fungus that infects cereal grains, replacing kernels of the fruit with small black masses of mycelium. It produces ergotamine, a potent vasoconstrictor and precursor to LSD. Ergot poisoning (St Anthony's Fire) causes hallucinations, gangrenous loss of limbs, and death. Outbreaks plagued medieval Europe and were associated with witchcraft and the Inquisition. (Hypocreaceae, Claviceps, purpurea (rye); africana (sorghum); paspali)</description>

  <!--  Guarana - Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="guarana">
    <description>Guarana is a creeping rainforest shrub thats seeds contain high levels of caffeine and other xanthines. It has a long history of use in S. America as a stimulant. (Sapindaceae, Paullinia, cupana)</description>
    <term>fruits of youth .*seeds</term>

  <!--  Hawaiian Baby Woodrose - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="hbw">
    <label>Hawaiian Baby Woodrose</label>
    <description>Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is a perennial climbing vine with large heart-shaped leaves and white trumpet-shaped flowers. Its large furry seeds grow in seed pods and contain the psychedelic LSA. (Convolvulaceae, Argyreia, nervosa)</description>
    <term>hawaiian baby woodrose</term>
    <term>elephant creeper</term>
    <term>wooly morning glory</term>
    <term>argyreia nervosa</term>

  <!--  Henbane - Poison; Deliriant -->
  <concept cname="henbane">
    <description>Hyoscyamus niger is a biennial herb growing up to 1 meter that produces veined yellow flowers and large quantities of seeds. All parts of the plant contain scopolamine, atropine, and hyoscyamine and can be deadly poisonous. (Solanaceae, Hyoscyamus, niger)</description>
    <term>devil's eyes</term>
    <term>black henbane</term>

  <!--  Tabernanthe iboga - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="iboga">
    <label>Tabernanthe iboga</label>
    <description>Tabernanthe iboga is a rainforest shrub growing to 2 meters. Its roots contains ibogaine, a strong long-lasting psychedelic that has been used traditionally in West African coming of age rituals. Iboga extracts are also used in treating opiate addiction. (Apocynacae, Tabernanthe, iboga)</description>
    <term>leaf of god</term>
    <term>bitter grass</term>
    <term>tabernanthe iboga</term>
    <term>iboga plant</term>
    <term cf="95">ibo[gk]a\b</term>

  <!--  Justicia pectoralis - Unknown; Smell Enhancer -->
  <concept cname="justicia">
    <label>Justicia pectoralis</label>
    <description>Justicia pectoralis is an erect herb growing up to 60 cm tall and producing white or pink flowers. Its leaves and stems contain coumarin, an anticoagulant. It is used medicinally in S. America and has been used as an admixture in virola snuffs, partially for it's vanilla-like smell. (Acanthaceae, Justicia, Pectoralis)</description>
    <term>piri piri</term>
    <term>justicia pectoralis</term>

  <!--  Kanna - Inebriating Sedative -->
  <concept cname="kanna">
    <description>Sceletium tortuosum is a succulent groundcover which produces showy white flowers with threadlike petals. It's fermented roots and leaves were chewed by the hotentot tribe of S. Africa as a vision inducing entheogen and inebriant. The plant contains mesembrine though the pharmacology of kanna is not fully understood. (Mesembryanthemaceae, Sceletium (Mesembryanthemum), emarcidum; tortuosum)</description>
    <term>sceletium tortuosum</term>
    <term cf="30">canna\b</term>

  <!--  Kava - Depressant; Intoxicant -->
  <concept cname="kava">
    <description>Kava is a tropical evergreen shrub with large heart-shaped leaves and woody stems. Its thick roots are mashed or ground and made into a cold beverage used similarly to alcohol. It has a long history of ritual and recreational use in Pacific Polynesia and is now a common herbal product. (Piperaceae, Piper, methysticum)</description>
    <term>piper methysticum</term>
    <term cf="95">Kava\b</term>
    <term cf="90">lawena\b</term>
    <term cf="90">yaqona</term>
    <term cf="90">sakau\b</term>
    <term cf="20">Kawa\b</term>
    <term cf="20">Waka\b</term>
    <term cf="5">Awa\b</term>

  <!--  Khat - Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="khat">
    <description>Catha edulis is an drought-tolerant evergreen shrub thats leaves contain cathinone and cathine. These leaves are traditionally chewed by people of E. Africa and the Middle East as a stimulant. It has a long history of human use. (Celastraceae, Catha, edulis)</description>
    <term cf="50">qhat\b</term>
    <term cf="50">khat\b</term>
    <term cf="45">chat\b</term>
    <term cf="20">Cat\b</term>


  <!--  Kratom - Stimulant; Depressant; Intoxicant -->
  <concept cname="kratom">
    <description>Mitragyna speciosa is a leafy tree that grows from 3-15 meters tall. It's leaves contain mitragynine and are chewed as an opiate substitute and stimulant in Thailand and South-East Asia, primarily among the working class. It has a relatively long history of human use. (Rubiaciae, Mitragyna, speciosa)</description>
    <term>mitragyna speciosa</term>
    <term cf="1">Thom\b</term>

  <!--  Wild Lettuce - Mild Sedative -->
  <concept cname="lactuca">
    <label>Wild Lettuce</label>
    <description>Biennial, growing up to 2-4 feet, maximum height of 6 feet (cultivated plants usually smaller). The erect stem, springing from a brown tap-root, is smooth and pale green, sometimes spotted with purple. Leaves are from 6 to 18 inches long, flowers are pale yellow, with large open clusters. (Asteraceae / Compositae, Lactuca, virosa)</description>
    <term>laitue vireuse</term>
    <term>great lettuce</term>
    <term>bitter lettuce</term>
    <term>wild lettuce</term>
    <term>opium lettuce</term>
    <term>poisonous lettuce</term>
    <term>lactuca virosa</term>

  <!--  Lagochilus inebrians - Sedative Intoxicant -->
  <concept cname="lagochilus">
    <label>Lagochilus inebrians</label>
    <description>Lagochilus inebrians is a small deciduous shrub growing to 1 meter. The leaves, stems, and flowers contain lagochiline and are toasted and made into tea as an intoxicant in Turkistan. (Lamiaceae (Former: Labiatae), Lagochilus, inebrians [Bunge])</description>
    <term>intoxicating mint</term>
    <term>turkistan mint</term>
    <term>lagochilus inebrians</term>

  <!--  Leonotis leonurus - Sedative; Intoxicant -->
  <concept cname="leonotis_leonurus">
    <label>Leonotis leonurus</label>
    <description>Leonotis leonurus is a shrubby perennial growing 2-3 meters tall and producing red, orange, yellow, or white tubular flowers. The dried flowers, when smoked, provide a mild sedation reminiscent of Cannabis. They have a history of use in S. Africa as an intoxicant. (Lamiaceae (Former: Labiatae), Leonotis (Former: Phlomis), leonurus (or Leonorus))</description>
    <term>wild dagga</term>
    <term>leonotis leonurus</term>
    <term>lion's tail</term>

  <!--  Sacred Lotus - Sedative -->
  <concept cname="lotus">
    <label>Sacred Lotus</label>
    <description>The dried flowers of certain species of lotus (also called water lilies), are sometimes smoked, made into a tea, or macerated in alcohol for a mild sedative effect. (Nymphaeaceae, Nelumbo, nucifera)</description>
    <term>egyptian lotus</term>
    <term>sacred lotus</term>
    <term>nymphaea nouchali var caerulea: blue lotus</term>
    <term>nymphaea ampla: white lotus</term>
    <term>blue water lily</term>
    <term>sacred narcotic lily of the nile</term>
    <term>pink lotus</term>
    <term>nelumbo nucifera</term>

  <!--  Mandrake - Poison; Deliriant -->
  <concept cname="mandrake">
    <description>Traditionally known as an aphrodisiac and closely associated with witchcraft. Poisonous. (Solanaceae, Atropa (former: Mandragora), mandragora (former: officinalis))</description>

  <!--  Mescal - Poison -->
  <concept cname="mescal_bean">
    <description>Sophora secundiflora is a tall evergreen shrub with violet flowers and silvery pods containing bright red seeds or beans. Mescal beans are highly toxic but may have been used traditionally as a divinatory material, though this is contested. Mescal beans do not contain mescaline. (Fabaceae (=Leguminosae), Sophora, secundiflora)</description>
    <term>mescal bean</term>
    <term>sophora secundiflora</term>
    <term cf="15">mescal\b</term>
    <term cf="80">texas mountain laurel</term>

  <!--  Mimosa - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="mimosa">
    <description>Mimosa tenuiflora and M verrucosa are perennial drought-resistant shrubs. They have fern-like leafed branches and produces DMT in their root bark. (Fabaceae (=Leguminosae; Mimosaceae), Mimosa, tenuiflora (=hostilis); verrucosa)</description>
    <term cf="90">mimosa hostilis</term>
    <term cf="40">mimosa</term>

  <!--  Morning Glory - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="morning_glory">
    <label>Morning Glory</label>
    <description>Ipomoea violacea is a common ornamental vine with heart-shaped leaves and bright white, pink, or purple flowers and small, black seeds that contain LSA. Because of its fast growth and prodigious seed production, many jurisdictions consider it an invasive weed plant. It has a long history of use in Central to Southern Mexico. (Convolvulaceae, Ipomoea, violacea)</description>
    <term cf="50">heavenly blue</term>
    <term cf="50">badoh negro</term>
    <term cf="50">ipomoea violacea</term>
    <term cf="50">turbina corymbosa</term>
    <term cf="80">morning glory seed</term>
    <term cf="30">morning glory</term>
    <term cf="50">morning glories</term>

  <!--  Mucuna pruriens - Unknown -->
  <concept cname="mucuna_pruriens">
    <label>Mucuna pruriens</label>
    <description>Mucuna pruriens is a tropical vine growing from 3-18 meters with white to dark purple hanging flowers. It's bean-like pods are covered with long stinging hairs and contain black, white, or tan seeds. The leaves, seeds, stems and roots contain L-Dopa, Serotonin, 5-HTP, and Nicotine, as well as N,N-DMT, Bufotenine, and 5-MeO-DMT. It has a tradition of use as a Ayurvedic aphrodesiac, treatment for parkinsons, ayahuasca admixture, and coffee substitute (Nescafe). (Fabaceae (=Leguminosae), Mucuna, pruriens)</description>
    <term>cow itch</term>
    <term>itching bean</term>
    <term>mucuna pruriens</term>

  <!--  Nutmeg - Deliriant -->
  <concept cname="nutmeg">
    <description>Myristica fragrans is a large evergreen tree that's fruit contains a large central seed (the nutmeg). It is used as a spice as well as acting as a deliriant if consumed in large quantities. Its effects are long-lasting and are considered unpleasant by most who experience them. (Myristicaceae, Myristica, fragrans)</description>

  <!--  Ololiuqui - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="ololiuqui">
    <description>Rivea corymbosa is a large, woody vine with narrow, heart shaped leaves and white, bell-shaped flowers. The plant has been identified as the Aztec visionary intoxicant oliliuhqui. Oliliuhqui's round seeds contain LSA and they have a long history of use in Central Mexico. (Convolvulaceae, Rivea (=Turbina), corymbosa)</description>
    <term>rivea corymbosa</term>
    <term>badoh seeds</term>

  <!--  Passion Flower - Mild Sedative -->
  <concept cname="passionflower">
    <label>Passion Flower</label>
    <description>Passion Flower is a woody vine with intricate blue, purple, red, or white flowers. Several species, which act as sedatives and anxiolytics, are consumed as a tea or herbal supplement. Some Passion Flower species may contain small amounts of MAOIs, potentially interacting with other chemicals and medications. And some species, notably P. caerulea, also contain poisonous cyanogenic glycoside. (Passifloraceae, Passiflora, incarnata, involucrata, alata, edulis, quadrangularis, caerulea)</description>
    <term>passion vine</term>
    <term>passion flower</term>
    <term>apricot vine</term>

  <!--  Peyote - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="peyote" color="fuchsia" bgcolor="yellow">
    <description>Peyote is a small, spineless cactus that contains mescaline as it's primary active chemical. It has a long history of use among the natives of northern Mexico and SW United States. (Cactaceae, Lophophora, williamsii; diffusa)</description>
    <term cf="10">buttons</term>

  <!--  Phalaris - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="phalaris">
    <description>Phalaris aquatica, arundinacea, and canariensis are species of waist-high, blue-green, perennial grasses which contain DMT. (Poaceae, Phalaris, aquatica (=tuberosa); arundinacea; canariensis)</description>
    <term>phalaris arundinacea</term>
    <term>p. arundinacea</term>
    <term>phalaris aquatica</term>
    <term>p. aquatica</term>
    <term>harding grass</term>
    <term>reed canary grass</term>
    <term cf="70">canary grass</term>
    <term cf="70">phalaris</term>

  <!--  Pituri - Stimulant; Euphoric; Cataleptic; Sedative -->
  <concept cname="pituri">
    <description>D. hopwoodii is an Australian shrub which contains both nicotine and tropane alkaloids. A quid of the powdered leaves and stems of this shrub, mixed with alkaline ash and sometimes other plants, has a long history of use in traditional Aboriginal society and culture. (Solanaceae, Duboisia, hopwoodii)</description>
    <term>emu plant</term>
    <term>duboisia hopwoodii</term>
    <term>poison bush</term>

  <!--  Papaver somniferum - Sedative; Euphoriant -->
  <concept cname="poppy">
    <label>Papaver somniferum</label>
    <description>Papaver somniferum is a annual that with brilliant white or red flowers growing on a central bulbous pod. When scratched, the pod produces a milkly latex called opium. This latex contains a variety of opiates including codeine and morphine. It has a long history of use in Asia and Europe. (Papaveraceae, Papaver, somniferum)</description>
    <term>plant of joy</term>
    <term>papaver somniferum</term>
    <term>opium poppy</term>
    <term cf="55">poppy-?\b</term>
    <term cf="55">poppies</term>
    <term>pen yan\b</term>
    <term>joy plant</term>
    <term>hul gil\b</term>
    <term cf="45">doda\b</term>

  <!--  Psychotria viridis - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="psychotria">
    <label>Psychotria viridis</label>
    <description>Psychotria viridis is a shrub or small tree with small red fruit and long, narrow leaves which produce N,N-DMT. There is a long history of use of these leaves in South American ayahuasca brews. (Rubiaceae, Psychotria, viridis; carthaginensis)</description>
    <term>psychotria viridis</term>

  <!--  Salvia Divinorum - Atypical Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="salvia">
    <label>Salvia Divinorum</label>
    <description>Salvia divinorum is a sprawling perennial herb which grows wild only in the Sierra Mazatec region of Mexico. It's leaves contain the extremely potent salvinorin-A. It has a history of use as a divinatory psychedelic for oral use and has been widely available since the mid 1990s primarily as a smoked herb. Its effects are considered unpleasant by many people. (Lamiaceae (Former: Labiatae), Salvia, divinorum; splendens)</description>
    <term>ska pastora</term>
    <term cf="50">sally.?d\b</term>
    <term>shepherdess's herb</term>
    <term>ska maria pastora</term>
    <term>yerba de maria</term>
    <term>salvia divinorum</term>
    <term>diviner'?s?[ -]sage</term>
    <term>magic mint</term>
    <term>Sage of the Seers</term>
    <term cf="45">Maria Pastora</term>
    <term cf="50">salvia\b</term>
    <term cf="50">hallucinogenic herb</term>

  <!--  Sinicuichi - Unknown -->
  <concept cname="sinicuichi">
    <description>Heimia salicifolia is a perennial shrub with small narrow leaves and yellow flowers growing up to 1.5 meters. It has been identified as the Aztec hallucinogen "sinicuichi" though this fact is controversial. Sinicuichi is reported to be an auditory hallucinogen, but the effets of H. salicifolia are not well known. (Lythraceae (Loosestrife), Heimia, salicifolia; myrtifolia)</description>
    <term>sun opener</term>
    <term>shrubby yellowcrest</term>

  <!--  St John's Wort -  -->
  <concept cname="sjwort">
    <label>St John's Wort</label>
    <description>St John's Wort is a perennial herb growing from 1-3 feet tall. Erect stems branch in upper parts with small pale green leaves. Flowers are bright yellow in terminal clusters with long hairy yellow stamens. (Hypericaceae, Hypericum, perforatum)</description>
    <term>sint janskruid</term>
    <term>st john's wort</term>

  <!--  Stipa robusta - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="stipa">
    <label>Stipa robusta</label>
    <description>Stipa robusta is a perennial grass thats leaves are sometimes infected with the LSA-containing Acremonium endophyte. It is known for causing drowsiness and stupor in grazing horses. (Gramineae, Stipa, robusta (=vaseyi))</description>
    <term>stipa robusta</term>
    <term>sleepy grass</term>

  <!--  Syrian Rue - MAOI; Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="syrian_rue">
    <label>Syrian Rue</label>
    <description>Peganum harmala is a perennial shrub with fleshy spikey-looking leaves, growing up to 1 meter tall. Its small, brown seeds contains harmine and other harmala alkaloids. It is one of the plants speculated to be the Soma or Haoma of ancient Persia. (Zygophyllaceae, Peganum, harmala)</description>
    <term>syrian rue</term>

  <!--  Tabernaemontana - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="tabernaemontana">
    <description>Tabernaemontana are generally large shrubs or small trees native to the tropical rain forests of Central and South America, Africa, and Australia. Several species have been found to contain indole alkaloids including ibogaine and voacangine. (Apocynaceae, Tabernaemontana (Ervatamia; Peschiera), coffeoides; crassa; dichotoma; orientalis; sananho)</description>

  <!--  Tobacco - Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="tobacco">
    <description>Tobacco is an annual or bi-annual growing 1-3 meters tall with large sticky leaves that contain nicotine. Native to the Americas, tobacco has a long history of use as an shamanic inebriant and stimulant. It is extremely popular and well-known for its addictive potential. (Solanaceae, Nicotiana, rustica; tabacum L.; ...)</description>

  <!--  Virola - Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="virola">
    <description>Virola is a genus of large trees, some of which produce a red, 
       N,N-DMT- and 5-MeO-DMT-containing resin from the inner bark. 
       There is a long history of use of this resin in South American snuffs. 
       (Myristicaceae, Virola, theiodora; calophylla; calophylloidea; cuspidata; elongata; 
       lorentensis; peruviana; rufula; sebifera; surinamensis)</description>
    <term cf="90">nyakwana</term>
    <term cf="80">epena\b</term>
    <term cf="80">parica\b</term>
    <term cf="95">virola snuff</term>
    <term cf="80">virola tree</term>
    <term cf="80">virola plant</term>
    <term cf="80">virola bush</term>
    <term cf="20">virola\b</term>
    <term cf="80">ebena\b</term>

  <!--  Voacanga africana - Poison; Stimulant; Psychedelic -->
  <concept cname="voacanga_africana">
    <label>Voacanga africana</label>
    <description>Voacanga africana is a small tropical tree with yellow or white flowers. The bark and seeds of the tree contain iboga alkaloids and have been used in Western Africa as a poison, stimulant, aphrodisiac and psychedelic. (Apocynaceae, Voacanga, africana)</description>
    <term>voacanga africana</term>

  <!--  Wormwood - Unknown -->
  <concept cname="wormwood">
    <description>Artemisia absinthium is a silvery-green perennial herb growing up to 1.5 meters tall which contains the volatile oil thujone. It is added to distilled ethanol to create absinthe. Its effects alone are not well understood. (Compositae (Composite), Artemisia, absinthium)</description>
    <term>green ginger</term>

  <!--  Yerba Mate - Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="yerba_mate">
    <label>Yerba Mate</label>
    <description>Ilex paraguariensis is a small S. American tree that's leaves contain caffeine and other xanthines. The toasted leaves have a long history of use as a stimulant tea. Falsely rumored to contain a unique chemical mateine. (Aquifoliaceae, Ilex, paraguariensis)</description>
    <term>yerba mate</term>
    <term>paraguay tea</term>
    <term>braziliain tea</term>
    <term>ka'a .*guarani</term>
    <term>south american holly</term>
    <term>jesuit tea</term>

  <!--  Yohimbe - Stimulant; Vasodialator -->
  <concept cname="yohimbe">
    <description>Pausinystalia yohimbe is a West African tree thats bark contains yohimbine. It has a long history of human use as a stimulant and aphrodisiac. It is commonly sold as an herbal supplement to improvie erectile function. (Rubiaceae, Pausinystalia (=Corynanthe), yohimbe)</description>

  <!--  Acetaminophen - Nonnarcotic Analgesic; NSAI -->
  <concept cname="acetaminophen">
    <description>Acetaminophen is a non-salicylate analgesic and antipyretic (pain killer and fever reducer). It is a common over-the-counter pain medication found in hundreds of products around the world. At higher doses it is known to cause liver-damage. (N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)acetamide)</description>
    <term cf="45">APAP\b</term>

    <term cf="55">synthetic analgesic</term>

    <term cf="50">liver disease</term>
    <term cf="50">liver damage</term>


  <!--  Alprazolam - Anxiolytic; Sedative; Benzodiazepine -->
  <concept cname="alprazolam">
    <description>Alprazolam is a benzodiazepine anxiolytic commonly prescribed as a sleep aid and for the treatment of anxiety disorders. It is considered to be one of the shorter duration benzodiazepines. (8-chloro-1-methyl-6-phenyl-4H-[1,2,4]-triazolo[4,3-a] [1,4]benzodiazepine)</description>

  <!--  Amineptine - Antidepressant; Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="amineptine">
    <description>Amineptine is an atypical tricyclic antidepressant and central nervous system stimulant. It is an indirect dopamine agonist, with additional stimulation of the adrenergic system. Its antidepressant effects are similar to other tricyclic antidepressants but it has a more rapid action, is better tolerated and has little cardiovascular, analgesic or anorectic effects. (7-[(10,11-dihydro-5H-dibenzo[a,d]cyclohepten-5-yl)amino] heptanoic acid)</description>

  <!--  Amitriptyline - Antidepressant -->
  <concept cname="amitriptyline">
    <description>Amitriptyline HCl is a tricyclic antidepressant used in the treatment of depression and occasionally sleep disorders. (3-(10,11-dihydro-5H-dibenzo[a,d]cycloheptene-5-ylidene)- N,N-dimethyl-1-propanamine hydrochloride)</description>

  <!--  Atomoxetine - ADHD Treatment -->
  <concept cname="atomoxetine">
    <description>Atomoxetine is a selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) approved as a less stimulating treatment for ADHD in 2002 (U.S.). The precise mechanism by which it produces its therapeutic effects is unknown, but is thought to be related to its SNRI action. ((-)-N-methyl-3-phenyl-3-(o-tolyloxy)-propylamine)</description>

  <!--  Benzodiazepine - Anxiolytic; Sedative -->
  <concept cname="benzodiazepine">
    <description>Benzodiazepines are a class of gabaminergic psychoactive chemicals used in the treatment of anxiety and sleep disorders. This class includes alprazolam (Xanax), diazepam (Valium), clonazepam (Klonopin) and others. Most benzodiazepine names end in "pam" or "am". (Various)</description>

  <!--  Bromazepam - Anxiolytic; Sedative; Benzodiazepine -->
  <concept cname="bromazepam">
    <description>Bromazepam is a sedative used in the treatment of anxiety. (7-bromo-1,3-dihydro-5-(2-pyridyl)-2H-1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one)</description>

  <!--  Buprenorphine - Opioid; Analgesic; Anxiolytic -->
  <concept cname="buprenorphine">
    <description>Buprenorphine is a semi-synthetic opiate derived from thebaine. 
      It is an analgesic (pain killer) and has gained a great deal of notoriety 
      for its ability to interrupt severe opiate addiction, including heroin and 
      methadone addictions. It was approved by the FDA in 2002 for use as an opiate 
      addiction treatment. (17-(cyclopropylmethyl)-alpha-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-4,5-epoxy- 
      18,19-dihydro-3-hydroxy-6-methoxy-alpha-methyl-6,14- ethenomorphinan-7-methanol)</description>

  <!--  Bupropion - Antidepressant; Nicotine Addiction Treatment; Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="bupropion">
    <description>Bupropion is a prescription antidepressant which acts as a dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. It is used to treat attention deficit disorder, bipolar depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, nicotine addiction, cocaine addiction, and lower back pain. It causes seizures at high doses. (1-(3-chlorophenyl)-2-[(1,1-dimethyl-ethyl)amino]-1-propanone)</description>

  <!--  Carisoprodol - Indirect Skeletal Muscle Relaxant; Sedative -->
  <concept cname="carisoprodol">
    <description>Carisoprodol is a prescription muscle relaxant which was approved by the FDA in 1959. (ester with 2-(hydroxymethyl)-2-methylpentylisoproplylcarbamate)</description>
    <term cf="50">Soma\b</term>

  <!--  Chloral Hydrate - Sedative -->
  <concept cname="chloral_hydrate">
    <label>Chloral Hydrate</label>
    <description>Chloral hydrate is one of the oldest sedative-hypnotics. It was first synthesized in 1832 and is still in use today. (1,1,1-trichloro-2,2-ethanediol)</description>
    <term>knockout drops</term>
    <term>chloral hydrate</term>
    <term>mickey finn</term>

  <!--  Chlordiazepoxide - Anxiolytic; Anticonvulsant; Sedative-hypnotic; Benzodiazepine -->
  <concept cname="chlordiazepoxide">
    <description>Chlordiazepoxide is a benzodiazepine prescribed for anxiety and panic disorders, acute alcohol withdrawal symptoms, tension headaches, and other symptoms relieved by tranquilizers. It has slight analgesic and appetite-stimulating effects. (7-chloro-2-(methylamino)-5-phenyl-3H-1,4-benzodiazepine- 4-oxide)</description>

  <!--  Chlorpromazine - Antipsychotic; Antiemetic -->
  <concept cname="chlorpromazine">
    <description>Chlorpromazine is most commonly used to treat psychotic disorders. (2-chloro-N,N-dimethyl-10H-phenothiazine-10-propanamine)</description>

  <!--  Citalopram - Antidepressant; SSRI -->
  <concept cname="citalopram">
    <description>Citalopram is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) prescribed as an anti-depressant. It was approved by the FDA in 1998. (1-[3-(dimethylamino)propyl]-1-(4-fluorophenyl) 01,3-dihydro-5-isobenzofurancarbonitrile)</description>

  <!--  Clonazepam - Anticonvulsant; Anxiolytic; Benzodiazepine -->
  <concept cname="clonazepam">
    <description>Clonazepam is a benzodiazepine and anti-convulsant used in the treatment of seizures and panic disorder. Tolerance develops over time. (5-(2-chlorophenyl)-1,3-dihydro-7-nitro2H-1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one (C15H10ClN3O3))</description>

  <!--  Clonidine - Antihypertensive -->
  <concept cname="clonidine">
    <description>Clonidine is used primarily as an antihypertensive in the treatment of high blood pressure but is also used in the treatment of migraine headaches, depression, menopausal flushing, as a pre-operative sedative in children (unusual), alcohol, opiate and nicotine withdrawal, and a variety of other disorders. (2-(2,6-dichlorophenylamino)-2-imidazoline hydrochloride)</description>
    <term>dichlorophenylamino.*imidazoline hydrochloride</term>

  <!--  Codeine - Opioid Analgesic; Antitussive -->
  <concept cname="codeine">
    <description>Codeine is an opiate used in the treatment of pain and to reduce coughing. It occurs naturally in the opium poppy and as such has a long history of human use. ((5alpha,6alpha)-7,8-Didehydro-4,5-epoxy-3-methoxy- 17-methylmorphinan-6-ol)</description>
    <term>tylenol w/codeine</term>

  <!--  Cyclizine - Antiemetic; Antivertigo -->
  <concept cname="cyclizine">
    <description>Cyclizine is a piperazine-derivative antihistamine used in the treatment of motion sickness (similar to dimenhydrinate/dramamine). (1-diphenylmethyl-4-methylpiperazine)</description>

  <!--  Cyclobenzaprine - Skeletal Muscle Relaxant; Sedative -->
  <concept cname="cyclobenzaprine">
    <description>Cyclobenzaprine is a CNS depressant and skeletal muscle relaxant. It is effective at relieving muscle spasms of local origin without interfering with muscle function but is ineffective in treating muscle spasms due to cns disease. It is also prescribed as a sleep-aid. (3-(5H-dibenzo[a,d] cyclohepten-5-ylidene)-N,N-dimethyl-1-propanamine hydrochloride)</description>

  <!--  Diazepam - Anxiolytic; Sedative; Benzodiazepine -->
  <concept cname="diazepam">
    <description>Diazepam (valium) is a benzodiazepine anxiolytic used in the treatment of anxiety disorders, seizures, muscle spasms, and alcohol withdrawal. It is one of the best known benzodiazepines. (7-chloro-1,3-dihydro-1-methyl-5-phenyl-2H-1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one)</description>

  <!--  Dimenhydrinate - Antihistamine; Antivertigo; Antiemetic; deliriant -->
  <concept cname="dimenhydrinate">
    <description>Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) is an anti-emetic and anti-histamine commonly available over-the-counter as a motion sickness remedy. At high doses it causes delerium and hallucinations. (o-benzhydryldimethylaminoethanol 8-chlorotheophyllinate)</description>

  <!--  Diphenhydramine - Antihistamine; Sedative; Antiemetic; Antivertigo; Antitussive; Topical Anesthetic -->
  <concept cname="diphenhydramine">
    <description>Diphenhydramine (DPH) is an antihistamine with anticholinergic and sedative effects. It is found in both OTC and prescription drugs used in the treatment of allergy-related symptoms, some cold and flu symptoms, insomnia, motion sickness and Parkinson's disease. (2-(diphenylmethoxy)-N,N-dimethylethylamine)</description>

  <!--  Fentanyl - Analgesic; Anesthetic -->
  <concept cname="fentanyl">
    <description>Fentanyl is a short-acting synthetic opiate analgesic which is active at very low doses. Its effects are compared to heroin and it has been sold on the street as heroin, causing some deaths. (N-(1-phenethyl-4-piperidyl)propionanilide)</description>
    <term>sublimaze .*liquid</term>
    <term>china white</term>
    <term>actiq .*oral transmucosal "lollipop"</term>
    <term>duragesic .*transdermal patch</term>

  <concept cname="carfentanil">
    <description>Carfentanil or carfentanyl (also known as 4-carbomethoxyfentanyl); 10,000 times more potent than morphine. Stronger than fentanyl; extremely potent with severe risk of fatal overdose</description>

  <concept cname="u_47700">
    <description>U-47700 is an opioid analgesic drug with about 7.5 times the potency of morphine</description>

  <concept cname="w18">
    <description> W-18 is a synthetic opioid, 100 times as potent as fentanyl</description>

  <!--  Flunitrazepam - Sedative; Benzodiazepine -->
  <concept cname="flunitrazepam">
    <description>Flunitrazepam is a benzodiazepine used as a sleep medication favored for its short duration. It has received a lot of attention as a "date rape drug". (5-(o-fluorophenyl)-1,3-dihydro-1-methyl-7-nitro-2H-1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one)</description>

  <!--  Fluoxetine - Antidepressant; SSRI -->
  <concept cname="fluoxetine">
    <description>Fluoxetine is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) which is widely prescribed in the treatment of depression. It is also used in the treatment of alcohol dependence and obsessive-compulsive disorder. ((+/-)-N-methyl-y-[4-(trifluoromethyl)-phenoxy] benzenepropanamine)</description>

  <!--  Flurazepam - Anxiolytic; Sedative; Benzodiazepine -->
  <concept cname="flurazepam">
    <description>Flurazepam (Dalmane) is a benzodiazepine anxiolytic used in the treatment of insomnia. (7-chloro-1-[2-(diethylamino)ethyl]-5-( o -fluorophenyl)-1,3-dihydro-2 H -1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one dihydrochloride (flurazepam hydrochloride))</description>

  <!--  Gabapentin - Anticonvulsant; Tranquilizer -->
  <concept cname="gabapentin">
    <description>Gabapentin is prescribed -- usually in combination with other medications -- for the treatment of seizure disorders, though its anticonvulsant mechanism is not known. It is sometimes prescribed for the management of neuralgia (nerve pain) and has been prescribed off-label for the treatment of mood disorders, anxiety, and tardive dyskinesia (a neurological syndrome caused by the long-term use of neuroleptic drugs). (1-(aminomethyl)cyclohexanacetic acid)</description>
    <term>aminomethyl.*cyclohexanacetic acid</term>

  <!--  Hydrocodone - Analgesic; Antitussive -->
  <concept cname="hydrocodone">
    <description>Hydrocodone is an opiate agonist, analgesic and antitussive used in the treatment of mild to moderate pain. It is primarily available in combination with other analgesics such as acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen. (4,5a-Epoxy-3-methoxy-17-methylmorphinan-6-one)</description>

  <!--  Hydromorphone - Analgesic; Antitussive -->
  <concept cname="hydromorphone">
    <description>Hydromorphone is an opiate, narcotic analgesic, used primarily in the treatment of moderate to severe pain. It is one of two derivatives of morphine, the other being oxycodone. (4,5-epoxy-3-hydroxy-17-methylmorphinan-6-one)</description>

  <!--  Lorazepam - Anxiolytic; Sedative; Benzodiazepine -->
  <concept cname="lorazepam">
    <description>Lorazepam (ativan) is a benzodiazepine used in the treatment of anxiety disorders. It is similar to valium, but is taken at much lower doses. It is also prescribed off-label to reduce nausea associated with chemotherapy. (7-chloro-5-(2-chlorophenyl)-1,3-dihydro-3-hydroxy- 2H-1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one)</description>

  <!--  Meclizine - Antiemetic; Antivertigo -->
  <concept cname="meclizine">
    <description>Meclizine is an antiemetic, antivertigo, antihistamine used to treat motion sickness and the symptoms of vestibular system diseases. (1-(r-chloro-alpha-phenylben-zyl)-4-(m-methyl-benzyl)-piperazine dihydrochloride monohydrate)</description>
    <term>Dramamine II</term>

  <!--  Memantine - NMDA-antagonist, glutamate-antagonist, Alzheimer's Treatment -->
  <concept cname="memantine">
    <description>Memantine is an NMDA-antagonist that is believed to block glutamate-related excitotoxicity and mitigate some of the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease. Although research does not yet support the claim, some people claim memantine improves the cognitive abilities of healthy people. In 2005, the US FDA rejected an application to allow memantine to be prescribed to patients with mild AD, suggesting the efficacy and safety for patients without severe impairment is not yet well documented. (1-amino-3,5-dimethyladamantane hydrochloride)</description>
    <term>amino.*dimethyladamantane hydrochloride</term>

  <!--  Meperidine - Analgesic -->
  <concept cname="meperidine">
    <description>Meperidine is a synthetic opioid analgesic used for the relief of moderate to severe pain. It is also prescribed off-label for the treatment of shivering. (1-methyl-4-phenylisonipecotic acid ethyl ester)</description>
    <term>methyl.*phenylisonipecotic acid ethyl ester</term>

  <!--  Methylphenidate - CNS Stimulant -->
  <concept cname="methylphenidate">
    <description>Methylphenidate is a central nervous system stimulant widely prescribed to treat attention deficit disorder. It is also used in the treatment of narcolepsy, mild depression, and in combination with other drugs in the treatment of chronic pain. (alpha-phenyl-2-piperidineacetic acid methyl ester; methyl phenidylacetate)</description>

  <!--  Mirtazapine - Tetracyclic Antidepressant; Sedative -->
  <concept cname="mirtazapine">
    <description>Mirtazapine is an anti-depressant that is believed to work on serotonin and noradrenergic systems. It is not yet well known in the U.S. (1,2,3,4,10,14b-hexahydro-2-methylpyrazino[2,1-a] pyrido [2,3-c] benzazepine)</description>

  <!--  Moclobemide - Antidepressant; MAOI-A -->
  <concept cname="moclobemide">
    <description>Moclembemide is a reversible inhibitor of MAO type A. It is used in the treatment of depression. (4-chloro-N-[2-(4-morpholinyl)-ethyl]benzamide)</description>

  <!--  Morphine - Opioid Narcotic Analgesic -->
  <concept cname="morphine">
    <description>Morphine is an opiate used in the treatment of severe pain. It occurs naturally in the opium poppy and has a long history of human use. ((5a,6a)-7,8-didehydro-4,5-epoxy-17-methylmorphinan-3,6-diol)</description>
    <term>ms contin</term>

  <!--  Naltrexone - Narcotic Detoxification Adjunct -->
  <concept cname="naltrexone">
    <description>Naltrexone is an opiate antagonist used in the treatment of opiate and alcohol addiction. It blocks the effects of opiates so that if a user chooses to take an opiate after taking naltrexone, they do not experience much (any) effect. This helps improve abstinence in those who can maintain taking the daily dose of naltrexone. ((5a)-17-(cyclopropylmethyl)-4,5-epoxy-3,14-dihydroxymorphinan-6-one)</description>

  <!--  Nimetazepam - Anxiolytic; Sedative; Benzodiazepine -->
  <concept cname="nimetazepam">
    <description>Nimetazepam is a long-acting benzodiazepine used in the treatment of stress and insomnia. It is available primariy in Asia with black market use reportedly on the rise over the past few years. It is known for being used to soften the come-down after the use of methamphetamine and other stimulants. (1,3-dihydro-1-methyl-7-nitro-5-phenyl-2H-1,4-benzodiazepin- 2-one)</description>

  <!--  Olanzapine - Antipsychotic -->
  <concept cname="olanzapine">
    <description>Olanzapine is a novel antipsychotic used to treat psychoses including schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and acute manic episodes. (2-methyl-4-(4-methyl-l-piperazinyl)-10H-thieno[2,3-b] [1,5]benzodiazepine)</description>

  <!-- merged newsbot+erowid concept: oxycodone -->
  <concept cname="oxycodone"  bgcolor="khaki">
    <description>a type of opioid</description>


  <concept cname="oxymorphone"  bgcolor="khaki">
    <description>oxymorphone (14-Hydroxydihydromorphinone) is a potent, semi-synthetic opioid</description>
    <term cf="90">Opana\b</term>
    <term cf="90">Opana's\b</term>

  <concept cname="desomorphine">
    <description>desomorphine is an an opiate analogue invented in 1932 in the United States that is a derivative of morphine</description>
    <term cf="80">Cro[ck]odil\b</term>

  <!--  Paroxetine - Antidepressant; SSRI -->
  <concept cname="paroxetine">
    <description>Paroxetine is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) used in the treatment of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic disorder. ((3S-trans)-3-[(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl-oxy)methyl]-4-(4- fluorophenyl)piperidine)</description>

  <!--  Quetiapine - Mood Stabilizer, Antipsychotic -->
  <concept cname="quetiapine">
    <description>Quetiapine is a novel antipsychotic used to treat symptoms of psychoses including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and acute manic episodes. (2-[2-(4-dibenzo [b,f ] [1,4]thiazepin-11-yl-1-piperazinyl)ethoxy]-ethanol fumarate)</description>

  <!--  Risperidone - Anti-psychotic; Anti-schizophrenic -->
  <concept cname="risperidone">
    <description>Risperidone is a serotonin and dopamine receptor antagonist. It is approved for the treatment of schizophrenia, and is sometimes prescribed as an adjunct therapy for the treatment of aggression, Tourette's syndrome, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other disorders. (3-[2-[4-(6-fluoro-1,2-benzisoxazol-3-yl)-1-piperidinyl]ethyl]- 6,7,8,9-tetrahydro-2-methyl-4H-pyrido[1,2-a]pyrimidin-4-one)</description>

  <!--  Sertraline - Antidepressant; SSRI -->
  <concept cname="sertraline">
    <description>Sertraline is an Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) approved for the treatment of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder. It is also prescribed in the treatment of eating disorders and social phobia. ((1S-cis)-4-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro- N-methyl-1-naphthalenamine)</description>

  <!--  Sildenafil - Erectile Dysfunction Treatment; SSRI -->
  <concept cname="sildenafil">
    <description>Sildenafil citrate is prescribed in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. It is commonly referred to as a "lifestyle drug". Lifestyle drugs are prescribed for quality-of-life conditions such as baldness, impotence, obesity and smoking cessation. Sildenafil is a synthetic piperazine derivative. (1-[[3-(6,7-dihydro-1-methyl-7-oxo-3-propyl-1H-pyrazolo [4,3-d]pyrimidin- 5-yl)-4-ethoxyphenyl]sulfonyl]-4- methylpiperazine citrate)</description>

  <!--  Steroids - Building Muscle Mass; -->
  <concept cname="steroids">
    <description>Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of the male hormone testosterone. There are more than 100 kinds of anabolic stroids which are used in body building as well as in gender reassignment and the treatment of certain sexual dysfunctions. (Various)</description>
    <term cf="50">steroids</term>
    <term>anabolic steroid</term>
    <term>androgenic steroid</term>
    <term cf="75">androgen</term>
    <term cf="75">anabolic</term>
    <term cf="75">dexamethasone</term>
    <term cf="75">hypertrophy</term>

  <!--  Sumatriptan - Antimigraine -->
  <concept cname="sumatriptan">
    <description>Sumatriptan succinate is a selective 5-HTP receptor subtype agonist used in the treatment of migraine headaches. (3-(2-(dimethylamino)ethyl)-N-methyl-1H-indole- 5-methanesulfonamide butane-1,4-dioate(1:1))</description>

  <!--  Temazepam - Anxiolytic; Sedative; Benzodiazepine -->
  <concept cname="temazepam">
    <description>Temazepam is a benzodiazepine used in the short-term treatment of insomnia and anxiety. (7-chloro-1,3-dihydro-3-hydroxy-1-methyl-5-phenyl-2H- 1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one)</description>

  <!--  Tiagabine - Anticonvulsant -->
  <concept cname="tiagabine">
    <description>Tiagabine is an anticonvulsant prescribed as an add-on drug to help control epileptic seizures. It is believed to work by enhancing the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. It is also prescribed off-label in the treatment of bi-polar disorder [BPD], chronic anxiety disorder, and insomnia. ((-)-( R)-1-[4,4-Bis(3-methyl-2-thienyl)-3- butenyl] nipecotic acid hydrochloride)</description>

  <!--  Tiletamine - Veterinary Anaesthetic -->
  <concept cname="tiletamine">
    <description>Tiletamine is a pharmaceutical related to Ketamine and PCP which is used almost exclusively by veterinarians for anaesthetizing animals. It is primarily sold compounded with zolazepam (a benzodiazepine) as a powder / tablet which is reconstituted with saline solution and then injected. (2-ethylamino-2-(2-thienyl)cyclohexanone)</description>

  <!--  Tramadol - Non-opiate Synthetic Analgesic -->
  <concept cname="tramadol">
    <description>Tramadol is a quasi-narcotic analgesic used in the treatment of moderate to severe pain. It is a synthetic analog of codeine, but has a low binding affinity to the mu-opioid receptors. It has been prescribed off-label for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy and restless leg syndrome. (trans-(+/-)-2-[(dimethylamino)methyl]-1-(3-methoxyphenyl) cyclohexanol)</description>

  <!--  Trazodone - Antidepressant; SSRI; Sleep-aid -->
  <concept cname="trazodone">
    <description>Trazodone is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) used in the treatment of depression. It is also prescribed for the treatment of insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, aggressive behavior and cocaine withdrawal. (2-[3-{4 -(m-chlorophenyl)-1-piperazinyl] propyl]s-triazol[4,3-a]-pyridine-3(2H)-one monohydrochloride)</description>

  <!--  Triazolam - Anxiolytic; Sedative; Benzodiazepine -->
  <concept cname="triazolam">
    <description>Triazolam is a short-acting benzodiazepine used in the treatment of insomnia and anxiety disorders. Its popularity peaked in the mid-1980s but then became associated with causing "traveller's amnesia" when used on airplanes. (8-chloro-6-(2-chlorophenyl)-1-methyl-4H-[1,2,4]triazolo [4,3-a][1,4]benzodiazepine)</description>

  <!--  Venlafaxine - Antidepressant -->
  <concept cname="venlafaxine">
    <description>Venlafaxine is a serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor which is used in the treatment of depression and general anxiety disorder. It is also used off-label to treat a variety of other disorders. ((+/-)-1-[2-(dimethylamino)-1-(4-methoxyphenyl)ethyl] cyclohexanol)</description>

  <!--  Zolpidem - Hypnotic; Sleep-aid -->
  <concept cname="zolpidem">
    <description>Zolpidem is a hypnotic prescribed for the short-term treatment of insomnia. It interacts with the GABA-BZ receptor complex and shares some of the pharmacological properties of the benzodiazepines. As with most benzodiazepines, zolpidem can cause anterograde amnesia (forgetting the period during the effects). (N,N-6-trimethyl-2-p-tolyl-imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine- 3-acetamide L-(+)-tartrate)</description>

  <!--  Zopiclone - Hypnotic; Sleep-aid -->
  <concept cname="zopiclone">
    <description>Zopiclone is a short-acting sedative-hypnotic used in the short-term treatment of insomnia. It is in a novel class of CNS depressants called cyclopyrrolones, which act on the same receptor sites as benzodiazapines. Zopiclone became commercially available in Europe in 1989 and in the U.S. in 2005. (4-methyl-1-piperazinecarboxylic acid 6-(5-chloro- 2-pyridinyl)-6,7-dihydro-7-oxo-5H-pyrrolo[3,4-b] pyrazin-5-yl ester)</description>

  <concept cname="naphyrone">
    <description>Naphyrone a novel stimulant drug derived from pyrovalerone
                 which acts as a triple reuptake inhibitor. No safety/toxicity data</description>
    <term cf="75">NRG-1\b</term>

  <concept cname="nalbuphine">
    <description>injectable pain reliaver; anesthesia, analgesia, obstetrical analgesia for labor/delivery</description>

  <concept cname="methoxetamine">
    <description>Methoxetamine is a near chemical analog of ketamine and PCP, first reported in 2010; effects similar to ketamine; accounts of compulsive redosing</description>

<!-- June 2006 erowid chemical, plant, & pharms concepts added.
  These concepts were merged: alcohol, amphetamines, cannabis, 
  cocaine, depressant, dmt, heroin, lsd, mdma, methadone, opioid, 
  oxycodone, stimulant, tranquilizer

<!-- June 2006 erowid chemical, plant, & pharms concepts added.
  These concepts were merged: alcohol, amphetamines, cannabis, 
  cocaine, depressant, dmt, heroin, lsd, mdma, methadone, opioid, 
  oxycodone, stimulant, tranquilizer

<concept cname="OxyContin"  bgcolor="khaki">
    <description>a time-release oxycodone brand</description>
    <term>Oxy[ -]?Contin</term>

    <term cf="95">Hillbilly Heroin</term>

  <concept cname="spice" color="white" bgcolor="green">
    <description>various synthetic cannabinoid products</description>

    <term>Spice Silver</term>
    <term>Spice Gold</term>
    <term cf="40">Spice Diamond</term>

    <term cf="60">spice.{1,35}synthet</term>
    <term cf="60">synthet.{1,35}spice</term>
    <term cf="55">["']spice[,\.]?["']</term>
    <term cf="55">synthetic mari[hj]uana</term>
    <term cf="55">synthetic canna[ -]?bi[ns]</term>

    <term cf="95">AM[ -]?2201\b</term>
    <term cf="95">XLR[ -]?11\b</term>
    <term cf="50">["']?Venom['"]?\b</term>
    <term cf="50">['"]?Black Mamba['"]?</term>

    <term cf="50">['"]Kush['"]</term>
    <term cf="50">['"]potpourri['"]</term>
    <term cf="20">Kush</term>

    <term cf="30">['"]?Posh["']?\b</term>

    <term cf="15">spice\b</term>

    <term cf="15">K[- ]?2\b</term>


<concept cname="JWH">
    <description>synthetic cannabinoids like JWH-018</description>
    <label>JWH -18, etc</label>

<concept cname="synthetic_cannabinoid">
    <description>various synthetic cannabinoids</description>
    <label>synthetic cannabinoids</label>
    <term cf="80">AB-FUBINACA</term>
    <term cf="80">ADB FUBINACA</term>
    <term cf="80">AB CHMINACA</term>
    <term cf="80">AB PINACA</term>
    <term cf="80">5F-AB-PINACA</term>
    <term cf="80">ADBICA</term>
    <term cf="80">5F-PB-22 indazole</term>
    <term cf="80">PB-22</term>
    <term cf="80">FUB-PB-22</term>
    <term cf="80">FDU-PB-22</term>
    <term cf="80">BB-22 </term>
    <term cf="80">4-HTMPIPO</term>
    <term cf="80">UR-144-heptyl</term>
    <term cf="80">5F-SDB-006</term>
    <term cf="80">SDB-006</term>
    <term cf="80">ADB PINACA</term>
    <term cf="80">MN-18</term>
    <term cf="80">5F-NNEI</term>
    <term cf="80">5F-AB-144</term>
    <term cf="80">THJ 2201</term>
    <term cf="80">FUBIMINA</term>

<concept cname="paraphernalia">
   <description>drug paraphernalia terms</description>

    <term>drug paraphernalia</term>
    <term>CDS paraphernalia</term>

    <term>marijuana pipe</term>
    <term>pot pipe</term>

    <term>"roach" clip</term>
    <term>roach[ -]?clip</term>

    <term cf="70">paraphernalia</term>  
    <term cf="50">chillum</term>
    <term cf="45">bong\b</term>

    <term>bong[ -]?hit</term>

    <term cf="45">pipe</term>
    <term cf="45">water[ -]?pipe</term>

    <term cf="75">hookah</term>

    <term cf="90">possession of a utensil</term>

    <term cf="75">head shop</term>

  <concept cname="various_drugs">
    <description>general terms for drugs</description>
    <term cf="40">psychotropic</term>
    <term cf="90">drug</term>
    <term cf="95">drugs</term>
    <term cf="75">drug reference</term>
    <term cf="75">drogen</term>
    <term cf="75">drogas?\b</term>

  <concept cname="various_illegal_drugs">
    <description>general terms for illegal drugs</description>
    <term cf="40">drug court</term>
    <term>drug detox</term>
    <term cf="45">drug law</term>
    <term cf="45">drug[ -]related</term>
    <term>drug[ -]related crime</term>
    <term>illicit drug</term>
    <term>illegal drug</term>
    <term>drug addiction</term>
    <term cf="45">drug[ -]user</term>
    <term>turned to drug</term>
    <term cf="45">drug issue</term>
    <term cf="45">drug problem</term>
    <term>drug traffic</term>
    <term>drugs in prison</term>
    <term cf="50">intravenous drug use</term>
    <term>drug[ -]abus</term>
    <term>drug deal</term>
    <term>Drug Kingpin</term>
    <term>drug lord</term>
    <term>drug ring</term>
    <term cf="80">psychotropic</term>
    <term>gateway theory</term>
    <term>gateway drug</term>
    <term>stepping-stone theory</term>
    <term cf="40">black market</term>
    <term cf="40">contraband</term>
    <term>war on drug</term>
    <term>drug[ -]war\b</term>
    <term>drugs war\b</term>
    <term>street drug</term>

    <term cf="5">CDS\b</term>
    <term>Controlled.{1,7}Dangerous Substance</term>

    <term cf="70">drug use.{0,7}trafficking</term>

    <term cf="90">mind[ -]altering</term>
    <term cf="70">psychoactive</term>

    <term cf="80">controlled substance</term>

    <term>drug[ -]tax stamp</term>
    <term>drug charge</term>
    <term cf="50">dope\b</term>
    <term>"date rape" drug</term>
    <term>date-rape drug</term>
    <term>date rape drug</term>
    <term>party drug</term>
    <term>club drug</term>
    <term>drug intervention</term>
    <term cf="80">drug house</term>

    <term cf="80">alcohol and drug</term>

    <term cf="45">prescription drugs</term>
    <term cf="50">taking drugs</term>
    <term cf="75">prescription drug.{1,32}abus</term>
    <term cf="75">abus.{1,32}prescription drug</term>
    <term cf="60">drug overdose</term>

    <term cf="80">drug suspects?</term>
    <term cf="80">drugs? raid</term>
    <term cf="50">drugs warrant</term>

    <term cf="80">dadah</term>
    <term cf="80">Narkoba</term>

    <term>substance capable of altering people's perception of reality</term>


  <concept cname="drug_test">
    <label>drug testing</label>
    <description>a test or procedure to detect (illegal) drug use</description>

    <term>drug[ -]test\b</term>
    <term>drug[ -]testing</term>
    <term>drug[ -]tests\s</term>

    <term>urine[ -]test\b</term>
    <term>urine[ -]testing</term>
    <term>urine[ -]tests\s</term>

    <term>hair[ -]test\b</term>
    <term>hair[ -]testing</term>
    <term>hair[ -]tests\s</term>


  <concept cname="purple_drank">
    <label>purple drank</label>
    <description>mixture with cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine with a soft drink</description>

    <term cf="10">['"]?lean\b</term>
    <term cf="45">['"]?syrup</term>
    <term cf="45">['"]?drank</term>
    <term cf="45">['"]?barre\b</term>
    <term>['"]?purple jelly</term>
    <term cf="50">['"]?Texas tea</term>


  <concept cname="religious_use">
    <description>spiritual or religious use of drugs</description>
    <explanation>"The Government will treat all other denominations with
     objective and impartial justice. It cannot, however, tolerate allowing
     membership of a certain denomination or of a certain race being used as
     a release from all common legal obligations, or as a blank cheque for
     unpunishable behavior, or for the toleration of crimes." - Adolf Hitler
    <term cf="80">religious use</term>
    <term cf="80">spiritual use</term>
    <term cf="80">sacramental use</term>
    <term cf="80">for religious purposes</term>
    <term cf="80">mystical experience</term>
    <term cf="80">spiritual experience</term>
    <term cf="80">religious experience</term>
    <term cf="80">religious rite</term>
    <term cf="80">magical religious effect</term>
    <term cf="70">magical religious</term>
    <term cf="70">religious effect</term>
    <term cf="70">Marijuana ministry</term>
    <term cf="70">Cannabis ministry</term>

    <term cf="70">religious belief</term>
    <term cf="50">epiphany</term>
    <term cf="75">Jesus used marijuana</term>
    <term cf="75">Jesus used cannabis</term>
    <term cf="75">spiritual conviction</term>
    <term cf="75">religious conviction</term>

    <term cf="80">religious purpose</term>
    <term cf="80">a shaman\b</term>
    <term cf="80">the shaman\b</term>
    <term cf="80">shaman'?s\b</term>
    <term cf="80">shamanic</term>
    <term cf="80">shamanis</term>
    <term cf="50">shaman\b</term>

    <term cf="70">curander[ao]</term>

    <term cf="90">sense of pure awareness</term> 
    <term cf="90">ultimate reality</term> 
    <term cf="90">transcendence of time and space</term> 
    <term cf="90">transcendence of space and time</term> 
    <term cf="90">feeling of sacredness</term> 
    <term cf="90">transcendence</term> 
    <term cf="90">sense of sacredness</term>
    <term cf="90">unity with all things</term>

    <term cf="85">healing ceremon</term>

    <term cf="40">spirituality</term>
    <term cf="50">religious convictions</term>
    <term cf="50">religious ritual</term>
    <term cf="50">['"]?religious['"]? movement</term>
    <term cf="50">spiritual practice</term>

    <term cf="90">traditional hallucinogen</term>

    <term cf="90">mysticism</term>
    <term cf="90">eastern philosophy</term> 

    <term cf="95">holy anointing oil</term>
    <term cf="95">kaneh[- ]?bosm</term>

    <term cf="20">sacred</term>

    <term>God pill\b</term>

    <term cf="60">high priest</term>
    <term cf="50">my religion</term>
    <term cf="50">his religion</term>
    <term cf="50">her religion</term>
    <term cf="50">religious practice</term>

    <term cf="50">sacrament\b</term>
    <term cf="60">sacraments\b</term>
    <term cf="60">sacramental\b</term>
    <term cf="60">sacramentally</term>

    <term cf="60">freedom of religion</term>
    <term cf="60">Religious Freedom</term>

    <term cf="80">RFRA\b</term>
    <term cf="80">Religious Freedom Restoration Act</term>


    <term>aid to devotion</term>

    <term cf="40">religious</term>
    <term cf="40">ritual</term>

    <term cf="45">Bong Hits 4 Jesus</term>
    <term cf="35">for Jesus</term>


  <concept cname="police_related_news"  bgcolor="orange">
    <description>local news police logs; listings of crimes in local news</description>
    <label>local police logs</label>

    <term>Police News</term>
    <term>Police Beat\b</term>
    <term>Police Log</term>

    <term>Police Blotter</term>
    <term>Crime Beat</term>
    <term>Crime Blotter</term>
    <term>police and sheriff.{1,7} blotter</term> 
    <term cf="80">sheriff.{1,7} blotter</term>

    <term>Crime Log</term>
    <term>Police Brief</term>
    <term>Crime Brief</term>
    <term>local crime</term>
    <term cf="70">Police Report</term>
    <term cf="70">Police Incident Report</term>
    <term>Crime Report</term>
    <term cf="45">police</term>
    <term cf="45">crime</term>


  <concept cname="dea_prime_contractor" bgcolor="silver">
    <description>companies with DEA contracts of $500,000 or more</description> 
    <label>large DEA contractor</label>

    <term>DEA prime contractor</term>
    <term cf="90">DEA contract</term>

    <term cf="80">Raytheon</term>
    <term cf="80">MJR</term>
    <term cf="80">Comprehensive Technologies</term>
    <term cf="80">Motorola</term>
    <term cf="80">Unisys</term>
    <term cf="50">NEC</term>
    <term cf="80">Rockwell Collins</term>
    <term cf="80">Westinghouse</term>
    <term cf="80">Advanced Environmental Technologies</term>
    <term cf="80">Dynatech Tactical</term>
    <term cf="80">Laidlaw Environmental</term>
    <term cf="80">Hunter Medical</term>
    <term cf="80">Pacific Bell</term>
    <term cf="80">Wells Fargo</term>
    <term cf="80">IMS America</term>
    <term cf="45">PRC</term>
    <term cf="80">Cessna Aircraft</term>
    <term cf="40">Converse\b</term>
    <term cf="80">Converse Inc</term>
    <term cf="80">Eurocopter</term>
    <term cf="80">Research Triangle Inst</term>
    <term cf="80">TeCom</term>
    <term cf="80">UNICCO</term>
    <term cf="80">Cingular</term>
    <term cf="80">CTA</term>
    <term cf="80">Harris Corp</term>
    <term cf="80">Hughes Information</term>
    <term cf="80">Pagenet</term>
    <term cf="80">SAIC\b</term>
    <term cf="80">Southwest Research</term>
    <term cf="80">Stanford Telecom</term>
    <term cf="80">TRW</term>
    <term cf="80">American Medical Laboratories</term>
    <term cf="80">Kirco Management</term>
    <!--  "USA Today" too ... but they are everywhere, mentioned too often -->

    <term cf="80">DynCorp</term>


  <!-- prison -->
    <concept cname="incarceration" bgcolor="lightgrey">
      <description>Prisons, Jails and Probation </description>

    "Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, EXCEPT AS A PUNISHMENT FOR CRIME ..."
        -- Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution (allows slavery in the USA)
    In America, most people think "slavery" was ended 150 years ago. But the 
    Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution is actually a loophole
    which legalizes slavery by government and corporation, just as long 
    as government convicts you of something: "Section 1. Neither slavery nor 
    involuntary servitude, EXCEPT AS A PUNISHMENT FOR CRIME".
    After all, what is the vision of a Drug-Free America? Millions in prison or slave labor, 
    and only enthusiastic supporters of government policy allowed to hold jobs, attend school, 
    have children, drive cars, own property...
        (Richard L Miller, Drug Warriors and their Prey, pg.191) 
         If some of the screams reached our ears, we'd just sing a little louder until we could hear them no more.
         Simple possession of drugs at home already carries a harsher penalty then endangering lives through drunk driving, 
     and in 1990 the governor of Alabama demanded that any marijuana user be imprisoned for one year.
        (Richard L Miller, Drug Warriors and their Prey, pg.72) 
       In 1991 the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the reasonableness of mandatory life imprisonment for simple 
       possession of drugs. Indeed, the law considers drug offenses to be worse than murder. 
       (Richard L Miller, Drug Warriors and their Prey, 1996, pg.72) 
       The average federal sentence for homicide is less than 7 years. A nineteen-year-old with a 
       clean record received 10 years for carrying crack for a drug dealer. 
       (Richard L Miller, Drug Warriors and their Prey, 1996, pg.72) 
       A drug offender serving a 20-year mandatory minimum sentence had an uncle who was murdered; 
       the murderer served 7 1/2 years.
       (Richard L Miller, Drug Warriors and their Prey, 1996, pgs.72-73) 
       A Missouri man was sentenced to 5 years for killing a child and an additional 9 years for selling 
       (Richard L Miller, Drug Warriors and their Prey, 1996, pg. 73) 
       A Missouri judge gave a 30-year sentence to a crack cocaine offender with no previous criminal 
       record; a few hours earlier the same judge gave 21 years to a recidivist murderer.
       (Richard L Miller, Drug Warriors and their Prey, 1996, pg. 73) 
       In 1992 the federal minimum sentence for LSD possession was 10.1 years (first offense). 
       Compare to the maximum sentences for the following first offenses: rape 7.2 years, 
       kidnaping 5.2 years, theft of $80 million 5.2 years.
       (Richard L Miller, Drug Warriors and their Prey, 1996, pg.73) 
       "[J]ury trials, once common, became rare events. The overwhelming majority of 
       criminal convictions, more than 95 percent, are by guilty plea, and most of 
       those are the consequence of plea bargains. This change shifts power from the 
       local citizens who sit in jury boxes to the less visible assistant district 
       attorneys who decide whom to punish, and how severely."
       -- William J. Stuntz, Sept. 2011 
        "Prison is hell everywhere. America is no different in, by far, the world's 
    largest gulag. Inmates are treated worse than subhumans." 
    (Stephen Lendman, 10/2011)
        "Torture is commonly used. It not just at Guantanamo and similar offshore 
    hellholes. It happens across America in federal, state and local prisons 
    where inmates are terrorized by dogs, shocked with cattle prods, burned by 
    toxic chemicals, harmed by stun guns, beaten, stripped naked, raped, and abused 
    in other ways." (Stephen Lendman, 10/2011)
        "Because prosecutors have discretion over whether to charge a suspect, 
        and for what offense, they have more power than judges over the outcome 
        of a case. They tend to throw the book at defendants, to compel them to 
        plead guilty in return for less harsh sentences."
        ("Jurors Need to Know That They Can Say No", Paul Butler; NYT, Dec 20, 2011)
        This is the essence of the drug war: locking up men and women
        in cages who consume, possess, manufacture, buy, sell, smoke,
        distribute, transport, cultivate, give away, or "traffic in"
        a substance the government doesn't approve of.
         -- Laurence M. Vance


      <term cf="70">imprison</term>
      <term>forced[ -]labor camp</term>
      <term>concentration camp</term>
      <term>lock people up</term>
      <term>locked up</term>
      <term cf="45">lock[ -]?up</term>
      <term>behind bars</term>
      <term cf="50">in a cage</term>

      <term>marijuana ['"]?Jim[ -]Crow[ -]law["']</term> 
      <term cf="95">["']?the new ["']?Jim[ -]Crow["']?</term> 

      <term cf="70">prosecute in.{1,33}criminal court</term>

      <term cf="90">locking up drug users</term>
      <term cf="80">locking every offender up</term>
      <term cf="70">['"]?lock.{1,4}em up['"]?</term>

      <term cf="70">['"]Prohibition Industrial Complex['"]?</term>


  <concept cname="mandatory_minimums"  bgcolor="lightgrey">
    <description>mandatory minimum sentencing</description>
       "Mandatory" punishment for that one act is optionally determined by the prosecutor 
       who draws the indictment. If a prosecutor threatens a person with long imprisonment unless the person 
       confesses to a lesser crime, such a confession is coerced. Yet in the name of drugs, courts refuse to 
       recognize the coercion. (Richard L Miller, Drug Warriors and their Prey, pg.54)
        If a $25 fine was sufficient penalty yesterday, how can the same offense carry a $10,000 fine plus ten 
    years mandatory imprisonment today without lawmakers appearing to violate the ban on cruel and unusual 
    punishment? The answer is to invent new offenses so that a single act can violate multiple laws. 
    Through escalator clauses, a drug violation that starts as a misdemeanor can be transformed into a 
    felony with lengthy mandatory imprisonment.  (Richard L Miller, Drug Warriors and their Prey, pgs 144-145)

    <term>mandatory minimum sentenc</term>
    <term>mandatory minimums?</term>
    <term>mandatory drug sentence</term>
    <term>mandatory sentence</term>
    <term>mandatory prison sentence</term>
    <term cf="75">minimum sentence</term>
    <term>minimum mandatories</term>
    <term cf="90">bill C[ -]1[05]\b</term>
    <term cf="65">C-1[05]\b</term>
    <term cf="90">bill S[ -]10\b</term>
    <term cf="65">S-10\b</term>


  <concept cname="prison_slavery"  bgcolor="lightgrey">
    <description>modern slave labor, American style</description>
    <term>prison labou?r</term>
    <term>prison sweat[- ]?shop</term>
    <term cf="98">except as punishment for a crime</term>
    <term cf="90">slave labou?r</term>
    <term cf="90">forced labou?r</term>
    <term cf="50">forced to work</term>

  <concept cname="prison_data" bgcolor="lightgrey">
    <description>incarceration, parole rates</description>
    <term>prison statistic</term>
    <term>prison population</term>
    <term>inmate population</term>
    <term>incarcerated population</term>
    <term>parolee population</term>
    <term>imprisonment rates</term>
    <term>living behind bars</term>
    <term>number of.{1,32}prisoners</term>
    <term>number of.{1,32}inmates</term>
    <term>parole exit rate</term>
    <term>probation exit rate</term>
    <term>mass incarceration</term>
    <term>scale of incarceration</term>
    <term>rate of incarceration</term>
    <term>incarceration rate</term>
    <term>incarceration quota</term>
    <term>recidivism rate</term>
    <term cf="75">prison beds</term>



  <concept cname="local_prison_data" bgcolor="lightgrey">
    <description>state and local prison data</description>

    <term>state prison population</term>
    <term>state inmate population</term>
    <term>state incarcerated population</term>
    <term>state parolee population</term>
    <term>state imprisonment rates</term>
    <term>number of.{1,32}state prisoners</term>
    <term>number of.{1,32}state inmates</term>
    <term>state probation exit rate</term>
    <term>state prison statistic</term>

    <term>local prison population</term>
    <term>local inmate population</term>
    <term>local incarcerated population</term>
    <term>local parolee population</term>
    <term>local imprisonment rates</term>
    <term>number of.{1,32}local prisoners</term>
    <term>number of.{1,32}local inmates</term>
    <term>local probation exit rate</term>
    <term>local prison statistic</term>


  <concept cname="prison_hiv" bgcolor="lightgrey">
    <description>HIV/AIDS in prisons and jails</description>



  <concept cname="for_profit_prisons" bgcolor="lightgrey">
    <description>prisons which exist to make money for the owners or shareholders</description>
    <label>private, for-profit prison</label>

        "not only is General Electric one of the largest weapons manufacturers in the U.S. 
        ... they are now investing heavily in the private prison industry."
    "The demand for our facilities and services could (only) be adversely affected 
    by the relaxation of enforcement efforts, leniency in conviction or parole 
    standards and sentencing practices or through the decriminalization of certain 
    activities that are currently proscribed by our criminal laws." 
    (2010 Annual Report, Correction Corporation of America)
        "One female youth in a GEO Texas facility reported being raped by prison guards nearly every night. 
    She and others abused sued and won." -- Steve Lendman
    "[n]early 200,000 inmates today fill private prisons compared to 36,500 in 1995 and 87,000 in 2000. 
    As a result, companies like CCA and GEO manage 16% of federal prisons and nearly 7% of state ones."
        -- Steve Lendman 
        "A CCA Eloy, AR prisoner died while shackled to bed after doctors didn't take his medical complaints seriously."
        -- Steve Lendman 
    "Florida inmates sued a CCA facility, alleging guards urinated and defecated on food before serving it."
        -- Steve Lendman 
        "GEO Walnut Grove Correctional Facility is currently under Justice Department investigation for denying 
    its youth inmates medical care and mental health treatment."
        -- Steve Lendman 
        "About 10,300 California CCA prisoners are housed in other states, separating them from families. 
    As a result, prisoner rehabilitation is impeded. In America, however, inmates in privately run 
    federal prisoners can't sue authorities for civil rights violations (just individuals) unlike 
    others in publicly run facilities."
        -- Steve Lendman 

    <term>prison[ -]?industrial[ -]?complex</term>
    <term cf="90">imprisonment industry</term>
    <term cf="85">prison industry</term>
    <term cf="75">corrections industry</term>

    <term>for[ -]profit prison</term>
    <term>private prison</term>
    <term>private corrections</term>
    <term>prison privati[sz]ation</term>
    <term>private sector involvement in corrections</term>
    <term>privati[sz]ed correction</term>
    <term cf="80">detention management</term> 
    <term cf="80">privati[sz]ed.{1,32}correction</term>
    <term cf="80">privati[sz]ed.{1,32}detention</term>
    <term>privately[ -]run penitentiar</term>
    <term>mega-jails run for profit</term>
    <term>jails run for profit</term>
    <term cf="40">private for-profit</term> 

    <term cf="75">prison.{1,33}privati[sz]</term>
    <term cf="75">privati[sz].{1,33}prison</term>

    <term>Corrections? Corporation of America</term>
    <term>Corrections? Corp. of America</term>
    <term>Correctional Corporation of America</term>
    <term>Corrections? Corporation</term>
    <term>U.S. Corrections? Corporation</term>
    <term cf="30">CCA\b</term>
    <term>["']?Core[ -]Civic['"]?</term>

    <term cf="95">Community Education Centers</term>
    <term cf="35">CEC\b</term>

    <term cf="90">General Electric Government Services</term>
    <term cf="90">RCA Service Co</term>

    <term>Cornell Companies</term>
    <term>Cornell Cos\b</term>

    <term>Correctional Systems Inc</term>

    <term cf="70">Service House, Inc</term>

    <term>Emerald Correctional Management</term>
    <term cf="70">Emerald Correctional</term>

    <term>Cor[ -]?Plan Inc</term>
    <term cf="60">Cor[ -]?Plan\b</term>

    <term>LCS Correction Services</term>
    <term>JCS Correction Services</term>
    <term>Judicial Correction Services</term>
    <term cf="60">JCS\b</term>
    <term cf="60">Correction Services</term>

    <term>Psychiatric Solutions Inc</term>

    <term>Management Training Corp</term>
    <term cf="10">MTC\b</term>
    <term cf="70">MTC Corporation</term> 

    <term>Kellogg, Brown .{0,3} Root</term>
    <term cf="20">KBR\b</term>

    <term>Commonwealth Corrections Solutions</term>
    <term cf="70">Commonwealth Corrections</term>

    <term>Prison Health Services Inc</term>
    <term cf="60">Prison Health Services</term>

    <term>Correctional Medical Services Inc</term>
    <term cf="60">Correctional Medical Services</term>

    <term>MHM Correctional Services Inc</term>
    <term cf="60">MHM Correctional Services</term>

    <term>Wackenhut Corrections Facility</term>
    <term>Wackenhut Prison</term>
    <term cf="60">Wackenhut</term>
    <term cf="60">Wackenhut Corporation</term>
    <term cf="60">Wackenhut Services Incorporated</term> 
    <term cf="45">WSI\b</term>
    <term cf="90">GEO Group</term>
    <term cf="3">GEO\b</term>
    <term cf="95">George C. Zoley</term>
    <term cf="70">George Zoley</term>

    <term>Alternative Monitoring Services</term>
    <term>American Correctional Association</term>
    <term>American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)</term>
    <term>bed brokers</term>
    <term>Biometric Systems</term>
    <term>Biometric Foundation</term>
    <term>Bobby Ross Group</term>
    <term>Capital Correction Resources</term>
    <term>Cornell Corrections</term>
    <term>Dominion Management</term>
    <term>Dove Development Corporation</term>
    <term>Earl Warren Legal Institute</term>
    <term>Federal Extradition Agency</term>
    <term>General Security Service</term>
    <term>Global Solutions Ltd</term>
    <term cf="5">GSL\b</term>
    <term>Group 4 Securitas</term>
    <term cf="60">G4S\b</term>
    <term>Iridian Technologies, Inc</term>
    <term>IriScan, Inc</term>
    <term>Juvenile and Jail Facility Management Services, Inc.</term>
    <term>Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Advisory Council (LECTAC)</term>
    <term>Mace Security Inc.</term>
    <term>Management and Training Corporation</term>
    <term>Marriott Management Services</term>
    <term>N-Group Securities</term>
    <term>National Institute of Corrections</term>
    <term cf="5">NIC\b</term>
    <term>Premier Custodial Group</term>
    <term>Premier Detention Services</term>
    <term>Prison Industries</term>

    <term>Prison Realty Trust</term>

    <term>Prison telephone service</term>
    <term>AT.{1,5}T The Authority</term>
    <term>BellSouth MAX</term>
    <term>MCI Maximum Security</term>
    <term>North American Intelecom</term>

    <term>R .{1,5} S Prisoner Transport</term>
    <term>bed brokers</term>
    <term>Secured Electronic Network for Travelers' Rapid Inspection</term>
    <term>Serco Group, Inc.</term>
    <term>Stun Tech Inc.</term>
    <term>TransCor America</term>
    <term>Urban Development Corporation</term>

    <term>Wells Fargo</term>

    <term>Keefe Supply Company</term>
    <term>Keefe Group</term>
    <term>Keefe Supply Company</term>
    <term>Keefe Commissary Network</term>
    <term>Access Securepak</term>
    <term>Access Corrections</term>
    <term>Advanced Technologies Group</term>
    <term cf="5">Keefe\b</term>

    <term>Empresas ICA</term>
    <term cf="50">ICA\b</term>

    <term>Texas Corrections Industries</term>
    <term cf="30">TCI\b</term>


    <term cf="50">["']'for[ -]profit industry whose only motive is to get more customers</term>

    <!-- <link></link> -->
    <!-- <link></link> -->
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    <!-- <link></link> -->

  <concept cname="clemency" bgcolor="lightgrey">
    <term>a pardon</term>
    <term cf="45">a reprieve</term>

  <concept cname="political_prisoner">
    <description>in prison for political reasons</description>

  <!-- various -->

  <concept cname="nimbin"  color="white" bgcolor="green">
    <description>the hemp-friendly town of Nimbin, Australia</description>
    <label>the town of Nimbin, Australia</label>
    <term cf="75">Hemp[ -]?Bar</term>
    <term cf="75">Hemp[ -]?Embassy</term>
    <term cf="75">Hemp[ -]?Museum</term>

  <concept cname="mardigrass"  color="white" bgcolor="green">
    <description>Nimbin annual Mardigrass celebration</description>
    <term>mardi[ -]?grass</term>

  <concept cname="bigjoint" bgcolor="#99ffff">
    <description>Nimbin BiG Joint activism</description>
    <term>big[ -]?joint</term>

    <term cf="95">inflatable.{1,33}marijuana cigarette</term>
    <term cf="90">inflatable.{1,33}['"]?joint['"]?</term>

    <term cf="70">humongous.{1,33}['"]?joint['"]?</term>
    <term cf="60">enormous.{1,33}['"]?joint['"]?</term>
    <term cf="49">giant.{1,33}['"]?joint['"]?</term>

    <term cf="40">huge.{1,33}['"]?joint['"]?</term>
    <term cf="40">large.{1,33}['"]?joint['"]?</term>


  <concept cname="hempfest" color="white" bgcolor="green">
    <description>annual hempfest celebration</description>
    <term>Seattle Hemp[ -]?fest</term>
    <term cf="60">Hemp[ -]?fest</term>

  <concept cname="hashbash" color="white" bgcolor="green">
    <description>Hash Bash</description>
    <label>Hash Bash</label>
    <term>hash bash</term>

  <concept cname="cognitive_liberty">
    <term>cognitive liberty</term>
    <term>freedom of thought</term>
    <term>Center for Cognitive Liberty</term>
    <term cf="80">not a human right</term>
    <term cf="45">CCLE\b</term>

  <concept cname="higher_education_act">
    <term>Higher Education Act</term>
    <term cf="45">HEA\b</term>
    <term>Aid Elimination Penalty</term>
    <term>drug offender.{1,32}student loan</term>
    <term>student loan.{1,32}drug offender</term>

    <term>Removing Impediments to Students?'? Education</term> 
    <term cf="30">RISE\b</term>


  <concept cname="youth">

  <concept cname="school"  bgcolor="white">

  <concept cname="semeron">
    <description>Semeron - a fictional drug; a drug that [does not] exist (for statistical data exclusion in social analysis)</description>

  <concept cname="whoonga">
    <description>drug powder of unknown composition; habit forming; may be mixture of heroin and/or AIDS drugs (South Africa)</description>
    <term cf="70">wunga</term>

  <concept cname="forfeiture">
    <term>asset forfeiture</term>
    <term cf="80">civil forfeiture</term>
    <term cf="75">civil seizur</term>
    <term cf="75">forfeiture</term>
    <term cf="75">seiz.{1,25}bank account</term>
    <term cf="45">seizur</term>
    <term cf="75">seize property</term>

    <term cf="75">buy-?back</term> 

    <term cf="50">give them the cash</term> 


  <!-- "Force authoritarian thugs to state openly what they advocate - what they are 
        - by calling them on their euphemisms." (Eric Peters) -->

  <concept cname="legalism" bgcolor="#ffffcc">
    <description>unreasonable, abusive elevation of laws, government secrecy, rulers</description>
    <explanation>O king, establish the decree, and sign the writing,
    that it be not changed, according to the law of the Medes and
    Persians, which altereth not.</explanation>
    <explanation>"Shu (Chinese: pinyin: shu; literally "method,
    tactic or art"): Special tactics and "secrets" are to be employed
    by the ruler to make sure others don't take over control of the
    state. Especially important is that no one can fathom the ruler's
    motivations, and thus no one can know which behaviour might
    help them get ahead..." (wikipedia)</explanation>
    <explanation>"Legalist philosophers emphasized the primacy of
    the state over individual autonomy. The lone individual had no
    legitimate civil rights and any personal freedom had to strengthen
    the ruler." (wikipedia)</explanation>
    <explanation>Legalists view the common people and their actions
    as evil and foolish (wikipedia)</explanation>
    <explanation>Social cohesion in the Legalist state mandates
    that the populace never escape punishment. [Legalist governments
    use people] to maintain vigilant mutual surveillance over one
    another under threat of death. (wikipedia)</explanation>
     In the view of the Legalists, attempts to improve the human
     situation by noble example, education, and ethical precepts
     were useless. Instead, the people needed a strong government
     and a carefully devised code of law, along with a policing
     force that would stringently and impartially enforce these
     rules and punish harshly even the most minor infractions.
      The most important principle in [legalism is] that humans
      are inherently evil and inclined toward criminal and selfish
      behavior. Thus, if humans are allowed to engage in their
      natural proclivities, the result will be conflict and social
      disorder.  -
      Legalism assumed that people were naturally evil and always
      acted to avoid punishment while simultaneously trying to achieve
      gains -
      The Kohlberg (1976) Moral Judgment Scale is one important measure
      of the way in which individuals make their moral judgments. Kohlberg's
      theory is based on the concept of increasingly more cognitively
      sophisticated levels of moral development. The higher the score,
      the more internally based is the conscience and the more abstract
      and universal is the moral reasoning. Those at the highest stages
      recognize that universal principles of rights and justice are more
      important than what a particular law or what other people say is
      right. -
      "[F]rom an areligious perspective, many laws enacted after
      the two primary Founding Documents -- the Declaration of
      Independence and the Constitution --  are in direct opposition
      to them, some "laws" actually bear an uncanny resemblance
      to the complaints outlined in the Declaration of Independence."
      [I]ntrinsic to prohibition is the creation of lawlessness.
      By putting something outside the law they automatically and
      arbitrarily manufacture lawlessness.
      Corruptisima republica plurimae leges. [The more corrupt a
      republic, the more laws.] -- Tacitus, Annals III 27
      "The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws" -
      Tacitus, Annals III 27
     "Corruptissima republica plurimae leges. [The more numerous
     the laws, the more corrupt the state.]" -Tacitus, the Annals ca. AD 69
      Corruptissima republica plurimae leges - The [more] corrupted
      the republic, the more laws it has (Tacitus - Annales (III, 27)   
      Written laws are like spiders' webs; they hold the weak and
      delicate who might be caught in their meshes, but are torn in
      pieces by the rich and powerful. -- Anacharsis (f.c. 600 BC), in
      Plutarch's "Solon"
      "Written laws are like spider's webs; they will catch, it is
      true, the weak and the poor, but would be torn in pieces by
      the rich and powerful." - Anacharsis
      Written laws are like spiders' webs, and will, like them,
      only entangle and hold the poor and weak, while the rich and
      powerful will easily break through them.  - Anacharsis
      In ethics and law, "Let the punishment fit the crime" is a
      principle aphorism that means the severity of penalty for a
      misdeed or wrongdoing should be reasonable and proportionate
      to the severity of the infraction. -- wikipedia
      "The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered
      considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more
      destructive of respect for the government and the law of the
      land than passing laws which cannot be enforced." - Albert Einstein
      But this custom grew out of the opinions which prevailed in
      the East in regard to the monarch. His will was absolute, and
      it was a part of the system which prevailed then to exalt the
      monarch, and leave the impression on the mind of the people
      that he was more than a man - that he was infallible, and
      could not err. Nothing was better adapted to keep up that
      impression than an established principle of this kind - that
      a law once ordained could not be repealed or changed. To do
      this would be a practical acknowledgment that there was a
      defect in the law; that there was a want of wisdom in ordaining
      it; that all the circumstances were not foreseen; and that
      the king was liable to be deceived and to err.
       --  Albert Barnes (on Daniel 6), Notes., 1834
      "A totalitarian state is in effect a theocracy, and its ruling
      caste, in order to keep its position, has to be thought of
      as infallible."  -- George Orwell (The Prevention of Literature), 1946
      "Every thing secret degenerates, even the administration of
      justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear
      discussion and publicity." -- Lord Acton 
      "If the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so
      incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed
      or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such
      incessant changes that no man, who knows what the law is
      to-day, can guess what it will be to-morrow. Law is defined
      to be a rule of action; but how can that be a rule, which is
      little known, and less fixed?"
      -- James Madison, Federalist Papers 62
      "Candidates motivated by various forms of collectivist ideology
      assume that when men are free, outcomes will be undesirable
      and that only government can set things right. These candidates
      view themselves as the political parents who must oversee the
      citizen-children (the rest of us), who perpetually are never
      grown up enough to be free and responsible adults."
         -- Richard Ebeling
      Negative theories of authority are based on the premise that
      social behaviour is predominantly irrational. In the nineteenth
      and early twentieth century, it was argued that the need to
      contain the irrational behaviour of the crowd or the mob or the
      public provided the principal justification for the exercise of
      authority. Criticism of the masses was invariably coupled with
      a rationale for paternalistic policymaking. In previous times,
      such negative elite theories of authority stressed the moral
      and intellectual deficits of the public. Nudge provides a more
      dispassionate perspective on the public, justifying paternalist
      government on an apparently less moralistic and more scientific
      basis.  -- Frank Furedi
      This set of beliefs says that people cannot be trusted and are dangerous,
      that everyone hates cops, that cops are the moral authority and that
      severe punishment is most effective at deterring criminals.
      (Julia Calderone re. 'siege mentality')
      The presiding magistrate at an augural rite thus held the "right
      of augury" (ius augurii).[3] Magistracies (which included senior
      military and civil ranks) were therefore religious offices in their
      own right, and magistrates were directly responsible for the pax,
      fortuna and salus of Rome and everything that was Roman.
        "Show me the man, and I'll show you the crime." -- Lavrentiy Beria
        "Show me six lines written by the most honest man in the world,
        and I will find enough therein to hang him (Qu'on me donne
        six lignes de la main du plus honnete homme, j'y trouverai
        de quoi le faire pendre)." -- Cardinal Richelieu

    <term cf="80">marijuana.{1,66} misdemeanor under federal law</term> 
    <term cf="80">marijuana.{1,66} federal felony</term> 
    <term cf="80">misdemeanor under federal law.{1,66}marijuana</term> 
    <term cf="80">federal felony.{1,66}marijuana</term> 

    <term cf="65">illegal.{1,33} federal law</term> 
    <term cf="65">Federal law.{0,33} supersede</term> 
    <term cf="65">abide.{1,33} federal law</term> 
    <term cf="65">federal government refuse</term> 
    <term cf="65">against.{0,33} Federal law</term> 
    <term cf="65">federal law.{0,33} stands?</term> 
    <term cf="65">federal law.{0,33} prevail</term> 
    <term cf="65">federal law.{0,33} truimph</term> 
    <term cf="65">federal law.{0,33} crush</term> 
    <term cf="65">illegal at the federal level</term> 
    <term cf="65">conflict with federal legislation</term> 
    <term cf="65">federal law.{0,33} still says</term> 
    <term cf="65">marijuana.{1,66}federal offen[cs]e</term> 

    <term cf="50">federal.{1,66}illegal</term> 
    <term cf="50">illegal.{1,66}federal</term> 
    <term cf="80">violation of federal law</term> 
    <term cf="80">violate federal law</term> 

    <term cf="65">federal.{1,99}block.{0,33} implement</term> 
    <term cf="65">federal.{1,99}block.{0,33} new laws?</term> 
    <term cf="65">federal officials .{0,66}their right</term> 

    <term cf="65">against.{0,33} treaties</term> 
    <term cf="65">against.{0,33} treaty</term> 
    <term cf="65">federal law trumps state law</term> 
    <term cf="65">enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act remains unchanged</term> 
    <term cf="55">trumps state law</term> 

    <term cf="55">flout federal.{1,33} law</term> 
    <term cf="55">break federal.{1,33} law</term> 
    <term cf="55">against the law</term> 
    <term cf="55">rule of law</term> 
    <term cf="5">['"]lodestar['"]</term> 

    <term cf="55">the law of the land</term> 
    <term cf="55">the law is the law</term> 
    <term cf="55">a crime is a crime</term> 
    <term cf="55">a law is a law</term> 
    <term cf="55">orders are orders</term> 
    <term cf="55">Befehl ist Befehl</term> 

    <term cf="50">supersedes?</term> 
    <term cf="50">supreme law</term> 
    <term cf="50">supremecy clause</term> 


  <concept cname="aggrandizement" bgcolor="#ffffcc">
    <description>terms of aggrandizement (of government)</description>
    <label>aggrandizing government</label>

    <explanation>Knaves, a numerous and active class... see in the government an instrument 
       which they can use for their own aggrandizement or wealth. - Lysander Spooner</explanation>
    <explanation>When dealing with drug abuse, crime... our surrogate parents, the experts, 
       seem to provide easy and fast solutions. (Morris E Chafetz, M.D., "The Tyranny of Experts")</explanation>
    <explanation>"Deference to the government is now the trademark of the American media - at least at times 
       when the truth could have the greatest impact." -- James Bovard</explanation>
    <explanation>The group of "experts" will collectively come to the "correct" conclusions for you 
       so you don't have to think.</explanation>
    <explanation>Invite often, people with so called "credentials", who pose as "experts", "professors" or other 
       lofty titles who support the [government] point of view as if it is the truth. Often, these so called experts 
       will have a financial or career interest, or some other political or ideological affiliation regarding 
       their point of view that is not disclosed.</explanation>
    <explanation>Portray points of view you would like to suppress as extreme, crazy, dangerous or not legitimate. 
    If necessary, call in one or more of your "experts" for emphasis.</explanation>
    <explanation>Propagandists are held out by the [controlled media] to the public as "experts" ...</explanation>
       The peril of bureaucratic thrust in the war on drug users is illustrated by the war on Jews.
       Two careful students of Nazi regulations found them to be "the collective product of bureaucratic 
       experts on the 'Jewish Question'; the existence of the job itself being sufficient to give 
       discriminatory measures their own momentum. (Richard L Miller, Drug Warriors and their Prey, pg.164) 
      "They not only appealed to the individual by means
      of every approach--visual, graphic, and auditory--to support the
      national endeavor, but they also secured the cooperation of the key
      men in every group --persons whose mere word carried authority to
      hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers."
      (Edward Bernays, 1928, Propaganda)
      "These special types of appeal can be popularized by the manipulation
      of the principles familiar to the propagandist-- the principles of
      gregariousness, obedience to authority, emulation, and the like."
      (Edward Bernays, 1928, Propaganda)
      "A committee was formed of distinguished American women who, on
      the basis of their interest in the development of an American
      industry, were willing to add the authority of their names to the
      idea." (Edward Bernays, 1928, Propaganda)
      "It is not generally realized to what extent the words and actions of 
      our most influential public men are dictated by shrewd persons operating 
      behind the scenes. Nor, what is still more important, the extent to which our
      thoughts and habits are modified by authorities." 
      (Edward Bernays, 1928, Propaganda)
      Instead, therefore, of letting the public act on all the facts which 
      the generals knew, the authorities presented only certain facts, 
      and these only in such a way as would be most likely to steady the people. 
      (Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion, 1921)
      There it is finally decided in each phase of a discussion which authorities 
      and which sources of information are admissible, and which not. 
      (Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion, 1921)
      Public credulity accepted these stories. The highest powers in the state 
      welcomed them without hesitation and endorsed them with their authority. 
      (Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion, 1921)
      Officials decreed, authorities agreed, experts concurred. 
      What further need have we of witnesses?
      Experts - courtesans expert at intellectually servicing officials and authorities, 
      for monetary and career gain. 
      "Basically, the strands of argument may be summed up as follows: (a) the State rulers are 
      great and wise men (they "rule by divine right," they are the "aristocracy" of men, they 
      are the "scientific experts"), much greater and wiser than the good but rather simple 
      subjects, and (b) rule by the extant government is inevitable, absolutely necessary, and 
      far better, than the indescribable evils that would ensue upon its downfall." 
      -- Murray N. Rothbard
      "Propaganda may be facilitated by leaders with prestige." 
      (Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Principles )
       "Even if drug law reformers manage to present their research findings to public policy 
       makers, those officials are largely indifferent to facts about the issue. A senior official 
       in one state frankly told me that he was simply demagoguing the issue to get votes. 
       Prosecutors at the Nuremberg trials noted a similar attitude among Nazi conspirators, 
       in which they promoted anti-Semitism not because they were concerned about a Jewish problem 
       but because they felt anti-Semitism would be politically popular."
       (Richard L Miller, Drug Warriors and their Prey, pg.32) 
       "Many thousands of scientists, psychologists, political scientists and other 
       social scientists, advertising people, broadcast technicians, official 
       statistics experts, sigint secret police, and psyops military officers and 
       technicians work constantly to improve these techniques of mass deceit and to 
       suppress any truth that tends to undermine the Official Agitprop."
       (Jack D. Douglas, Guesstimating the Truth in a Fascist Society, 2012)
       Americans now routinely use the term "it's official" to mean that a bit of information 
       is not be be questioned in public, most obviously not in the Big Media. 
       (Jack D. Douglas, Guesstimating the Truth in a Fascist Society, 2012)
       "The Truth is mandated by official procedures. If a secret or overt police agent 
       gives official testimony and official documentation of your guilt, you are 
       routinely found guilty by the court. "
       (Jack D. Douglas, Guesstimating the Truth in a Fascist Society, 2012)
       "If you maintain that the official documentation is wrong or a lie, that is up 
       to you to prove. It is not up to the official to prove you are guilty. 
       You are guilty by that official procedure establishing official information 
       unless you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are innocent. "
       (Jack D. Douglas, Guesstimating the Truth in a Fascist Society, 2012)
       "The vast majority of official cases get almost no significant attention and are 
       merely routinely found guilty by official documentation and procedure."
       (Jack D. Douglas, Guesstimating the Truth in a Fascist Society, 2012)
       "At the top level of the most important issues decided and administered by government, 
       from printing money and training all the young children how to think and act through 
       state education to waging war, the official information and the politicians in control 
       of creating it is inherently deceitful (not merely inherently statistically invalid, 
       which it certainly is, but purposefully biased -- that is, in non-statistical terms, 
       distorted by lies.)" 
       (Jack D. Douglas, Guesstimating the Truth in a Fascist Society, 2012)
       "Since these empty self Lies are at the center of the whole System and create and 
       administer it, it is not the least bit surprising that the whole vast, global 
       System of Official Information long ago became a System of Official Propaganda "
       (Jack D. Douglas, Guesstimating the Truth in a Fascist Society, 2012)
       "the official information about wars and economics and politics are overwhelmingly lies"
       (Jack D. Douglas, Guesstimating the Truth in a Fascist Society, 2012)
       "You absolutely do not determine the truth by asking officials and believing what they tell you. "
       (Jack D. Douglas, Guesstimating the Truth in a Fascist Society, 2012)
       "The extreme willingness of adults to go to almost any lengths on
       the command of an authority constitutes the chief finding of the
       study and the fact most urgently demanding explanation." [Stanley
       Milgram, 1974, "The Perils of Obedience"]
       "[E]ven when the destructive effects of their work become patently
       clear, and they are asked to carry out actions incompatible with
       fundamental standards of morality, relatively few people have the
       resources needed to resist authority." [Stanley Milgram, 1974,
       "The Perils of Obedience"]
       In "Obedience to Authority", Milgram wrote: "The question arises as to whether there is any 
       connection between what we have studied in the laboratory and the forms of obedience we so 
       deplored in the Nazi epoch." (wikipedia)
       A lie, even if repeated by experts, officials and authorities, is still a lie. 
       "But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some 
       persons what belongs to them, and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if 
       the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot 
       do without committing a crime." (Frederic Bastiat, The Law) 
       "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."
         --Albert Einstein.
      "The 'guards,' by way of contrast, reveled in their status, constantly inflicting
      whimsical punishments on the 'prisoners' and looking for new and more inventive ways to restrict
      what little liberty they still enjoyed."
      (William Grigg, describing the "Stanford prison experiment")
      "Being a guard carried with it social status within the prison, a group identity 
      (when wearing the uniform), and, above all, freedom to exercise an unprecedented degree
      of control over the lives of other human beings," 
      (Philip Zimbardo, describing his "Stanford prison experiment", 1971)
       Stark authority was pitted against the subjects' strongest moral
       imperatives against hurting others, and, with the subjects' ears
       ringing with the screams of the victims, authority won more often
       than not.  [Stanley Milgram, 1974]
       "Why do people, in all times and places, obey the commands of
    the government, which always constitutes a small minority of
    the society?" -- Murray Rothbard 
        "[E]lites use dominant social themes, fear-based promotions to frighten
     middle classes into giving up power and wealth..." -- The Daily Bell
      If we can reduce the Progressivist ethos to one line, it
      would be this: Experts should rule us. In legal terms,
      that means that judges defer to the "experts," who actually
      are nothing more than government employees.
      Most people clearly regard the political state as an
      Earthly God, a supra-human organization that elevates its
      human members to the level of infallible and not-to-be-questioned
      demigods who have divined the General Will and guide the
      rest of us from their seat of Wisdom. 
          Whenever an incident happens, the government will come
          out with the "official story", right? Well, that's properly
          named because the reason it's called the "official story"
          - this is my definition - is 'cause it's generally there
          to protect officials - that's their "story".
          -- Jesse Ventura (Oct 25, 2013)
         The media, for example, can turn to academic experts to provide
         the perspective that is required by the centers of power,
         and the university system is sufficiently obedient to external
         power so that appropriate experts will generally be available
         to lend the prestige of scholarship to the narrow range of
         opinion permitted broad expression.
		-- Noam Chomsky 
      "government, news media, corporate and special interests are all in
      a symbiotic criminal relationship with the absolute bottom line
      being they are willingly and knowingly denying Constitutional
      rights to the American citizenry"
	-- Mark Weiser, 10/2014
      "Unfortunately, contemporary Washington is calibrated to defer to experts
       who defer to politicians, providing an intellectual Praetorian Guard for
       the constant growth of a leviathan." -- James Bovard, 11/2014 
       Of course, the same considerations which I have cited with respect
       to [the US "drug czar"] apply to all of our officially accredited
       experts on drug abuse: they are the high priests of the crusade
       against illegal, psychoactive drugs - just as, say, Timothy
       Leary was the high priest of the crusade for them. In short, I
       maintain that our so-called drug experts are in effect merchants
       of politically mandated medical mendacities regarding substances
       feared and rejected by our society.  There is, of course, a
       vigorous public demand for such merchants, and a corresponding
       demand for silencing those who want to sell or tell the truth.
       (Thomas Szasz, 2003, Ceremonial Chemistry: The Ritual Persecution
       of Drugs, Addicts and Pushers; pp.131-132)
      "This study indicates that the brain relinquishes responsibility
      when a trusted authority provides expertise", says Berns. "The
      problem with this tendency is that it can work to a person's
      detriment if the trusted source turns out to be incompetent or
      [from which refers to
      Engelmann JB, Capra CM, Noussair C, Berns GS (2009)
      Expert Financial Advice Neurobiologically "Offloads"
      Financial Decision-Making under Risk. PLoS ONE 4(3):
      e4957. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0004957]
      [T]he technocratic meme -- the propaganda that places "experts"
      above individuals and celebrates the power of a handful of
      individuals over people's own, hard-won, human action.
      [Daily Bell; 7/2016]
       The man / 
      Of virtuous soul commands not, nor obeys: / 
      Power, like a desolating pestilence, / 
      Pollutes whate'er it touches, and obedience / 
      Bane of all genius, virtue, freedom, truth, / 
      Makes slaves of men, and, of the human frame, / 
      A mechanized automaton.
                       -- Percy Bysshe Shelley

    <term cf="85">authorities</term>
    <term cf="65">an authority</term>
    <term cf="50">authori[zs]</term>

    <term cf="45">authority</term>



  <concept cname="digital_drug" bgcolor="lightblue">
    <description>binaural beat audio intended to alter consciousness</description>
    <term>digital drug</term>

    <term cf="75">binaural beat</term>
    <term cf="50">isochronic tone</term>


  <concept cname="jury">
    <description>people who render verdicts, penalties or judgments</description>


    <term cf="70">nullif</term>
    <term>juries cannot be punished for their verdicts</term>

    <term>headed for trial</term>
    <term>trial date</term>
    <term cf="45">the trial</term>
    <term cf="45">a trial</term>
    <term cf="45">drug trial</term>

    <term cf="50">juror.{1,20}from.{1,20}evidence.{1,50}medical</term>
    <term cf="55">forbid.{1,20}testimony.{1,50}medical</term>
    <term cf="55">ban.{1,20}testimony.{1,50}medical</term>
    <term cf="55">forbid.{1,20}evidence.{1,50}medical</term>
    <term cf="55">ban.{1,20}evidence.{1,50}medical</term>
    <term cf="55">mention.{1,33}['"]medical marijuana</term>
    <term cf="55">deny.{1,20}medical.{1,20}defense</term>
    <term cf="55">denie[sd].{1,20}medical.{1,20}defense</term>
    <term cf="50">wage .{1,20}["']?affirmative defense</term>
    <term cf="50">so-called ["']?affirmative defense</term>

    <term cf="50">acquit</term>
    <term cf="50">not guilty</term>


  <concept cname="jury_selection">
    <term>jury selection</term>
    <term cf="70">v[oi]{2}re? dire</term>

     "and all this in rapid polysyllabic speech which was a sort of
     parody of the  habitual style  of the orators of the Party, and
     even contained Newspeak words: more Newspeak words, indeed, than
     any Party member would normally use in real life." - 1984
  <concept cname="msm" color="white" bgcolor="black" >
    <description>mainstream media - corporate, government controlled press: newspaper, tv, radio, websites; press associated with known intel ops such as, "Operation Mockingbird", "Mighty Wurlitzer", Tavistock Institute, etc.</description>
    <label>mainstream (controlled) media</label>
       ''Shills are the con-men (and women) who entice suckers
       into the phony game by putting on a show intended to
       convince those watching that the game is honest, that
       if you keep playing you can actually win...  Because
       mainstream media, as they did during  the Vietnam War,
       shills us, by means of an incessant flow of fill-in-the-blanks
       bullshit 'victory' stories into believing that Drug War
       Monty is a real war that our leaders intend to win.''
       -- Michael Levine (from "Into the Buzzsaw")
       ''I played the game, led the bogus raids,  gave the
       newsies whatever they needed to sell papers or raise
       ratings. As an insider I learned the secret of the drug
       war generals' control over the media shills.''
         -- Michael Levine (from "Into the Buzzsaw")
       ''the War on Drugs [... was] the first case that taught
       me that a runaway, corrupt federal bureaucracy could
       count on mainstream media to shill for it.''
         -- Michael Levine (from "Into the Buzzsaw")
    "There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in
    America, as an independent press."
    -- John Swinton
    "There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and
    if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print.
    I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am
    connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar
    things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest
    opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I
    allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper,
    before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone."
    -- John Swinton
    "The business of journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie
    outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and
    to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it
    and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?"
    -- John Swinton
    "We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are
    the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents,
    our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men.
    We are intellectual prostitutes."
    -- John Swinton
    ... mainstream media tends to promote the fear-based
    propaganda in which the elites specialize. Such fear-based
    promotions are intended to push Western middle classes to
    give up wealth and power, which is then assumed by the
    elites' internationalist institutions.
    -- The Daily Bell


    <term>main[ -]?stream media</term>
    <term>corporate media</term>
    <term>press[ -?]whore</term>
    <term>government propagand</term>
    <term>media scoundrel</term>
    <term>scoundrel media</term>
    <term>media pimp</term>
    <term>Globalist Pravda Network</term>


    <term cf="95">media sock[ -]?puppet</term>

    <term cf="90">USA ?TODAY</term>
    <term cf="90">McClatchy Newspapers</term>

    <term cf="85">['"]?legitimate media['"]?</term>
    <term cf="85">['"]?legitimate news media['"]?</term>

    <term cf="60">traditional media</term>
    <term cf="60">traditional news media</term>

    <term cf="70">['"]?fear-driven obsequious journalism["']?</term>

    <term cf="70">['"]liar press["']?</term>
    <term cf="70">['"]lying press["']?</term>
    <term cf="70">['"]?L..?genpresse["']?</term>

    <term cf="95">['"]fake[ -]?news["']</term>
    <term cf="85">fake news</term>


  <concept cname="mockingbird"  color="white" bgcolor="black" >
    <description>documented US intel controlled media: newspapers, tv, radio - various press associated with known intel ops such as, "Operation Mockingbird", "Mighty Wurlitzer", etc.</description>
    <label>Mockingbird / Wurlitzer; US intel-controlled media</label>
    "Other organizations which cooperated with the CIA include the
    American Broadcasting Company, the National Broadcasting Company,
    the Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst
    Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Newsweek magazine, the Mutual
    Broadcasting System, the Miami Herald and the old Saturday Evening
    Post and New York Herald-Tribune." -- Carl Bernstein 
    "You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl,
    for a couple hundred dollars a month."
    "We are going to impose our agenda on the coverage by dealing with
    issues and subjects that we choose."
    -- Richard M. Cohen, Senior Producer of CBS political news
    "Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide
    they ought to have."
    -- Richard Salant, former President of CBS News
    In my days on the Congressional staff, the Washington Post was
    regarded as a CIA asset. -- Paul Craig Roberts

    <!-- Carl Bernstein is the source for the following list. See: for more.
    <term>Columbia Broadcasting System</term>
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  <concept cname="assoc_press"  color="white" bgcolor="black"  >
    <description>AP - Associated Press - long linked with "Mighty Wurlitzer" intel ops like, "Operation Mockingbird"</description>
    "Other organizations which cooperated with the CIA include the
    American Broadcasting Company, the National Broadcasting Company,
    the Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst
    Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Newsweek magazine, the Mutual
    Broadcasting System, the Miami Herald and the old Saturday Evening
    Post and New York Herald-Tribune." -- Carl Bernstein 
    <term>Associated Press</term>
    <term cf="50">AP\b</term>
    <term cf="50">A\. ?P\.\b</term>

  <concept cname="dailymail"  color="white" bgcolor="black" >
    <description>While the influence of the tabloid, Daily Mail, is primarily limited to the lower classes within the United Kingdom, nonetheless, in the UK tabloid press, almost single-handedly in first decade of the twenty-first century, the Daily Mail has managed to whip up fear over deadly skunk -- i.e., cannabis -- into a great body of plausible received wisdom on the certainties of the psychosis-causing harms of this new drug menace.</description>
    <term cf="95">DailyMail</term>
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  <concept cname="meeting">
    <description>scheduled meeting, talk, or conference</description>

    <term>meet tonight</term>
    <term>meet tomorrow</term>
    <term>meet next week</term>

    <term>will meet</term>
    <term>will be meeting</term>
    <term>meeting is scheduled</term>

    <term>town hall meet</term>
    <term>city hall meet</term>
    <term>town council meet</term>
    <term>city council meet</term>
    <term>community meet</term>
    <term>neighborhood meet</term>
    <term>committee meet</term>
    <term>meet[ -]?a?nd?[ -]?greet</term>
    <term>Forum Against Drug</term>
    <term>Anti[ -]?drugs? forum</term>

    <term>will host</term>
    <term>will co-host</term>

    <term>upcoming.{1,49} debate</term>
    <term>upcoming.{1,49} meet</term>
    <term>debate.{1,33} scheduled for</term>
    <term>meet.{1,33} scheduled for</term>

    <term cf="75">meets at</term>

    <term cf="60">will be held</term>
    <term cf="60">will hold a</term>
    <term cf="60">plans to hold a</term>
    <term cf="60">is scheduled for</term>
    <term cf="95">hearing set for</term>
    <term cf="45">is set for</term>
    <term cf="60">will begin at</term>
    <term cf="60">begins at</term>
    <term cf="60">will give a\b</term>
    <term cf="60">will take place</term>
    <term cf="60">welcoming committee</term>
    <term cf="60">will check in</term>
    <term cf="60">will stop by</term>
    <term cf="60">will be at</term>

    <term>schedul.{1,32} meeting</term>
    <term>schedul.{1,32} a meeting</term>
    <term>schedul.{1,32} a conference</term>

    <term>hold.{1,32} a meeting</term>
    <term>hold.{1,32} a conference</term>
    <term>hold.{1,32} a talk</term>
    <term>hold.{1,32} a hearing</term>
    <term>hold.{1,32} a rally</term>

    <term cf="75">hearing.{1,32}scheduled</term>
    <term cf="75">schedul.{1,32}hearing</term>

    <term>hav.{1,32} a meeting</term>
    <term>hav.{1,32} a talk</term>
    <term>hav.{1,32} a conference</term>

    <term>Commission On Narcotic Drugs.{1,66}March</term>

    <term>schedul.{1,32} to meet</term>

    <term cf="85">invited to attend</term>

    <term cf="75">meet-?up</term>
    <term cf="75">a meeting</term>

    <term cf="45">get together</term>
    <term cf="5">meet</term>

    <term cf="85">Opening Session</term>
    <term cf="50">Programme\b</term>

    <term cf="55">registration is required</term>
    <term cf="55">Pre-registration is required</term>
    <term cf="55">open to the public</term>

  <!-- link descriptions -->  

     <item id="">
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     <item id="">
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